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100 Emotional Quotes to Read

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1. Smoking is not allowed on the high-speed rail. As soon as they arrive at the station, there are always old smokers who take three or two minutes to stop and take a few sips. They just smoked with a big brother just now. Yeah, why do you smoke? "The old man popped his cigarette butt freely, looked at the girl, and said meaningfully:" In order to wait for a woman who persuaded me to quit smoking. "
2. A woman who is good at compromise is very valuable. However, women who are only good at compromise are cheap.
3. Don't talk angry when you cry, make a decision, you will regret it.
4. I used to hate him when I fell in love, why he was so indifferent, and when I heard bad news about him, I would sneer, but now I ca n’t, even if I lose him, I will bless him Sincerely hope that he can live well. I'll be sad if he doesn't live well. This is also the difference between love and love.
5. Some texts are simple, but they can understand the hearts of many people; once some feelings are serious, they can be more hard-working than love. The true feeling is to be with you, and the feeling to be with you is true. There may be more than one person in your heart, but the person who really has you in your heart is that there is no one other than you.
6, such a love has a little bright, if the flowers are like rain, if the clouds are like the wind, it is warm to think of it, and it is refreshing aftertaste. Including that happiness, including this fate, a look, a heart word, each other can understand each other, this is the tacit understanding of the soul.
7. Falling in love with someone is falling in love with a wound. Every love, like a fresh wound, grows in my heart and occasionally hurts. However, it is those pains and memories that make us mature, cosy, tolerant, self-control, and calm, know more and love.
8. It is you who paled my waiting and satirized my persistence.
9, calmly facing things right and wrong, the last moment he (she) does not represent the next moment he (she), treat things objectively and emotionally. After the matter is over, it is self-handling of emotions. Obey your own heart, accept or reject. It is enough for everyone to do their part.
10. Always believe that love is not a fire of a certain moment. Instead, a long stream of trickling streams. Time is like water, taking away the distant past. The heart marks left in those eyes have become a touch of eternity deep in the past.
11. After breaking up, be yourself. Love is a matter for two people, and missed everyone has a responsibility. There must always be a new beginning for one person. Don't let the past tie you up in the temple of sorrow. Don't say who your favorite is, life is still long, and no one can predict tomorrow. To live is not to miss yesterday, but to wait for hope. After crying, leave everything as yesterday and never touch it.
12. There are always some people who are so clearly carved into your life, immersed in the blood, deep into the bone marrow, and cannot be forgotten. He has followed your breath for a lifetime, and with your memory, accompanied you to the white hair and frown, to the heavens.
13. I can't bear you, but the road still has to go down, there may be a more beautiful scenery ahead. Wipe away my tears, I go my way, if you were so worthy of love, I will miss you forever, thank you for walking with me. If you don't deserve it, I will shake you off as I have never known you, and you are the stupidest mistake I have ever made.
14, life is difficult to grasp, not to mention love. Love is not completely fair to everyone. Perhaps lucky people will have that wonderful flower, and some people can only walk alone by the lake of love, and some people will be confused and sad because they fall in love!
15, feeling your thoughts, there is a kind of tingling in my heart, my heart becomes empty in a short time, I feel that life is really meaningless. In your situation, when you are too concerned about someone, love will become a burden. Can you feel my helplessness? Heartache as if I could feel your helplessness?
16. I think you are on this quiet moonlight, when the lost starlight flashes in the desolate midnight, under each side of the sky, the scattered moonlight; you are like a warm water of love, outside, the wind of loneliness and loneliness strikes at me The only thing to do is to replace the paddle with a pen; quietly and quietly row your thoughts into a small boat; gently and gently row into your sheltered bay.
17, we must turn the warm concern into a cold chill; do not give it all the time, leave it alone. If you want to give a person, you must give your heart; if you know, you must be grateful. Those who are affectionate and righteous are enough to be friends; those who are not sacrifice are regarded as lovers.
18. There were times when I hid love in my heart, engraved in the depths of my life, and didn't care about the distance between the ends of the earth. If there are fewer encounters in time, and fewer people, perhaps the whole youth will be much simpler.
19. We love each other in our own way. We can live the life we want together. You ca n’t be a perfect husband. I do n’t want to be a perfect wife. I wo n’t make lamb chops for you all the time. The office comes home from work ... we enjoy each other's company, we enjoy each other's thoughts, because I care about you. We know each other better than anyone.
20. Whoever likes you can feel it. Who you like, whether he loves you, or not, you can feel it. Sometimes, as clever as you are, silly is used to deceiving yourself. I promised what I shouldn't give, and insisted on unnecessary. Love cannot be reluctant. Those who can't live in your heart will let him go. The world you can't go in will turn around in advance.
21. Love is the rejoicing of the first meeting of the peach blossoms in the human face, the singularity of the things in the eyes, the dancing of the wind and catkins, and the contrast of green leaves and flowers. It can grow naturally like grass and trees, and it also has time for time Perseverance and Seriousness. The vast sea of people, I will meet thousands of times and finally, the end of the world, the mind is no regrets, this time I know, only the heart knows.
22. The meaning of "I love you" is: I will never forsake you, no matter whether I am poor, rich, old, sick or dead, natural disaster, or disaster. When you say these three words, do you have enough courage and tenacity to endure his life. Love, don't say it easily.
23. It is better to choose a city than to grow old; to choose a person to love is better to choose a true love. People's contentment is because of love, people's happiness is because of company, and people's satisfaction is always there. A loving heart is warm and warm; the hands that hold each other are persistent and firm.
24. All are lonely, lying, love is not to find when you are missing, not to change when you are tired; life is not a movie of one person, it is two people who spend a good time together, time slips out of the window, we are already old in time, Wrinkles spread in my heart, turned around and left with my back to love, shut myself in the door, shut love out of the door ...
25. Time like water, flowing quietly, walking through time, fate. The love that once died so desperately was desperate to love, when the rose of love quietly withered, when you quietly left not beside me, the thorns of the roses stabbed in the atrium, looking back, is a helpless sigh. After love, who can remain indifferent to parting?
26. Tonight, with falling red groans, the falling petals are dancing around the world, and the feathers are falling like the drowsy fairy, splashing with entanglement and elegance. The eyes were facing the cold and lonely waning moon, as if not feeling its beauty. In this cold moonlight, gently write you into the chapter of subtle fragrance floating, and continue to write down the sea seal mountain alliance that was promised to me in passing years.
27. Love is not perfect, only mutual tolerance and understanding. The long-awaited marriage is beautiful, but no one can appreciate the twists and turns of love. It is always simple to fall in love, it is too difficult to get along! Being able to stay in love with one another is the most desirable happiness.
28. Modern people often do this. If they ca n’t meet the heart, they feel sorry, and once they do, they feel uneasy. Before deciding to invest and give, you must first settle your heart and keep it in a safe place.
29. In those beautiful years, you were also young and beautiful. How could the passionate prodigal son not be drunk with you? If they go along, they are holding hands together with their elders. They have no regrets, no grief. In this bustling world, why not drink a glass of wine? Smell your rouge fragrance, how can you not get drunk. Drunk drunk in all sentient beings, enjoying tranquility alone. Qian Chen's old dream is better to remember.
30. The happiest thing is that when you like someone, you find that she likes you just as well.
31. Such a love has a little bright, if the flowers are like rain, if the clouds are like wind, it is warm to think of, and the fragrance is refreshing. Including that happiness, including this fate, a look, a heart word, each other can understand each other, this is the tacit understanding of the soul.
32. Don't miss after leaving. After the long wind sets, the scroll is in your hand. Seeing the bustling ending seems like you have never left, still behind the scroll of the scroll, the affection is dim, and the dream of scrolling together is long and busy. Shallow handwriting, at will. If a separation is a separation, this time has something to do with you, nothing to do with words.
33. My love is always rippling, like the wind in March, the warmth of love, like the red heat of the sun in July, like the sky in October, the look of love, such as the winter day in December, love Rigid and soft together, love every year, so every year, I will surround you for the rest of my life and be with you.
34. Perhaps love itself has no meaning. What really stays is the attachment and pursuit in your heart, which cannot be exchanged for any reason. It ’s not that I do n’t understand, maybe something has been understood early in the morning, but there is a way for me to follow, whether I am happy or not, I will follow this life.
35. Across the Moonlight Coast, a gentle and gentle place, the lingering heart-feelings flow at midnight, keeping one's feelings together, the love is beautiful, the love is lingering in the mind, the love is condensing at the tip of the pen, the lingering heart-word is between the lines, nostalgia People are warm, a warm fragrance stays on the lips and teeth, in love, in love.
36. Does the falling flower in the smoke and rain feel pain and stand in pain, in exchange for the tranquility at this moment, just to fall in the smoke and rain. Choosing a tree will give up the whole forest, which may be love.
37. What is love. An instant heartbeat, an overnight companionship, a year of waiting, a lifetime commitment? Or for the companionship of that moment's willingness and willingness, in exchange for endless waiting only because of that unsure promise.
38. The sorrow of wandering still can't shake yesterday's sorrow and entangle the thoughts in my heart. Only in the middle of the night and quiet, I look at your direction in silence, sighing for the dust and smoke, and wandering away, and I can only care about you as always , Draw your figure in a familiar way, and miss you in your own way.
39. When a person falls in love, there will be irresistible happiness and sweetness in his eyes. And when a person abandons you, there will be all kinds of impatience and dodge in the eyes. So don't listen to the love and dislike that others say. People always lie. Be sure to look into his eyes and look at his subtle expression. Always remember that only attitudes do not lie.
40. On the way to life, cherish what we can cherish. Have what we have. Facial and aging, youth and eternity. Please remember the emotions in your heart. The beauty of your first thoughts will make you smile from time to time. Beautiful thoughts.
41. Companionship is a habit of mutual affection; knowing that it is a nostalgic connection between two hearts. I always feel that the time spent together is too short. It turns out that the fastest thing to go is not time, but happiness when two people are together. Happiness is someone who understands you; warmth is someone who is willing to accompany you.
42. Love is the accumulation of bits and pieces, slowly treasured in the bottom of the heart, and slowly brewed in the bottom of the heart, two people come to care together. Quietly, love has changed, into something called happiness, lingering between two people, a lifetime.
43. Every time I love, I will do my best, love unreservedly, love poetically, love perfection and love, and devote myself wholeheartedly. In love, I never thought about the consequences, the only thing is love itself. I think, now that I am in love, I do n’t want to think about anything else, just make the people in love happy and happy, even if I play the role of a clown.
44. Two people who are in love can have no eachother, no house, no car, no money, but can't lose trust. The two loving hearts rely on each other to walk together, without trust in each other, so Lost their balance and returned to their own tracks, there is no reason to love each other.
45, I always want to talk with you nonsense.
46. The girl should know that men just love you and hurt you, not afraid of you and cannot be separated from you. Wayward is because you have a place in his heart; no place, no matter how outstanding you are, it is useless.
47. Maybe there aren't so many instant hits in the world, but it's really a waste of time to repeatedly evaluate whether the other person likes himself. Because you can't hide it. If you ca n’t do it for a long time, just recognize it as soon as possible. Do n’t be reluctant to leave the warmth, you deserve better.
48. There are two kinds of feelings in the world, one is that the long stream is tired of getting old, the other is to look at the rivers and lakes and nostalgic and cry, in my world, to talk to important people and forget the rivers and lakes. My definition of emotion.
49. Men are very generous in their commitment. The promises a man made to a woman throughout his life were so numerous that he almost forgot himself. Men know that women's love cannot be separated from promises. Without promises, there is no future. If a man does not promise her, a woman will inevitably think that this man only wants a moment of joy.
50, I can still love you as always. In my love world, my interpretation of love is very simple, with romance, responsibility, loyalty, understanding, mutual trust, and in the end it is only true love. Either don't love, love deeply.
51. I'm not good. I have a bad mouth and occasionally get angry. I'm always annoying you. I always do unreasonable things. Actually, I disagree most when I say I made trouble. You do n’t care enough about me and do n’t cooperate with me. I hope to be more consistent. Besides, you can take the initiative to do things before. If you ca n’t do this now, how can I say that you made trouble out of reason? You feel hysterical when I'm angry, this really shouldn't be.
52. It ’s not that I do n’t let you know that I exist, but that I do n’t want extravagant love to come to me. Sometimes I think that we are animals in different waters. Although I admire the beauty of your world, I walk away Near, it will be drowned in deep water.
53. Most men are used to choosing love with reason. Even if he falls in love with someone emotionally, when he realizes that this woman is not his ideal wife, he will give up her and find another suitable for home life. that one. This is because in the eyes of men, love and marriage are two different things and cannot be confused.
54. All sentient beings meet with the king. The vicissitudes of Qianmo, gazing across the screen, how many times moved and sobbing, booing for the Internet. With you and I have matured from a person who doesn't know love. I used to think of love as a grass that was endlessly blazed by wildfires.
55. I don't know where my loneliness comes from, but I really feel lonely. You are also lonely. Everyone in the world is lonely, but everyone is different. www.yuluju.com
56. Because of the unfinished love in the previous life, I turned into a snake spirit, stopped in front of the road you must pass, waiting for you to smile for me. Time has passed for many years, but you have been late. At this time, the season has reached winter. My icy body can only warm up by holding your name.
57. No matter how dark the night is, there is always dawn; no matter how difficult it is, you can always get through. Don't laugh at people, everyone has silent pain and sad tears; don't despise people, they always turn over when they are alive, they can always get ahead when they are not dead. Only when you are lonely can you see clearly, who is holding each one is enthusiastic; when you are helpless, you can understand, who is pouring cold water. Be kind to those who love you, and cherish your heart. There is no way back in life, and emotions cannot restart.
58. There are feelings, without words, a glance is ten thousand years. Some loves don't have to stay together. No matter how many stranded memories are used to look back, it is enough to remember that I love you deeply in my heart. As long as you live well, the love I gave up is worth it. As long as you can give me a place in memory, our former love is beautiful.
59. After walking for so long, I found that the only one to live on was myself. Don't forget to stick to it no matter how hard you are. If you're tired, you should cherish yourself. If you are a low-key person, you will be more stable than once, and if you are high-profile, you will be better than once. No matter how strong love is, it can't bear the erosion of busyness. You are too busy to be careless, you are too busy to forget to care, you are too busy to be physically and mentally exhausted, and you are too busy to know what to do, but love cannot be treasured until you have time.
60. My heart is toward the bright moon, but the bright moon shines through the ditch. If this is a miss, it is not enough to imprint this painful heart. What is suffering is not that two people love each other because of the inability to keep each other together, but because they love each other deeply but have to give up their vows. Nothing hurts more than deep love. I don't think there is much unforgettable love. Because of this, I think there will be so many complaints.
61. A woman's confession of love: I am gentle, but I also have a temper, I will not use gentleness to cover up my personality; I am hardworking, but I will also be lazy, I do not want to use industriousness to pack inertia; I am virtuous , But I can also be arrogant, I do not want to use reason to paint reason. In short, if you want to approach me, you must accept my personality, tolerate my inertia, and don't expect my rationality. It can only be me who can control me.
62. Today's thoughts come from past love, today's sadness comes from past laughter, today's parting comes from past inseparable, desperately escaped from difficulties, but the heart is still drunk in the world of love. Wake up to the dream, you are far away, no trace.
63. When you love someone deeply, your heart will be filled with love, and it is difficult to accommodate others. Therefore, we must learn to jump out and change the angle to look at the outside world. Others don't necessarily love each other in your way, but they are not necessarily the enemy. They may even be supporting and loving in other ways.
64. For love, it is natural and necessary to be sincere, free, and tolerant, rather than careless or speculative. Stock speculation may bring mansions and concubines, which is only natural and unnecessary for love; it may bring fame and power, but these two words are completely unnatural and unnecessary in the love dictionary.
65. Love is also an invention that needs continuous improvement. However, this invention is different from other inventions. It has no patent rights and will be snatched away at any time.
66. Timing is important if two people can walk together. You appear when he wants to be stable ... then you have a good chance of winning. You appear when he is curious about the world ... then even if you are beautiful and excellent, it is useless. Deep in love, early in love, are not as good as love. If you can, let's stay together for a lifetime.
67. You like her, and she also likes you very much. You all know that one day you will have someone speak first, but you don't know on which day you will say who likes each other first. This is the best time.
68. For no reason, it is time for me to leave. I quietly disappear from your side, and will not contact you afterwards. But from the bottom of my heart, I will bless you silently, pray for you, and hope you will be happy all the time.
69. If love is a twin flower, how much impatience grief hangs in the stare outside the Brahman, and that cry calls to wake up the cold moonlight in the dream, and the longing of longing for dream How many lonely atriums in the cold night.
70. Changing yourself in order to love someone, in many cases, what seems to be a moving promise is actually a sweet word that is difficult to implement. To marry a person means that you have to accept what he was like on ordinary days, and not just remember what he looked like when he was burned by love?
71, watch, gently put you on the heart field, elegant appearance, sweet smile, nourish the deepest part of the soul, the future mountains and rivers, with you, is the grace.
72. I don't want to lose you, and it's so fast; I don't want to let the harmony of beauty come to an end, and return to the cold world built with vanity and solitude. I believe there is nothing wrong with my love for you. I will not give up, I will wait in time ...
73. What is love is that even if it is painful, it will endure prison. What is love, it is the obsession that can't be broken all his life. If your finger moves lightly, it will disappear, it is only a trace of smoke in your magic palm, it has nothing to do with love, and it is untouched.
74. Time like water, flowing quietly, walking through time, fate. The love that once died so desperately was desperate to love, when the rose of love quietly withered, when you quietly left not beside me, the thorns of the roses stabbed in the atrium, looking back, is a helpless sigh. After love, who can remain indifferent to parting?
75. Love and desire to control are different. To love someone is to hope that this person becomes better, TA becomes better, and you will be happy. The desire to control is to hope that a person will become worse, as long as he can stay with you. Therefore, when you are dating a man, you only need to look at your changes to know if it is true love. It gets worse and worse, someone is controlling you. It's getting better and better, that is someone who loves you.
76. As long as I meet the princess in my life, I will have a never-ending motivation. My life is positive and sunny every day. I will change for her, give for her, be motivated, and work hard for her. Since then life has taken on a whole new look.
77. In all love, the most beautiful thing is miss. Sometimes, we do n’t know how important each other is. But once separated, even just a few days, that crazy thought will tell you how deep love is. Whether you love someone or not does not depend on how close you are, but how much you miss after separation. So ah, falling in love is not the distance between people, but the distance between souls.
78. It is sometimes a bad thing to bury feelings too deeply. If a woman hides her affection for the man she loves, she may lose her chance to get him.
79. The best love is not the agreement of eachother, nor is it a noisy, split-up, split-up game. The longest love is to be with each other and live on each other. If one day you meet her, At all costs for attachment to love, please tell me, I bless you and pray for you. May the lovers in this world have their loved ones and support each other. May there be no heartless parting in this world.
80. Love is not a game, because we can't afford it. Love, you must give it sincerely, treat each other sincerely. Don't say love lightly, promises made debts. Love is not something you can find, and it can't be changed when you are tired. To love someone, you don't have to own it; but to have someone, you must love it well.
81. Love is to help each other build a strong self! How many people's marriage history is the history of blood and tears of both men and women!
82. With or without love, love can be experienced without me. Just like the earthquake, the mother saved the child with her body, just like the Titanic Jack saved Lucy. There is no love! This state is the state of the universe!
83. When life is at its limit, it is easier to experience the power of the spirit. Focusing on a certain point and deepening and strengthening makes it easier to touch the spiritual light!
84. Ordinary people live in confusion, masters know what others do not know, and leaders have experienced experiences that others have not experienced!
85. People who have experienced great sexual passions either don't become enlightened, and once enlightened, they are fully enlightened!
86. No matter how strong a woman needs a man to see through her fragility! Even vulnerable men need a woman to touch the strength of his soul.
87. Sex and love are destruction, love and sex are torture, love and sex are ascension, and the world is heaven now! A person without a capacity for love is more tragic than a person without a capacity for sex.
88. An excellent woman must find a way to control a man that ordinary women cannot control; an excellent man must find a way to conquer a woman that ordinary men cannot conquer.
89. The way of life liberation starts from the present; do things that do n’t leave regrets, make friends that do n’t leave regrets, and experience that you do n’t leave regrets in your life; love; do n’t let yourself leave regrets action.
90. The more complicated the question, the simpler the answer! It is the complexity that creates the problem, and it simply restores the truth!
91. Truth is actually very close to us. It is just that we complicate ourselves in the process of finding truth. It is nothing to complicate simple things, and it is natural to make complicated things simple!
92, Road is very good, very good! Life is closer to reality than anyone who can use cosmic energy more ...
93. Ordinary people pursue happiness, master pursuit of happiness, ordinary people pursue happiness, master pursuit of happiness!
94. Love, for me, it is used for recording. Love, for me, is meant to be remembered. Love, for me, is used to miss. Hate, for me, that's for relief. Fate, for me, that is used to miss. Your love for me, I can't love it. I can't stand your love for me. Fate between you and me, I know it was missed.
95. Acacia, so noble, so holy, so straightforward, misses the ages, and is not dusty. Even if I die, if I come back to life again, there is no lingering heart, no dust in the heart, there is a kind of thought, there is a world, and it is for this reason that the world is so beautiful, so warm and nostalgic.
96. We have always believed that separation is only for better together. The wings are thin, and we must constantly add courage. Breathing heavily, we have to constantly inject fresh air. The warmth projected by the sunlight will take our hearts and melt into a trickling stream of water, wavy in waves, flowing.
97. The biggest mistake a woman makes is to limit a man to death. Finally complained about the man's failure!
98. The true glory of a man is not how many women you have, but a woman who rejects any man for you! The true pride of a woman is not that your man is alone in yours, but that no matter how many beautiful women he has experienced, his heart is still with you in the end!
99. The difference in life is the difference in experience and experience; ordinary people write goals, and masters experience directly;
100. Humanity's biggest killer is hypocrisy, pretend! The more you pretend to be more fake, the more you pretend to be more fake, and the result is very real to be a dummy; the truth is unreal, the reality is unreal, delete all illusions and illusions, enter the root and essence, and be liberated now.

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