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100 encouraging classic sentences

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1. Open your Internet cafe to your good hopes and pursuits. 999 times have failed, and there are 1,000 times.
2. Opportunities are only open to enterprising people.
3. Opportunities are offered only to those who are well prepared.
4. People who can only walk on the concrete floor will never leave deep footprints.
5. If you are not with the sea for safety, the boat loses its meaning.
6. Road through the clouds, just kiss the footprints of the climbers.
7. Colorful clouds float in the air, naturally complacent, but at most they can only exchange a few praises; only by turning into a sweet rain and taking root in fertile soil can we create a fragrant and fabulous world.
8. Education is the home of talents, and society is the in-laws of talents.
9. The ribbon on the laurel wreath is not twisted from genius fibers, but is woven from painful and tormented threads.
10. There is no glitter of a pearl, it is smeared by others.
11. If hateful setbacks make you taste the bitter fruit, rising up will make you taste the joy of life.
12. In order to run towards the rivers and lakes, even when facing the abyss of a hundred feet, the waterfall still roars forward and never shrinks.
13. For the scholars, poverty and embarrassment, censure, slander, cynicism, all oppression is the driving force for progress.
14. If you don't step on the muddy path, you will not be able to set foot on the road full of flowers.
15. A man who dreams of sailing on a long journey of life, his end point is downstream. Only taxis who dare to raise sails and stand up to bad waves can compete for the upper reaches.
16. The telescope can see distant targets, but it cannot take half a step for you.
17. Don't laugh at Iron Tree. In order to bloom a flower, it takes longer than other tree species.
18. No one can go all the way to the end, but remember, don't forget your original self.
19. Praises during life are often false, and arguments after death are often true.
20. Strive to fulfill your obligations, and you should know how valuable you are.
21. The amount of life is calculated by time, and the value of life is calculated by contribution.
22. The lighted torch is not for the torch itself, just like our virtue should illuminate others.
23. Although the shell is dead, it leaves its beauty to the whole world.
24. Doing your best to do one thing is the top priority of life.
25. The lives of others should be made better by your survival.
26. Happiness is a perfume that can't fall on others, but you don't touch it.
27. Our compensation depends on our contribution.
28. The most needed aspect of giving is not within the scope of material wealth, it exists in the domain peculiar to human nature.
29. An omnipotent person is really omnipotent, and an omnipotent expert is really omnipotent.
30. People who are worse than me have not given up, and people who are better than me are still working hard, and I am even less qualified to say that I can do nothing!
31. You don't deserve your ambitions, and you live up to the suffering you have experienced.
32. Life has no if, only consequences and consequences. Ask less why, and ask yourself why.
33. When someone pushes you down from the height, it is the best time for you to spread your wings and fly high.
34. To live a beautiful life requires great patience. No complaining, no explanation.
35. Fate is an excuse for the weak, and luck is the modest words of the strong. Glory must be there, it depends on how to go.
36. Two identical people cannot be found in the world. Born to be ordinary, it is also a limited edition.
37. Not everything is destined to succeed, but everything is worth a try.
38. If someone throws a stone at you, don't throw it back and keep it as the cornerstone of your high-rise building.
39. Not everything is destined to succeed, but everything is worth a try.
40. Maturity is a sudden moment when you step on your ground with pride and let it bloom or turn into mud.
41. If you want to define a good life, it is cozy. If you want to give a definition of comfort, it is three or five confidants, talking and laughing.
42. There are certain things in life that have to be done, and it is courageous to have to do what is forced to do, which is destruction, and to be brave when you have to do well.
43. Instead of escaping in the wind and rain, it is better to dance in thunder and lightning. Even if it gets wet, it is the pleasure to appreciate life.
44. There is no need to hurry, the time to come will always come, at the right time, and the right person, for the right reason.
45. There are only people who can't figure out in the world, and there is no way to go.
46. A person creates success in resisting the surrounding living environment.
47. It is not difficult to make a decision. The hard part is to put it into action and stick to it.
48. When you fall to the bottom of the valley, it just means that you can only go up, not down!
49. No smart person will deny the exercise value of pain and sorrow.
50. The world will make way for those who have goals and vision.
51. After some roughening by the sea, the pebbles became more beautiful and smooth.
52. A river can reach its destination because it knows how to avoid obstacles.
53. Don't be overwhelming, but you cannot be overwhelming.
54. The success or failure of a person has a lot to do with his mentality.
55. If you lose money, you can earn again; if you lose a lifetime, you can never look back.
56. Being proactive, opportunities always like to patronize prepared minds.
57. Confidence, perseverance, and courage are all there is, and there is nothing impossible in the world.
58. To achieve one's stated goals, we must be able to stand alone and lonely.
59. Failure is only a temporary cessation of success. If I cannot, I must; if I can, I can certainly!
60. People who lose money lose very little, people who lose health lose much, and those who lose courage lose everything.
61. The determination of the goal is one of the most necessary sources of strength in character and one of the tools of success. Without it, genius would be in vain in the paradoxical paradox.
62. Anger is punishing yourself by doing something wrong.
63. A person's happiness is not because he has more, but because he cares less.
64. Pride is the egg of victory, but what has hatched is defeat.
65. A person's true happiness is not to stay in the light, but to stare at the light from a distance and run towards it. Only in the time of desperately forgetfulness can life be truly full.
66. Give yourself a hope every day, try not to worry about tomorrow, not sigh for yesterday, just for today is better!
67. There is no right or wrong in life, only persistence after choosing, not regret, go right, it is right. Walking and walking, the flowers bloom.
68. Life will not promise you anything, especially not promise you success. It will only give you the process of struggle, pain and suffering. So give yourself a dream and then move in that direction. Without dreams, life is meaningless.
69. Everyone is really strong and has to spend a period of time without help and support. Everything is supported by oneself, and all emotions are known only by myself. But as long as you grit your teeth, everything is different.
70. To see the facts clearly, you have to experience some pain.
71. In this rampant world, we need to have a powerful heart.
72. No matter how the world treats you, I ask you to work hard, be brave, and hope as always.
73. Every successful person must pass through the unknown darkness. The strong are not without tears, but they can run forward with tears.
74. The chemical composition of tears and sweat is similar, but the former can only give you sympathy, but the latter can win you success.
75. Victory belongs to the one who persists to the end.
76. The source of strength is not victory. Only struggle can enhance strength. When you go through hardships without discouragement, it is strength.
77. Life is not to transcend others, but to transcend ourselves.
78. It is not necessary to have more money and more money. Poverty and happiness are really at ease, without care or pleasure.
79. Face the past with minimal remorse. Facing the present with the least waste. Facing the future with the most dreams.
80. As long as you don't give up your efforts and pursuits, Xiaocao is also a little embellished with the value of spring.
81. The beautiful blueprint, in the hands of the lazy man, is nothing more than a piece of waste paper.
82. Temporary setbacks can often be turned into knowledge and insight through unyielding fighting.
83. Even the dark night will usher in the dawn, no matter how long the bumpy road will be, there will be a flat road, with a heart of hope that never gives up, tomorrow there will be warm sunshine and rain. Your next step!
84. Use actions to control emotions, don't let emotions control actions; let the mind inspire wisdom, and don't let the ears dominate the mind. The difference between people is mainly the place between the ears!
85. It is nothing to go to bullfighting when you are not afraid; it is not great not to go to bullfighting when you are afraid; it is really great to go to bullfighting only when you are afraid.
86. The state of mind determines the vision of the world, and the action determines the state of survival. If you want to live dignity and show extraordinary, you can only change your mind and dare to fight against fate!
87. Direction is more important than speed. Wisdom is more important than hardship. Learning is more important than education. Opportunity is more important than relationship. What you want is more important than what you do!
88. If you don't want to do something, don't want to reach anywhere in the world.
89. Having vision is more important than owning assets, having capacity is more important than owning knowledge, having talents is more important than owning machines, and having health is more important than owning money!
90. There is no despair in the world, only people who are desperate.
91. Don't find a reason for failure, but find a way for success.
92. It is not today, but yesterday's attitude towards life that determines today; it is not tomorrow that determines tomorrow, but today's work on the cause. Our today is determined by the past, and our tomorrow is determined by today!
93. Taunt is a power, a negative power. Praise is also a force, but it is a positive force.
94. It is not that there is no water in the well, but that the digging is not deep enough; it is not that the success comes slowly, but the speed of giving up is fast. It takes wisdom to get one thing, and courage to give up one thing!
95. Nothing is as contagious as enthusiasm, it can move the stubborn stone, it is the essence of sincerity.
96. Belief is powerful, doubt only inhibits ability, and faith is strength.
97. All of you are unwilling because you still have dreams. Before you give up, fight hard, only afraid of old age, not afraid of long road.
98. There is no natural success, and no unreasonable mediocrity.
99. Don't make excuses for failure, just find a way for success.
100. Things that were hopeless and bold attempts often succeeded.

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