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Energetic quotes for youth

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要先打败任何事情得先学会打败自己。 1. To defeat anything, learn to defeat yourself first.
2. The night is still like water, the rain is dripping, the rain silk floating into the eaves, wets the leaflets of youth, and the wind hits my drowsiness into my dream, blows the word youth, and is fragmented. In the morning light waking up in the morning.
3. Youth, half bright, half sad. It's a shocking work by Weeping Ghosts and Gods, but we read too quickly. Inadvertently, the book of youth closed quietly, so that when we were to re-examine it, we found that the handwriting of youth had long been dusty and unclear.
4. I know I'm not a good recorder, but I like to look back on the way I came when I came. I not only look back, suffocate, but I still rush forward vigorously.
5. Young we are accepting the five flavors of life, tasting the unique taste, we ignite the fire of youth, in our belief, nothing is counted, we have a dream, and fly freely between our own world, We believe that the dream of youth is in our own hands and we need to create it!
6. What others have, you do n’t need to be envious. As long as you work hard, you will also have it.
7. Some people will always be engraved in the memory, even if they forget his voice, forget his smile, forget his face, but the feeling when I think of him will never change.
8. Everyone has their own youth. Youth is like a symphony, playing the splendor of life; youth is like a script, performing a colorful life; youth is like life, let us prosper.
9. Youth is not time, but state of mind; youth is not peach-faced lips and knees, but deep-willed imagination of hot feelings; youth is the deep spring of life.
10. In a youthful world, sand grains will become pearls; stones will become gold; deserts will multiply into forests. We in youth do not lie in what we possess, but in what we pursue.
11. I want to fly, take my soul, take my dream, take my past, take my youth, and fly to that distant corner. Fly to the deserted Taklamakan Desert. Fly to the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Fly to the ruined Cuban Babylon Garden. Fly into the choppy Yellow River.
12. The distant place in my heart will one day arrive, I want to spread my wings and fly in the air.
13. What I want to do is a king who fell into the abyss but still stands proudly.
14. Regardless of how difficult it is, keep your head upright and tell everyone that you are not as vulnerable as they think.
15. Everyone will be injured on the growth path. We have just set sail and must learn to be strong.
16. Since you have identified a road, why bother to go!
17. I will treat every change as growth, even if it is painful.
18. According to my calculations, there can be fifty steps back, but there are only five steps in life.
19. I would rather laugh and cry than cry and say regret
20. There is a temper called, don't give up.
21. The dream is destined to travel lonely. Questions and ridicule are inevitable on the road, but how about that, even if it is covered with bruises, it must be beautiful.
22. No matter how hard it is now, we should also be a dancer in life.
23. Fate never sympathizes with the weak.
24. Don't be afraid that 10,000 people will stand in front, just that they will surrender first.
25. Life is actually very simple. Today is tomorrow.
26. Do n’t forget to look up and cry and keep walking.
27. Don't be disturbed by anyone, because no one is as clear and caring about your dreams as you are.
28. No one can knock me down unless I get down first myself!
29. Remember that you are not living for others, you are living for yourself.
30. Between you giving me a knife, I will make you feel a lifetime.
31. In this game, it is not up to you to decide whether to win or lose, to determine our fate.
32. In fact, the airport witnessed more sincere kisses than the wedding hall, and the hospital walls heard more prayers than the church.
33. Remember: when the pain of persistence is greater than the pain of giving up, it is time to let go.
34. I will work hard, at least not to leave any regrets when I have to remember myself in the future.
35. It's the ability to make someone you like to chase you now.
36. If life has knocked you a lot, don't forget to give it two slaps. Resistance is better than tears.
37. Worshipping others blindly, it is better to stop and admire yourself proudly.
38. Young is not the reason you play, but the capital of your struggle.
39. A flower can only irrigate the most beautiful flowers in the world if it sweats.
40. The mood is given by myself.
41. I have no reason to die, even if I am running in the wind and rain, make myself smile!
42. Girls need to be strong and strong for themselves. Girls have to work hard for the future.
43. Love yourself, rely on yourself and be yourself.
44. Every time I need someone to accompany me, I find that some people can't find it, some people shouldn't find it, and some people can't find it.
45. Even if you fall, stand up and cry again.
46. You have to take what you want, otherwise you wo n’t be able to afford it.
47. Only when you are strong can you not be trampled by others.
48. There is nothing to be unfortunate, only now there is no effort!
49. Cry when you want to cry, laugh when you want to laugh. Don't be hypocritical because the world is hypocritical.
50. Don't expect anyone to accompany you all your life. Even when there is no light, no shadow will accompany you.
51. I do n’t think about whether I can succeed. Since I chose a distance, I only care about the wind and rain. I do n’t think about whether the wind and cold will come from behind. Since the goal is the horizon, the world can only leave the back.
52. Instead of giving the fish a pair of wings, give the fish a pond.
53. If your life is already at the bottom, then go boldly, because you are going up all the way.
54. Once a person has no hope, life ceases. The concrete manifestation of hope is desire, which forms a specific goal and a motive force for practice, and makes oneself happy to accomplish it and to achieve it, thereby creating a happy life.
55. There is no regression in life. As long as we are willing to learn, no matter what experience is the chapter we need to understand.
56. If you live a day, you are blessed and you should cherish it. When I cried when I had no shoes on, I realized that someone had no feet.
57. Everyone is not in a hurry, what am I in a hurry? Everyone is in a hurry, can I not hurry? That's the difference between work and bonuses.
58. In life, it is more difficult to give up. It is more difficult to give up. Many things don't mean that you can let go if you want to let go and give up when you want to give up. There are always some things in life. I know that they are wrong, but I keep insisting. I know that it is bad, but I keep watching.
59. Never be intimidated by the dark clouds, as long as we believe in ourselves, as long as we dare to accept the challenge, our hearts will be smelted, and our way forward will not always be dark.
60. Even if you are nostalgic for the beautiful daffodils that are open in the water, don't forget that in the lonely corner of the valley, wild lily also has its own spring!
61. When you are sad, take a candy and tell yourself that life is sweet!
62. If not true, "True" will not come out, let's compare it.
63. Most people in life long for stability, want to walk peacefully for a lifetime, do not want to go ups and downs, twists and turns, firmly believe that happiness requires stability, happiness requires calm. It is better to be a simple person, love is love, hate is hate, do not cover up, do not pretend.
64. We are all bugs, but I am a firefly.
65. Those who have great happiness must have great sorrow; those who have great success must have great loneliness.
66. If you believe that stones will bloom, it is not just stones that bloom.
67. When you hit the South Wall with your heart, the South Wall disappears.
68. Live the life you love, love the life you live, happy life, can live a happy life, happy work, only a happy life, the ideal of life is actually the ideal life!
69. There is no road ahead, I hope to be in a corner.
70. Feet are wings flying on the earth.
71. Suffering is the happiness of disguise.
72. As long as you live longer than your competitors, you win.
73. Unless you are an amphibian, there is always a space that does not belong to you.
74. Only when you are rich can you feel the world is rich, and when you are kind, you can feel the beauty of society.
75. When you are sad, take a candy and tell yourself that life is sweet!
76. When all love goes out, you can light yourself up and keep your heart bright.
77. There are only people who can't figure out in the world, and there is no way to go.
78. I have never encountered setbacks and never know how powerful I am.
79. As long as you live longer than your competitors, you win.
80. If I insist on something, I can't beat me with a cannon.
81. Experience is taken from pain.
82. Life is beautiful when you are happy, and life is the best when someone is happy because of you.
83. Whenever you start, it is important not to stop after you start.
84. The first youth is given by God; the second youth is hard work.
85. The end of the road is still the road, as long as you are willing to go.
86. Rather than running a dragon in other people's lives, it is better to be yourself.
87. Look at people with time and heart, not with eyes.
88. When your mistakes are revealed, don't lose your temper, don't think that wayward or noisy, you can hide or overcome your shortcomings.
89. Without the language of love, all words are tedious.
90. The road to light is smooth. In order to succeed and to thirst for struggle, we have to work hard.
91. I am a good person, why run into other people's lives as an episode.
92. Now is the time for me to fight, because youth is in front of me.
93. It takes a hundred reasons to die, but it takes only a word of concern to continue.
94. If the enemy makes you angry, it means that you have not won his grasp.
95. Some things can only be done by one person. Some levels can only be passed by one person. Some roads can only be walked alone.
96. Happiness, she is either on the road or at the end of the road.
97. There is only one type of heroism in the world, that is, love of life after recognizing the truth of life.
98. The best thing in the world is that waking up every morning is a brand new day. It's completely free and it's always available.
99. Life is not to transcend others, but to transcend ourselves.
100. There are two realms in life, one is pain without words, and the other is laughter without words.

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