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100 good morning quotes for friends

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1. Every pearl is originally a grain of sand, but not every grain of sand can become a pearl. If you want to be outstanding, you must have the capital to stand out. If you can't bear the blows and setbacks, and you can't bear the neglect of peace, it will be difficult to achieve glory. If young people want to reuse and succeed, they must transform themselves from a grain of sand into a valuable pearl.
2. Life is not a pool of standing water. Occasionally, there are winds and grasses moving around, causing worries. The only way to abandon your troubles is to live with your heart. If your heart is not troubled by your troubles, there will be no trouble in your life. If you want to live happily, you must learn everything you want, don't try to be unavailable, you've lost your attachment, you're calm, you're comfortable. Worry is like the darkness in my heart. Only by lighting the heart lamp of the follower can we dispel the darkness and illuminate life.
3. Human poverty does not come from the distress of life, but from the loss of dignity in a poor life; the wealth of a person does not come from the accumulation of wealth, but comes from a wealthy life without losing feelings. good Morning!
4. First-class people have the ability and no temper; second-class people have the ability and temper; last-class people have no ability and temper. No matter how ugly a woman can get married, no matter how beautiful a woman is single. The poorest man finds his wife, and the richest man divorces.
5. Even if the whole world denies you, you must believe in yourself. Don't think about other people's views, the words of others are just dust in the sun, and the wind blows away in the next second. This is your life. No one can step in. No one is important except you.
6. Yesterday has passed, tomorrow you are unknown. Life is imperfect, and twists and turns are scenery. The meaning of life is constant pursuit. Don't wait until you miss it, don't regret it, don't miss it when you get old. Time does not turn back, seize every moment, no matter how hard it is, we must strive to fly.
7. Life is like a journey, hardships and scenery. Personality is a force, and charm is a magnetic field. Self-confidence is the ladder of success, self-discipline is the guarantee of growth; sincerity is the bridge between people, tolerance is the realm of life; trustworthiness is a business card, optimism is an attitude; responsibility is a responsibility, and toughness is a spirit.
8. You have made things up, people think it makes sense to put a fart on you, you have failed, and even if it makes sense, people think it is a fart. Therefore, you have to make yourself valuable, you have value, and everything you do makes people feel justified.
9. A great person cannot take care of others and consume his time to argue with others, which will not only damage his temperament, but also lose his self-control. Whenever possible, be gentle with others.
10. When others talk about you arbitrarily, when questioning your efforts, ask yourself whether you are afraid or not to lose. When you are sad, go and see the world by yourself. Ask yourself, have you done your best for your dream?
11. Success is like wearing high heels. When you first start, your feet may be full of blisters. Many people may give up because of this, and those who persist all the way will eventually take the most beautiful pace. good Morning!
12. No matter what we do, focus on persistence, don't be afraid of failure; since it is said that failure is her mother's success, you should pursue her baby, of course, laugh at her mother.
13. Behind all successes are hard-working perseverance; the scenery in front of all people is stupid not to give up. As long as you are willing and stick to it, one day, you will live like your favorite! good Morning!
14. On some roads, it will be very hard and tiring to go on, but you will regret not walking. No one is distressed and strong; no one applauds and flies. The harder, the more fortunate. People are in action, and dreams can be realized only after working hard. There is no regret to move forward. If it is good, it is called wonderful; if it is bad, it is called experience! Love and live well. The sun is new every day. Don't let down the good times. If you are in full bloom, butterflies will come; if you are wonderful, heaven will arrange it.
15. I have no dreams since I was a child. I have been on the road without asking about the distance, but I sincerely hope that I can become a great person. You ask me what a great person is, maybe one day, I can protect my lover, be worthy of my friends, and support my family .
16. How confident you are, how much the world believes in you! How persistent you are, how much you care about success! good Morning!
17. The greatest glory in life is not to never fall, but to climb up after each fall. If you really do n’t know what to do in the future, simply do what you have before you. As long as today is better than yesterday, it is progress. Over time, time will naturally return you an unexpected future.
18. Everyone has weaknesses, and everyone is more or less inert. If a person's willpower is not enough to promote himself, he will fail, and whoever can best promote himself will succeed first.
19. Try to make mistakes and try desperately before the age of thirty. If you don't do something when you are young, you really have no chance to do it again. Don't be afraid to fail and fall over again, just to keep some expectations buried in your heart, and finally it will become a pain that often disturbs you. good Morning!
20. Life includes ups and downs, including pain and renewed vigour, including failure and renewed struggle. Good day, good morning, come on! !!
21. People without dreams, or those who dare not dream, are cowards of human beings, because they do not have a lifelong goal that they can fight for forever. Dreams make mediocre people outstanding, and sparrows turn into phoenixes. Only those who have no dreams, or those who have given up on their dreams, will struggle in the bottom of society, and never live forever.
22. Everyone is really strong and has to spend a period of time without help and support. Everything is supported by oneself, and all emotions are known only by myself. But as long as you grit your teeth, everything is different. -Girl, keep going. To live is not to win sympathy by tears, but to win applause by sweat!
23. Instead of expecting to meet someone, it is better to expect that you can attract such a person; instead of expecting positive energy to appear to warm you every time you lose, it is better to expect yourself to become a positive person; instead of worrying about the future, Might as well work hard now. Sometimes even a little comfort and guidance is useless. It is only you who can convince and encourage you. And all I can do is tell you that we are all the same, don't be afraid.
24. Play less games, you can't hit the house car and have capital. You can have hobbies, but you must grasp the scale and play some highly attractive promotion games such as fighting landlords. Maybe your level is very high, but it does not mean how successful you are, but it will affect and occupy your success time.
25. Don't wait until you lose to know how to cherish; don't wait to regret before you know what to do wrong; don't wait to quarrel before you know reconciliation; don't wait for a grievance to know your friend; don't wait to miss it before you know to turn around; don't wait I only miss you when I leave. Life is limited. Do n’t leave too much waiting. Time is the most precious thing. Grasp the present time and make life more exciting! good Morning!
26. Life counts down from the beginning. Don't let useless trivia consume limited life fuel. What is not worth doing, it is better not to do it or to do as little as possible. Because that will not only waste time and energy, but also give yourself a false signal of busyness, allowing you to get superficial self-consolation and illusory satisfaction. When you wake up, you will find that you have n’t done anything yet, and the vicissitudes of time have already covered your cheeks. good Morning!
27. Not particularly lucky, so please work hard first. Don't fail because of your laziness, and blame yourself on the bad luck. A new day, looking forward to every second change! Good morning to you!
28. There is no shortcut in life. It tests your perseverance and endurance. As long as you persevere and endure for a while, don't lament the past, don't waste the present, don't fear the future, everything will be in your grasp. . Good morning to you!
29. When others are sleeping, we are running; others are complaining, we are changing; others are hesitating, we are continuing; others are watching, we are on the road; they choose to become us today after a few years, we choose a few years later To create a new miracle, there is no excuse or abandonment in our dictionary, only persistence and hard work, the original intention is not changed, only to be a better self! Good morning!
30. We should not be afraid of failure. We must have the spirit of "failures and defeats" and treat failure as a stepping stone to success. When you suffer more failures, you will get closer and closer to success. Of course, you must have enough ability to resist failure, and continue to strive for progress. For women, self-reliance is like salt in a dish. Less, no problem, no problem at all, the problem is big. good Morning!
31. Learn to control your own life, even if it is difficult, you must move forward with confidence. No self-pity, no inferiority, no regrets. Day by day, step by step, the joy and inevitable arrival of the willow lies in our own persistence.
32. You can't climb for a lifetime, but you must have a mountain in your heart, it will always make you climb high, it will always make you struggle, it will make you look up at any moment To my own hope. good Morning!
33. Life must have cracks in order for sunlight to come in. There are bumps in the road, and talents become strong.
34. Not all girls dream of making big money, and not all girls want to be strong women. When you are financially independent and create a sense of security, you learn to laugh smartly and live smartly, and you will find that you love yourself more than others. Love you makes more sense! good Morning!
35. Appreciate the surroundings with a good heart; treat everyone with a sincere heart; do a good job with a responsible heart; review your mistakes with a modest heart; with a constant heart, Adhere to the right idea; tolerate those who are sorry to you with a broad heart; to be grateful for what you have; to accept the facts that have occurred with a normal heart; to let go of the heart and face the hardest parting.
36. Without throwing this inferiority guy away, you will not be able to give full play to your strengths and strengths. Good ideas, although appreciated by everyone, if you do n’t put them into action, you are just dreaming. You have to make up your mind. , Act now to achieve your value. On the road to the goal, you have been working hard, but whenever you see that high goal, you still feel that it is still too far away.
37. Life can't wait for others to arrange it, to fight and fight for yourself; whether the result is joy or sadness, but it can be comforted that you always live a life in this world. With this understanding, you will cherish life without being cynical; at the same time, it will also inject a strong inner strength into oneself. good Morning!
38. Day and night are black and white worlds, crying and laughing are bitter and happy lives. The ease of life is to be able to live in this hustle and bustle of the earth, without complimenting anyone, and not having to talk to others, he plays with him, you live yours. Rather than asking others to look good, you should live to look good.
39. Rather than being entangled in your heart, it's better to look down. Don't give up if you don't want to, just get up and change. If you want to prove your ability, shut up and accept the reality. All good roads are downhill, failure is acceptable, but failure without trying to fight is a zero point without excuses. Many times, we regard it as an unforgettable memory that others have long forgotten.
40. To survive in the world, we must endure the difficulties and trials of the natural environment to the outside, and we must also face the trials of sorrow and distress in our hearts. Just as the sun is cute in the cold winter, the water is cool in the heat, and the precious life is known in the Jedi. Although I have suffered many setbacks, I can hold on to it, so that I can taste all the flavors of life and chew the essence of life.
41. A person's best state of life is when it is time to read a book, and when to play, enjoy it when you see it. When you see an excellent person, you do n’t despise. The world, strive to live your own life. good Morning!
42. Let us not be afraid of failure. We must have the spirit of "failure and repetition", and regard failure as a stepping stone to success. When you suffer more failures, you will get closer to success. Of course, you must have enough ability to resist failure, and continue to strive for progress. For women, self-reliance is like salt in a dish. Less, no problem, no problem at all, the problem is big. good Morning!
43. Every flower comes to this world quietly, and leaves silently. If we listen, there seems to be deep thought in quietness and beautiful eloquence in silence. In fact, everyone understands that when we start to feel time, we have lost something forever. Yes, we can't go back anymore, so we learned to look up.
44. There is a huge wave, and when the tide rises and falls, the thrilling sounds can be superimposed; a story that regrets the sadness of the liver and the bowels; a life, the ups and downs of the country, and the horrible birth of China. Magnificent. You can't control the weather, but you can change your mood. You can't change your looks, but you can master yourself. You cannot foresee tomorrow, but you can cherish today. good Morning!
45. We came to this world hard, not for the sad and unhappy ones we saw every day, we cried enough when we were born, and we, no one can go back alive, so do n’t Time has been spent low, to believe, to be lonely, to love and hate to waste, to dream and regret, you must believe that there will be no tomorrow.
46. You don't need to tell everyone how those difficult days have been through. Most people watch you fly high or low, and few people care about whether you fly tired or not. Therefore, do what you should do, follow the way you want to go, don't shrink back, don't waver, no matter how difficult it is, tell yourself to stick with it, don't let you fall short of your ambition, and live up to everything you have experienced. Good morning!
47. You like goals, more and more methods; you like to give up, more and more excuses; you like gratitude, and more and more success! If you like to complain, there will be more and more troubles; if you like hard work, more and more successes; if you like to evade, more and more failures; keep a sunny, positive and tolerant attitude every day, and the positive energy of good luck will be every day Follow you.
48. People often pass by success because they do not last. Life is like a dream, years are ruthless. Learn to be calm, you will gain a perseverance in the face of setbacks, and maintain a true character when you are successful; learn to be calm, you will learn to be brave to face all the pain; learn to cherish all happiness. Learning to be calm is an indomitable.
49. There is always inevitability in a person's life. It will not rise forever as the sun rises, nor will it be painful forever. Floating and sinking again and again, for a person, it is tempering. Therefore, those who float above do not need to be proud; those who sink below do not need to be pessimistic. We must march forward with optimism and humility. good Morning!
50. The philosophy of life is really close to us. The most ruthless is not people, but time; the most precious is not money, but emotions; the most terrible is not love affairs, but mental and physical insufficiency; the most comfortable is not hotels. It's home; the hardest thing is not swear words, but speechless; the best thing is not the future, but today. good Morning!
51. To live a healthy, happy and happy life, one must have a good attitude. We must have a positive attitude towards life, and believe that we will live a better, more beautiful and happier tomorrow, with hope and dreams. good Morning!
52. Grasping the present in times of adversity is a kind of kung fu, and living in the present in adversity is a state of mind. Stubborn, easy to enter the dead end, generate psychological pressure and increase physical and mental burdens. Transforming an idea can easily make people sullen, and changing an angle can leave a little space for thinking. Changing the thinking can make a person live in despair, and changing the mentality can make people change their minds. Our fate is in our hands! Good morning!
53. Never indulge yourself and make excuses for yourself. Be strict with yourself. As time goes on, self-discipline becomes a habit, a lifestyle, and your personality and wisdom become more perfect. good Morning!
54. Some people are running, some are sleeping, some are grateful, some are complaining, those who have no goals cannot sleep, those who have no goals do not wake up, and hard work is the proper attitude in life. Opening your eyes is a new beginning. good Morning!
55. If you don't want to move forward, you won't be able to reach the most beautiful distance. If you don't dare to let go of the comfort in front of you, you will never get permanent stability. Once you set limits on yourself, your life may be overshadowed. Only by breaking down the barriers of the soul, stepping out of our own little world, and opening up the big stage of life, can we make a living. As big as your heart is, there will be as big a stage as possible.
56. No one is a sage, why do you have to be perfect? Don't be afraid of shortcomings, just don't be afraid of features. Drops of water can be worn through the stone, and the wire saw can break the wood. As long as you attack it, you can learn about it. Do n’t be embarrassed, do n’t like everything, and you ’ll have nothing in the end; do n’t stand still. Opportunity is not a pie, and you wo n’t hit you for no reason. Do n’t be compassionate. good Morning!
57. It is a man who always wants to go far away. To go far is to make life more brilliant. Walking on rugged roads, young eyes are filled with dreams and thoughts. Whether walking alone or with each other, let every footstep be solid and powerful.
58. Don't blame any one person, one thing, your own today is countless superposition and accumulation of yesterday, so it is important to take every step of today! good Morning!
59. Twenty is not working, thirty is not standing, forty is not rich, and fifty is dying. The parents give the background, and they call Jiangshan. .... Because the result will not accompany you acting.
60. The schedule of life is very long and long. You must have enough patience to let the wonderful slowly grow, because life is a success because of persistence and waiting. Xingguang doesn't ask passers-by, time is worthy of someone with a heart.
61. On some roads, it will be very hard and tiring to go on, but you will regret not walking. No one is distressed and strong; no one applauds and flies. The harder, the more fortunate. People are in action, and dreams can be realized only after working hard. There is no regret to move forward. If it is good, it is called wonderful; if it is bad, it is called experience! Love and live well. The sun is new every day. Don't let down the good times. If you are in full bloom, butterflies will come; if you are wonderful, heaven will arrange it.
62. If it is valuable, it will be like a sucker. Friends and even strangers are willing to turn around and be with you. Don't blame the reality of the world, making yourself strong is giving you the best sense of security! good Morning!
63. When you were willing to fall, the whole world was caring day and night; when you were depressed and lonely, your ex and pesky people were trying to make a lot of money to eat good food and find new love. Do not miss the past, everyone in the past is not waiting for you.
64. Only those who do not avoid pain and confusion are qualified to talk about optimism and firmness. Fate doesn't treat anyone kindly, nor will sadness or joy be prepared for you.
65. If there is anything most important in life, it is probably the courage to live wantonly. Regardless of the current or headwind, you can live at your own pace with your own heart and with your own strength. good Morning!
66. There are three kinds of water to succeed: cold water, sweat, and tears. ? Success must test four hearts: confidence, love, determination, perseverance. Success requires five forces: motivation, endurance, perseverance, persistence, and execution. Believe in yourself that you can do it.
67. There will be all kinds of burdens on our shoulders in life. Even if we do our best, we will not be able to carry all the problems on our shoulders. We will make a reasonable trade-off and make the right choices. Life.
68. Some things are impossible to understand for a long time, and some things are too late to understand. Most of the time, we are obsessed and confused because we have to choose to act without knowing our hearts clearly.
69. People, it is not easy to live, especially living under the torture of illness. Sometimes, regardless of whether you can bear it or not, you have to bear the hardships. No one can help. Sympathy can't help, tears can't help, anger can't help, only oneself is strong, facing all the pain and torment, going through the stormy days. Good morning! Encourage! Follow Good morning to share quotes
70. Once you make a choice, no matter what you are waiting for, you must go on firmly. Don't think about what would happen if you choose another way. Those things should be considered before you make a choice. No matter how imaginary it is after selection, it is superfluous. good Morning!
71. You cannot change the environment, but you can change yourself; you cannot change the facts, but you can change your attitude; you cannot change the past, but you can change the present; you cannot control others, but you can control yourself; you cannot predict tomorrow , But you can grasp today; you can't go well, but you can do everything; you cannot extend the length of life, but you can determine the width of life. Good morning ~!
72. If there is shadow in front of you, it is because there is sunlight behind you. good Morning!
73. The true freedom is to be yourself, not to be what others want you to be, but to be your original, original, pure and immaculate itself. One day, when you can't see less people and things, it means that you are more and more mature.
74. One day is short, it ’s too late to embrace the early morning, and you already have the dusk! One year is short, and the time is too short to take care of the early spring, you need to take care of autumn and winter! Life is very short, too short to enjoy a good time Middle-aged! Life doesn't value the beginning and the end. The bits and pieces in the process are the happiness we really have. Good day starts with my greetings good morning [sun]
75. There will be many, many troubles and difficulties in the journey. We need to bear it, and we have to solve it. Yu Minhong said one sentence and stick to it. Not that we are strong enough, but that we have no choice. good Morning!
76. It is better to run up and be beaten down countless times than to walk for a lifetime. smile proudly even if you failed.
77. What is failure? There is nothing, just one step closer to success; what is success? It means that after all the roads leading to failure, there is only one road left, which is the road to success. good Morning!
78. When your talent can't support your ambitions, you should calm down and learn; when your abilities can't control your goals, you should sink down and experience; dreams are not impetuous, but It is precipitation and accumulation, only the beauty that is spelled out, but the glory that is not waiting out. The opportunity is always left to the person who desires the most. Learn to talk to you deep in your heart, ask yourself what kind of life you want, and study quietly. Patience, good morning!
79. Break the silence, reach the end of the world, live strong, dignified, for your own ideals and pursuits, dare to untie the weakness and ignorance that bind your hands and feet, drive away the weak, live your wonderfulness, live your strength Life is definitely not extravagant, and it has become a habit to live strong and persistent. good Morning!
80. Your confusion, complaints, miserable face, dare not to carry things, shirk, make excuses, logic is not clear, no feedback, informal, unmindful, unwilling behavior will betray you, sunshine, Every day of calmness, optimism, resistance to fighting, clear thinking, dedication, resistance to loneliness, fear of making mistakes, progress, and fighting blood will make a future that even surprised me. good Morning!
81. People must have dreams in order to have the motivation to move forward. Without dreams, your life will have no direction. Dreams are the guiding light for moving forward in life; dreams are the vision of a better future; dreams are the satisfaction after success. In my life, I have to fight for my dream once. Reveal your dreams, don't seal them, and move in the direction you like. You will have to walk on your knees. Good morning!
82. Perseverance and hard work are not inspirational quotes or inspirational stories, but self full of positive energy, good morning!
83. When you encounter difficulties in life, you complain and talk about hardships; When you encounter setbacks in your work, you shrink back and talk about difficulties; you always blame the sky, sighing and sighing all day, admiring the achievements of others, and pessimistic about your own path. In fact, life is not satisfactory, you can take it easy, because experience needs to be accumulated; life is not happy, do not worry, life is a hodgepodge. The success of others today is the result of his past. Although you are not happy today, you are young and you have a future. good Morning!
84. Life is like a pony crossing the river. You can only know the depth of the river if you walk past it. You ask the cow. The cow said it is easy. Too many horses! Fairy tales as a child told us from an early age that we should dare to try and not die in the mouth of others. Your life, you decide.
85.22-28 years old, we will pass quickly, also these six years, laid the quality of life after 30 years old and the future direction of life. Whether boys or girls, if they lay a good career and economic foundation before marriage, it is undoubtedly a huge confidence and guarantee for their future. It's better than throwing this heavy responsibility on a marriage that doesn't make you dream too much. You do not grow, no one grows for you.
86. This is the case in every industry: Many of the first names of the year have disappeared, and once unknown, they have become leaders. The real cause is not quick work. Most successes come out slowly. You may not be the first, but you must give up the last.
87. Everyday has a conscious life. Don't sleepwalk your life. Your life is used to experience, not a leisurely day is a day. The two most difficult words to grasp in life are "measures." Don't lose your temper easily, it's very weak behavior, unless someone trusts you. Otherwise, never let others know what you are going to do next.
88. Some people complain that life is unfair, but they never want to change themselves; some people work hard for a long time, but always stop at the most critical moment ... No one is born to be king. As you grow up, don't always think about where there is light, you just run forward. Remember, dreams are not empty words, but fruits that grow up in the struggle of silence.
89. Being a low-key person is elegant and a high-profile person is excellent; being a simple person is safe and secure, and doing things well is safe; To be decisive is to be successful; to be innocent is to be a friend and to be able to work together; to be tolerant is to be tolerated, and to be strictly approved to be a man;
90. Life must have goals, plans, reminders, and a sense of urgency. Stranding one small goal after another becomes the big goal of your life. Life is rich and the environment has improved. Don't forget the seemingly thin list in your wallet.
91. Happiness is used for feeling, not for comparison. Life is used for business, not for calculation. Emotions are used to maintain, not to test. To love someone is to love, not to hurt. Money is used to pay, not to measure. Lies are used to break, not to whitewash. Trust is used to precipitate, not to challenge.
92. The gap between people is, on the surface, a gap in wealth, in fact, a gap in blessings; on the surface, it is a gap in connections, in fact, a gap in character; in fact, a gap in temperament, in fact It is the gap of cultivation; on the surface, it is the difference in appearance, but in fact it is the difference in mind and ground; on the surface, everyone is almost the same, but the inner state of mind is very different. The state of mind determines fate.
93. A mediocre person has only one life, called life; an excellent person has two lives, that is, life and life; an excellent person has three lives, life, life, and mission. They represent survival, life and responsibility!
94. A person who has not experienced pain cannot be strong; a person who has not shed tears cannot be strong. When you are determined to work hard, the world will make way for you. When your mind is full of goals, there are only methods and successes. We don't have to win at the starting line, but we must win at the turning point! Only with conviction and persistence can we win and be strenuous Only actions and results can be achieved. Achieved people are always looking for opportunities and methods, and losers are looking for excuses and reasons.
95. We cannot predict the future, so we must concentrate on every step of the way. Whatever happens will happen, whether or not you are anxious about it. Walking forward, looking forward, life is as simple as that. Every strong person has a soft heart, straightens his mind, walks softly with each other, crying to himself, laughing to others, this is the so-called life.
96. If there is a shadow in front of you, it is because there is sunlight behind you. If you want to get out of the shadows, then let your face face the sun; if you want to say goodbye to cowardice, then let your heart slowly strengthen in the experience; if you want to get rid of the ordinary life, then try to let yourself fly proudly.
97. No matter how bad you feel, do n’t write on your face, because no one likes to read it; no matter how poor you are, do n’t hang on your lips, because no one will give you money for no reason; no matter how tired you are, do n’t complain because no one is unconditional Do it for you; no matter how short your life is, do n’t do it casually, because no one pays for your health; no matter how bad your character is, you have to be filial to your parents, because you have an old day; no matter how hard life is, do n’t lose faith Tomorrow.
98. People live for themselves. Don't expect everyone to understand you. Don't expect everything to go well. In pain, know how to comfort yourself. No one feels distressed and strong; no one applauds and flies; no one appreciates them and they need fragrance. When you're busy, don't lose your health; when you're tired, stop and don't lose your happiness. As long as you have a home in your heart, life will not get lost. good Morning!
99. Alone, if you don't force yourself, you don't know how good you are. If you want to be good, you must accept the challenge; if you want to be good as soon as possible, you must look for the challenge; if you dare to listen to the truth, you need courage; if you dare to tell the truth, you need courage; Human knowledge can be obtained through learning; one's growth must be tempered!
100. A purposeful person, the walking posture is forward. They usually don't touch the pain too long after a fall, quickly wake up after a brief fainting, bundle the wound with the branches or leaves around them, and stagger on the road. They walk slowly, but they are firm, they will not avoid the established direction because of risks, and they will not linger for a long time for some small flowers and fruits on the roadside.

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