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100 incisive sentences for life

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1. Don't do things that you can't stick to for a long time in order to please people. Otherwise, when one day you are exhausted and unable to do it again, others will not be grateful for your previous efforts for him, but will think that all your previous efforts are hypocritical.
2. Life is like this, the truth is in the bit, the happiness is in the dull, the faster you know, the more satisfied you are. good Morning!
3. Real maturity is doing what should be done at the right time, and let it be, neither looking forward nor looking back. good Morning!
4. Don't wait until the end of life to think about picking up the flowers, and cherish it. good Morning!
5. Being a man can be unwise, but he must have a sense of proportion. Everyone has to find their place. It should be yours. It shouldn't be yours. Don't even talk about it. Rather hide clumsy than show cowardice. The more you say, the more shallow you will appear. Therefore, people must be truthful, words must be hidden, and the results of doing things to conquer people, not to convince people.
6. "You will eventually forgive those who have hurt you. No matter how painful and unbearable, when you live better, you will find that they make your happiness at this moment thicker and more precious. You think of them , There is no hatred, only cloudless and light memories, and the surviving beauty, each of them has become a meaning in your life, has appeared in the place where it should appear, making your future different.
7. Follow the call of the heart, live earnestly, and let every day see joy. good Morning!
8. The reason why I work so hard is not to despise myself when I am old.
9. Calmness is the accumulation of life experience, a state of natural display of moral qualities, knowledge and comprehensive qualities. The unsatisfactory things in life make us unpredictable and unpredictable, but we are not flattered and displeased in the good times, we are not sad, we do n’t give up, we go to the poor places of water, when we sit in the clouds, In order to solve the ups and downs of the world, and see the true meaning of life.
10. Efforts and gains are your own and have nothing to do with others. Always believe in one sentence: Only when you are strong enough will you not be trampled by others. good Morning!
11. A new day has come, my friend, I invite you to feel the good fortune of Morrowind for you. I invite you to exercise morning exercises to make your work more passionate. I invite you to enjoy breakfast and inject new into you. Hard work, I hope your new day is full of energy and energy! Friends, good morning!
12. When someone forces you to break through yourself, you have to thank him. He is a noble person in your life, maybe you will change and metamorphose because of it. When no one persecutes you, persecute yourself, because the real change is that you want to change. The process of metamorphosis is painful, but every metamorphosis will have a growth surprise.
13. Time, when you use it well, it is gold, and when you waste it, it is running water; when you read it, it is knowledge, if you do n’t see it, it is waste paper. Ideally, you can only dream if you work hard for it. Efforts, although not necessarily rewarding, but giving up must be nothing. No matter how good the opportunity is, it must be grasped by people, and hard work is vital. Let ’s do it and stick to it, often you can see unexpected scenery!
14. If you want to get the best thing in the world, you must first let the world see the best you. From today, give yourself more brand-new possibilities: wave goodbye to that impetuous, careless, passive, lazy self. Put your face in the sun and there will be no shadows in front of you.
15. Some people seem to be smiling all day, not because everything goes well, but they are more courageous than you to face problems, forget about misfortunes, and have the courage to embrace joy. Believe that no matter how unfortunate you are now, it will never be the most unbearable one. good Morning.
16. Life is not afraid of dreams. Life ca n’t wait for others to arrange it. You have to fight and fight for yourself; give yourself tolerance, give years an understanding, let go of all the bad emotions, put aside the tangled entanglements, and walk out of a regret-free life, as long as you believe in the bright Every day I walk, it must be sunny.
17. Your most beautiful look is not the husband and wife, not being face-to-face, not being honest, being obedient, and not saving money, but you can already live a better life on your own, but you still have the exquisite makeup without forgetting your original intention. The most beautiful and lovely look of a woman.
18. Growth is an experience, maturity is an experience. Everyone will grow, but not everyone will mature. Mature people do not exult for gain or sorrow for loss. After doing their best, they accept it frankly; mature people do n’t have no one because of their fame, nor do they bow to their knees because of their namelessness. Heart, live humblely. Mature people can take responsibility, know gratitude, calm down, calm and calm.
19. In your life, no matter what your life is like, don't put the responsibility on others. All your anger and sorrow are caused by yourself. Life is an echo. When in adversity, remember to be patient. When life is good, remember to converge. When in life, remember to talk. When life is frustrated, remember to follow the fate. When you are in a bad mood, you need to cultivate. When you're happy, you need to dive.
20. Don't think too hard about life. Through the inverse journey of life, everyone will be vicissitudes, sorrowful, bitter rain and cold grievances, and the sadness of Yueluwu cry. But limited life does not allow us to squander the bitterness and sweetness of life. After experiencing the harshness of the wind and cold haze, the cocoon will be broken on a sunny day. good Morning!
21. People, there are four opportunities to change your destiny in your lifetime. Once was born with a golden key; once was to go to a good school to find a good job; once was to change through marriage; if you do n’t have any of the above three opportunities, then you have one more chance, which is to rely on yourself.
22. There was no overnight wealthy in this world. There is no shortcut on the way to success. Only when you are down to earth and step by step can you reach the other side of the ideal. Most of us are ordinary people, no dad can fight, only we can fight. When you have enough ability, you will become your own background.
23. There are only two choices in life: start again, be the protagonist of your own life, or stay in place and be the supporting role of others. good morning friends!
24. More and more young people are in love with travel, backpackers travel by car and bike. We are constantly inventing new and exciting ways to travel. These trips are for many people to find their dreams on the road and find their true self in strange places.
25. For many young people who are working harder and more anxious, anxiety comes not only from comparison with others, but also from having better expectations of the state of self. But blindly nervous and anxious, without any substantial help to myself, instead of having time to tangle, hesitate, and embarrass yourself, it is better to choose a favorite direction seriously and work hard. good Morning!
26. The more others don't look at you, the harder you work, and the more others hit you, the more you will make achievements. The meaning of living is not to worry about food and clothing, but to show courage to do things you dare not do. As long as you work hard, you are fully worthy of a better life, rather than aggrieved to live it all.
27. You can have no dreams, but you ca n’t help but know what to do now. You can be drowned in the crowd and be drowned, but you can't go with the flow and become a copy without personality. After crying, remember to laugh and show it a thousand times. You can get used to giving for others, but at least don't forget to live for yourself. You can learn to pretend, but in the end don't become the kind of person you hated.
28. Your mentality will support your development all the way! Your vision will determine the direction you choose! Your scale will mean how big you are! Your perseverance will support how far you can go! Your intentions will destined you to make good results.
29. When you can understand one thing, it means that you have grown up; when you can see one thing, it means that you have become awake; when you can see one thing, it means that you are rational; When you can see through one thing, you are mature.
30. In this world, someone must be very happy when you are sad, someone must be working hard when you are lazy and fallen, and funny, the person who is happier than you may not encounter any good things. The scary thing is that the person who is better than you works harder than you.
31. People need to be healthy, their bodies need exercise; people want to be strong, and their hearts need to be tempered. We experience worries, experience worries, and perceive worries in life. It will make our lives more exciting and guide us to maturity. good Morning.
32. Consider a thousand times, it is better to do it once. Hesitate ten thousand times, it is better to practice once. A gorgeous fall is better than a senseless row. Take the first step, the harvest can't stop.
33. Everyone is really strong and has to spend a period of time without help and support. Everything is supported by oneself, and all emotions are known only by myself. But as long as you grit your teeth, everything is different. You work hard and you work hard to be qualified to say that you are out of luck.
34. Poverty, unemployment, illness, and frustration may seem terrible, but they are not necessarily a bad thing. Many times, only when a person has fallen to the bottom of life, away from the hustle and bustle of desire, can he completely see himself and know what way he is going. good Morning!
35. Happiness is peace of mind when you think of you, who wants to care about the earth and the heavens; the happiness is to wake up and say good morning together, such a big thing as sea dry rocks has nothing to do with me; happiness is to fulfill every expectation you have; to the moon Or pick stars to leave for carnival; happiness is with us. good Morning!
36. Time can't take away memories, it will only make me miss more. Time can't dilute everything, it will only take root in my heart and blossom. good Morning!
37. Youth is a book that is too hasty, and we read it again and again with tears. good Morning!
38. Although the years are changing, you and I ca n’t change your feelings. Even when time is lingering, you and I often hold hands. The four seasons of reincarnation and the moon are missing. Happiness fills my heart. You accompany me, friendship for a long time to find paradise, I wish you good morning every day, love is in my heart!
39. The sun always gets up on time, and active people will fall in love with the sun. Dawn always comes from the east, and hardworking people will like it. Asaka always gives a brilliant blue sky, and those who work hard bravely fly. Dewdrops always catch up early, struggling people chasing dreams. Time flows quietly, years have not been discussed, wake your eyes, and set off on the road. good morning friends!
40. Laughing and distressed, water leeches, seeing the clouds on the mountains and the clouds disappearing; Leaning leisurely leaning against the inclined bridge, the moon is bright, the flowers in the court are blooming. May you and the breeze sing a happy escape, Wan Zhang Hong Chen is not old, happy and trouble free. good Morning.
41. Success means insisting on what others can't, success means being dismissive of others. In the early morning, it is a hope, a dream, no matter how low you were yesterday, you will always see the sun rise; no matter how hard you were yesterday, you will always Have today's hope. Life is full of motivation because of dreams. I'm not afraid that you take a small step every day, I'm afraid that you are stagnant. Persistence is a kind of perseverance in life! good Morning!
42. The ideal is not food, but a seed that needs to be sown; life is not a picture scroll, but a piece of white paper that you need to render; your cause is not an oasis, but a desert that requires you to create.
43. No one coaxes, learns and realizes strong when crying; no one accompanies, learns, and realizes bravery when afraid; no one asks, learns, and understands endurance when annoying; no one leans, learns, and learns when tired Realized self-reliance. If a person is not strong, who is weak to show.
44. People are always like this. You are annoying when you have it, and you know how important it is when you lose it. There are certain things on the road of life that I can only cope with. I want to rely on them, but I must be strong. There are too many things we can't do in this world. The irreversible past, the unpredictable future. And those who will never see it again.
45. The biggest investment in life is not a house, not a stock, a person, who you associate with, who you follow, and what kind of friends you are actually investing in, and this has the biggest impact on life. Money doesn't give people a chance, neither does a house. Only people can give people a chance.
46. Conservation makes people serious but not lonely, makes people lively without letting go, makes people stable but not dull, makes people enthusiastic but not frivolous, makes people calm but not taciturn, and makes people calm and not obedient. good Morning!
47. Every morning, accompanied by the sun, the fresh air purifies the soul, and the sky full of clouds changes colors. Give yourself a smile and tell yourself that today will be better. good Morning!
48. There is a feeling called happiness, a heartbeat called happiness, and a blessing called good morning. Early morning represents a new day. May you grasp the feeling, feel the heartbeat, have a perfect new day, good morning.
49. Life is like the morning, happiness is the morning light, happiness is the morning light, dream is the morning breeze, grasp every morning, life will be bright, good morning, friend!
50. I try hard to make money, not because I love money more, but in my life, I do n’t want to be inferior because of the money, and I do n’t want to be wronged because of the money ?? A popular phrase recently: "No money, what do you take Maintain your relationship, solidify your love, contact your friendship, do n’t talk about it, everyone is very busy. "Give it to yourself, work hard to helplessness, work hard to touch yourself, but also to keep running on the road Hard-working people
51. In the face of life, everyone has a difficult time. When the sun rises, we must work hard to fight for it; without sleep at night, we must think about how to continue tomorrow. The pressure on the shoulders is a survival problem; the depression in the heart is an injustice that cannot be said. Life is easy, life is easy, life is really not easy; you are not easy, I am not easy, in fact, no one is easy!
52. You must realize which direction you want to go, and then you must aim at that direction, immediately. You can't afford to waste another second, you can't afford to waste it.
53. Maybe we should learn those foreigners who do nothing on the lawn to enjoy the sun, enjoy your time, enjoy everything you currently have, enjoy a simple life, enjoy life without qualifications, anyone can do it, and one should not forget enjoy life. good Morning.
54. There is an encounter where there is no appointment, no intention, and the eyes and the eyes meet again; there is a love, no reason, no conditions, the heart and the heart are connected; the kingdom of words, the rhinoceros crosses the horizon a little; Only love each other.
55. Happiness and pain are both the wealth of life. Rather than passively avoiding them, it is better to face them bravely. In fact, being able to recall is also a kind of happiness. good Morning.
56. Success is always not only a coat of vanity and fame, it also has a pair of wings that can fly the mind. There is a lot to add about success. We take the initiative to push the distance of success. I think you will be happy if you have what you want. good Morning.
57. Choice and abandonment are the key points that life and life need to face everywhere. Yesterday's abandonment determines today's choice, and tomorrow's life depends on today's choice. Life is like acting, everyone is their own director. Only people who learn to choose and know how to give up can win a wonderful life. good Morning.
58. Not everyone who shit on you is your enemy, not everyone who drags you out of the dunghill is your friend. When you are trapped, it is best to keep silent and continue working hard. . good Morning!
59. Youth has nothing to do with age. A 90-year-old man can still have youth. Youth is actually related to three "thoughts": ideals, dreams and thoughts. If we can stick to our ideals, chase our dreams, and explore our independent thoughts, our youth will begin to mature. After setbacks, not changing your heart is the biggest sign of youth.
60. Don't be with people who are poor inside. Poverty is not terrible in itself, but laziness, lack of motivation, no goals, and like to complain are terrible!
61. If the heart is young, the years are not old; if the heart is happy, the time is still there. Good morning!
62. What makes you sad today, one day, you will definitely say it with a smile. in the morning!
63. As long as you make up your mind, every day can be a new beginning. Good morning everyone!
64. Think + do = success; wait + see = fail! Belief is the starting point of success, and persistence is the end of success. If you want to survive, you must be aggressive, if you want to succeed, you must be strong. Rather than take a long time to doubt, take a short time to verify. There can be faults in life, but there must be no misses. Will determines your success, and enterprising determines your future! Doubting and waiting for you will never see the future, the hard life will be more exciting!
65. On your own, you can feel at ease, on your own, you can laugh beautifully, on your own, you can fear no hardship, if you rely on others, if you are afraid of wind and frost. Life is like climbing a rock, relying on others will only fall together, let go of your hand, go over alone, the footsteps are getting lighter, and victory is getting closer. good Morning!
66. Xiaocheng will encounter a small test, Dacheng will encounter a big test. Everyone will inevitably have fear when they encounter the test. You need to believe in yourself and use your firmness to strengthen the firmness of others. The people who succeed in the cause are often not the strongest people, but the people with the strongest convictions.
67. Commitment is not necessary to speak nicely, action is the true heart; time is walking, you and I are on the road. Identify the direction, start again, and always lead to the distance! With enough energy and progress, dreams will eventually shine! good Morning!
68. Life must dare to accept challenges, and those who can withstand the challenges can understand the extraordinary true meaning of life, in order to achieve unlimited self-transcendence, and can create charm and eternal value!
69. The adult world is no longer a slogan-like life. The right way of thinking is more important than the so-called hard work. good Morning!
70. Bao Jianfeng emerged from sharpening, and the plum blossom fragrance came from bitter cold. Every day is live broadcast, and it is cherished and cherished. good Morning!
71. Life is actually very simple. Don't regret it after making a decision. Pain is necessary for man. Without pain, man can neither know what is harmful to him, he does not know how to escape from it, and he does not know to provide comfort for himself. In addition, without pain, man never knows happiness.
72. People have come to experience this world. The wealth status of each person may be different, but the experience of happiness and happiness is not the same. When you are happy, sadness peeks aside; when you are in pain, joy may follow. At the end you will notice that after adding, subtracting, subtracting, the number will be the same. Therefore, life really doesn't have to be too concerned about it, nor does it need to be calculated deliberately, just to experience it with your heart.
73. Desire is like the sea, and fate is like a boat. After chasing for a long time, my heart is deep. The tragedy of life lies in the wrong position, stealing things that are not your own, blind greed, and causing more to be lost. Time is short and the world is far away. If you patch together, it is difficult to distinguish directions, and the future is unclear, you need to get rid of impetuousness, abandon chaos, calm the spirit, wait for life to mature, and let the soul have a place.
74. Half of your destiny is in your hands, and the other half is in the hands of God. The more extraordinary your efforts are, the larger the half you have in your hand, and the richer you get. When you are completely desperate, don't forget that you have half of your destiny; when you are so proud, don't forget that God has half of your destiny.
75. There are barriers in life. Stepping past is a threshold, but stepping is just a barrier. Leaving beautiful moments in life, becoming the most pleasing rhyme in life, and becoming the most beautiful poem in this life. Let these wonderful memories and encounters accompany one's life.
76. A timely bow is a sign of maturity, and life needs more to be cherished. Cherish those who love you, those who shed tears for you, and cherish the feelings that should be cherished in life, because once you turn around, maybe no longer, maybe forever, maybe another world!
77. Noble ideals are like flowers growing on high mountains. If you want to take it off, hard work is the rope for climbing. Work hard! good Morning!
78. Life cannot regret it, but it can turn. Life will inevitably encounter wind and rain and ups and downs. For the many irregularities in life, don't be dissatisfied and angry, and you don't have to be upset and helpless. Fortunately, we must face it; for better or worse, it will pass. Rather than carrying your burden and bending over to suffer, it is better to let go of your burden and enjoy life; instead of complaining in vain about unfair destiny, it is better to calmly smile at life.
79. Life is alive, in just a few dozen dynasties, sometimes attachment is a burden, and giving up is a relief. A simple life is charming, and a simple heart is happy. With the increase of age, it gradually becomes deeper, everything is born from the heart, everything moves with the heart, everything is attached to the heart. Out of sight out of mind. If you have a good heart, there is nothing to be annoyed; if you have a good heart, there is no hateable person; if your heart is simple, the world's disturbances will be empty.
80. One thing, even if it is beautiful, once there is no result, do n’t entangle again, you will be tired after a long time; even if you remember something, if you ca n’t keep it, you should let it go in time. . Sometimes, giving up is another kind of persistence. If you miss the gorgeousness of Xiahua, you will surely walk into the quiet leaves of autumn leaves. Anything, anyone, will become a thing of the past. Don't let it go, no matter how difficult it is, we must learn to withdraw.
81. Self-improvement is the mother of luck. A true life can only be achieved after a difficult and arduous struggle. If you are strong enough, you are unprecedented; if you can continue to strengthen yourself in a difficult situation, then you are admirable!
82. Learning to accept incompleteness is the maturity of life. No one is perfect, and regret is the normal state of life. There are achievements and failures in life, and there are scattered when there is a gathering, and no one can be unique. You can't have both fish and bear's paw. This is helplessness in life. Mature people can face all imperfections indifferently, so they don't insist on perseverance. The pursuit of perfection is a beautiful ideal, and acceptance of incompleteness is a beautiful mentality.
83. People are tired because there are too many things that can control your mood. Changes in the weather, warm and cold relationships, and different scenery will affect your mood. And they are all beyond your control. It's nothing but overcast and sunny, people are just scattered, I'm not frightened by the vicissitudes of the sea, and I'm naturally stable. Living in the moment and being comfortable with your own choices, and taking full responsibility for each of your choices, is sunny.
84. In life, there is no hurdle, you ca n’t sit by the ridge and wait for it to disappear, you can only find a way through it; in life, there is no permanent pain, no matter how deep the pain is, the wound will always heal; life, no Eternal love, feelings without ending, will always end; those who ca n’t have it will always forget. Slowly, you will not shed tears; slowly, everything has passed ... Proper giving up is a graceful turn of life.
85. Some things, don't you see clearly, see clearly, heartache; some people, you don't really understand, understand, hurt. Life is a kind of ambiguity, a vague, intelligible, unclear, confused, vague. There are too many things in life that you can't get used to. Seeing and understanding is all about finding sadness. Covering life with mist is not self-deception, but protection of self. Everything is too serious, hard work, tired myself.
86. Life is not perfect. When you encounter misfortune, unfair treatment, misfortune, taste more, try to understand, and experience more. Accepting a bland life and facing the helplessness of life calmly can be content and happy. The true taste of life can only be tasted by the quiet. Only by facing the complex world and facing your life with indignity and humiliation can you gain a better life.
87. Life is hurtful and painful, sweet and bitter. Every kind of trauma is a kind of maturity, it makes people think, strengthens people, and makes them more cherished. If a person has not tasted suffering, it is difficult to develop compassion; if a person has not tasted suffering, it is difficult to know the sweet taste. To face suffering bravely and overcome it optimistically is also a kind of practice. Without eternal nights and winters, suffering will pass, and the sun is always after the storm.
88. Life is like a book. Many things are always understood after experience. After pain, you are strong; when you cross, you are mature; when you are silly, you know how to cherish and give up in a timely manner. I always learn what to lose, to learn to cherish; always touch the wall, to learn to change, to give up; always to be painful, to learn to be a brand new self.
89. There are three kinds of suffering in life: not getting, suffering; getting it, but not so much, and suffering; after giving up easily, I find out that it is so important in life, or pain. Life is usually a loss, which has never hurt in ancient and modern times. That being the case, the best way is to treat the gains and losses normally, and not worry about gains and losses.
90. Life is a one-way trip. People who pass by will never return. Don't go too hastily, you should fully feel what you should feel, and cherish it. A few years later, although it is possible to revisit the old land, it is a pity that everything has changed. At any time, the steps you take must be solid and stable, even if you don't step on a pit, at least you leave a footprint. People live a process, and the wonderfulness of the process is the real possession.
91. No matter what is big today, it will be a little thing until tomorrow; no matter how big this year, it will be a story next year; no matter how big this life, it will be a legend in the afterlife. Life is like a journey, hardships and scenery. What you look at is your realm of life. Always seeing people better than yourself means that you are going uphill; always seeing people who are not as good as you are that you are going downhill. Rather than complain, think better.
92. Life is a road that requires patience. Into life, it means difficult and bumpy, muddy and rugged; Into life, it means sweet, bitter and salty, thorns everywhere. Therefore, flow is a process, and comprehension is the whole meaning.
93. Life is short, but also beautiful. Life is ordinary but precious. Human life is not smooth. There are many ups and downs in human life. This is not the punishment given to us by God, but the test of us.
94. Don't worry about everything, everything happens, some people's names I have forgotten, others I will always remember. Just as some people used to say nothing, in the end, they had nothing to say. Life needs to be pursued; dreams need to be persisted; life needs to be cherished; everything on the road of life needs to be strong.
95. Life is hurt, pain, sweet and bitter. Every kind of trauma is a kind of maturity, it makes people think, strengthens people, and makes them more cherished. If a person has not tasted suffering, it is difficult to develop compassion; if a person has not tasted suffering, it is difficult to know the sweet taste. To face suffering bravely and overcome it optimistically is also a kind of practice. There is no eternal night, no eternal winter, and suffering will eventually pass, and the sun is always after the storm!
96. In life, there are some chance encounters, because of our hurried behavior, we pass by; some opportunities, because of lack of treasure, we miss each other. Sometimes we miss a period of glory due to willfulness; sometimes we are too impulsive and we miss the whole life. Some people, because you have been with you for a long time, you are indifferent and indifferent. In fact, they have supported you to the sky of life. Some people, apart, just forget it. Incompleteness is a great beauty.
97. In life, there is no eternal love, no end of love, always end; those who ca n’t have it will always forget. In life, there is no permanent pain, no matter how deep the pain, the wound will always heal. There is no hurdle in life. You must not sit by the ridge and wait for it to disappear. You can only find a way through it. Life, without giving up easily, as long as you persist, you can complete an elegant turn and create eternal glory!
98. Sometimes, being misunderstood by the one you love is so sad that you don't want to argue, you just choose to be silent. I only know how to protect myself when I've been hurt; I know what it feels like when I've cried, I know how to persevere and give up when I'm stupid, and I know I'm fragile when I've loved. In fact, life doesn't need such unnecessary attachments. There is really nothing to give up without anything.
99. The happiness of life is not how much it possesses, but the process of pursuit. Life is not always smooth. Because of love, let go; because of let go, so silent; because one knows, so I look back with peace of mind. Perhaps the days of wind and rain carry the weight of life; the days of light wind and light clouds are more suitable for quiet comprehension.
100. In life, the harder you work, the luckier you will be. Regardless of the wind and clouds or the reef; the only thing we can do is hold the rudder forward and do the right thing at the right time. Dare to dare to do it, dare to face challenges and difficulties, experience hardships, and eventually reach the other side.

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