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100 philosophical sentences in life

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1. Of the easiest things in the world, procrastination is the least painful.
2. Stand taller to see farther.
3. The establishment of the great cause of life is not in the knowing, but in the work.
4. Paying is not necessarily rewarding, and hard work is worth it.
5. As long as the road is right, you are not afraid of the distance.
6. Decorate yourself with gold and silver, it is better to enrich yourself with knowledge.
7. The name is given by the parents, and life goes by itself.
8. The real strong are not those who shed tears, but those who run with tears.
9. There is no fate that can be conquered without contempt and endurance and struggle.
10. The mountain road twists and turns, but after all it stretches towards the summit.
11. Noble ideals are like flowers growing on high mountains. If you want to do it, hard work is the rope for climbing.
12. The seed keeps in mind the raindrops' devotion, which strengthens the courage to take risks.
13. There is no ups and downs in nature, and the earth will not spring up.
14. What is failure? Nothing, just a step closer to success; what is success? It's all the way to failure, and there is only one road left, which is the road to success.
15. The smile is always open, so the color comes naturally!
16. Don't care too much about people, if you care too much, there will be remorse!
17. Treat hard work as the necessity of life, and continue calmly even if there is no hope of harvest.
18. There are obstacles in front, struggling to break it away, using hot passion, turning the expectations in my heart, blood is surging, sweating hard.
19. Kneeling on the road of your own choice should also be done.
20. Industry is good at diligence, and waste is fun;
21. If we were to step back, God would have eyes in our backs.
22. Knowledge is always the fashion color.
23. Today's performance is yesterday's sweat. Tomorrow's success requires today's efforts.
24. Those who sow with tears will surely harvest with a smile.
25. When you feel sad and painful, it is best to learn something. Learning will make you invincible forever.
26. Survival is the first priority of human beings, but happiness is the only principle of survival. Happiness is the satisfaction shown by a person's heart and spirit, and it is the purest and noblest enjoyment.
27. Destiny is like a palm print in your hand. No matter how many twists and turns, you will end up in your own hands.
28. A real general is spelled out.
29. Pick it up and put it down. Don't force everything!
30. Choose mountains and cliffs! just do you best!
31. Happiness is not because you get more but because you care less!
32. I thought that "unavailable" and "lost" were the most precious, but ... it was the most important thing to grasp the present.
33. I don't think about whether I can succeed. Since I chose a distance, I only care about the wind and rain!
34. A great man is great because when he is in an adversity with others, others lose their confidence, but he is determined to achieve his goals.
35. Let's change the anxiety in advance to the thought and planning in advance!
36. No matter how long you can go, you can walk step by step. If you go short, you can't reach it without opening your feet.
37. Don't wait for opportunities, but create them.
38. People who aspire to the top of the mountain will not greedy the mountainside scenery.
39. No matter how high the sky is, tiptoe is closer to the sun.
40. The eyes that shed tears are brighter, and the heart that shed blood is stronger!
41. When the world presses on grass seeds, it will always break through the soil in its own way.
42. We can be disappointed, but not blindly.
43. The peak only has real meaning for those who climb it instead of looking at it.
44. The waves are sailing ships and funerals for canoes that follow the waves.
45. People who can only imagine and do nothing will never experience the joy of harvesting fruits.
46. For climbers, it is not a pity to lose the footprints of the past, but it is dangerous to lose the direction to continue.
47. In the rivers of sweat, the struggler sailed the boat of his career to the ideal bank.
48. The bees who are busy collecting, have no time to talk in front of people.
49. The warrior fights the storm and does not sink, and the coward will drown in calm waters.
50. Positive people see an opportunity in every affliction, while negative people see some sorrow in every opportunity.
51. Don't wait for opportunities, but create them.
52. When you can't get what you want, you will get experience.
53. If someone around is jealous of you, then you can exclude him from your competitors, jealous people, difficult to achieve great things.
54. When you fall to the bottom of the valley, that means that you can only go up, not down!
55. The curtain of the stage of life may be opened at any time. The key is to see if you are willing to perform or choose to avoid.
56. Successful people learn from others, failing people only learn from themselves.
57. Sometimes the distance between success and unsuccess is short-as long as the latter is a few steps forward.
58. A small change often causes unexpected results.
59. When you are going to give up your dreams, tell yourself to support it for another day, a week, a month, and another year. You will find that the result of refusing to leave is surprising.
60. You will be strong and fearless. You must believe in your sufferings, even if you want to be like the water flowing past. Your day on earth is brighter than noon, and though it is dark, it is like morning.
61. Life cannot be as good as you think, but it is not as bad as you think. I think people's fragility and strength are beyond their imagination.
62. Even if you climb to the highest mountain, you can only take one step down to earth.
63. There are no rewards in the world for encouraging hard work. All rewards are only used to reward work results.
64. A person who is blindly addicted to the past cannot open his arms to embrace today.
65. There is no free lunch in the world, and all success depends on your own efforts. Opportunities need to be seized and created.
66. You can't control the weather, but you can change your mood. You can't change your looks, but you can master yourself. You cannot foresee tomorrow, but you can cherish today!
67. Smiling doesn't cost money, but it can create wealth. Praise does not cost money, but it can generate strength. Don't overshare, but it can increase happiness.
68. Regret is a kind of emotional exhaustion. Regret is greater loss than loss, greater error than mistake so don't regret.
69. The most important point in life is never to lose yourself.
70. Set off with gratitude, learn to love, love parents, love yourself, love friends, love others.
71. Living with love, you will make yourself happy! Working with love, you will make many people happy!
72. Children without umbrellas must work hard!
73. We have nothing, the only capital is youth. Dream makes me different, and struggle makes me change my destiny!
74. You are not brave, no one is strong for you!
75. Be kind to others, be considerate of others, love life, and work hard.
76. Now that you have identified a path, why bother to ask how long it will take.
77. When you want to give up, think about why you insisted on coming here.
78. Don't consider yourself a loser, because you have defeated hundreds of millions of competitors one day.
79. In the journey of life, you always have to walk for a while, you need to carry it yourself, don't feel afraid, don't feel lonely, this is just the price of your growth.
80. Repeated failures in life are the foundation of success, and repeated successes are a precursor to failure.
81. Others don't care about everything about you. Only when you achieve yourself can you raise your head in front of others.
82. If you are a Maxima, then please be your own.
83. To make things change, change yourself first; to make things better, make yourself stronger first.
84. As long as you are willing to fight, nothing is absolutely impossible.
85. You can walk on a path without lights, as long as your heart is still there.
86. No matter how difficult, oxygen is always enough!
87. The only time in your life you need to look back is to see how far you have gone.
88. A person's dream may be worthless, but one's efforts are worthwhile.
89. Rather than trusting in others, it is better to trust in yourself.
90. The poor thinks about change, both change and hard work.
91. Rather than keep your tears in other people's stories, it is better to laugh a lot in your own stories.
92. The strength of a man is not what he can destroy, but what he can protect!
93. The saddest thing is when you meet a special person, but realize that it will never be together, or sooner or later, you have to give up.
94. If life can be refreshed, copy, paste. Then everything can be logged out, shut down, and restarted.
95. We are all like children, and we make trouble because we depend on you; we understand politeness because you are an outsider.
96. Because the poor are many and the poor have no money, they will chat and complain on the Internet, killing time.
97. Not every effort is rewarded, but every harvest must be worked hard.
98. The mountains and mountains can fall, the water can flow, and never fall on their own. Don't worry about things that can be solved; it's no use worrying about things that can't be solved.
99. Only by believing in yourself can others be sure of believing in you.
100. Many things in life are not that we cannot do it, but that we do not believe that we can do it.

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