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Short life sentences

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1. What determines a person's achievement is not luck, but persistence and dedication. It is a constant effort, a repetitive effort, and a heart-to-heart effort. When you really work hard and pay, you will find unlimited potential!
2. When the feet have been shaped and the heart is qualitative, find another pair of shoes that suits you. The shoes do not have to look tall. You only need to keep the bottom out after the rain and mud. This principle is very suitable for marriage.
3. If one day you find that I no longer care so much, it is not understanding, but giving up.
4. When your kindness is aggrieved, remember to say this to yourself: Your kindness should be left to those who know how to be grateful, not the kind that accepts your kindness and should despair. Slut.
5. In life, grievances are inevitable, digestion is the driving force for growth, and indigestion will become a temper.
6. Many relationships are not old or new, but after experiencing some things together, you really feel that the other party is very good. This is the relationship that is worthy of you. Take it seriously.
7. Think about how to get rich when you are okay. Don't always hurt the sad and the fall in the world of affection. The money in your palm will always be more secure than the ungrabbable heart.
8. Being a person is actually very simple. You are good to me, and I will be better to you. People will change their hearts, and you will be heavy if you weigh me! Being kind doesn't mean being stupid, being kind doesn't mean being stupid. To all kind and careless people, no one is stupid, just don't say anything.
9. Without pain, the feast of life is light; without ordinary, the picture of life is light.
10. Happy people are not without pain, but are not affected by it. Life will inevitably meet with pain. In fact, the pain is not terrible. The terrible thing is to betray yourself. Organize your mood, bring a smile, and set off with happiness.
11. Good attitude is the greatest wealth. A person with a good mentality is just as well-connected because he knows tolerance; a person with a good mind is smooth in doing things because he is informal; a person with a good mind is happy in life because he knows to let go. The bigger, the more capable the person is, the less temperamental.
12. Life is a 10,000-meter long run. If someone disagrees with you, you have to run faster. In this way, those voices will be behind you and you will never hear again.
13. You who are struggling, don't be afraid of suffering. There are no shortcuts to make you stand out, and no hardships are torment. Every experience you make, whether it is good times or bumps, will increase the thickness of your life.
14. People live with a mentality, your mentality is adjusted, no matter how great the difficulties are in front of you, it will not scare you; if your mentality is not good, temporary difficulties will be subjectively and infinitely subject to you Exaggeration has become an insurmountable divide.
15. In fact, do n’t worry too much. It ’s okay to be discussed or even misunderstood by others. Whoever does n’t talk to others and who does n’t speak behind you will live in the eyes of others and you will get lost in your heart.
16. No culture can learn, ugly can be straightened, bad eyes are really no law.
17. Everyone is destined to go their own way from the day they fall to the ground. Some are long, some are short, some are successful, some are failing, and some are losing.
18. Don't want to confess your fate, go for it! There will be gains, whether big or small, or sooner or later, will never let you down!
19. There are too many forks in the journey of life. A turn may be a lifetime. Miss the scenery along the way, miss the snow season at this time, miss the flower season at that time.
20. If a person remembers your birthday, remembers what you like and hate, keeps everything you have said inadvertently, affects your emotions countless times but never lets you see his fragile appearance, and does him for you If you don't like it, put down the so-called principles for you, let go of everything, let you get rid of your bad temper, reject all ambiguity for you, and make you unrecognizable. This is the one who truly loves you.
21. After all, I'm not your sun, I can't give you the light you want.
22. People must be able to withstand falsehood, tolerate perfunctory, tolerate deceit, forget about promises, let go of everything, refine to perfection, calm and calm.
23. To become a better self, go to see the bigger world, meet more wonderful people, and learn more extensive knowledge. You don't need much praise from others because you know how good you are. The inner strength is always better than the flashy appearance.
24. Do you do the same: every so often, habitual breakdown and habitual self-healing seem to create suspense and waves for life.
25. Sometimes we live very tired, not because our life is too mean, but because we are too easily infected by the atmosphere of the outside world and influenced by the emotions of others.
26. Is life a story or an accident? Many times we do n’t know, but pretend to know; many things we know, but pretend not to know; many times we are unhappy, but pretend to be happy.
27. Life is picturesque and people appreciate it carefully; life seeks a quality; smile shows a kind of self-confidence; strongness reveals a character; sincerity pays an investment.
28. Fate is nothing but boring masturbation for the loser, but a mockery for the cowardly. People's future can only be determined by their own will and their own efforts.
29. There is no shortcut to life; there is no easy way to go in life. I ca n’t hide what I do n’t want to experience, and I ca n’t hope for what I want to experience. Then, please accept the one who is coming, treat the one who ’s leaving calmly, and walk on the road of life with a smile!
30. If you do complex things simply, you are an expert; if you repeat simple things, you are an expert; if you repeat things with your heart, you are a winner.
31. Life can be understood only through experience, and only cherished. There is always someone who makes you laugh, and there is always someone who makes you hurt and forget everything. It is the best to treat yourself. Many things are still neglectful. If you really ca n’t forget them, you will treasure them in the deepest part of your heart!
32. Everything has passed, everything has passed, everything has gone through, and in the background of life, toughness and softness have been added. At this time, the life that has been calm down has been so quiet that it cannot be disturbed, it has been so stable that it cannot be shaken, and it has been so calm that it cannot be beaten by the wind.
33. People will call greening the most beautiful, the world will be the only one, and their meaning will be the guardianship of the people around them. Everyone lives for everyone, and ultimately they are themselves. This is the meaning of being alive. If you don't care for yourself, it will be boring and self-interesting. Everyone is happy, I am happy. Rejoice yourself, barely.
34. The true brave is not a high-profile person, but a person who dares to lower his eyebrows. The more ostentatious people are, the more nothing they have; the more low-key people, the more immeasurable abilities they have. Low-key people are like elegant flowers. Instead of attracting the attention of others by their gorgeous appearance, they use their inherent fragrance to make people admire. The appearance is easy to flow away, and the fullness of the heart will become more interesting.
35. I used to think that it is good to have goals and dreams, but now I know that it is not enough to have goals. What is really important is what you are really trying to do. How many people have ambitions to have their dream future, and how many people fail in laziness that they cannot change.
36. The way of life is a song of bitterness and joy, sometimes beautiful melody, sometimes turning low and turning around. During the ups and downs of the journey, maintain a calm and peaceful heart. Let your heart dance with the wind when the wind rises, and open a small umbrella for the heart when the rain falls.
37. When you are in good times, think more, when in adversity, you have more courage; when you are successful, you have one more calmness, and when you are old, you have one more faith. If you want to shine your life, please be confident. If you want to hug your lover, learn from it. If you want to be happy, please knock on your heart.
38. The world is complex, but it ’s just that people ’s hearts are complex; life, walking slowly, living slowly, and inadvertently strung together. Some chases will turn into clouds, some stories will be written into poems, some words will leave throbbing, and some memories will be beautiful in my heart.
39. This performance of life requires a hundred times of practice before it can be exchanged for beauty. Life gives you some pain just to tell you what it wants to teach you. If you ca n’t learn it again, you will be painful once. If you ca n’t learn it, you will wrestle repeatedly in the same place.
40. It takes a little patience and a long life to stand on the top of the mountain and appreciate the rugged mountain roads you have passed. Human dilemmas may last for a long time. The best thing I can do is to find something to do and wait for a turn.
41. Living sincerely, uniquely, and chic, then such living is certainly beautiful. Human-what is the happiest to be born, people who are not greedy are happiest, people who are not caring, people who are not jealous, and people who are not divided are happiest. Happiness comes from dedication, happiness comes from awareness. good Morning!
42. The road to success is not crowded, stumbling blocks, splashing cold water, watching a lot of jokes, a lot of sticking to it is mythology, and abandoning it is a joke, come on, dear friends!
43. If you want to go your own way, you must have your own thinking, have a firm will, adhere to your beliefs, and pursue your own pursuits. You cannot relax your demands on yourself, and you must not spend your life indifferently. Life can't be wasted. You have to be worthy of yourself.
44. Those who go further are not always specific to ordinary people, maybe they just walk a little more than others every day. Now that we have a distant place in our hearts, we should be the one who walks a little harder every day.
45. The sea cannot be surpassed; the heart cannot be seen through. Difficulties in life are always so inevitable. When faced with unavoidable but insurmountable difficulties, desperation will inevitably arise in my heart, and I do not know where the future path should go. At this time, it is really necessary to have a kind of mental resilience. Take you to the future.
46. Some things, if you see them clearly, you don't take them seriously; some people, you don't care if you see them through. Nah, can't live too well. As the saying goes, he is guilty of suffering in vain, with no heart or lungs to live. Cherish the people in front of you, take a good footing, and do your job well. As long as you have a clear conscience, you are valuable; as long as you are sincere and kind, you have warm feedback.
47. Even if no one applauds, keep your own life. Every failure is a foreshadowing of success; every trial has a gain; every tear has a wake; every suffering has the wealth of life. Every injury is a pillar of growth.
48. People always compare themselves to others, to see who is better than themselves, and who is not better than themselves. In fact, the bottom of your worries and sorrows is never the misfortune and pain of others, but the entanglement in your own heart, the heart of humility is like the heart of a weed.
49. Life is not easy, cherish possession, thank you for experience! Work hard, work more easily, be simpler, look at everything, have more friends, live happier, eat better, sleep better, love yourself more Click and laugh more every day. Missing can make you cry, and it can make you smile.
50. Those who left during your trough can't really be friends, but people don't die for themselves, so you can't blame them. All you need to do is to taste the pain brought by you in isolation, and then work hard to make it out. Living beautifully is the loudest slap on them.
51. Life is impermanent, sometimes ups and downs, with the greatest expectations, do your best, plan for the worst, keep the best mindset, remember what should be remembered, forget what should be forgotten, change what can change, accept As it turns out, the sun is always new and every day is a beautiful day.
52. Life is not for comparison, but for fulfillment. We often judge others easily. They should stand on their side and try to understand what they are doing. First of all, assuming we understand what happened to them, we know that they have a good reason for what they did. If you know how to think differently, your life will be better.
53. Life has never been easier, it is just that we have become stronger. Many people in life always feel: because they are too small, they are confused; because they are too inferior, they are sad; because they are neglected, they are depressed; because they are oppressed, they are sad. However, the mentality and manners of the strong in life are definitely not the same. We must always maintain the confidence we deserve.
54. Calm and indifferent is the beginning of warm heart and true love: from passion to affection, from touch to gratitude, from romance to mutual protection. The longer the time, the more unwilling to leave you, this is called a lover. A woman's best dowry is a caring and warm heart, and a man's best engagement gift is lifelong accommodation and love. Companionship is the longest love confession. Happiness is to find a warm person for a lifetime.
55. Sometimes we live very tired, not because our lives are too mean, but because we are too easily infected by the atmosphere of the outside world and influenced by the emotions of others. Walking in the crowd, we always feel countless glances across the heart, there are a lot of short-lived and cold words, and finally we are distracted, and we are gradually bound to a mess of weaving. In fact, you live for yourself, not many people can keep you in your heart.
56. Life is a lifetime, all plants and autumn. This is the world, no one can escape two things, one is cause and effect, and the other is impermanence! The greater the amount of heart, the lighter the worries; the lower the amount of heart, the heavier the worries. Meditation. Jing Neng Sheng Hui, the wise man has no worries, care about it hurts, it is more painful, and it is a blessing. centering. Not pleased, not to have compassion. Peace of mind. Do everything you can and let it be, and you will be happy when you meet. Sincerely. Mindfulness does not harm others and harms oneself.
57. Life is not perfect, and happiness is not always 100%. True happiness does not depend on any external person or thing, nor does it come from changing moods and feelings, but that our hearts can maintain a calm and happy state. Be considerate and openly accept infirmities. The practice of life is to see through the black and white of the world with wisdom, to achieve all the good with a kind heart, and to accept the unchangeable badly with a tolerant heart.
58. If you know how to be grateful, happiness will be unsolicited. Gratitude is the root of love. Being grateful for everything we have in life can make us content. People who are grateful will be moved even if they look up at the night sky. Faced with the help of others, you should think of "What gives me is love, and what does not give me is duty." In the face of feelings, you should think of "You come, I will not go when you are not; Over. "
59. Be grateful in good times, still rejoice in adversity, live seriously in the present, and truly live today.
60. What we cling to is often deceived by others; who we cling to is often hurt by others. Therefore, we must learn to let go and be cautious in everything, not to worry about or to care about, whether it is right or wrong. No matter what you lose, don't lose your good mood. Grasp your heart, make your mind pure, white, and quiet.
61. Never make arrogant judgments. You can never know who can and who will help you unless you speak to them. The so-called goodwill of some people is just expressed in their mouths, and the goodwill of others is expressed by actions when things happen. This can be a criterion for judging friends: true friends are better than words.
62. When you are young, thinking too much will ruin you. The saddest thing on the road to success is to be able to endure loneliness and endure loneliness. There is always a way for you to walk alone. Maybe this process will take a long time, but if you survive, the final success belongs to you.
63. What pushes you forward is not the faint light of the dream ahead, but the vast abyss of reality behind you!
64. Trust, only one time! A thousand flowers bloom, not the last severe cold. A thousand times true, not worth the last lie. One thousand warmths can't bear the last chill. A lie will never happen again; once it is concealed, it will be scattered; once it is deceived, it cannot be recovered! Trust is difficult to build, it is accumulated time; trust is destroyed, it is at the moment of deception!
65. Without any man, you can win women's appreciation with your leisure. Moreover, no woman can be lazy and make a man respect. So, go ahead and don't waste time on explanations. There is no growth without grievance.
66. Whatever you want to get in return, you have to pay first. For example, if you want to pick fruits from a tree, you must first water the tree and fertilize it. If you want to achieve results at work, you must first put in effort and sweat. If you want help from others, you must help others first. If you want to be loved by others, you must love others first. Sowing in spring, harvest in autumn. By the same token, only by fostering good causes and making good connections, can you reap the rewards.
67. Life is alive, the world is in a hurry, tenderness is like water, seemingly simple, but so complicated. When someone is willing to give, endure, and change for you silently, please remember to cherish it. Because some people missed it, and really couldn't return. Life is not just sitting and waiting, good luck will fall from the sky, even then you have to bend over to pick it up.
68. Living by obeying your heart is the best life. In this way of life, you do n’t know where you are walking. The destination you think and your side thinks of suddenly turns sharply, even out of bounds with the idea, but this is life, and no one can be sure of tomorrow. Tomorrow.
69. The bitterness of life will fade with time. You're not too smart. No one else wakes up early. You wake up late and take a nap. You can't afford to take a nap for a long time. When you fall asleep, you remember that you have fun today and start working hard tomorrow. Sometimes the most feared thing is not that you are slow to beat others on the road, but that you have no desire to catch up. You work hard and you work hard to be qualified to say that you are out of luck.
70. Every time you are crowded out, you always think you are wrong. Every time you are abused, you are depressed for a few days. In life, some people who look down on you for no reason will also encounter some misses. People who hate you for no reason need not affect your mood. On your way home, there will always be a few crazy dogs barking on the side of the road, you just need to move on and ignore them. Life is about being strong while being hurt.
71. For such a lifetime, don't go overly demanding and don't have too many extravagant hopes. If we have been pursuing hard but still found nothing, we might as well think: Since God does not prefer me, does not allow me to stand out from the crowd, and does not allow me to stand out from the rest, why should I insist on it? Others are notorious, but they are mediocre. We might as well comfort ourselves: it's yours, you can't hide; you're not, you can't ask.
72. Life is indifferent like flowers, naturally fragrant all the way. Bonuses are not glorious for spring, flowers are not for the butterfly. The years of flowers grow silently, open quietly, and live elegantly. Do not ask for big red and purple, only hope that the spring comes, the spring return gradually into the dust. After life is beautiful, it is not lingering. Butterfly comes and follows butterfly, follow the sky, and spend a spring in peace.
73. Don't let the pressure of life crowd out happiness, no matter what happened yesterday, no matter how embarrassing, helpless, and bitter yesterday, all will pass, never come again, and cannot be changed. Let yesterday take away all the suffering, all the tiredness, all the pain, and today, we must clean up and move on. Let it be a habit, openly face the joys, sorrows and sorrows in life, feel life with your heart, and life will give you back.
74. Life is like a cauldron. When you go to the bottom of the pot, no matter which direction you go, it is upward.
75. There is a gap in that you always envy the success of others, but you dare not start! You don't deserve your ambition, and you live up to your suffering.
76. If you have really seen those who are fighting hard, you will certainly understand that the reason why those people can reach the heights that others cannot reach is because they have suffered a lot of suffering that others cannot. There has never been any luck in this world, only unknown efforts.
77. Being good as water: Being a man is like water. If you are high, I will retreat, and I will never overwhelm your superiority. If you are low, I will flow, and I will never expose your flaws. If you move, I will follow, and never leave you. Lonely; if you are quiet, I will be there forever and never disturb your tranquility; if you are hot, I will boil and never hinder your enthusiasm; if you are cold, I will freeze and never ignore your cold. To be good is like water, to live like good, to live like water, to follow the crowd.
78. Tea is no more than two postures, floating and sinking; tea drinkers are no more than two postures, picking up and lowering. Life is like tea, calm when Shen, calm when floating, and also need to be able to let go.
79. Do useful things, say brave words, think of good things, sleep well, and spend time on progress rather than complaining.
80. Life is boiling water, regardless of hot and cold, as long as the appropriate temperature is the best. Life is taste, whether it is sweet or bitter, as long as it has the right taste, it is the best. Life is the season. Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, as long as it is suitable for the mood, it is the best. Life is not willing to be lonely, or willing to be lonely, as long as it suits you, you are happy.

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