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70 sentences of life philosophy

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1. Life, you ca n’t tell right or wrong, you ca n’t understand right and wrong, as long as you have really paid, faced it seriously, right and wrong, as long as you are worthy of your heart, why not care too much. Learn to be indifferent, and face every day in your life with a light and light mood.
2. Put aside laziness, take away the frustrated words, mention the enthusiasm, put aside the sentimental heart, all you want can be obtained by your own efforts.
3. The better people, the more they will be jealous and beaten. Therefore, when you are under pressure, don't let yourself fall into mediocrity. You don't have to explain yourself to others. Only you understand the future. Because jealousy is a look in itself. Just do your part, prove yourself with strength, time will speak for you.
4. Bad mentality, life is easy to get old. What kind of heart do you have? People are not afraid of vicissitudes of appearance, but they are old.
5. Don't forget about things you can't get. Keep things with negative energy away. Life is not bad. Don't add sorrow to yourself.
6. How far a person can go depends on who he is traveling with; how good a person is depends on who is pointing; how successful a person is depends on who he is with.
7. Life is not easy at all. You don't need to long for others' understanding and approval to live your life quietly. If the heart does not move, the wind is nothing. If you are not hurt, years will pass.
8. Busy is a kind of happiness, so that we have no time to experience pain; running is a kind of joy, let us truly feel life; fatigue is a kind of enjoyment, let us have no time to empty; bumpy is an experience, let us truly understand life.
9. The real wisdom is acceptance, not disputes on the outside, and no confrontation on the inside; do not fight with heaven, do not fight with people, do not fight with yourself.
10. Do your best when you choose, do your best when you act, no resentment when you persist, and no regrets when you end. If everything can be done with all your heart, life can be without complaints.
11. Life is like this, depending on your enthusiasm, there are always countless people, but there are always few people who can help you.
12. Everything in the world is flowing, and everything that belongs to you will only stay for a moment. You have to learn to hold it and let it go, in order to better embrace life.
13. Some people quarrel with you every day, but never blame you. Some people don't even have quarrels, but they have disappeared into the crowd. It turns out that indifference is more terrible than quarrels. When we move away from the stumbling blocks of others, we may just be paving the way for ourselves.
14. Don't be frustrated, don't panic, do snails that try to climb or stupid birds that insist on flying, we try to grow up, stumble all the way, and then bruise all over. Hold on, one day you will stand in the brightest place and live the look you once wanted.
15. Luck is an accessory to hard work. Without the original accumulation of strength, you can't catch your luck. God gives everyone the same, but everyone's preparation is different. Don't envy those who can always hit the luck, you have to work very hard to meet good luck.
16. Temper is a matter of nature, and it is skill to recover. Masters of life never let emotions control themselves.
17. In life, there is no permanent pain. No matter how deep the pain is, the wound will always heal. In life, there will not always be only pain, and learn to enjoy the sweetness of life. Be practical, don't worry, you will be given the years you want. What you deserve, you will have, but the time is not up.
18. The world is big and the scenery is beautiful. Instead of looking at the world with a resentful heart, experience life with a happy heart; instead of looking at the world with a cursed heart, live with an appreciation heart. With a happy heart, all you see is the grass long warbler flying; your heart is full of sorrow, all you see is killing the withering. Be good, do good, and smile with cheeks is the right path.
19. If you care too much about the opinions of others, then your life will become a pair of pants. Whatever other people fart, you have to follow. If you know too much and see too much, you will become an orphan of the world. You should know that there are two things in the world that cannot be seen directly, one is the sun and the other is the human heart.
20. Doing anything has two consequences: to survive, to be outstanding; to tolerate, to be out of the game; this is life, which is realistic and cruel.
21. Being a man must be able to withstand lies, bear perfunctory, bear deception, forget the promise, let go of everything, and finally use laughter to disguise the falling tears. Remember that the more you hold back the tears, the more it will change. A good medicine for happiness.
22. No matter how long you can go, you can walk step by step. Don't let too much of yesterday occupy your today. Repeating the way others have traveled is because people who have ignored their feet and experienced the severe cold will know the sun. The warmth of life, the people who have tasted the hardships of life, understand the value of life.
23. You can choose to be a saint or a lay man, but you cannot choose to let everyone worship you like a sage and forgive you like a lay man.
24. Life is often like this: when you have the ability, someone will actively seek you, and you will have contacts. The so-called network is the exchange of value between people. A network without value is a short-term help relationship.
25. The right position in life is neither near money nor power, but near the soul; true happiness is neither wealth nor right, but conscience.
26. People disrespect me because I am incompetent; I disrespect others because I am incompetent; people do not tolerate me but I am incompetent; I'm not good ... If you don't treat others with your heart, you will give more and give less. If you don't treat others with others, you will be more generous and narrow.
27. Learn to be calm when speaking to people. Don't yell, no matter how angry you are, because your loud voice will not make things better unless it disturbs your mind. The hysterical roar can't conquer others, but it will only make you lose your reason in the madness.
28. The only thing in the world that cannot be copied is time, and the only thing that cannot be repeated is life, how to go, what kind of life to live, all by your choice and effort, life is very expensive, please do n’t waste it!
29. Seeing yourself with great joy and sorrow, seeing your friends with great ups and downs. Without a heart that is tolerant enough, you cannot see a bright spring world
30. Life is like a glass of boiled water. You drink it every day. Don't be envious of the colors of other people's drinks. In fact, your boiled water may not be thirsty. Life does not depend on mood, but on mentality. Adjust your mindset to see life, there is sunshine everywhere.
31. Simple out of the elite, simple life happy, simple production practical results. Simple living, kindness, frankness, and frankness, making ordinary days fun, making suffering time sweet and precious, making heavy life easy and lively, making tedious things simple and capable, and tasting life Charm, enjoy the joy of life.
32. There is nothing good to freeze. No darkness can last forever. There is nothing wrong to make history bow. Everything was a doll of time. Forgive yourself, others, history, now.
33. The taste of age is suitable for light and light. Read a piece of history and remember it quietly. The fragrant ink scent was placed in the heart field. Where do you and me in the reincarnation come from, confusing tangles, and slowly turn away, those anxious tastes fade away in time.
34. Everything is ultimately a matter of time. All troubles are actually asking for troubles.
35. Whenever a desire comes, one will have a weird and violent force of greed, greed, greed, greed. Once the accomplishment is completed, the next thing is cooked, rotten, greasy, and annoying. It must be set aside, it must be cut, and it is better to have nothing.
36. Wan Wan Wan Guan can be ordinary life, and Nongye Village husband can be mediocre. Ordinary or mediocre, has nothing to do with property, has nothing to do with occupation, has nothing to do with status, has nothing to do with status, all that matters is the living attitude and the height of thinking.
37. As life goes, everything will pass, and no one can draw an immortal mark in the sky of years. Whether you are upset or lonely, you will be collected in the dust of history. Flowing clouds across Qianshan is a dream.
38. Life is simple and charming; life is simple and happy; complexity of simple things is too tired; simplicity of complex things and contribution; it is not easy to live simple, it is easy to live complex but simple and learn to be simple It's not easy.
39. Simplicity is the source of things, a realm of life, a development trend of modern society, and has eternal charm. Simple, not rude, not lazy people's excuses and stubbornness, but a kind of attitude to life.
40. The wise man seeks transcendence, and the wise man of ancient times knew the source of misfortune, that is, the tired predecessor was desire. To escape, unless you die, or unless you live like death.
41. Evening flowers and twilight, the scenery is still the same, spring is coming, autumn is coming, things are different, like a stream of water, floating like a dream. Day by day, year after year, like the wind, passed by our fingertips inadvertently.
42. Negative thinking, lazy behavior, lethargic, inactive, accepting boredom, boring, trivial, decadent, for the mediocre, mediocrity is also a life attitude.
43. Every year, ordinary samsara is like this beautiful green. The heart is calm, simple, real, free and hollow.
44. To get along with ourselves is to let us sit down quietly, relieve the burden, soothe the mind, and know where we are and where we are going.
45. Get along with yourself, but also learn not to be angry with others, and to be calm. It's very simple. When your heart is calm, you know that no one is perfect, and you can tolerate the failures and mistakes of others. When you are calm, you understand that to get along with others is to correctly understand the values and disadvantages of others.
46. Year by year, time is like a polite and ruthless friend walking in front of you with a smile, making you painful, strong, struggling, disappointed, sad, hopeful. If it is a real life, it is open in tears; if it is an ordinary life, it is full in the sun.
47. With simple thinking, children will have a lot of joy; simple things will make the elderly happier; simple life will bring a lot of happiness. The origin of success is the pursuit and discovery of the true nature of things. The essence of profound thought is the return from complexity to simplicity. Einstein studied the theory of relativity for ten years and ended up with a simple formula to express esoteric theory.
48. When a person faces himself, if he can achieve a smooth flow of mind-not only can he resolve his own qi in time, but also effectively resolve the grievances of others, he will definitely feel relaxed.
49. Planting flowers and birds, reading books and playing chess, going to work and going to work, have no competition with the world, and accept calmness, dullness, stability, and ease. For ordinary people, ordinaryness is an attitude to life.
50. Life tells us that there are never perfect people and things in this world, and overly perfect feelings only occur in fairy tales and imagination. The normal state of reality, in addition to being bland, is a lot of problems and rebirth after disaster.
51. On the road of life, there are things you can only face yourself. Maybe you want to rely on them, but you must be strong. Sometimes God doesn't give you what you want, not because you don't deserve it, but because you deserve better.
52. People, when it is the lowest, always think of disappearing for a while, waiting for the heavy rain to stop, waiting for thousands of miles to clear the sky.
53. Life is a journey of thanksgiving. Happiness is a realm of consciousness. Happiness has never been a shortcut, nor is it flawless. It has only business and depends on the heart.
54. Some troubles, only if you lose it, you will have a chance of lightness. If you give up, you should not regret it. If you lose it, you should not remember it.
55. Don't let your desire detract from the direction of happiness. The moment you look back, you realize that you have lost the most true happiness.
56. Ordinary is also a realm, ordinary and not mediocre. Three regrets in life: not choosing; not insisting on choosing; constantly choosing.
57. Don't pay much attention to what the people behind say you, because those who are stronger than you are too lazy to mention you. Defamation itself is a look-up, the direction of the headwind is more suitable for flying.
58. Any blow should not be an excuse for your fall. You can't change this world, but you can change yourself, choose the right path, and go on firmly.
59. People, the best state of mind is peace; the best state is simplicity; the best feeling is freedom; the best mood is childlike.
60. There is no energy to move forward, and there is no room to step back. It is the so-called anxiety to step on the spot and be unwilling.
61. No matter what you are facing today, now that you have reached this point, stick to it and give yourself some affirmation that you are stronger than you think.
62. Without the enthusiasm to respond, we must know what is appropriate. Do not treat every enthusiasm, not flatter any indifference. When others don't need you, you have to learn to walk away by yourself, a little more self-knowledge and a little self-passion.
63. Ask yourself more, you will be more independent, ask less others, and you will be less disappointed. Rather spend time cultivating an imperfect self rather than wasting time expecting perfect others.
64. When you learn to reject others and learn to fight back, they will respect you and even fear you. The more you experience, the more you believe it: there is nothing wrong with being ruthless.
65. Time will tell us: simple like the longest, the companion in the ordinary is the most at ease, the person who knows you is the warmest.
66. Motivation often comes from two reasons, hope or despair. No one can control your life, but many times we need more courage to strengthen our choices.
67. To live is to pursue, to explore, attitude is everything. What kind of attitude there is, what kind of future there is, personality determines fate.
68. A complete process. And, it is a forward, non-cyclic process. Everyone is alive along different tracks, just like athletes are on their own track. Every track has an end.
69. There are already a lot of people and things in this world that will let you down, and the last thing you should do is let yourself down. Remember, society is cruel and you have to live with temperature!
70. Every detour you go through is actually a must. What you have to remember is that you can never borrow the wings of others to fly into your own sky.

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