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Classic inspirational life quote

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1. Adversity is a process that must go through. For those who are brave enough to accept adversity, life will grow stronger.
2. Persistence in what we regard as cute and gratifying is a kind of suffering, because nothing can maintain eternity in the end.
3. All successes cannot make up for family failures.
4. Don't be mixed with arrogance in your wisdom. Don't make your humble heart lack wisdom.
5. As long as you have faith, people will never be frustrated.
6. When you exhort others, no matter how good the words are, they are useless.
7. How many people want to leave this world will say the same sentence, this world is really helpless and desolate!
8. Youth is the only time we have the right to weave our dreams.
9. Life is a web, and you can't understand the intricacies of life; life is like a boat, and you can't count hundreds of turns in your journey. This boat of life can only be the captain of oneself, and ferry himself to the other side of life. No matter how gloomy fate, no matter how rough life is, the helm of this ship of life is in our own hands. Don't blame unfair destiny, and don't need to be emotional to make people, hold hands tightly, the direction of life is in your own hands!
10. When the road is not accessible, choose a turn; when the heart is unhappy, choose to be bearish; when the love is getting away, choose to be casual. Some things, quite a few, passed. Some people, forget it hard. A bit bitter, smiled, and then let go. A heart is strong when it hurts. The bumpy road of life, frankly followed the fate.
11. Life is beautiful, and tomorrow will be beautiful. It ’s philosophical to think hard, and internal injuries to think hard. The mountain is not a hindrance, it is a landscape of our lives. It is a sculpture of perseverance, it is a persistent extension; flowing water is not a storm, it is a picture of our life. It is the inheritance of faith, it is the spirit of persistence.
12. There are thousands of lights in life. Life wants quality, not materiality. Without eternal nights and winters, suffering will pass, and the sun is always after the storm. Don't be afraid to end, all endings are a new beginning. In the end we will find that life is like a circle, and the end point is the starting point.
13. Only look at what you own, not what you don't have ... To succeed, you must accept and affirm yourself. In this world, everyone has different flaws, unless you are the most unfortunate. There is no need to complain about the fate of fate, don't look at what you don't have, but look at what you have, and you will receive and affirm yourself.
14. Even if the water is still clear, it will not be clear if it is shaken constantly in a cup; even if it is still turbid, it will naturally become clear if it is left quietly. Our heart is the same. If you do n’t give it time to settle, and you always shake it, then it will be in a turbid state.
15. People live a kind of mentality. They look at the gains and losses with a smile, they are indifferent to the relationship, they are quiet, they are happy to meet each other, no matter what they go through, they live their lives calmly, and they do n’t have to lament how hard life is. Peace of mind, for whom is hard and sweet, for the heart.
16. In life, you must live beautifully and walk well. If you don't struggle, it's a display. No matter who you are, it is better to be a loser of hard work than to be ordinary in peace. The purpose of shipbuilding is not to stop in the harbor, but to hit the waves; the purpose of life is not to be at home, but to create a dream.
17. What kind of life you want to live and what kind of quality of life are important, however, not too many people pay attention to what your process is like. They only pay attention to your results and want to watch a soap opera. That mentality is gossip. Think about it. Is there a determination to prove yourself? If so, congratulations, and still young. Right now!
18. In life, don't take some things too seriously. Life is a movie. Pain is a beginning. Struggle is a process. Death is an end. It is helpless to give up, it is incompetent to give up; it is ignorance to give up;
19. In life, there is no permanent pain, no matter how deep the pain, the wound will always heal when it is cut. In life, there is no hurdle, you ca n’t sit by the ridge and wait for it to disappear, you can only find a way through it. In life, there is no eternal love, no ending feelings, always ending; those who ca n’t have it will always forget.
20. The most painful thing in life is to insist on things that should not be persisted; the last thing to regret in life is to easily give up things that should not be given up; the most regrettable thing in life is to miss something that should not be missed people. The most precious thing in life is not what you can't get, but what you have in front of you; the best thing in life is not what has been lost, but what you have now.
21. People live a lifetime, in fact, there is nothing wrong with suffering, and the process of growing up is complex and fun. There are too many unsatisfactory things in life, and it is impossible to maintain a perfect and perfect explanation for the origin and cause. Since it is impossible to do so, it is necessary to give a brief explanation of life and return the soul to indifference.
22. Life is like chess. You can retreat when you make progress. Learn to treat yourself well and don't carry too much. In all experiences, all the right and wrong are disturbed one after the other, and the word life is used to express it to the fullest. Then let us think about life and see through it in all the laughter.
23. The longest harvest in life is actually to cherish. The true happiness of life begins with the longing in the soul, rooted in the creation of hard-working hands, simple heart, simple world, watching happiness, and welcoming today.
24. Weak people are tortured by life, strong people are tortured by life.
25. Don't deal with people who are too embarrassed. They are too indecisive and suffer from mistakes. No matter how you treat him, he feels disadvantaged! If a person is tempting you more than three times, you give up on him! He is either dragging himself to death, or dragging others to death. He is not without money, but with no courage.
26. The most interesting life in the world is not that you are born in a most interesting world, but that you find a most interesting way of living.
27. I have no extravagance to my life, I can emit a little cool light, and my heart is enough. It doesn't use external force or glare, but it does its best to light up. When you are in trouble, you must first eat well and take care of yourself, so that you have the energy to face more difficulties. Do n’t give up on yourself. Do n’t test before you arrive.
28. The vast sea of people meets countless; heart and heart need temperature; love and love must be cared for. The pain of running around is complacency if someone accompanies; grievance if someone suffers, happiness if they confess; fatigue when the soul is exhausted, someone will be satisfied when comforted. Love doesn't mean that you can be happy if you have money.
29. In fact, everyone desires nothing more than a heart of understanding and identification, a person who is truly accompanying. Everyone has injuries. If sorry, promise to do something; if forgiveness solves the problem, then what is trust?
30. Everyone's situation is different. Success always comes sooner or later, but there must be two things. One is hard work and the other is the pattern. Don't always be jealous of others 'luck and be jealous of others' success. If you don't work hard, you will pass by even if you have no luck.
31. Our happiness is the truth that comes from our hearts, and doing our best is the best. The only ever-changing thing between heaven and earth is that all things are constantly changing. Therefore, for the pros and cons of personnel, there is no best, only better. However, for the attitude of life, best effort is the best.
32. Life requires a bit of self-encouragement. No matter what time it is, it must have a bit of conviction and confidence. Life is inevitable. Green mountains and green waters are still there. People come and go differently. You have to learn to look at it, and you have to learn to look at it.
33. Life is short, don't hurry. Some things, let go gently, you may not be relaxed. Some small things become big things when you think too much. Some details become tragedies when they are heavy. Anyway, it's all fantasy. Therefore, people are heavy and heart is heavy. Be relaxed.
34. There is no smooth life in life, and only smooth roads can lead to smooth roads; there is no eternal success in life. Only by standing up in frustration is real success. A person has only one heart, but two atria. One lives happy; the other lives sad. Don't laugh too loud, or you will wake up the sadness next to you.
35. As long as people live, the pace of running will not stop. With the increase of age, taste the hardship of life, the heart becomes extremely strong, do not expect to be rich and rich, only hope that the family is safe and healthy.
36. In life, some things are just numbers and don't have to be too deliberate; some people are just passers-by and don't have to be too nostalgic; some things are just things and don't have to be too luxurious. Having a beautiful mood, a simple state of mind, a feeling of happiness, even if it is not perfect, is the most beautiful.
37. Life needs to be immersed in suffering. Without pain, life is less colorful and heavy. Only the flowers that bloom in the wound are the scenery that accompanies us on our journey. Don't worry about small grievances. Sadness is just an embellishment of your mood, not a shackle that restricts your soul. What should be remembered is sculpted on the stele of the soul; what should be forgotten is immersed in the vented tears. Let us borrow strength from hardships and be strong in forbearance.
38. In the chess game of life, sometimes you go wrong one step at a time. You lose all over the board. Sometimes when you see the outcome, the peaks and turns will turn around, and you can see that the game is as unpredictable as life. There are always fewer and fewer chess pieces, and life is getting shorter and shorter. The so-called no return of hands is like life cannot be repeated.
39. Don't always ask others to do what you don't want to do. Think about everything and learn to understand. No resentment, no aggressiveness, no excessiveness, no coercion, no pessimism, no rigidity, no panic, no forgetting; as long as the heart is not chaotic, it is difficult for the outside world to change you. Don't envy others, don't lose yourself.
40. Facing the dissatisfaction in life, instead of complaining, it is better to choose to let go. There will inevitably be dissatisfaction in life. If you only struggle with complaints, life is bound to be endless.
41. Life is a process of cultivation. You ca n’t do too much. Life is a drama, most of it is sadness and joy, and less of it is satisfactory. After all, you and I are not destiny. In this drama of life, only fate is the director.
42. Too much life to think about will only be complicated, too much life to say will only flow out. I shouldn't think too much and talk too much. I should only be myself, enrich myself, maintain myself, return to myself, resolve complexity, belittle life, live a good present, and earnest life, and live a simple, beautiful and fulfilling life.
43. People need courage to live, and wisdom to live well. Cherish the present, don't regret it after passing. If you look down, you will have a good mood, only after the precipitation, and will you have more tolerance and understanding of life.
44. Life is short, there is no need to care too much about life, life cannot regret it, but it can turn. In fact, happiness is what you insist on, what you should give up, cherish what you have now, and do not regret what you have decided.
45. Everyone is struggling and competing. Struggle is inevitable and can make us live better. Struggle is the meaning of one's survival. If one's life is not struggling, then life is worthless and struggling. Can give us a lot of things, honor, money ... will make your life more valuable.
46. The biggest investment in life is not a house, not a stock, a person, who you associate with, who you follow, and what kind of friends you are actually investing in, and this has the biggest impact on life. Money doesn't give people a chance, neither does a house. Only people can give people a chance. When people need help, only people can help others.
47. Flowing life is fleeting, and every day we are busy like ants, being overwhelmed by life. I ’m busy for the sake of my name, for the sake of profit, when I am busy, and how many fronts have become a thing of the past. In fact, I ca n’t catch time.
48. Life is only a few decades, flowing like water. Learn to wait, wait for yourself, wait for the soul, the most precious things should be the most silent. He refused to speak to others, and refused to show it to others. He was afraid that the language would distort it and the air would oxidize it. As time goes by, we become one's own effort, and we become different people in the crowd.
49. I have nothing else but blood, toil, tears and sweat to dedicate. These are my most precious assets. Remember: never, ever, never give up on yourself.
50. Efforts no matter how hard it feels to feel at ease. If you succeed, you will feel at ease and enjoy everything you have gained. Even if you fail, you can feel relieved and move on.
51. Life is short. One kind is called cherish, another kind of romance is bland, and another kind of happiness is simple. More thought in life, less lost. More calm, less worry. More tolerance, less narrowness. One more calm and one less regret.
52. One thought is separated by ten thousand years. Life is both selected and elected. The choice between thoughts makes your life pattern different from now on.
53. You can be low-key or high-key in dealing with people, but you must not run away or go out of your way. Some things can be trusted by others, but you must never expect others to believe in yourself.
54. With a dream for the future, in every ordinary but not ordinary day, you will smile brighter. As long as you don't give up, nothing will shrink you; as long as you are strong enough, nothing will break you.
55. In life, there is only the happiness of curvilinear progress, and no straight-line success. Only by cherishing today can there be a better tomorrow. Only by grasping today can there be a more brilliant tomorrow!
56. Don't chase a horse. Use the time of chasing horses to plant grass. When the spring blossoms in the coming year, there will be a group of steeds to choose from.
57. There are no secrets to success, if there are, there are two: the first is to stick to it and never give up; the second is when you want to give up, look back at the first one The secret, stick to it, never give up.
58. If a person is unwilling to do small things, then big things are also difficult to accomplish. Lao Tzu warns people that "difficult things in the world must be easy, and big things in the world must be done carefully." More work on small things, success depends on the accumulation of bits and pieces.
59. Life is like a book. You should understand clearly that you should be wise when you are stupid. Many things, as long as you have something in your heart, open one eye and close one eye, don't say anything unnecessary. If you can help, don't force people out. Remember to leave a trail. Learning to get along with others can help you avoid detours and succeed early.
60. Life is like a painting. Some are highly skilled painters who can paint the future as they want. Some are poorly copied Lin family who ca n’t find their own souls. Finally he scribbled the paper.
61. Life may always have regrets; life is not always smooth. Because I know, I am free and easy; I am happy because I am calm; there is no eternal sunny day and no eternal rainy season. When the sun is sunny, I listen to the rain. Perhaps the days of wind and rain carry the weight of life; the days of light wind and light clouds are more suitable for quiet comprehension!
62. Being a man should be able to raise his head, and even lower his head. It is not only a posture, but also an attitude and a quality.
63. Maybe someone is in distress, maybe someone is frustrated at work, maybe someone is failing in school, maybe someone is lonely in love. Everyone has a hard time, when they come through, everything will be suddenly bright, so you don't have to be afraid, life is not just for you. If life was simple at the beginning, what would it take for such a long life? Only by sticking to it for a while will you not have a hard life.
64. What does one live in this world for? I tell you, it is to experience and enjoy.
65. I do n’t know the vicissitudes of life, who knows the taste; who does n’t taste the world ’s wine, who knows the drunk;
66. Don't always say that destiny is in the hands of heaven, everything is determined by heaven, and nothing matters. In fact, as soon as you were born, God gave you half of your fate! God is responsible for arranging your start, you are responsible for the wonderful process! Give you a container, what you decide!
67. Life is alive, it is inevitable to take some detours. It is because of these detours that people have ups and downs wonderful, and because of the detours, we have a deeper understanding of life. Taking detours is your growth ladder .
68. Life is short, I am frank and honest, I really make friends, calmly face, and walk through. Tolerance is a gift for each other. You can tolerate others, and others will not make it difficult for you; demanding is a sharp knife for stabbing, you demanding others, and others will not spare you. It is in the peace and generosity that we know the cuteness and admirability of this world, and live up to our rare life.
69. Giving up is actually an option. At the crossroads of life, you must learn to give up the path that is not suitable for you.
70. Being a person, you must not be too attached to everything in life, whether it is for money, fame or fortune. Keeping a sense of normality is the high realm of life. Don't be too persistent in everything, but understand how to release yourself. The most important thing is to live happily every day. If you are too persistent, you will become too careless, and care too much about the outcome, so that you will push yourself to the dead end of your life.

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