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Classic life aphorisms

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1. A mirror can only reflect your appearance, but life can see your heart.
2. The power of love is so great that it can make people forget everything, but it is so small that they cannot even hold a jealous sand.
3. Flattery is like a kind of counterfeit money. It can't be exchanged for innocent friendship. It is far more meaningful to spend time on resolving today's things than regretting yesterday's things.
4. If you lose your tenacious will, difficulties will put you in chains.
5. Be brave and the world will give in. If you are sometimes defeated by it, and constantly brave and then brave, it will yield.
6. You only need to do one thing, you will be better in the future than you are now; you only need to understand one point. Only by continuing to keep going, you will not let yourself regret it!
7. Give yourself confidence and courage at all times, be adventurous, and try to do what you are interested in. You will find that you are really great.
8. Although the shell is dead, it leaves its beauty to the whole world.
9. Love is poetic, don't expect luxurious appearance, only desire pure connotation.
10. Light money is enough to gather people, and the law is enough to convince others; generosity is enough to win people, first enough to lead people, will be able to bear people's unbearable touch, Sri Lanka can do things for others.
11. Doing your best to do one thing is the top priority of life.
12. The pace of pursuit should be like time.
13. A thousand people have a thousand ways of living and a way of life. To change something, you must first find yourself.
14. Man does not give for gain; giving is unparalleled joy in itself.
15. Tell yourself once a day: I'm really good.
16. The heaviest burden in life is not work, but boredom.
17. The beauty of life comes from your love for life; the innocence of friendship comes from your sincere treatment of friends.
18. Lighten first, then thicken, first sparse and then close, first far and then close, the way of making friends is also.
19. Where there is an ideal, hell is heaven. Where there is hope, pain becomes joy.
20. Face the past with minimal remorse. Facing the present with the least waste. Facing the future with the most dreams.
21. Life is too short. If you give up today, you may not get it tomorrow.
22. True love is like tea.
23. Before correcting others, reflect on whether you have made mistakes.
24. Open your mind, and knowing is no longer hard to find.
25. The poverty of material life and the lack of spiritual life are not terrible. The terrible thing is that they are not willing to suffer in order to change this situation.
26. Our compensation depends on our contribution.
27. Although I am asleep, I can walk thousands of miles;
28. How do you want others to treat yourself, and how you should treat others first.
29. A great goal can only be achieved after an ordinary journey.
30. God never complains about people's ignorance, but people complain about God's injustice.
31. When a mouse laughs at a cat, there must be a hole next to it.
32. Don't lose faith in the saddest times; don't forget setbacks in the happiest times.
33. Frustration is a stone, it is a stumbling block for the weak, and it makes you stand still. And for the strong, it is a stepping stone that makes you stand taller.
34. The most needed aspect of giving is not within the scope of material wealth, it exists in the domain peculiar to human nature. From: Classic Life Motto
35. If I cannot, I must; if I must, I can.
36. Jealousy is the greatest enemy in life's progress.
37. Those who attribute too much of their luck to their own cleverness and ingenuity are most likely to end unfortunately.
38. For the character of fine gold and beautiful jade, it must be forged from the fierce fire.
39. The lives of others should be made better by your survival.
40. True love should go beyond the length of life, the width of the soul, and the depth of the soul.
41. Those who are greedy are rich and greedy, and those who are content are poor and affluent; those who are prolonged will fly high, the first to open, and Xie Duzao.
42. Praises during life are often false, and arguments after death are often true.
43. Sincerity and understanding are the most precious gifts in person-to-person interaction.
44. Sorrow, anxiety and pessimism can make people sick; positive, happy, strong will and optimistic emotions can make people strong and long lived.
45. With less preset expectations, the care for people will be more comfortable.
46. Everyone has potential energy, but it's easy: it's covered by habits, confused by time, and consumed by inertia.
47. If you want to rejoice in your meaning, you must give meaning to this world.
48. Repeating the way others have traveled is because they ignore their feet.
49. Don't be modest to proud people, don't be proud of modest people. Indoor plants, such as chrysanthemums, ivy, spider plants, are natural air fresheners.
50. The greedy can save people, it is the nature of Hui Ze; in the troubled field can learn, Fang Weixin work hard.
51. Determine to be early, relax on the road, look away, be tired and look down, work harder, be brave, and smile brighter.
52. Hard work is the code of your life and can translate a magnificent epic of you.
53. Difficulties and setbacks are not terrible. What is terrible is the loss of ambition and courage to be a person.
54. People often lament the lack of beauty in life, because they lack a pair of eyes that discover beauty.
55. The waterfall has no fear of cliffs, so it sings a magnificent song of life.
56. Hard work and wealth have wealth, and knowledge implies success.
57. The lighted torch is not for the torch itself, just like our virtue should be better than ourselves to illuminate others.
58. The amount of life is calculated by time, and the value of life is calculated by contribution.
59. The words of the Gan people, whether they are right or wrong; the words of the excitement, regardless of their interests.
60. The meaning and value of contribution in a person's life depends more on the life of the soul than one would expect.
61. Hiding cleverness and clumsiness, using regret and clearness; staying clear in turbidity, and stretching with flexion; don't complain about the difficulties and frustrations encountered in life, but use this as an opportunity to hone yourself.
62. What is the biggest obstacle to our learning is what is known, not what is unknown.
63. For people, the greatest joy and happiness is to dedicate one's spiritual strength to others.
64. Life will inevitably encounter setbacks and failures. Instead of washing away regret with tears, it is better to meet new challenges with a smile.
65. Recognizing yourself is often more important than contempt of others.
66. Yueer shines her light all over the sky, but keeps her dark spots to herself.
67. The past is forgotten by the present, and the present is the most important in the future.
68. From today on, strive to be a lovely person, without envying or complaining, on your own path, enjoying your own scenery and meeting your own happiness.
69. If a person has not experienced the pain of investment and exertion, how can he understand the vast sky after the decision.
70. Try your best to fulfill your obligations, and you should know how valuable you are.
71. Inner joy is the joy one feels when living a healthy, normal, and harmonious life.
72. All sophistry stems from our inner hypocrisy.
73. The best and the worst make history, the mediocre generation breeds race.
74. Passion is an eternal upward force in life.
75. Remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten. Change what can be changed, accept what can not be changed.
76. Life is only once, it reminds me to cherish this fragile time.
77. Happiness is a perfume that can't fall on others, but you don't touch it.
78. Life is a mirror. An optimistic person sees his smile; a pessimistic person sees his own pen.
79. The first thing that life teaches us is-no one can spoil you for a lifetime, and if you want to walk wonderfully and frankly, you have to be independent and strong. A new day has begun, hug yourself who is working hard for the future!
80. Struggle makes our lives full of vitality, and responsibility makes our lives full of meaning. Frequent dilemmas indicate that you are making progress, and that you are often under pressure, indicating that you have goals.
81. Dreams always succeed after failure. When you think back on your previous experience, you will be moved, because the past bitter experience emerges in your mind, and you can think of how wrong it is to give up the previous idea, so you ca n’t give up your dream!
82. Life is a one-way journey. Even if we have some regrets, we do not have the opportunity to start again. Rather than tangling the past that cannot be changed, it is better to cherish the future with a smile.
83. There are two kinds of the most dazzling rays in the world, one is the sun, and the other is the appearance of our efforts.
84. No matter how many mistakes you make, or how slowly you make progress, you are ahead of those who have never tried.
85. Talking about the joys of the mountains and forests may not really be interesting to the mountains and forests;
86. A person who is weak is his greatest enemy; a person who is brave is his best friend.
87. The face of reading is not only to gain knowledge, it is more important to understand how to live in life.
88. Those who boast well do not have the ability, and those who have the ability do not boast.
89. My heart is happy and my smile is upset; my heart is upset and my body hurt.
90. What makes us unhappy are small things like sesame. We can dodge an elephant, but we can't avoid a fly.
91. Conscience is the most impartial judge for everyone. You can deceive others, but you can never deceive your own conscience.
92. You may only be a person in this world, but to someone, you are his world.
93. Success is actually very simple, just stick to it when you can't hold it.
94. Only by self-love, self-control, and directing life can we derive divine power.
95. If ignorance is a sin, the Lord forgive me for my impetuousness in the past.
96. Just do what you think is right, stick to it, and don't care about others' views, even if it is wrong, at least you have done it to prove that you have worked hard.
97. Si Yi often turns on the sweet and sour bitterness when the night light is faint. It has also become one of the most beautiful scenery, and the old beauty cannot be destroyed in metabolism.
98. For each unfavorable condition, there will be favorable conditions corresponding to it.
99. I feel that I can and cannot do it, in fact, only one thought.
100. There are three things to do in a day. The first is to laugh, the second is to smile, and the third is to laugh.

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