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1. The reason why people are unhappy is that they have no contentment. Everyone has different feelings and requirements for happiness. A person who is easy to meet and knows contentment is more likely to get happiness.
2. The luckiest thing in life is to meet someone in love unexpectedly in the spring blooming day. The happiest thing in life is that there is a lover who loves you and loves you. The most beautiful thing in life is to have a home, warm, sunny and happy.
3. Life is like a cup of unsweetened coffee, which is bitter when you drink it, but aftertastes it will not fade for a long time. When the tears shed, it should be strong.
4. Life is short, don't live too tired. Live well and live happily. Laugh when you want to laugh, sing when you want to sing, live calmly and earnestly, earn more and earn less. Everything starts with a determination, a seed. Do things with joy, even if you are busy, you will not feel hard, but will feel sweet. It is difficult to do what you can do, it is difficult to do it, it is difficult to do it, you can sublimate your personality.
5. The real strong man is not a person without tears, but a person running with tears.
6. Life cannot always go well, but if you keep walking towards the sun, the shadow will hide behind you. Glare, but in the right direction.
7. There is no wasted effort in the world, nor is there any chance of success. Do n’t let the seedlings help, do n’t rush to achieve success, just do it little by little, go step by step, success is nothing but success.
8. It is better to use the time of a lonely person to make yourself better, to surprise people who come, and to give yourself a good account.
9. You feel that friendship is priceless, but there are always people who like to measure money, and you think each other should be sincere, but there are always people who turn their faces like lightning.
10. A lifetime is not long, some wonderful can only be experienced once, no matter how nostalgic we are, we can't stop it from getting away. Trim all in, and can't change back in time. Yiyi cherishes other intersections, even with tears, can only be said to be treasured, and then, after years, the soul goes alone.
11. Life is tiring. If you are not tired now, you will become more tired later. Life is very bitter. You are not bitter now, and you will be bitter in the future.
12. The most difficult thing for people to control is not others, but themselves. In life, there is no pure sweetness and bitterness. There is always sweetness in bitterness, and bitterness in sweetness. The beauty of life lies in knowing how to conform to nature and walk out of its unique and beautiful life in the twists and turns.
13. Successfully nurtured in bumps, we can neither conceal the bumps nor ignore the existence of bumps. Many times, bumpiness is not terrible. What is terrible is that there is no indifferent mentality, no courage to face, no wisdom to overcome, and even no willpower to stand up. How many ups and downs are luck, and whether we can go through the ups and downs depends on our will. It is often ourselves who can save us.
14. Life is nothing like this. No one can bargain with life and cherish it. He will always be his protagonist. Everyone's personality has some unacceptable parts, even the best people. So don't demand others, don't blame yourself.
15. Wait peacefully for a turn of life again and again, to live through all the ups and downs of life, to make life more fulfilling, calm and relaxed, no matter how life changes, no matter how life twists and turns, yesterday does not mean today, the past can only In the past, maintaining a simple and peaceful heart, you will find life easy.
16. I still hope that I can be a little stronger and that I no longer expect to be kind, but that I have the ability to make everything better. All our efforts and all our struggles are for a better future. And meet yourself better. Think of hard work as a habit, not a three-minute heat. Every harvest you envy, you work hard.
17. If you use a simple idea to explain destiny, destiny is a kind of heroism, destiny is a kind of letting go, do not care about who will encounter in destiny, life is the connection of countless goals, empty heart, the largest capacity, you What you ask for in the world, then you are doomed to lose, and you have to lose is a reality of fate.
18. Don't get entangled in an awkward thing for too long. If you have been entangled for a long time, you will be annoying, painful, tired, tired, heartbroken. In fact, in the end, you are not having trouble with things, but you are having trouble with yourself. No matter how awkward, you must learn to withdraw.
19. Don't preach your heart everywhere. There is more than one story in this world.
20. Temper is a matter of nature, and it is a skill to take it back. Masters of life never let emotions control themselves.
21. Life is not long but good. As long as every effort is made, it is worth encouraging and applauding.
22. As a person, what you strive for is not the ability to call the wind and the rain, but to look down on the situation. Stand tall to see far, and see low to let go. Carrying too much will make you tired, and letting go is liberation. It is the highest state of calm life to look down on life's glory and disgrace, everything is like a glance, leaving no trace.
23. Happiness is not because you get more, but less care. Pursue what you do n’t get, do n’t know how to cherish what you have, and it ’s just futile.
24. What is struggle? Struggle is hard every day, but it is getting easier every year. It's easy every day without struggle, but it's getting harder every year. Competent people don't care about emotions, they only take things seriously; incompetent people! Don't take them seriously, only care about them emotionally.
25. A man is not happy because he has more, but because he has less care. The optimistic attitude comes from tolerance, from generosity, from empathy, and from the indisputable world. Life is not perfect. If you figure it out, you want it to be perfect.
26. It ’s good to understand something in your own heart. You don't have to write your emotions on your face or talk about dissatisfied colleagues, let alone be more stubborn as a fool.
27. Crying to yourself and laughing to others, this is the so-called life. The more you learn the same skill, the less you ask for help. This way, you can only go on alone, no matter what attitude you take.
28. You might as well take a risk to treat life, because anyway you want to lose it. If there is a miracle in this world, it is just another name for effort. The hardest stage in life is not that no one understands you, but that you do not understand yourself.
29. No matter how bad you feel, do n’t write it on your face, no one likes to watch it; no matter how poor you are, do n’t talk about it, no one will give you money for no reason; no matter how tired you are, no complaining, no one will do it for you unconditionally No matter how short your life is, you wo n’t pay for it. No one will pay for your health. No matter how hard you live, you wo n’t lose your faith. The good will be tomorrow. No matter how deep your feelings are, you wo n’t get entangled. After walking, persist in order to reach the other side of the ideal!
30. We can't predict the future, so we must concentrate on every step of the way. Whatever happens will happen, whether or not you are anxious about it. Walking forward, looking forward, life is as simple as that. Every strong person has a soft heart, straightens his mind, walks softly with each other, crying to himself, laughing to others, this is the so-called life.
31. Life is short and live with heart. Happiness stems from the accumulation of bits, and life penetrates between bits. Happiness is a happy and contented heart. With a happy and contented heart, you have a source of happiness. Happiness is a feeling and an echo from the depths of your soul.
32. In the journey of life, there are always roads. It is not today that determines today, but yesterday's attitude towards life; it is not tomorrow that determines tomorrow, but the behavior of the cause today. Our today is determined by the past, and our tomorrow is determined by today!
33. The only thing in the world that can be earned for nothing is poverty, and the only thing that can be created out of nothing is a dream. Nothing can be achieved without hands. Although the world is cruel, as long as you are willing to go, there will always be a way; you ca n’t see the beauty because you do n’t keep going. There is no regret to move forward. If it is good, it is called wonderful; if it is bad, it is called experience!
34. Life is short, don't let yourself live too tired, can't squeeze into the world, don't push hard, it's hard to be cheap for others; don't do hard, don't do hard, change your mind, maybe you will get more with less Do n’t take things that you ca n’t get, even if you get them temporarily, you will lose them.
35. Smile a little more, Xu is sorrowful, and the happy eccentric is closer. Because you look down, you are happy; because you look down, you are happy; because you smile, your heart is always warm. Sometimes, when looking at any of the paintings of the old tree, my heart is smiling.
36. People have joy and pain. The so-called perfection actually comes from our soul. Life cannot be repeated, and everyone cannot stand at the same intersection repeatedly. But don't be afraid to choose, because there is no absolute good or bad choice, each choice will bring you a different feeling and a different kind of wonderful.
37. In life, there are always pains and tears. People have two eyes, all of which are parallel, so they should look at people equally. People's two ears are on both sides, so you can't listen to one side of the word; There is only one heart, but there are left and right atriums, so to do things not only for yourself, but also for others.
38. The way of life need not be demanding. As long as you step, the road runs under your feet. As long as you sail, there will be wind in all directions. The journey began, and human life really began. Only when the journey begins can human wisdom be brought into play. Only endless striving can prove the existence of life.
39. Be a simple person and take the happiest path. Life is a long way. Learn to be indifferent. Don't let the heart go up and down with gains and losses. The true "gain" of life is to get a calm, a calm, a calm, and an inner exploration. Quiet and peaceful.
40. If missing is a map, open the missing map, you may find that no matter how complicated the map is, the starting point of missing is also the ending point. The children miss their loved ones. When they grow up, they miss their lovers. Later, the objects they miss again become loved ones. The first and last misses of life are almost the same.
41. In life, everything is a chance, let it be, the heart will gradually clear, and life is also a piece of music that accompanies a lifetime. Sometimes it is high-pitched, sometimes it is tortuous, sometimes it is melancholic and dull. Whether life is happy or unacceptable depends on your own mentality.
42. The way of life is to walk on your own and be a warm person. Many personnel changes, although you cannot control, you can only follow. But you have to know that people are alive, it's good, don't compete with yourself all your life, we don't know how much time is left in life. To live plainly is the greatest happiness in the universe.
43. Hard work is not to be a strong person, but to be able to bother to ask others for peace of mind and to be wonderfully self-reliant!
44. Suffering is the essence of life, and tiredness is the essence of life. Cheats for a happy life: Put down the city and return to innocence; let go of the measurement, and accept all the rivers; be willing to fame, be willing to be ordinary; look down on gains and losses, carefree;
45. Life is a road. On the way, it will go through ups and downs. When you face it with a negative attitude, it is tedious, and when you accept it with enthusiasm, it is wonderful and fulfilling. The smooth road, let us be grateful, the muddy road, let us work hard.
46. There are not so many assumptions in life. The reality is a real slap in the face. It is meaningless to scream for pain.
47. Those things that you can generously share with others are yours.
48. Those who lived yesterday have what they could not go back to before; those who live tomorrow face unknown beauty and expectations; only those who live today will be happy and happy. Because you cherish the present and grasp the present, you will live without regrets!
49. Life is not so fair. Deflect your heading and the headwind will be downwind. With hard work and perseverance, the dazzling sun will eventually run behind you. The starting point of your life is not so important, what is important is where you finally arrived.
50. If a person does not start a business for his own dream, he will definitely work for the dream of others! The biggest failure of a person's life is not to fall, but to never dare to run and to have the courage to take action to realize his dream!
51. Do what others are unwilling to do today, and tomorrow will do what others cannot. We must know that if we do n’t work hard, the future will always be a dream. If you want to make your dreams come true, please take every day seriously!
52. Give up the opinions and opinions you have always insisted on. No matter what, if you are going very hard on your way forward, you may wish to examine the opinions and opinions you have always adhered to. Try to abandon them. As the saying goes, if you take a step back, you will have a chance to make up for mistakes, and you will have more motivation to return.
53. Someone always gets what I worked hard for a long time, but that doesn't mean I will give up. You only admire their glorious appearance, but you can't see their efforts for this. So don't envy the lives of others. What you see is not everything they have experienced. I have to work hard to be proud in front of people.
54. Some people are always young, no matter how old they are; some people are not disappointed whether they are glorious or disgraceful; some people are simple, no matter whether they are rich or poor; some people are ridiculed, no matter what Still striding forward!
55. Don't find a reason for failure, because it is easy to lose confidence; you must find a countermeasure for failure, so that you can generate strength.
56. Money is more important than people these days, and Libby is in love! How many people only look at money and not the true heart; how many people only have selfishness and do not have a good heart. The road to life is not easy. Only when you can endure the grievances can you become a great instrument; only when you can stand the test can you win dignity.
57. Don't get stuck in your own fantasy. You don't know the future, you cannot change the past. People live in the world, don't care how others see you and say you behind the scenes, because these words can not change the facts, but may disturb your heart. If the mind is disordered, everything is disordered.
58. Bent down before raising his head. On the road of life, not all doors are wide, and some doors require you to bend over to get in. Therefore, if necessary, you must be able to bend down your waist so that you can flow unimpeded in your life.
59. Don't mind being scorned by the eyes, don't mind frequent eating behind closed doors, don't mind the short-term difficulties, don't mind the mid-term difficulties. Without these pains, and without the tempering of these thoughts, one cannot learn to cherish and learn to be grateful, and naturally cannot grasp the opportunities for success that come before him.
60. You can't decide what tomorrow's weather will be, whether your lover will stay or stay, and what the perseverance at this moment can get. But you can decide whether to bring an umbrella with you, whether you love your partner well, and whether you work hard enough. Don't forget why you came here because you were afraid of the long road ahead. Today's suffering is to see the gifts from the future!
61. No one will give you strength at any time, you ca n’t even rely on your shoulders, but your heart can give you strength at all times, and you can carry all your difficulties with your shoulders. Believe in yourself, you are the next miracle!
62. How can life be as happy as possible, and it is precisely because of omissions and regrets that we will pursue it. Every time a trouble arises, it is an opportunity for us to find our own shortcomings. Life is like riding a train, no matter how beautiful the scenery will retreat, the elapsed time and the gentle person will eventually drift away, and it is always the one who moves forward.
63. No one is sorry to anyone, only one does not know who to cherish. One of the sad things in life is that you meet someone who is important to you, but in the end you find that you have nothing to do, so you have to let go. Tired heart is often hovering between persistence and abandonment. The trouble is that the memory is too good. What should be remembered and what should not be kept in memory.
64. Life is like tea, meditation is right. What matters in life is experience. Do your best, plan for the worst, and keep your best mentality. Remember what should be remembered, forget what should be forgotten, change what can be changed, and accept it as fact. The sun is always new, and every day is a good day.
65. Many hurdles in life always go by myself. No one can help you for a while, and can't help you forever. Do n’t rely on, do n’t pray, relying only on cowardice, praying is just comfort. Your own strength is the last word.
66. Life is not won or lost, only worthless. The pain of life stems from living too clearly. Be a simple person, put aside worldly worries, and give your heart a place to do what you like to do; be a simple person, drink thirsty, sleep when you are sleepy, laugh when you are happy, and cry when you are sad.
67. The way of life is like this. When we look back after walking for a while, we will find that there are really few things that can be remembered. There are only a few people who ca n’t forget. The days are really interesting, but there are only some of them. Few really need to be afraid. In fact, you don't have to be afraid of anything, and you walk to the next day when you look back.
68. Treasure the people who are good to you. You ca n’t find them if you lose them. The world is so big, it ’s your pride that someone treats you well; it ’s your pride to have such a small heart and to have you in your heart. In this world, money can afford real luxury goods, but a heart that cannot be bought can really miss your heart! I am ordinary, but not everyone can come into my heart.
69. When destiny wants you to grow up, there will always be people or things that make you unpleasant to stimulate you. This is the rule.
70. I know people in this life: ruthless is not people, it is time; precious is not money, it is affection; terrible is not ignorant, it is cold; sad is not waiting, it is a silent ending; uncomfortable is not swear words, it is Lies; the broadest is not the sea, but the human heart; the most hate is not the person, but the deception of lies; the most terrible is not the night, but the helpless loneliness; love is priceless, do not use lies to deceive a person who truly treats you ; Life has a ruler, life has a degree, we can not control fate, but we can control ourselves.
71. If you have achievements, you should immediately forget them, so that you will not worry about yourself; if you have mistakes, you must always keep in mind so that you will not repeat the same mistakes; if you have opportunities, you must seize them immediately so that you will not lose opportunities; Find countermeasures so that we can solve them easily.
72. Living in the applause of others is the easiest to lose yourself; being in the care of others is the easiest to weaken yourself.
73. Having a sober mind is more important than having a smart mind; having a good habit is more practical than having a skilled technique; having a youthful vigor is stronger than having a sound arm; having courage and courage is better than having a courageous mind Door knowledge is stronger.
74. Don't pessimistically think that you are unfortunate. In fact, there are many more unfortunate people than you; don't optimistically think that you are great. In fact, you are just a drop in the ocean.
75. The weak can do nothing but the brave can do everything; the fool can only lament, but the wise has many ways.
76. You can lose everything, but you ca n’t lose face; you can come again, but life ca n’t come again; you can throw everything away, only faith can't throw away; everything can be accepted, but humiliation cannot be accepted.
77. The troubles of life are all due to heart disease. What kind of state of mind will lead to what kind of life. If all is narrow-minded and paranoid in heart, then the nature of seeing is also upset. If the mind is acceptance and openness, of course, it is also the direction of the pattern. The narrower the road, the calmer and more calm the mind.
78. When you hold on to something, maybe you will only own it forever. If you let go, you will have other choices. People need to be able to hold up and put down. To afford is to live, to let go is to live; to afford is ability, to let go is wisdom. If you can't afford it, you will be mediocre; if you cannot let it go, you will be exhausted. There are many things in life that need to be let go. Only by letting go of those unnecessary burdens can we move forward smartly.
79. When you are in a bad mood, always ask yourself what you have instead of nothing. If you feel uncomfortable, look up out of the window. The world is big, the scenery is beautiful, there are many opportunities, life is short, don't curl up in a small shadow.
80. No matter how lucky or miserable life is, it is the past, it is the past, just like the rain outside the window, wet, wet, gone, far away. Once good, stay in the bottom of my heart, and once sad, put it behind my head, do not love, do not hate. Learn to forget, know how to give up, life is always from farewell to tomorrow. Quietly tell yourself that everything is fine. Life is long, treat lightly, everything will pass, and the sun is always after the storm.

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