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Classic philosophy of life

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1. Between thoughts, there are thousands of years apart. Life is both selected and elected. The choice between thoughts makes your life pattern different from now on.
2. If you don't want your life to be full of sorrow, then don't remember it for good or bad. Learning the heart is like a mirror, and things come to reflect, things do n’t stay; like a white cloud dog, no trace in the air, no trace on the water, no longer worry about the disappearing things, live in the moment, face life frankly, not Sad or not, come and go calmly.
3. There are only eight words in life, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, and sorrow. There are only two words in the eight words, joy and joy, just read through.
4. Life is only a few decades, flowing like water. Learn to wait, wait for yourself, wait for the soul, the most precious things should be the most silent. He refused to speak to others, and refused to show it to others. He was afraid that the language would distort it and the air would oxidize it. As time goes by, we become one's own effort, and we become different people in the crowd.
5. The flowing life is fleeting, and every day we are busy like ants and overwhelmed by life. I ’m busy for the sake of my name, for the sake of profit, when I am busy, and how many fronts have become a thing of the past. In fact, I ca n’t catch time.
6. Life is short. One kind is called cherish, another kind of romance is bland, and another kind of happiness is simple. More thought in life, less lost. More calm, less worry. More tolerance, less narrowness. One more calm and one less regret.
7. Life is like a book. You should understand clearly that you should be wise when you are stupid. Many things, as long as you have something in your heart, open one eye and close one eye, don't say anything unnecessary. If you can help, don't force people out. Remember to leave a trail. Learning to get along with others can help you avoid detours and succeed early.
8. I do n’t know the vicissitudes of life, who knows the taste; who does n’t taste the world ’s wine, who knows the drunk;
9. Life is short, I am frank and honest, and really make friends, calmly face, and walked through. Tolerance is a gift for each other. You can tolerate others, and others will not make it difficult for you; demanding is a sharp knife for stabbing, you demanding others, and others will not spare you. It is in the peace and generosity that we know the cuteness and admirability of this world, and live up to our rare life.
10. Giving up is actually an option. At the crossroads of life, you must learn to give up the path that is not suitable for you.
11. Being a person, you must not be too attached to everything in life, whether it is money, fame, or feelings. Keeping a sense of normality is the high realm of life. Don't be too persistent in everything, but understand how to release yourself. The most important thing is to live happily every day. If you are too persistent, you will become too careless, and care too much about the outcome, so that you will push yourself to the dead end of your life.
12. Life is like a painting. Some are highly skilled painters who can paint the future as they want. Some are poorly copied Lin family who ca n’t find their own soul. They have painted their lives and altered them according to others ’descriptions. Finally he scribbled the paper.
13. Don't always say that destiny is in the hands of Heaven, everything is determined by heaven, and nothing matters. In fact, as soon as you were born, God gave you half of your fate! God is responsible for arranging your start, you are responsible for the wonderful process! Give you a container, what you decide!
14. Life is alive, it is inevitable to take some detours. It is because of these detours that people have wonderful ups and downs. It is because of the detours that we have a deeper understanding of life. Taking detours is your growth ladder. .
15. Life may always have regrets; life is not always smooth. Because I know, I am free and easy; I am happy because I am calm; there is no eternal sunny day and no eternal rainy season. When the sun is sunny, I listen to the rain. Perhaps the days of wind and rain carry the weight of life; the days of light wind and light clouds are more suitable for quiet comprehension!
16. To be a human being, you must be able to raise your head, and even lower your head. It is not only a posture, but also an attitude and a quality.
17. Maybe someone is in distress, maybe someone is frustrated at work, maybe someone has failed in school, maybe someone is lonely in love. Everyone has a hard time, when they come through, everything will be suddenly bright, so you don't have to be afraid, life is not just for you. If life was simple at the beginning, what would it take for such a long life? Only by sticking to it for a while will you not have a hard life.
18. What does a person live for in this world? I tell you, it is to experience and enjoy.
19. Every stage of life has a course we must go through, the blooming season, the sadness of the rainy season, the scenery passing by at the foot, everyone who has experienced it, even if it is one second at this moment, the down-to-earth experience is enough to make Our lives are a scene of their own.
20. One more indifferent, one more happiness in life. The rope of the target should not be too long at any stage of life. Even if life only leaves you with a small space, as long as you treat life with an unrestrained heart, you can find the gold of your life in every place.
21. You can choose to be a saint or a layman, but you cannot choose to let everyone worship you like a sage and forgive you like a layman.
22. Life is often like this: when you have the ability, someone will actively seek you, and you will have contacts. The so-called network is the exchange of value between people. A network without value is a short-term help relationship.
23. The right place for life is neither near money nor power, but near the soul; true happiness is neither wealth nor right, but clear conscience.
24. Don't be frustrated, don't panic, do snails that try hard to climb or stupid birds that insist on flying. We try to grow up, stumble all the way, and then bruise all over our bodies. Hold on, one day you will stand in the brightest place and live the look you once wanted.
25. Luck is an accessory to effort. Without the original accumulation of strength, you can't catch your luck. God gives everyone the same, but everyone's preparation is different. Don't envy those who can always hit the luck, you have to work very hard to meet good luck.
26. Temper is a matter of nature, and it is skill to recover it. Masters of life never let emotions control themselves.
27. There are two things in life: first, know how to choose, don't look around, don't be greedy, and find a way that suits you; second, understand how to persist, don't follow blindly, avoid blindly follow the trend, and stick to it At this moment, we can see the scenery at the next moment.
28. Do your best when you choose, do your best when you act, no resentment when you persist, and no regrets when you end. If everything can be done with all your heart, life can be without complaints.
29. Life is like this, depending on your enthusiasm, there are always countless people, but there are always few people who can help you.
30. Everything in the world is flowing, and everything that belongs to you will only stay for a moment. You have to learn to hold it and let it go, in order to better embrace life.
31. Happy and unhappy life depends on the mood, whether you are in a good mood or not, you don't care about cultivation in your mind. The happiest people do not have the best of everything, but they can make everything the best, so let us have a simple happiness! Let our soul be free, liberate, and a pure heart.
32. Life is not smooth, you must experience some setbacks and failures. Setbacks and failures are not terrible. It is frightening to abandon the pursuit of success because of setbacks and failures. Only those who take setbacks and failures as motivations and learn something from them will be close to success.
33. In the journey of life, there are always roads. Life is not for comparison, but for fulfillment. If you want to make life better and make yourself better, we might as well consider life as a drop of water. Use your smile to change the world, don't let the world change your smile.
34. Sometimes life is like this, you can't walk through the whole life with everything you want. People who are good at discovering, thinking, and accepting failures are those who understand the true meaning of life. Only by knowing how to accept their failures can they better exert their advantages.
35. Life is a process of selection, and each choice represents gain and loss. Only when you understand your own direction and value orientation can you live and understand.
36. The road of life, whether it is rugged or flat, must go on its own; the taste of life, even if it is sweet or bitter, must be tasted on its own. The fate of life, no matter how lucky or miserable, must be tenacious and advancing; the course of life, the ups and downs can be felt in the cold and warm world. I tasted sour, bitter and spicy before I knew everything in the world, but smiled and said nothing.
37. Three things in life can't wait: filial piety to parents can't wait; education of children can't wait; they can't wait for their health. Some things are missed for a lifetime! Persevering struggle is the only way to win. Do n’t think it ’s cool to be followed by so many people. In fact, your true happiness only needs to be followed by one person.
38. In life, there is no permanent pain, no matter how deep the pain, the wound will always heal when it is cut. In life, there is no hurdle, you ca n’t sit by the ridge and wait for it to disappear, you can only find a way through it. In life, there is no eternal love, no ending feelings, always end; those who ca n’t have it, always forget.
39. The way of life, step by step, can truly protect you, your own determination and choice ...
40. There are two things to balance in life. I am willing and I should ... Everyone wants to live a life of "I want", but watching my parents get older, should I take some "I should" responsibilities. Juveniles, take on more responsibility and less willfulness.
41. Where is there so much luck in life, but you pretend to be invisible when others are working hard. Fortunately, we are determined by ourselves. The only fair thing is that we can change the direction of luck coordinates by our own efforts!
42. Busyness is a kind of happiness, so that we have no time to experience pain; running is a kind of joy, which allows us to truly feel life; fatigue is a kind of enjoyment, which makes us have no time for emptiness; bumpiness is an experience, which we truly understand life.
43. Some people quarrel with you every day, but never blame you. Some people don't even have quarrels, but they have disappeared into the crowd. It turns out that apathy is more terrible than quarrels. When we move away from the stumbling blocks of others, we may just be paving the way for ourselves.
44. The true wisdom is acceptance, not disputes on the outside, and no confrontation on the inside; do not fight with heaven, do not fight with others, do not fight with yourself.
45. In life, there is no permanent pain. No matter how deep the pain is, the wound will always heal. In life, there will not always be only pain, and learn to enjoy the sweetness of life. Be practical, don't worry, you will be given the years you want. What you deserve, you will have, but the time is not up.
46. The world is big and the scenery is beautiful. Instead of looking at the world with a resentful heart, experience life with a happy heart; instead of looking at the world with a cursed heart, live with an appreciation heart. With a happy heart, all you see is the grass long warbler flying; your heart is full of sorrow, all you see is killing the withering. Be good, do good, and smile with cheeks is the right path.
47. If you care too much about the opinions of others, then your life will become a pair of pants. Whatever other people fart, you have to follow. If you know too much and see too much, you will become an orphan of the world. You should know that there are two things in the world that cannot be seen directly, one is the sun and the other is the human heart.
48. Doing anything has two consequences: to survive, to be outstanding; to tolerate, to be out of the game; this is life, which is realistic and cruel.
49. People disrespect me, it is my incompetence; I disrespect them, it is my incompetence; people do not tolerate me, but I am incompetent; I do not tolerate others, but I am immeasurable; I'm not good ... If you don't treat others with your heart, you will give more and give less. If you don't treat others with others, you will be more generous and narrow.
50. When speaking to people, learn to be calm. Don't yell, no matter how angry you are, because your loud voice will not make things better unless it disturbs your mind. The hysterical roar can't conquer others, but it will only make you lose your reason in the madness.
51. The only thing in the world that cannot be copied is time, and the only thing that cannot be repeated is life, how to go, what kind of life to live on. Your own choice and effort make life very expensive. Please do n’t waste it!
52. Life is like a glass of boiled water. You drink it every day. Don't be envious of the colors of drinks that other people drink. In fact, your boiled water may not be thirsty. Life does not depend on mood, but on mentality. Adjust your mindset to see life, there is sunshine everywhere.
53. Rather than passively escaping, it is better to face up bravely, life requires hard work, but also learns to choose. Maybe not every day is so beautiful, but every day there are some beautiful things. Everyone understands the truth, but it is difficult to control small emotions.
54. The greatest success in life is to cultivate a good attitude and make yourself unhappy all the time. Life is the best teacher, rounding the corners, forgetting hatred, and turning dreams into reality. We learn to be happier than before, even if we are sad, we must face it with a smile. Remember everything and let it be.
55. If life goes in the wrong direction, stopping means progress. Life is to feel beautiful, kind, ugly, and sick. And only in the life journey full of hardships, always adjust your mentality of watching the scenery, can people be on the journey, feel life, enjoy life.
56. In fact, everyone is the best, everyone is the best, we must believe in ourselves, and never give up on ourselves anyway! Don't sink yourself to the edge of failure, just let yourself start to make some small changes , Then our lives will start to be different! Remember: when you change yourself, everything changes!
57. Life is a passenger. As long as people are willing to open their closed hearts, and then experience and embrace the happiness in front of them, they will be richer and happier than others.
58. The things we are going through now, whether good or bad, are all trivial matters. Through those rickety days, all hardships will be internalized into strength, leaving shining and precious memories and perseverance along the way. good Morning!
59. On the road of youth, you wrestled and grew up later! You don't need to keep standing high anytime, it will be tiring, but you can't. The more important thing is to know how to find a way to heighten yourself when it matters, so that your vision can be farther away.
60. Every detour you pass is actually a must. You can never borrow the wings of others to fly into your own sky.
61. Before the dawn of each dawn, it must be a long night that is about to suffocate; before each glory arrives, there must be too many embarrassing moments. So, at every moment of giving up, remember to say to yourself: Come on! Good morning!
62. In life, you ca n’t tell right or wrong, you ca n’t understand right and wrong, as long as you have really paid for it, and you have faced it seriously, right and wrong, as long as you are worthy of your heart, why not care too much. Learn to be indifferent, and face every day in your life with a light and light mood.
63. Laziness is set aside, the words of frustration are collected, the enthusiasm is mentioned, and the sentimental heart is set aside. All you want can be obtained by your own efforts.
64. The better the person, the more he will be jealous and beaten. Therefore, when you are under pressure, don't let yourself fall into mediocrity. You don't have to explain yourself to others. Only you understand the future. Because jealousy is a look in itself. Just do your part, prove yourself with strength, time will speak for you.
65. The mentality is not good, life is easy to get old. What kind of heart do you have? People are not afraid of vicissitudes of appearance, but they are old.
66. Life is not easy in the first place. You don't need to long for others' understanding and approval to live your life quietly. If the heart does not move, the wind is nothing. If you are not hurt, years will pass.
67. You should applaud yourself in every life station where you failed, although the applause is a little weak at this time. But it can add confidence to yourself, enhance your fighting spirit, and increase your pride. good night!
68. One day, when we are old, look back on life, nodded, knowing that we have grasped the most real and precious things. When life is over and you close your eyes and hold your hands, the soul is gone, calm and relaxed!
69. In the journey of life, whether it is flat and smooth or muddy valleys, you should face it calmly. Because in this world, there is no bliss paradise, and no one can be freed from the worldly bondage. All we can do is to get up more than to fall down and replace the saliva with sweat. Only then can we Let life be sublimated in suffering. We must firmly believe that there are no obstacles in life, and bravely meet the challenge of fate.
70. Self-improvement in the face of suffering will surely win success and happiness ... A person will inevitably suffer a lot of suffering in his life, whether it is an inborn defect or a miserable life. But as long as you have the courage to face suffering and continue to strengthen yourself, you will certainly win applause, success, and happiness.
71. There are always many dissatisfaction in life, we must relax. Life requires games, but it cannot play with life; on the road of life, if you understand compassion and tolerance, the days will be very warm and peaceful. Start with a smile every morning and stick to it.
72. Don't forget about things you can't get. Keep things with negative energy away. Life is not bad, so don't add sadness to yourself.
73. How far a person can go depends on who he is traveling with; how good a person is depends on who is pointing; how successful a person is depends on who he is with.
74. Life is a journey of one person, no one can replace it. Judging from the trajectory of each person's growth, there are never straight paths in the world of life. It is not the thorns and stones that stumble on the way, but the heart. Therefore, it seems that the road is spreading in front of our eyes, in fact, the heart is fluttering on the road.
75. In the end, life is still a state of mind. In fact, life is not too gorgeous, and some are just ordinary. Once again beautiful, but a piece of empty talk; Difficult at the foot, but it is straightforward. Whatever fate gives you, no matter how good or bad, you need to face it seriously and deal with it frankly. Regretfulness can only be called life, and flaws can only be considered true.
76. Life is an attitude, and peace of mind is naturally wide. Face life with a smile, don't complain that life has given you too much suffering, don't complain that there are too many twists and turns in life, don't complain about the injustice in life. When you walk through the bustling and hustle and bustle of the world and read all the world's affairs, you will suddenly understand: it will not be too complete, and you will smile no matter how hard you are!
77. Being a man must be able to withstand lies, bear perfunctory, bear deception, forget the promise, let go of everything, and finally use laughter to disguise the falling tears. Remember that the more you hold back the tears, the more you will change. A good medicine for happiness.
78. No matter how long you can go, you can walk step by step. Do n’t let too much yesterday occupy your today. Repeat the path that others have traveled because you have neglected your feet and experienced the cold. The warmth of life, the people who have tasted the hardships of life, understand the value of life.
79. According to a book, a woman can have no love, but must not have no job; can have no job, but must not have friends; you can have no friends, but you must not have loved ones!
80. The long river of years can't stop the faith of advancing, the waves of time can never be defeated by the inner strength. For the rest of your life, don't give up!

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