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Philosophical Sentence Penetrates the Cross

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心有多大,舞台就有多大。 1. How big the heart is, how big the stage is.
2. My life is up to me!
3. Difficulties are human textbooks.
4. Fish jump Longmen upstream.
5. Youth minds should take the cloud.
6. Life is: born to live.
7. Go after the dream, don't stop before you die.
8. Missing the present is tantamount to spoiling the future.
9. Divide time among the people and things that matter.
10. Secretly sad, it is better to act now.
11. Low-key, trade-offs, there will be gains and losses.
12. Life is like wind and rain, and it is like dust.
13. Loitering makes people's mind rusty.
14. There is Ling Yunzhi in his chest, and he is unattainable.
15. Men's Millennium Records, I have no life.
16. There is nothing in the world that cannot stand.
17. Hunger if you do n’t eat, and stupid if you do n’t read.
18. There is nothing difficult in the world, as long as it is willing to climb.
19. Not for poor change, not for cheap.
20. As long as the effort is deep, iron rods are ground into needles.
命运是可以改变的。 21. Destiny can change.
22. Heroes have suffered a lot since ancient times.
23. You can hide your mind in your clothes.
24. Anyone who has a will can do it.
25. Failure is the mother of success.
26. Success has been trying since ancient times.
27. The past does not equal the future.
28. Confident life is the most beautiful!
29. Win yourself to succeed.
30. Just fall down and get up.
31. The children of the poor headed early.
32. Persistence is easier than giving up.
33. Failure makes people stronger.
34. Poverty creates masculinity.
35. Look far away and feet close.
36. Chicks of An Zhihong.
37. The eagle loves flying high, and the crow inhabits a branch.
38. Self-confidence is the core of personality.
39. Curiosity, the gate of knowledge.
40. Knowledge is the torch of wisdom.
41. Determination is the beginning of success.
42. Destiny can change.
43. A bird cannot fly high without spreading its wings.
44. Perseverance in the end is success.
45. Believe in yourself, you can do it!
46. Zhi Zheng rules that all evil will not live.
47. Nothing is what you get.
48. The Warriors have nowhere to go.
49. You will succeed if you work hard!
50. It is gold that always shines.
51. Don't be afraid, don't regret.
52. Read a book and increase your wisdom.
53. Only since the Qingmingzhi high.
54. Winners never give up.
55. Birds are expensive and people are expensive.
56. The poor teach everything to the poor.
57. If anyone has aspirations, everything can be done.
58. Be strong and have fun.
59. One person is determined, and there is no enemy.
60. There is a temper called, don't give up.
61. Have a dream, even if far away.
62. The journey of a thousand miles begins at your feet.
63. If you know how to bow your head, you can make it.
64. The future always starts now.
65. Choose mountains and cliffs! just do you best!
66. Knowledge is an ever-popular color.
67. Hardship can hone one's will.
68. It's not too late to fix the dead sheep.
69. Start again and aim for the future.
70. The concept comes first, the skill is obvious.
71. Don't be afraid of the distance, you're afraid of short-term.
72. Just believe it, it's possible.
73. Imagination is more important than knowledge.
74. Don't forget your original intention, you will always be.
75. The stumbling block is the step into the body.
76. Tiandao Paile, Houdezaiwu.
77. Don't ask for harvest, just ask for farming.
78. I struggle, so I am happy.
79. Make a candle for the sake of understanding, read for reason.
80. Don't be happy with things or sorrow for yourself.
81. Jing to cultivate oneself and thrift to cultivate morals.
82. No one is far-sighted, but he is near-worried.
83. Learn to choose and learn to give up.
84. I have no ambitions and live forever.
85. Those who govern the world must first set their will.
86. I will choke fate.
87. Only when you know how to lower your head can you make your head.
88. Patience is a required course in life.
89. Success comes from unremitting efforts.
90. Sincerity comes, golden stone is open.
91. I want to choke fate.
92. All that succeeds is hard work.
93. Sweat is a lubricant for success.
94. Fighting is always better than being angry.
95. Be good to others and good at being disadvantaged.
96. Suffering is the happiness of makeup.
97. Believe in yourself, better than anyone else.
98. The soldier crossed the river in order to eat handsome.
99. Those who govern the world must first set their will.
100. Learn to choose, learn to give up.

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