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Motivating life motto

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1. Even an immature attempt is better than a dead birth strategy.
2. The power developed by a believer is greater than ninety-nine with only interest.
3. Life is not about living long or short, but about morning and night of epiphany.
4. What is failure? Nothing, just a step closer to success; what is success? It's all the way to failure, and there is only one road left, which is the road to success.
5. Adversity always exists, and life always has to attack. May you not succumb to the arrangements of fate, perseverance and perseverance! Be a Forever Life Strong!
6. Living in the same environment, the boundary between the strong and the weak lies in who can change it.
7. Don't make excuses for failure, just find reasons for success.
8. Those who fear self-suffering are already suffering because of their fear.
9. When you have it, cherish it. Whether it is family, friendship or love, peace is blessing. Walk with pity, walk and realize, in life, you can only walk out of a sunny avenue if you keep improving and bravely move forward.
10. Do anything, as long as you take the first step and then go step by step, you will gradually get closer to your destination. If you know your specific destination and take the first step towards it, you are on your way to success!
11. If a person is full of love for his career and has chosen his own work desire, he will spontaneously do his best to work. If a person has no goals in his life, he will eventually lose himself.
12. Learn to look at life from a different angle. You will feel that the sky is blue and the wind is light. Sowing a mindset, you will reap a thought; Sowing a thought, you will reap a behavior; Sowing a behavior, you will reap a character; Sowing a character, you will reap a fate.
13. In your life, as many people as you can respect, as many people will respect you. As many people as you can trust, as many people trust you! As many people as you can make, as many people as you can help you succeed!
14. Even if life is bad at this moment, there will always be a day of improvement. The life I walked through was not perfect. Too perfect is not life! Everyone is doing one thing every day: fighting for the future! Although the results are different, it is because of our usual efforts. Efforts, future success is inevitable!
15. The environment will not change. The solution is to change yourself.
16. It is an advantage to look beautiful, and a skill to live beautifully.
17. When a person has a dream of flying, there is no reason not to stand up even when crawling.
18. Without saliva and sweat, there are no successful tears.
19. As long as you are a swan egg, it doesn't matter if you are born in a chicken farm.
20. In the face of the troubles and frustrations of life, the most important thing is to straighten out your mentality and face everything positively. No matter how hard and tired you have to keep smiling. Smile, your life will be better!
21. Life is always bumpy and rough, and the wind, frost, snow, and rain are constantly sharpened. Pain and happiness alternate, and sadness and joy are entwined. Flowers in the mist, breeze catkins, golden autumn fruit, winter snow and red plum. Do not worry about success or failure. As long as you work hard, you can be assured of conscience, and you will never lose sight of it, and you will accumulate patience and wait for the opportunity.
22. The waves for the most capable pilots are always extremely turbulent.
23. Some roads, if you don't go down, you won't know how beautiful the scenery over there is.
24. Self-confidence is like a pair of glasses, helping myopia to open the way to light; self-confidence is like a computer to help people who are ignorant to broaden their horizons; self-confidence is like a learning machine, helping poor students to improve their performance ...
25. It doesn't matter who you were ten years ago, who you were a year ago or even who you were yesterday. What matters is who you are today and who you will be tomorrow.
26. There are a lot of troubles and pains that are easy to solve. As long as you are willing to change your perspective and change your mindset, you will have another look. Therefore, when we encounter suffering setbacks, we may consider the temporary difficulties as the darkness before dawn.
27. There is no reward in the world for encouraging hard work. All rewards are only used to reward work results.
28. The person who understands knows how to give up, the person who loves truly knows sacrifice, and the person who is happy knows detachment. For those who don't love themselves, what they need most is understanding, giving up and blessing. Too much self-love is begging for the alms of the other. Love and being loved are things that make people happy. Don't let these become pain.
29. In life, there are countless competitions for finalists and eliminations. Regardless of finalists or eliminations, there should be a heart that surpasses the self, challenges the self, and overcomes the self. And a spirit of unwillingness to stay behind and stubbornly fight.
30. When traveling, people will inevitably encounter thorns and bumps, but after the storm, there will be beautiful rainbows.
31. The mountain does not resign, so it can become high; the sea does not resign, so it can become deep!
32. It is a kind of courage to cope with failures and setbacks with a smile and optimism. Dealing with misunderstandings and hatreds, passing a smile is a kind of calm tolerance, and then continuing to be true, this is a kind of consciousness.
33. Self defeats self far more than others.
34. Life is beautiful for some people whose lives are striving for a certain goal.
35. Action is the ladder of success. The more action you have, the higher you get.
36. Life will inevitably suffer setbacks, and rainbows will come after storms; life will inevitably suffer, rain will clear and sunny at last.
37. Desire to promote enthusiasm, perseverance to smooth the mountains.
38. Every day is a beginning, take a deep breath, and start again.
39. If your life is already in the trough, go boldly, because you are going up all the way.
40. There are only people who can't figure out in the world, and there is no way to go.
41. You are not a poet, but you can live poetically. If you can live poetically, you are a poet.
42. Rather than running a dragon in others' lives, it is better to be yourself ...
43. You are only responsible for the wonderful, God has his own arrangements.
44. A person is not born to be defeated. You can destroy him as much as you can, but you cannot defeat him.
45. Place a bet and win once; follow a person and win a lifetime.
46. Don't give up the bottom line at any time. Only when the mind stands upright can life not tilt.
47. Life is a stage without wonderful rehearsals.
48. There are no bad teams, only bad leaders.
49. The boss can only give one position, not the future. No matter how big the stage is, people will leave for tea.
50. As long as the spine is not bent, there will be no mountains that cannot be carried!
51. Cherish what you have today, and you will be rich tomorrow. Classic motivational talk about mood phrases.
52. Everyone grows more like himself in the end.
53. In order to illuminate the night sky, the stars are standing high in the sky.
54. When you are honest with yourself, no one in the world can deceive you.
55. There is no regression in life. As long as we are willing to learn, no matter what experience is the chapter we need to understand.
56. When you hold one thing in your hand, you can only own one thing. If you let go, you will have the opportunity to choose more.
57. In history, only the names are real; in novels, only the names are fake.
58. A heart of great love works, a heart of gratitude.
59. Every successful person has a beginning, and the courage to start can find the way to success.
60. Life is like a gearshift bicycle, and some gears have never been used by many people.
61. When you hit your heart against the South Wall, the South Wall disappears.
62. Live the life you love, love the life you live, happy life, can live a happy life, happy work, only a happy life, the ideal of life is actually the ideal life!
63. There is no endless road ahead, I hope to be in a corner.
64. It doesn't matter if you don't play well in the first half of life, and in the second half, just work hard.
65. All of us have our own lives, and none of us can't live without it. No one can despise and avoid life. There are many things in life that are unsatisfactory. In life, nine out of ten are the same. If you are complaining every day, how can there be a beautiful existence in your own world?
66. Disadvantages are also points.
67. Principle of life: stand tall, sit flat, and walk wide. Attitude to life: Save the first-class heart and the middle-fate to enjoy the next-level blessing. Life goal: Dedicate classics to society and create wonderful life!
68. Sometimes for a writer, the real reward is not a Nobel prize, but piracy.
69. Green pepper shredded pork and shredded green pepper are the same dish. The key is who fry.
70. If you shed tears when you miss the sun, then you also miss the stars.
71. Life is like a storm, and it goes like a dust.
72. Mom said that no one deserves you to cry for him, and the only person who deserves you to cry for him will never make you cry for him.
73. Don't just mix from the bottom up, you'll get mixed up.
74. Death can illuminate one's mind; life, but one can practice it.
75. When the sun falls on the branches of spring, the days are green.
76. God will not give you happiness or pain, it will only give you real life. Some people can't stand the dullness of life and die, but don't know that life itself is a miracle!
77. If not true, "True" will not come out, let's compare it.
78. Busyness is a kind of happiness, so that we have no time to experience pain; running is a kind of joy, which allows us to truly feel life; fatigue is a kind of enjoyment, which leaves us no time to be empty.
79. The end of the road is still the road, as long as you are willing to go.
80. State is done, not waited out.
81. Follow the waves, not the currents.
82. Most people in life want to be stable, they want to walk peacefully and quietly, they do n’t want to go ups and downs, they have twists and turns, they believe that happiness requires stability, happiness requires calm. It is better to be a simple person, love is love, hate is hate, do not cover up, do not pretend.
83. We are all bugs, but I am a firefly.
84. Those who have great happiness must have great sorrow; those who have great success must have great loneliness.
85. The sky will fall to the Sri Lankan people, and the sky will not fall to the Sri Lankan people, aren't you still a Sri Lankan?
86. There is no regression in life. As long as we are willing to learn, no matter what experience is the chapter we need to understand.
87. Once a person has no hope, life ceases. The concrete manifestation of hope is desire, which forms a specific goal and a motive force for practice, and makes oneself happy to accomplish it and to achieve it, thereby creating a happy life.
88. Never be intimidated by the dark clouds, as long as we believe in ourselves, as long as we dare to accept the challenge, our hearts will be smelted, and our road will not always be dark.
89. Rain is the dream of cloud, and cloud is the past life of rain.
90. No matter what your mood is, don't let yourself be decadent. Be clean and decent every day from head to toe. Be a woman who can live exquisitely without makeup and always smile.
91. Even if you are nostalgic for the beautiful daffodils that are open in the water, don't forget that deep in the lonely corner of the valley, wild lily also has its own spring!
92. If you are convinced that stones will bloom, it is not just stones that bloom.
93. Unless you are an amphibian, there is always a space that does not belong to you.
94. People always compare with others to see who is better than themselves and who is not better than themselves. In fact, the bottom of your worries and sorrows is never the misfortune and pain of others, but your own attitude.
95. Life is like an invisible balance. Everyone standing on it may go to extremes, but in the end it is all about finding a balanced fulcrum to make yourself stand more stable, walk better, and live more. wonderful!
96. Become a happy person from tomorrow, feed horses, chop firewood, and travel around the world; from tomorrow on, I care about food and vegetables. I have a house facing the sea and spring flowers. From tomorrow on, I will communicate with every loved one and tell them my happiness. That happy lightning told me, I will tell everyone.
97. It is often pain that motivates us to move forward in life, because there is a relationship and unwillingness, because I do not want to be painful and uncomfortable. Maybe, behind pain is beauty. The key is how you look at and understand pain, and what actions you give.
98. Success is to stand up more than once.
99. Never complain about what happened to you, either change it or accept it quietly.
100. Beauty makes men stop, wisdom makes men stay.

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