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A straightforward philosophical sentence

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1. The first button was wrongly buttoned, but you didn't find it until the last button was buttoned. Some things are wrong at the beginning, but they have to be acknowledged only in the end.
2. When destiny wants you to grow up, there will always be people or things that make you unpleasant to stimulate you. This is the rule.
3. When a person is slow to reply to your message or not reply at all, don't worry about what happened to him, he is only with someone who is more important than you or doing something more important than you.
4. Impossible, don't think about it. Impossible, don't wait. Knowing that there won't be any results, you are still sinking in mud, and you deserve it.
5. Don't be too bad, don't be too temperament, otherwise you will be troublesome. Do n’t have much ability, do n’t want too much desire, otherwise you will be very painful.
6. How can there be so many minds in the world, and what you just give is just someone who is used to getting out of the way. Excessive consideration of other people's feelings is destined to be uncomfortable.
7. If you don't bother yourself, others can never bother you, in the final analysis, you can't let go.
8. Don't mention anything to the Japanese leader, contemporary people always say that when they turn their faces, they turn their faces.
9. Don't judge others by what you see. Because what you see is just what they want you to see.
10. What you call confused is just soberly watching yourself sink.
11. Many times it is not the faint light in front that drives you forward, but the abyss behind it. There are too many choices not out of love, but out of helplessness.
12. If you are right, you do not need to lose your temper; if you are wrong, you are not qualified to lose your temper.
13. There is no such thing as sadness. There is only a sad mood. Many things can't go because you can't let go.
14. Remember three words: knowing people does not have to say everything, and saying nothing is friendless. Responsibility does not have to be harsh. Honor does not have to be humble, it is boneless.
15. When you see a person without revealing it, you understand the meaning of forgiveness; if you hate a person without turning your face, you know the most respect. There are always people who don't like you, and people who don't like you.
16. May wish to make some achievements first, and then emphasize your feelings, otherwise, there is only crookedness in life, and it seems to be arrogant.
17. In fact, there are only three things in life, one's own affairs, other people's affairs, and God's affairs. You have to know that you only need to do your own business, you ca n’t control the business of the Lord, and the business of others has nothing to do with you.
18. Only the weak will be stubborn; only the strong will understand weakness. The caustic is because the substrate is thin, and the bitter is because the heart is sore.
19. If you don't act, your dreams are just so high. Do not implement, the goal is only mirage. The reason why people are apart from others is that they are actionable.
20. Time is the most ruthless, it will change everyone; time is also the most fair, let you see through the heart.
21. Fate will not owe anyone, look away, who has a blue sky above his head; look down, who has a sea of flowers in his heart.
22. Don't be affected easily, and don't be too rational. People can't live too well, just know in their hearts.
23. No one will pay for your future. You either try to climb up or rot in the bottom of the society. This is life.
24. If you succeed, eating greens is called health; if you fail, eating greens is shabby. This is not chicken soup, this is reality!
25. A person cannot make the same mistake twice and do it the second time. It is no longer a mistake. That is your choice.
26. Only you can save you, you don't have to be entangled in external judgments, you don't have to fall into the eyes of others, you don't have to distort yourself to please the world.
27. Don't talk to others about anything, you are talking to your heart, they are listening to a joke.
28. Every detour you pass is actually a must-go road. What you have to remember is that you can never borrow the wings of others to fly into your own sky.
29. You must learn to cover your ears and not listen to the bustling voices. There is no suffering person in this world, and only you can truly heal you.
30. Don't live with the past because it has passed, don't live with the reality because you have to live on.
31. The result of the resurgence of old feelings is to repeat the same mistakes.
32. Maturity is not that the heart grows old, but that tears swirl in the eyes while still smiling.
33. Commitment to this thing is too worthless. There is no cost in touching the upper and lower teeth. Listen to it, listen to it, don't worry.
34. Please don't just think that a girl is childish. If she doesn't like you, she is more mature than your mother.
35. Don't complain about things to others. There are very few people in the world who can empathize. Most people are annoyed when listening. A small number of people use it as a laughingstock to publicize.
36. Encounters are always caught off guard, and parting is mostly a long-term plan; there are too many stories without endings, and you have to get used to meeting and parting.
37. There is only one way to forget a relationship: time and new love. If time and Xinhuan can't make you forget a relationship, there is only one reason: time is not long enough, Xinhuan is not good enough.
38. Don't be afraid, don't worry, after ten years, everything will just be served.
39. Everyone has potential energy, but it is easy: it is covered by habits, blurred by time, and consumed by inertia.
40. Cooling time and time again makes the leaves turn yellow; repeated indifferences cool the heart.
41. Only when you have enough ability and enough right to speak can you ignore these worldly eyes and you can truly be yourself.
42. You never know how ugly you are without confession, you never know how bad your popularity is without borrowing money!
43. It's not yours, even if you chase your whole life. For someone who doesn't care about you, there is no difference between waiting ten years and ten seconds!
44. Without economic independence, there is a lack of self-esteem; without thinking independence, there is a lack of autonomy; without personality independence, there is a lack of self-confidence.
45. Life is like running on a treadmill. You have exhausted blood, but in the eyes of others, you are still walking.
46. Don't take boredom as loneliness, don't take pretentiousness as literature, don't take stubbornness as strong.
47. There is no shortage of good people in this world. What is missing are those who are still good after frustration and betrayal.
48. Get along with others: If you respect me, I respect you, if you ignore me, I will ignore you, it's that simple! Don't spoil a person who doesn't know how to feel good; don't feed your heart that doesn't know how to give back.
49. Take care of your mouth, you need to understand: the secrets you tell now are others who will stab you in the future.
50. Don't show all your emotions on your face, because some people just come to see you lively.
51. People who are interested together will find their own steps no matter how big the noise, and the speed will return to good. People who are centrifugal, even if they are awkward, will take the opportunity to slip away.
52. What others say to you and what you do can never determine what kind of person you are; what you say to others and what you do can determine what kind of person you are.
53. People who miss you, no matter how much you talk to him is nonsense. With your fate, your presence can wake up all his feelings.
54. In many cases, it is often because you want too little, don't give you nothing at all. As a result, you have nothing.
55. Those who can't make time to sleep will sooner or later get sick; those who can't make time to fall in love will sooner or later make time for a blind date.
56. Everyone will have a bad mood, they can't be lost, they can't understand the sadness, and they can't understand.
57. You can love three or five scum, but you ca n’t love one scum three or five times. You may be out of luck if you go wrong, but you always deserve to jump into a pit.
58. Change if you are not satisfied, divide if you do n’t like it, leave if you are not comfortable, and withdraw if you are unhappy. How can there be so much pain in life is nothing more than letting go of yourself.
59. Just think about how to get rich when you are fine. Don't always hurt the world in the world of affection. The money in the palm of your hand is always more secure than the heart that can't hold it.
60. In all the jokes, there are serious words hidden, and those seemingly incomprehensible responses are probably euphemistic rejections.
61. Some things just don't deserve to be forgiven. They have nothing to do with big or small. Each has its own bottom line. If you make a mistake, you should consider paying the price for your mistake.
62. People always have to find something to do, so that they can get busy, only to realize that life is not easy, only to understand that the usual sorrows are artificial.
63. In fact, nothing else can really hurt you. The only thing that can hurt you is your concern.
64. Don't squeeze the world that can't be squeezed in, why bother others to belittle yourself.
65. Do n’t let it go, do n’t let it go, remember it first. If you do n’t forget, one day you ’ll find that you ’ve forgotten in your mind.
66. I'm a child who is so susceptible. If you give some sunshine, it will be brilliant. When the scars are forgotten, the pain will be forgotten.
67. Before the sun shines, we must all readily accept the embarrassment and hardship now, accept one's loneliness and occasional helplessness.
68. Some scars are scratched on the hands and become a thing of the past after healing. Some scars are scratched on the heart, even if they are scratched lightly, they will remain in the heart.
69. Don't be afraid to offend people, anyone who has principles respects him by three points. Times are different, good old people are not popular anymore. Having a temper is also a true disposition. Swallowing the words around the mouth, even if it is mature, but speaking the words that should be said is a kind of responsibility.
70. Don't always blame yourself for accommodating others. Few people in this world deserve to bend over. Bending for a long time will only make people get used to your low posture, yours is not important. ——There is a degree in everything, excessively low-key will be regarded as low energy, excessively good people will be regarded as sluts.
71. In fact, there is no such thing as Gao Leng. A dumb person in front of you may become a taciturn in front of another person. Most people can switch between Gao Leng and aggression at any time without effort. The difference is Who are you facing? "The so-called high cold is just a prelude to open heart.
72. The most joyful thing for people: their parents are alive, their confidants are two or three, and their lover cannot be stolen. Everything else is an illusion, don't worry too much.
73. We are all like children. We make trouble because of dependence; politeness because we are unfamiliar. Take the initiative because you care. Do not contact because I feel redundant.
74. No one lives easier than anyone else. It's just that some people want to grab the ground, and they just don't want to live; others, they silently grit their teeth and force themselves to learn to be strong.
75. All human suffering is essentially an angry anger at himself.
76. Those who really wait for you will always wait. Unwilling to wait, always turned around and took someone else's hand.
77. Don't ask about the scenery you have already passed. When you choose a road, the scenery of the other road has nothing to do with you.
78. A person always takes a strange road, sees strange landscapes, listens to strange songs, and then at an inadvertent moment, you will find that what was originally exhausted and tried to forget is really forgotten.
79. In the world, there is no sympathy at all. If the needle does not stick to others, they do not know how painful it is.
80. There is nothing in this world that cannot be lost. The scenery that leaves is the only thing left. The one who lives is the right one.
81. Organize your mood, forget the unpleasant past, listen to the music, look at the scenery, say what you can say, do what you can do, go the way you want to go, and meet the people you want to see.
82. If no one takes care of you, it is so cool that there is no weakness, you are so good, you can't ruin your relationship.
83. Fishbone stuck in your throat, you still love to eat fish; mouth full of fangs, but you are still as sweet as life; he abandoned you thousands of miles away, you still go to see thousands of mountains and rivers; the truth is the same, you Just like it.
84. I hope you are not as good as me, died earlier than me, ca n’t eat well or sleep well, and are particularly old. ——To people who are bad to me.
85. Never overestimate your status in the hearts of others. In fact, you are nothing, you are not many more, and you are not less one.
86. It ’s always like this, I figured it out for a moment, relieved, and couldn't figure it out in the next second. You can understand all the principles, but it's hard to control yourself.
87. What gives me a sense of security today is only the wallet and key in my pocket when I go out, and the full battery shown on my mobile phone.
88. What is the most realistic interpersonal relationship: If you give her a dollar a day, as long as you don't give it for a day, she will hate you. If you give her a slap every day, as long as she doesn't fight for a day, she will kneel down.
89. May you have gone through all the vicissitudes of the world, endured all your loneliness, and endured countless nights of tears flowing to your stomach. Your heart is still full of positive hope, and you still have crazy love the power of.
90. If you don't work hard, no one will be fair to you. Only after you work hard and have the resources and the right to speak will you be able to fight for a fair opportunity for yourself.
91. The strong is not without tears, but can run forward with tears. Time is the master of healing, but not the master of problem solving.
92. Every sensible and calm now has a very silly and naive past. Every warm and indifferent present has a sad and restless past.
93. A person's happiness is not because he has more, but because he cares less.
94. No matter how hard the road ahead is, as long as you go in the right direction, no matter how rough, it is closer to happiness than standing in place.
95. Don't chase a horse. Use the time of chasing horses to plant grass. When the spring blossoms in the coming year, there will be a group of horses to choose from.
96. Mature people don't ask the past, smart people, don't ask the present, open-minded people, don't ask the future.
97. Don't think too complicated about everything, think about headaches, think about heartache. Don't hold your hands too tightly, things will break and your hands will hurt.
98. I can take 10,000 steps to see you, and I am willing to take a step back and leave you. Don't be stupid. The efforts of one person can never determine the relationship between the two.
99. Persevere as hard as possible, be indifferent no matter how good, be confident no matter how bad, and save as much as possible.
100. Time is both distance and forgiveness, making things clearer, feelings more understandable, and calming down everything.

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