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100 very classic quotes

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1. All great actions and thoughts have a trivial beginning.
2. When you are angry, keep your mouth closed so as not to increase your anger.
3. The only way to achieve happiness is to value what you have and forget what you don't have.
4. Pride is the egg of victory, but it is failure that hatches.
5. No friend is worse than health, and no enemy is worse than illness. Rather than crying for the pain, it is better to exercise and fitness for life.
6. Do n’t be sick, do n’t have nothing, do n’t have money, and do n’t lack health without health. Health is not everything, but without health there is nothing.
7. Nothing can be bad, you can't be in a bad mood; you can lack anything, you can't lack self-confidence; you can don't have anything, you can't have happiness; you can forget everything, and you can't forget fitness.
8. Choosing the right career can make a lifetime, choosing the right friend can be a smart life, choosing the right environment can be a happy life, choosing the right partner can be a happy life, and choosing the right lifestyle can be a healthy life.
9. Defeating yourself is the most tragic failure, and defeating yourself is the most precious victory.
10. People who applaud others are also cheering on their lives.
11. Having a dream is just an intelligence, and achieving a dream is a capability.
12. If a person does not know which dock he is heading to, then any wind will not be a downwind.
13. The talent of a person is like the water of a sponge. It cannot be squeezed out without external force. Only when it comes out will the sponge absorb the new source.
14. Thanks for life and thank her for giving us a smart brain. Think about difficult issues, the meaning of life; praise the good, the good, and the beautiful, and criticize the false, the ugly. Remember wonderful moments, exciting moments, warm scenes, sweet shots. Thanksgiving life gives us unique spirituality.
15. Be kind to yourself, be extremely happy, be kind to others, be extremely happy, be kind to life, and be extremely healthy.
16. Those who sow with tears will surely harvest with a smile.
17. The power developed by a person of faith is greater than that of an interest-only person.
18. Endurance is better than brainpower.
19. It's not just the environment that affects our lives, it's the mindset that controls individual actions and thoughts. At the same time, the mentality also determines a person's vision, career and achievements, and even a lifetime.
20. Behind every hard work, there must be double rewards.
21. Laziness, like rust, consumes the body more than labor.
22. All victories are insignificant compared to the victory of conquering yourself. All failures are more trivial than failures to lose oneself.
23. Frustration is in fact the tuition fee payable towards success.
24. In this world, although there is a lot of cold and a lot of darkness, as long as there is more trust and care between people, then there will be a lot of sunshine.
25. A person who can see things from the perspective of others and understand the mental activities of others, never have to worry about his future.
26. When a person struggles from his own heart first, he is a valuable person.
27. No one is too rich to help others, and no one is too poor to help others in some way.
28. Those who really try to help others do not help themselves.
29. The activists believe that only by pushing themselves can the world be promoted.
30. The greatest bankruptcy of a person is despair, and the greatest asset is hope.
31. Action is the ladder of success. The more actions you take, the higher you get.
32. The environment will never be perfect. Negative people are controlled by the environment, but positive people control the environment.
33. When everyone is low-key, you can be high-key, but you cannot run.
34. The rules of success are extremely simple, but simplicity does not mean easy.
35. The person willing to bow his head will never hit the low door.
36. Last few minutes of preparation last night, and few hours of trouble today.
37. Look at others with a telescope and look at yourself with a magnifying glass.
38. Let go of one thought and feel at ease.
39. Six can't: don't eat when you're hungry, don't drink when you're thirsty, don't sleep when you're sleepy, don't rest when you're tired, don't check if you're sick, don't regret when you are old
40. No matter how big the house is, it is also a temporary residence. Only that small wooden box is a permanent home.
41. The biggest mistake in life is to exchange health for something outside. The biggest sorrow in life is to exchange personal troubles for life. The biggest waste of life is to use life to solve the problems you create!
42. The greatest sorrow in life is that the child wants to be filial and absent! The biggest tragedy in life is that the family is not rich and people die first, and the biggest pitiful life is when I die, I understand what I should do!
43. When the mind becomes calm, the spirit is eternal! Lower your desire to the lowest point and sublimate your reason to the highest point, you will feel that: peace is a blessing, clean heart is a lust, and lust is longevity!
44. The best doctor is himself, the best medicine is time, the best mood is tranquility, the best health care is smiley face, and the best exercise is walking!
45. Joy is a wonderful medicine for longevity, diligence is a healthy panacea, exercise is a healthy investment, longevity is the reward of fitness, it is better to have a spring festival when you meet.
46. Money is hard to buy health, health is better than money, money is hard to buy happiness, happiness must have health, happiness in life is not fame and fortune in health, physical strength is not in money for exercise!
47. Diet is expensive, reading is good, exercise is constant, diet is nourishing your stomach, reading more is nourishing your gallbladder, and exercise is longer!
48. You can't control the weather, but you can change your mood. You can't change your looks, but you can master yourself. You cannot foresee tomorrow, but you can cherish today!
49. The person who loves life, life also loves him.
50. I can certainly do what others can do.
51. Don't waste your life, where you will regret it.
52. In adversity, trying to turn the tide to make the strong stronger, and the weaker the weaker.
53. The cool breeze blows the maple leaves red, and cold words make the strong mature.
54. Efforts are not necessarily successful;
55. Never complain, rely on yourself.
56. The biggest change in life is to do what you are afraid of.
57. A great man is great because when he is in adversity with others, others lose their confidence, but he is determined to achieve his goals.
58. There is no despair in the world, only people who are desperate for the situation.
59. The world will make way for those who have goals and vision.
60. Without accumulating steps, there is no miles to go; without accumulating small streams, there is no way to become a sea. Leaping forward, not ten steps; The rotten wood is unbroken; the perseverance, the golden stone can be carved.
61. If you don't set limits on yourself, there will be no barriers in life that restrict you.
62. There are many ways to make money, but if you can't find the seeds to make money, you can't become a career entrepreneur.
63. Life is not a nuisance, but a sculpture.
64. When you cherish your past, be satisfied with yourself, and be optimistic about your future, you are standing at the top of your life.
65. Smiling doesn't cost money, but it can create wealth. Praise does not cost money, but it can generate strength. Don't overshare, but it can increase happiness.
66. Even if you climb to the highest mountain, you can only take one step at a time.
67. Positive thinking results in a positive life, and negative thinking results in a negative life.
68. There is no free lunch in the world, and all success depends on your own efforts. Opportunities need to be seized and created.
69. A person who is blindly addicted to the past cannot open his arms to embrace today.
70. Be sure to make the most of your leisure time and don't let any opportunity for self-development slip away.
71. There is only one way to separate levels in society, and that is competition, and you must work hard, otherwise the end will be suppressed at the bottom of society.
72. Regret is a kind of emotional exhaustion. Regret is a greater loss than a loss, a bigger error than a mistake, so don't regret it.
73. Everyone has potential energy, but it is easy: it is covered by habits, blurred by time, and consumed by inertia.
74. It is better to retreat to the net instead of Lin Yuan.
75. The lamp of life is lit by enthusiasm, and the boat of life is advancing by struggle.
76. Happiness is always with generous people, wealth is always with honest people, smart is always with noble people, charm is always with humorous people, health is always with open-minded people.
77. The fool uses the flesh to monitor the soul, and the wise uses the soul to monitor the flesh.
78. If life strips away ideals, dreams, and fantasies, life is just a pile of empty shelves.
79. Try to build bricks from other people into a solid foundation, life will not be so hard.
80. Only in boiling water can the tea develop a strong aroma of life.
81. Life is like a galloping river. Without islands and reefs, it is difficult to stir beautiful waves.
82. There are many ways to make money, but if you can't find the seeds to make money, you can't become a career entrepreneur.
83. Don't think about creating the sea, you must start with Xiaohechuan.
84. There is no reward in the world for encouraging hard work. All rewards are only used to reward work results.
85. Even an immature attempt is better than a deadlock strategy.
86. Positive people see an opportunity in every affliction, while negative people see some sorrow in every opportunity.
87. Action is the cure for fear, and hesitation and delay will continue to nourish it.
88. No one in the world can achieve success by relying solely on their own strength. There must be many people behind the success to help you intentionally or unconsciously. You must always be grateful to them.
89. The name of the bystander never climbed on the scoreboard of the game.
90. If we want more roses, we must plant more rose trees.
91. When you hold something in your hand, you can only own it. If you let go, you will have a chance to choose something else. If a person's heart insists on his own ideas and refuses to let go, then his wisdom can only reach a certain level.
92. Never laugh at your teacher's ignorance or monotony, because one day when you find out that it is actually stupid to mock your teacher with doze, you have hit a lot of nails in society.
93. Don't imagine yourself becoming a darling at job fairs. When you understand that 70% of junior high school students can go to college, you should understand that people don't worship the majority of a group.
94. A person can fail many times, but as long as he does not start to blame others, he is not a loser.
95. You can't get used to something, but you should learn to accept it-if you can't change everything.
96. I hope I don't feel guilty about life every time I recall.
97. There is a brick wall in your life that blocks your dreams, and that is for a reason. These brick walls let us prove just how much we want to get what we need.
98. Those who have not failed may not have succeeded.
99. In order to develop their lives to the highest point, successful people always enrich their hidden living time as much as possible and strive to develop artificial time.
100. If you want to master eternity, then you must control the present.

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