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Aphorisms that break the true meaning of life

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1. Life is like a ball. No matter how much it rolls around, it always stops at one point.
2. If you have ever used failure as a sober agent, don't let success become a psychedelic soup.
3. The reason why people are suffering is to pursue the wrong things.
4. Rather than saying that you are suffering, it is better to say that you have not cultivated enough.
5. If you don't bother yourself, others can never bother you. You can not let go because of your heart.
6. When you are happy, you have to think that this happiness is not eternal. When you are in pain you have to think that the pain is not eternal.
7. Know yourself, surrender yourself, and change yourself in order to change others.
8. When you fall to the bottom of the valley, it just means that you can only go up, not down!
9. Every trauma is a maturity.
10. When you know deceit, you are not pitiful; when you do not know deceit, you are the poorest.
11. An arrogant person is saved, but an inferior person is not saved.
12. You have to be tolerant of those who disagree with you, so that life will be better. If you always want to change him, you will be very painful. Learn how to tolerate him. You have to learn how to tolerate him.
13. To acknowledge your greatness is to acknowledge your ignorance.
14. People who are full of their opinions and thoughts will never hear the voices of others.
15. It takes only one sentence to destroy people, but one thousand words to cultivate a person. Please be merciful.
16. When you advise others, no matter how good the words are, they are useless.
17. Don't be mixed with arrogance in your wisdom, don't make your humble heart lack wisdom.
18. Don't people live like this forever? In just a few tens of cold and hot summers, the life that reached the end just after starting; today, tomorrow, I do not know if it belongs to my life; at this moment, I will never be able to recover it again; white hair will be difficult to blacken and take off Once the tooth is broken, it will be difficult to give birth, the wrong thing will be wrong, and the broken heart will be harder to recover for a lifetime; one will not allow us to live again from the beginning, even if we go back one day, one point, one time A lifetime.
19. Being jealous of others will not add any benefit to yourself. Being jealous of others cannot reduce their achievements.
20. Failure is a comma for the strong and a period for the weak.
21. Poverty itself is not terrible. What is terrible is the idea of poverty and the belief that you are destined to be poor. Once you have a poor mind, you will lose your aggressiveness and you will never get out of the shadow of failure.
22. In the face of difficulties, many people are discouraged, and successful people are often very clear, as long as they dare to struggle with difficulties, they will find that the difficulties are not so!
23. There is nothing good in this world, maybe time is the only good thing we have, we can't waste it! Who knows what will happen tomorrow. Time is eternity, and people waste time.
24. Everyone must find meaning in life. He needs to do a job to make him feel like he really has time. The less free time a person has, the more he understands the value of time and the more he can use it.
25. The so-called failure is actually a feeling of oneself. In the process of reaching the goal, the sense of despair caused by repeated obstruction of one's actions is an obstacle to nourishment in one's heart.
26. When you feel fear and doubt, it's like facing a small river ditch blocking the road. In fact, you can jump over by lifting your legs. It's that simple. In the face of many difficulties, all one needs is the courage to raise his leg.
27. What you learn is exercise, what you don't learn is discipline.
28. When you can't get what you want, you will get experience.
29. Calm lakes can't exercise intrepid sailors; a comfortable life can't create a strong person in life.
30. If someone is jealous around you, then you can exclude him from your competitors, jealous people, it is difficult to achieve great things.
31. There are many successful ways. Don't accept the methods you are not used to.
32. Life is only once for everyone, and we have no reason not to cherish our lives.
33. Persist in doing the same thing every day, it can exercise us very well, just try it.
34. Never waste your minutes, think of anyone you don't like.
35. Three days of the Prophet, ten years of wealth.
36. People who create opportunities are brave. People who wait opportunity is stupid.
37. People are like this, you can actively grasp it and face it indifferently. Think about it when you can't see it, just for relief! Think about it when your spirit is dying, to cheer up! Think about it when you are angry, so as to calm it down! Think about it when you are dissatisfied, so thank you! Because no matter what, you are always lucky to have this life, you can't come here for nothing!
38. Listen carefully to what others are saying, don't rush to express your own views.
39. Why do you want poison in the same bottle? The same psychology, why should you be full of troubles?
40. If you live a day, you are blessed and you should cherish it. When I cried that I had no shoes on, I found someone who had no feet.
41. If you pay more attention to others, you will think less of yourself, you know?
42. People who think they have wealth are actually owned by wealth.
43. It is safest to put a ship in the port, but that is not the purpose of shipbuilding.
44. A waterfall is a miracle created when rivers are desperate.
45. The rainbow after rain is more beautiful, and the suffering life is more brilliant.
46. Hard training will, adversity creates talent.
47. Life is like a match. Only sharpening will make a brilliant spark.
48. Don't assume that there is nothing in front of you because of a mist.
49. The sea is imposing because of the mighty waves, and life is meaningful because of the bumpy thorns.
50. With adversity, you have a chance to create miracles.
51. Setbacks are opportunities for the strong.
52. If there are no obstacles in the journey of life, what else can people do.
53. There is always someone who wants to win, why not me.
54. To change your destiny, change yourself first.
55. Today's success is due to yesterday's accumulation, and tomorrow's success depends on today's efforts. Success requires a process.
56. Destiny is in his own hands, and the fate of himself is created by himself.
57. If we throw a stone for a lifetime, even if we close our eyes, we will surely have a successful hit.
58. Take good care of yourself and don't care about others.
59. The power that prevents us from flying is from our inner fear.
60. Awakening of nature is often after encountering reality.
61. Once laziness is at its disposal, nothing can be done.
62. Success is not something that will only come in the future, but is accumulated from the moment you decide to do it.
63. One detail is enough to change a lifetime.
64. What is not available is always the best, the lost relationship is always memorable, and the lost is always unforgettable.
65. The goal is the fundamental difference between successful and mediocre.
66. What kind of value people give to things, people have what actions.
67. Hold difficulty on your head, it is the top stone; step on difficulty under your feet, it is stepping stone.
68. Starting a small step ahead, life is a big step ahead.
69. Unfortunately often comes from comparison, and happiness comes from comparison.
70. No matter how big the storm is, it can't get in your heart.
71. Do not forgive sentient beings, do not forgive sentient beings, you are suffering yourself.
72. What prevents you from going forward is not the one hundred stones in the path of life, but the one in your shoes.
73. The house built by the bricks looks beautiful, but it will collapse suddenly.
74. When you hold the sand in both hands, you will not get the pearl on the ground.
75. Set goals and refine them into practical actions at each step.
76. Time is the ultimate resource for everyone.
77. Since everything will pass, then we must seize the present.
78. Believe in the loyalty of friends. Believe in your courage. Believe the stupidity of the enemy.
79. Anger is punishing yourself by doing something wrong.
80. Happiness is a capability.
81. If you don't want to be knocked down, you can only increase your weight.
82. Inferiority is more terrible poverty.
83. The strongest binding is habit.
84. If you can live again, everyone will be the winner.
85. No one can give you strength but yourself.
86. Time leaves the power of wisdom to the diligent and the emptiness and remorse to the lazy.
87. Hardworking people always feel that time passes too fast; lazy people always complain that time runs too slowly.
88. Everyone has potential energy, but it's easy: covered by habits, confused by time, and consumed by inertia.
89. Open the fishing net first, and the fish will find the entrance to the fishing net.
90. In places deeper than night, there must be darker eyes than night.
91. Life is like a big stage, everyone has their own role to play. As for what role to play, you decide for yourself.
92. Every trauma is a maturity.
93. With a whip, the gyro will rotate.
94. Success requires a price, and unsuccessful costs a higher price.
95. It is better to fail in the things you like than to succeed in the things you hate.
96. Life had no director, but each of us acted like an actor, seriously performing in order to fit the plot.
97. Regardless of whether there are rice grains on other people's faces, please look in the mirror first.
98. Believing that belief can prevail over everything is itself the greatest belief.
99. No matter how long you can go, you can walk step by step, and even if you are short, you cannot reach it without opening your feet.
100. Ears that grow around our brains often control our brains.

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