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100 quotes from life

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1. Solving the most complicated things often requires the easiest way.
2. Time is like an animal-powered vehicle, and its speed depends on the whip in our hands.
3. Happiness is not because you have more, but because you have less care.
4. If you are smart, why not be rich?
5. Only fools use their feet to test the depth of the river.
6. Showing off requires an audience, and showing off just makes us lose our audience.
7. Theory is one thing, and reality is another.
8. Knowledge plays with wealth.
9. Someone looks at the shadows in the light, and some look at the light in the shadows.
10. Time is a constant, but it is also a variable. There are an infinite number of hardworking people and an infinite number of lazy people.
11. When there is no retreat, it is when the potential is maximized.
12. Thinking determines the way out, vigor determines the height, details determine the success or failure, and personality determines the fate.
13. Nothing bad, only bad mood.
14. We are always concerned about whether what we get is valuable, and often ignore whether it is a pity to give up something.
15. Nothing is more extraordinary than letting nature go. There is nothing more fascinating than magic.
16. The world is as big as the heart is!
17. The warmest flames, frozen in the deepest silent volcano.
18. An aimless life is like sailing without a compass.
19. When a great man really stands in front of you, you will feel that he is shorter than you.
20. Fear of failure and dare not let go and never succeed.
21. Don't drill into sorrow when you are unhappy, think about the days with laughter.
22. We can't, not because we can't, but because others say we can't.
23. When you see a person without a right hand, you will not complain about which birthmark on your right hand.
24. It is not the environment that makes us feel happy, but the attitude.
25. The so-called heroes actually refer to those who can survive under any circumstances.
26. Laziness is a hiding place for the weak-willed.
27. Without the encouragement of ideals, human activities will become empty and small.
28. Tell you the location of a treasure, it is in your life.
29. Laziness is punished not only for its own failure, but also for the success of others.
30. Time is the most open and reasonable. It never gives anyone a share. Hard-working people can give time to bunches of fruits. Lazy people give them white hair and empty hands.
31. No matter when you start, it is important not to stop after you start; no matter when you end, it is important not to regret after it ends.
32. All victory is insignificant compared with victory over conquering yourself; all failures are more insignificant compared with failure to lose oneself.
33. As long as you stand up more than once, you succeed.
34. If the enemy makes you angry, it means that you have not won his grasp.
35. If you believe that you are the best, then you are the smartest.
36. Regret is an emotional exhaustion. Regret is greater loss than loss and greater error than mistake, so don't regret it.
37. Failure stems from neglecting details, and success begins with focusing on small things.
38. The warm and cold of life depends on the temperature of the soul.
39. The saddest thing about a person is that he cannot defeat himself.
40. Morality is the most beautiful flower, and the most holy heart. It is convincing and open-minded.
41. When you decide not to care anymore, life is getting better!
42. Sometimes, there is no next time, no opportunity to restart, no pause to continue. Sometimes, if you miss the present, you will never have a chance.
43. People will not suffer for a lifetime, but they will suffer for a while; many people suffer for a lifetime in order to avoid suffering.
44. Don't blame others for letting you down, blame yourself for expecting too much.
45. Some people, some words, it doesn't matter whether they say nothing or not; because if they see clearly, they will be taken lightly.
46. The so-called lack of time is because it is not used well.
47. Life is a one-way journey. Even if we have some regrets, we do not have the opportunity to start again. Rather than tangling the past that cannot be changed, cherish the future with a smile.
48. If you have a small heart, you will have more troubles. You have a large heart and rich wisdom.
49. Hope is a sweet wait; miss is a warm mood; friends are the blessings of a lifetime; love is the fate of a lifetime.
50. Water dripping through stones is not powerful but deep in effort.
51. When facing adversity, be indifferent, and when facing adversity, be calm.
52. Conquering the world is not great. A person can conquer himself and be the greatest person in the world.
53. Hate others, but the pain is yourself.
54. The reason why people are ordinary is that they cannot surpass themselves.
55. The bitterness is good medicine, and the ears must be faithful. Overcome the must-have wisdom and protect the inner non-sage.
56. For a while, calm and calm, take a step back, the sea and the sky.
57. If you cannot find a reason to insist, you must find a reason to start again.
58. Everyone's personality has some unacceptable parts, even the best people. So don't demand others or blame yourself.
59. Happiness does not require extravagance and luxury. Sometimes the more you want, the harder it is to be happy. Little people, little desires, little satisfaction are big happiness.
60. If the heart is simple, the world will be simple, and happiness will grow; if the heart is free, life will be free, and happiness will be everywhere.
61. Don't talk nonsense when you don't understand; don't say more when you understand; say slowly when you are upset;
62. People who do n’t have to worry too much, who are willing to suffer losses, ca n’t suffer losses after all. If they suffer too much, there is always a good report. Those who love to take advantage must not take advantage, and win a small profit, but lose a lot.
63. Hard work can make up for the lack of cleverness, but cleverness cannot make up for the laziness.
64. An arrogant person is saved, but an inferior person is not saved.
65. The thorns exist so that weeds cannot easily be trampled on.
66. Smart people create more opportunities than they meet.
67. Only she can gain.
68. As long as you work hard, you can become the person you want to be.
69. Hard work and wisdom are twins, laziness and stupidity are brothers.
70. You exchange with one hundred points of hard work and success, and there is nothing that does not close.
71. Tens of millions of people fail because they fail to do things thoroughly, and often they only stop one step before success.
72. Faith is an indestructible blade.
73. Climb to the highest realm, you will suddenly find: the scenery there is actually your commonplace.
74. As far as you can look, you can go as far as you can.
75. Change yourself, challenge yourself, from now on.
76. Everything has cause and effect.
77. The greatest secret and wealth of life is health and happiness.
78. Life is like fireworks, and it is impossible to hang the sky forever;
79. Unfortunately, like a stone, the weak see it as a stumbling block, and the strong see it as a stepping stone.
80. In life, two things should be done less: use your own mouth to interfere with others 'lives; rely on others' brains to think about your life.
81. Everyone will be tired. No one can bear all the sadness and exhaustion for you, so people always have to learn to grow up for a while.
82. The world made me scaly, but the wounds grew wings.
83. If someone throws a stone at you, don't throw it back and keep it as the cornerstone of your high-rise building. You hate me, I don't mind, I live not to please you.
84. Please take care of your passions and ideals. In this era of doubt, we still need faith.
85. When we move away from the stumbling blocks of others, maybe we are just paving the way for ourselves.
86. In many cases, I dug a pit myself, and then jumped in without hesitation. The pit is dug by myself, and the jump is by myself, and the one who can't get out is also myself.
87. Like to do what others don't want to do.
88. The establishment of the great cause of life is not in the knowing, but in the work.
89. Birds living in cages think flying is a disease.
90. Although the world lies a long way, the path you take will not lie to you.
91. Every time you lose your soul, there is a time when you are dangling. All your pain is due and you deserve it.
92. Life has its own ups and downs, and everyone should learn to endure a sadness that belongs to them in life.
93. Emotions such as sadness are a waste of short lives and are really unnecessary.
94. It is never too late to remedy a mistake and have nothing to do with time.
95. Life is like a cafeteria. Choose what you want to eat.
96. True happiness comes from tolerance and help.
97. Understand yourself as you wish. Don't underestimate yourself and be led astray by others' opinions.
98. Without reefs, there are no beautiful sprays; without setbacks, there is no magnificent life.
99. A lazy teenager will be a sloppy old man in the future.
100. The coward holds the difficulty above his head, and the hero tramples it under his feet.

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