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Sentences inspired by philosophy

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1. Life is natural: come is accidental, go is inevitable, take it for granted, and let it be.
2. The real tenacity is to be thorough when crying, to be pregnant when you are smiling, to be as vivid as possible, and not to hesitate when you are doing it.
3. A person who knows why he lives can endure any life.
4. We always take some small favors given by strangers as great graces, but take those who are close to you to take good care of you for granted.
5. If nothing happens, it turned out to be the best revenge. Why prove to someone who isn't worth it and live a better life for yourself.
6. Life is not easy at all. You don't need to long for others' understanding and approval to live your life quietly. If the heart does not move, the wind is nothing. If you are not hurt, years will pass.
7. The mountain road twists and turns, but after all it stretches towards the peak.
8. Many people like to run, but not many people run every day, many people have dreams, but not many people insist on dreams.
9. It's not a big chance of falling in the sky that determines your destiny, but a tiny choice you make every minute. All the difference is only in that minute.
10. Don't regret it, it is better to do three things: one is to know how to choose; the other is to know how to persist; the third is to know how to cherish.
11. The turn of fate begins from this second of the moment, and the most terrible situation is to miss the past, dream about the future, and waste the present.
12. No matter where you go, no matter what you will be greeted in the future, please set off with a sunny mood.
13. Because there is no, I never worry about losing; because I want, I will suffer.
14. The two most difficult tests in life: patience waiting for the time, and courage to face all occasions.
15. Time tells you what aging is, and memories tell you what is naive. Don't always linger in past memories. Yesterday's sun can't dry today's clothes.
16. Do what others don't want to do today, and tomorrow you can do what others can't.
17. When you reach a certain age, you must learn to be quiet. Every sentence must be useful and weighty. Emotions and anger are invisible, big things are indifferent, and they have their own bottom line.
18. While you're young, don't be afraid to suffer more. These adversity and discipline will make you really learn to be humble. Otherwise, your self-righteous cleverness and contempt for superiority will ruin you sooner or later.
19. No matter what state you are in now, it's time to say to yourself: Don't worry about the vague future, just work hard for the clear present.
20. Of the easiest things in the world, procrastination is the least painful.
21. Noble ideals are like flowers growing on high mountains. If you want to do it, hard work is the rope for climbing.
22. Life is like riding a roller coaster. There are peaks and troughs, which means that whether it is good or bad right now is only temporary.
23. Do things when you are awake, read when you are confused, sleep when you are angry, and think when you are alone.
24. The road is chosen by yourself, so even if you fall and get hurt in the future, you must learn to bear it and heal yourself. We are all like this and learn to grow up.
25. Flowers are exhausted only once in a year, beautiful and short-lived, just like youth. The difference is that it takes many years to spend, but we only have one lifetime.
26. Our strongest opponent is not necessarily others, but may be ourselves! Before you surpass others, you must surpass yourself!
27. The seed keeps in mind the raindrops' devotion, and strengthens its courage.
28. Action is a good cure for fear, and hesitation and delay will continue to nourish fear.
29. The character of the waves is that they are shattered by the reefs numerous times and flutter towards the reefs.
30. People are contradictory, eager to be understood, and afraid to be seen through.
31. After some roughening by the sea, the pebbles became more beautiful and smooth.
32. Life can be sweet or bitter, but it cannot be tasteless. You can win or lose, but you cannot give in.
33. The more you look the simpler, the more hearty you are.
34. Bonsai Xiumu was ruined by the love of others.
35. If the sapling refuses to trim because it is afraid of pain, it will never become fruit.
36. The rapids of life have emerged to the cliffs of Manzhang. As long as you go further, you will become a magnificent waterfall.
37. Life is cruel, sadness lets you understand what happiness means, noise teaches you how to appreciate silence, and detours remind you that there is a smooth road ahead.
38. The mountain springs sang a wonderful song after all the twists and turns.
39. The road through the clouds only kisses the footprints of climbers.
40. Those who dare to declare war against darkness must be filled with light.
41. Pride is a kite with a broken lead, which is fleeting; low self-esteem is a flying bird with its wings cut off, and it is difficult to get into the sky. Both are taboos for success.
42. Open your Internet cafe to your good hopes and pursuits. 999 times have failed, and 1,000 times.
43. Only creation is real enjoyment, and only hard work is fulfilling life.
44. The rapids can only appreciate the wonders at the source of the river.
45. The bees who are busy collecting, have no time to talk in front of people.
46. There is a person who will never abandon you at any time, this person is you. Who is not hypocritical, who is not fickle, who is not who. Why bother some people and some things so important.
47. The reason why some wounds always hurt is because you always touch them.
48. Do not seek to compare with others, but to surpass oneself, cry if you cry, excite tears, and laugh when you grow up!
49. Life is not to transcend others, but to transcend ourselves.
50. The great thing is not how much strength, but how long it can persist.
51. God never complains about people's ignorance, but people complain about God's injustice.
52. Pain in learning is temporary, and pain not learned is lifelong.
53. The environment will never be perfect. Negative people are controlled by the environment, but positive people control the environment.
54. Only those who are constantly looking for opportunities will seize the opportunities in time, and the harder you work, the luckier you will be.
55. There are only people who can't figure out, there is no way to go.
56. Don't leave my youth blank, I dare to think wildly.
57. Life always has rainy days and sunny days, but it always rains and clears up.
58. There is no absolute fairness in life, but relatively fairness. On a balance, the more you get, the more you have to bear. Every seemingly low starting point is the only way to a higher peak.
59. You have to learn to cover your ears and not listen to the bustling voices; there is no one who is not forced in this world, and only you can truly heal you.
60. Time will tell you the truth. Some things don't realize it's a mistake until you're gradually awake; some things don't know its weight until you really let go.
61. Time does not really help us solve any problems, it just makes the original problems that can't be figured out anymore, and it is no longer important.
62. Life is not for you to compromise. The more you flinch, the less room you can breathe.
63. The elapsed time will flow into the infinite black hole forever and never return, so we must cherish every second of the moment.
64. There is no fatal ending, only a process of insufficient effort.
65. Your potential is much stronger than what you show.
66. Hard work means the blood of today, not the determination of tomorrow, the guarantee of the day after tomorrow.
67. Tell others with a smile that today I am stronger than yesterday.
68. The waterfall appears to be particularly majestic when it crosses steep cliffs.
69. Hard work can make up for the lack of cleverness, but cleverness cannot make up for the laziness.
70. Loneliness is a hurdle that every strong man must experience.
71. Sometimes, after insisting on what you don't want to do, you will get what you want most.
72. The dazzling rainbow will always be after the rain and sunny.
73. Keep corals away from stormy waters? It's the same as burying their beauty.
74. If the blade is afraid of hurting itself without touching the sharpening stone, it will never be sharp.
75. In fact, there is nothing if everyone's life cannot be redesigned.
76. Only if we can bear the wind and rain of the journey can we finally hold the rainbow.
77. One of the great advantages of a great person is that he is indomitable in adverse and difficult encounters.
78. The biggest difference between great men and ordinary people is to cherish time.
79. The key to success is our response to failure.
80. Life is beautiful for some people, who struggle for a certain goal all their lives.
81. Even if action leads to error, it also brings learning and growth; inaction leads to stagnation and atrophy.
82. A tenacious change of perseverance can conquer any peak in the world.
83. A great man is great because when he is in adversity with others, others lose their confidence, but he is determined to achieve his goals.
84. Use every second of this life to give yourself a future without regrets.
85. Instead of worrying too much, let it go.
86. I want to live like a piece of lime. The more people splash my cold water, the more my life boils.
87. If hateful setbacks make you taste the bitter fruit, friends, uplifting will surely make you taste the joy of life.
88. If you are afraid of the ups and downs of the rocks in front of you, life will always be a pool of standing water.
89. I believe that as long as I walk down, I will always get out of my sky.
90. Looking at life with a magnifying glass, life is a tragedy; looking at life with a telescope, life is a comedy.
91. No matter when you start, it is important not to give up lightly after you start.
92. Don't be tired of your current efforts, the night before dawn is always the darkest.
93. Do not miss the past, not for the future, cherish the present.
94. People without background need to redouble their efforts.
95. Tell yourself that everything that can't kill you will eventually make you stronger.
96. The real strong are not people without tears, but people who run with tears.
97. Thanks to the person who hurt you, because he tempered your mind!
98. Sometimes you have to be your own hero.
99. Forget the darkness of the dawn, remember the dawn of the dawn.
100. Strong faith wins strong people and then makes them stronger.

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