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Talk about mood phrases life perception

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1. The people who should come, the people who should go, do n’t resist, do n’t stay, do n’t give up, do n’t worry. Don't linger on the things that passed away, because they don't belong to you.
2. The most unhappy people in this world are those who know too much but think too much.
3. We know that life is like this, sometimes romance is sudden, like it ’s just one encounter in one ’s life; sometimes it ’s made overnight when it ’s famous, which makes people flattered. Hidden among the masses, most of our time can only be submissive and enjoy the joy that opportunity gives us.
4. Don't make excuses for your own indulgence. It's a lifetime of happiness, but a beautiful story, and then there will be a lifetime of pain.
5. Some people are just fleeting in your life, but you are waiting for life.
6. Say hello to yourself, you can cry very embarrassedly when you are sad, very embarrassed, and when your tears are dry, you should raise your head and smile beautifully.
7. What I have is, but the feelings that are due to her have swallowed everything up; What I have is, but without her I feel everything is nothing.
8. Focus on yourself when no one loves, and the ability to embrace each other when someone loves; ten years ago, people around you would treat you according to your parents' income. Ten years later, the people around you will treat your parents and your children based on your income! This is human nature and life. There is no choice but to work hard.
9. Life goes bad to a certain extent, because it cannot be worse. After working hard, I knew a lot of things, persisted, and came over.
10. In this world, the hardest to guess is the human heart, and the coolest is also the human heart! Can't see clearly, can't understand, don't get tired of yourself. See through, don't speak, don't hurt others. People to people, heart to heart; I can accept what is clear; I will be grateful for conscience!
11. May you let go of your attachment, let go of it, and from now on, you will only be responsible for fascinating your life. If you do n’t look back, if the future does n’t come, if you are in full bloom, the breeze comes from you; although life has its end, life is boundless, life can be natural, but life must be serious.
12. Don't waste time on villains and trivial things. Generals have swords and don't cut flies. There are always too many complicated people and things in life. There are many people who smile at you, but few people who are really good to you are few. . We can't take heart from everyone, but we need to be conscientious.
13. No one can truly live 100% independent of others. People who blindly reject dependence and want to be independent are hard to be truly independent, at best they are only isolated.
14. The heart is like a door, wide and wide, so that everything can pass. If you keep the door closed or just open a seam all day, the more you look at it, the more you mumble, the more you think about it, and the more you worry about it, the more you block your door.
15. It takes a little patience to live a long time before you can stand on the top of the mountain and appreciate the rugged mountain roads you have passed. Human dilemmas may last for a long time. The best thing I can do is to find something to do and wait for a turn.
16. When you decide to be a happy person from now on, you also know that the first thing you need to be is a strong person.
17. For many years to come, when desperation strikes me, only when I think that I have tried my best to save it and paid for it can calm me down.
18. Maybe we go that far, not to see the scenery, but to meet ourselves at the end of the world. Because only in such a distant place can you leave the noisy world behind.
19. Everyone's choice is the best choice made within their own ability. Most people are slaves of security. When you feel that life is easy and your sense of accomplishment is explosive, it is very likely that you just chose Basic difficulty.
20. Facing the sea, spring blossoms, give your heart a harbor, wind, rain and laughter; give your heart a blue sky, look for it, and think quietly.
21. Life is short, no time can be wasted, all freedom is what we should strive for, and how others think of me is so insignificant.
22. He knows that the rivers and lakes are sinister, and he just wants to take care of you; deep affection is a burden that I can't bear, and love words are just lies that happen by chance. Because of you, I am willing to take this risk, even if there is no tomorrow ...
23. Be the truest and most beautiful one, and follow your heart, don't look back, don't look around, and don't care what others say. I can talk about you if I can't compare with you. People who are stronger than you are busy rushing on the road and won't look at you more.
24. I know you by chance, meet you twice to pay attention to you, date you three times and four times, miss you seven or eight times, ninety percent should like you, very sure I love you.
25. The world is so big, you can't ask everyone's three views to agree with you. The only way is to make yourself stronger and psychologically indestructible to protect you from being selfish. And narrow people hurt.
26. You often hang “dreams” on your lips, but you lose on the laziness that you do not want to change; you yearn for a better life, but you do not want to jump out of the comfort zone to fight.
27. No matter what, I think you are the best. This is the preference. There is no reason for preference; the edge of happiness is often sadness.
28. When you are very tired, you still have to grit your teeth and stick to it, because you still have a home behind you. Carry all the difficulties alone. That is responsibility.
29. Everything in life is no coincidence. What you get is from what you give.
30. Every encounter in life is fate, there is no right or wrong. Every morning in life, you should work hard, you can't delay looking at the front, and live in the present. Life has never been easier, it is just that we have become stronger. People always say that time can change everything, but in fact we must change by ourselves. If you change yourself, everything else will change.
31. Life is blossoming after blossoming; life is a one-way train, and there will be many stops large and small at the stop, but never return tickets. On this train, some things can be done, some things must be done, some things can be done or not, and some things can't be done.
32. The praise given by others can be a powerful controlling force. Your value depends entirely on the opinions of others. Once others no longer give alms, you will have nothing and you will feel worthless. Therefore, the need for praise is a negative energy.
33. Life depends not on time, but on cherishment. No matter how colorful each person ’s journey is, no matter how rough each person ’s journey is, no matter how noble everyone ’s status is, and no matter how humble your status is, it will eventually return like a fallen leaf To the place where all beings belong.
34. Life is wind and rain, give yourself a smile. In life, there are too many reasons and no answers; sometimes we are on the way to pay, we can gain, clearly see what we want, or do not want, this is not a precious result.
35. If you don't get a reward, you must know what is appropriate; otherwise, it will disturb others and hurt yourself. There is no if in life, but there are many but; life cannot regret, but can turn.
36. The more lazy a person is, the more things he has to do tomorrow; the more diligent a person is, the more good days he will have tomorrow. The reason you are tired is that you only have constant psychological blame, and there is no immediate change in action.
37. When you look down from the 20th floor, it's all beautiful; but when you look down from the second floor, it's all rubbish ... If people don't have height, they will see all the problems; if people don't have a pattern, they will see everything. It's trivial!
38. The clarity of water is not because it contains no impurities, but because it knows how to precipitate; the transparency of the heart is not because there are no thoughts, but because it knows the choice.
39. When you are unhappy, try to talk less and sleep more. Only a warm quilt and a good dream at night can comfort us who have too many unhappy days.
40. Even if life has a thousand reasons to make you cry, you have to find a reason to make yourself laugh, this is life.
41. The purpose of being busy is often to enjoy life, give back to parents, satisfy family, and help children. The result of being busy is often: to live up to life, to stay away from parents, to desert the family, and to alienate children.
42. You can't control even when you sleep, you still want to control your life; your problem is that you know everything, but you are lazy.
43. Persevere as hard as possible, be indifferent to the best, be confident no matter how bad, and save even more.
44. There is only one reason to get you confused, think too much and do too little, don't forget, only action can make a person.
45. To live is not to win sympathy by tears, but to win applause by sweat!
46. A long way, if you still do n’t see hope, then change the direction; One thing, after thinking for a long time, still tangled in your heart, choose to let go Later regrets, no caring afterwards, high self-esteem, low IQ goodness.
47. You will never know how strong you are, until one day you have no choice but to be strong.
48. Believe that life will not treat you badly, you suffer, you suffer, you fall into the pit, you go the wrong way, you will cultivate a unique and mature and grateful you.
49. In fact, how can there be a hurdle, and give yourself some time to heal. Rather than defeating yourself, it's better to say freely.
50. Don't blame any one person, one thing, your own today is countless superposition and accumulation of yesterday, so it is important to take every step of today!
51. You don't have to be anxious, God has his own arrangements. You just have to work hard, and then God will see your efforts in the crowd, and he will arrange something good for you.
52. In this life, people will inevitably stumble, there will be ups and downs. In addition to our courage, we must learn to bow and concede. The so-called success requires not only the ability to hold and move, but also the wisdom to let down and look at it. You have a long way to go and taste carefully.
53. Work hard, not to impress anyone, or to show someone, but to make yourself capable of jumping out of the circle you hate at any time, and have the right to choose, and live your life in the way you like.
54. Life has tasted the sweetness of Baiwei Fangjue. Occasionally the hidden sun is warmer when it comes again; the ambiguous hope is only pleasantly surprised when it appears. Keeping an optimistic attitude, the sky will dawn as you walk, and happiness will come.
55. The right person does not have to have a high EQ, but must understand your point. I know how to make you happy so that you don't have to spend too much time together. He doesn't make sense when you're emotional, and doesn't hit you when you're angry and smoke. Like playing badminton and taking turns to serve, you will never make you the one who picks up the ball.
56. I'm always careful, always measuring, always asking if I can do it, I'm afraid I might inadvertently hurt others, worry that I don't handle it properly, I don't want to let others down, but no one ever asked me if I would be happy.
57. Don't get entangled in an awkward thing for too long. If you have been entangled for a long time, you will be annoying, painful, tired, tired, heartbroken. In fact, in the end, you are not having trouble with things, but you are having trouble with yourself. No matter how awkward, you must learn to withdraw. Do n’t run into a stinking ditch just because you ’re on the way to the beautiful scenery. It ’s a bad mood to appreciate beauty. Think about why you are here.
58. A person's life is very short, each person has his own love, each has his or her own needs, each has his own aspirations, each has his own life, and his own life track. Whether for the name, for the benefit, for the official, or for the cause. Everyone must pay his own price and energy for his life.
59. Everyone hides a great self. As long as you are not decadent or negative, you have been quietly brewing optimism, nurturing openness, adhering to kindness, and always moving towards your dreams, there is no distance that you cannot reach.
60. In many cases, complaining is useless, complaining that one day is far from fruitful. So go for it! Turn all complaints and dissatisfaction into motivation, and show the world powerfully.
61. If you have to be enlightened by others even if you earn money from work, you must stare, watch, coax, encourage, and advise you to stop doing it, then you should be poor! This is not chicken soup, this is reality.
62. When you are not worthy of your ambitions, please calm down and work hard so as not to live up to the suffering you once suffered.
63. Coffee bitterness and sweetness do not lie in how to stir, but in whether you put sugar; a period of pain is not in how to forget, but in whether you have the courage to start again.
64. Life does not require us to be the best, it only requires us to do our best.
65. Years is an accurate calculator, which records your dedication and effort exactly, measures your foundation and strength, and measures your weight and value. ——Work hard, years will not disappoint you.
66. People live with a mentality, your mentality is adjusted, no matter how great the difficulty is in front of you, it will not scare you; if your mentality is not good, temporary difficulties will be subjectively and infinitely subject to you Exaggeration has become an insurmountable divide.
67. Our destiny is determined by our actions, not by our origin. Opportunities will never be equal, but the results may be equal.
68. Sometimes people are like this. When they encounter the most serious thing, they will pass by themselves. After hearing a word of comfort from the people around them, they will be defeated instantly. Later I realized that it is not indifference that is fearful but sudden tenderness, that it is not that I suffer, but that the person around me is sad for you, that I am not alone, that I am afraid of being upset.
69. Leaves are not yellow all day; hearts are not cold all day. The clothes are torn and can be sewn; the heart is broken but only hurts. It's not easy to meet in life; if you know each other, you should cherish it! Go the wrong way, remember to turn back; love the wrong person, you must know how to let go.
70. No matter how hard you work today, the fallen leaves tomorrow will still drift down. Life is impermanent, and impermanence is a normal state of life. Learn to adapt to this impermanence.
71. No matter how deep the wound is, it will also slowly crust in the liquid medicine of time; no matter how painful the past is, it will fade if you touch it from time to time. Turn around calmly and let yourself go. If your heart is not chaotic, you will not be controlled by the outside world; if you don't look up too much, you will get a calm heart.
72. An optimistic person forgets resentment because of a smile; a pessimistic person forgets to laugh because he can only complain. Life advances in bumps; gains in busyness, experiences in sorrow and joy; comprehension in pain; choice in gains and losses; firmness in struggle!
73. It is not the alarm clock that wakes up every day, it is a great dream. It is not others who are abandoned every day, but immature selves. Every day is not a long night, but a dawn.
74. We must make good money. There are too many moments in a person's life when they can defend their dignity with money.
75. Life is short, don't let yourself live too tired, squeeze into the world, don't push hard, hard for others, and belittle yourself; if you ca n’t do it, do n’t try hard, change your mind, maybe you will get twice the result with half the effort; Do n’t take things that you ca n’t get, even if you get them temporarily, you will lose them.
76. The true tenacity is to be thorough when crying, to be pregnant when laughing, to be vivid when talking, and not to hesitate when doing it. Life experience is like a pencil. It is very sharp at the beginning. If you experience more, it will become smooth. If you cannot bear it, it will break.
77. You know so many people in this world, so many people are related to you, no matter how you change, you can never speak beautifully, and you can't make everyone like you, so it ’s better to be the one you want to be .
78. Cao Cao has a close friend no matter how treacherous, no matter how good Liu Bei is, he is deadly. Don't care too much about what other people think of you, do yourself well, do your own thing, and go your own way. Living in the eyes of others is the saddest thing in the world.
79. Sometimes I do n’t understand, I just do n’t want to understand; sometimes I do n’t understand, but I do n’t know what to do. Some things are too thorough, but I will be hurt, and I would rather be a lifetime.
80. People without money are better than ghosts, soup without salt is not as good as water, you will slowly discover that a good heart is worse than a good mouth, good heart is never better than a good mouth. This sentence is very realistic and will do better than What I said is that the true love is precious, I accompany drunk with my heart, face hypocrisy, and understand calmly, I just ca n’t learn forever.

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