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100 short life quotes

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1. Those who lived yesterday lost their past, those who lived tomorrow lost their future, and those who lived today have their past and future.

2. Happiness has no tomorrow or yesterday. It does not miss the past or yearn for the future. It only has the present.

3, know how to arrange yesterday, today, tomorrow, you know how to grasp life.

4. Don't sigh to yesterday, even though it was tomorrow the day before yesterday; don't want to go to tomorrow again because it will be the day after tomorrow.

5. There are three days in life: yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Yesterday has passed and tomorrow has not yet come. Only by grasping today and cherishing today can we add glory to life.

6. Yesterday was a voided check. Tomorrow is a futures. Only today is available cash.

7. Often the teachers on the stage have taught Qiqiao to smoke, and the students on the stage still know nothing.

8. The only thing most people do better than others is to recognize their own words.

9. "Development" is a modern behavior model of cutting down the woods, erecting tall buildings, and planting low grass and trees.

10. When humans cut down the first big tree in the natural jungle, civilization is declared to begin; when humans cut down the last big tree, civilization is declared to be over.

11. "Instalment payment" means that when you buy it, you seem to take it for nothing, and in the days to come, you don't give anything for nothing.

12. Thinking is the hardest work, which may be the reason why few people are willing to think.

13. If you don't want to do it, you will find an excuse; if you want to do it, you will find a way.

14. Hope is the sunshine of life, and action is the wings of hope.

15. Engage your language in order to embrace success.

16. Things in the world can only be done or not.

17. Even an immature attempt is better than a dead birth strategy.

18. Success has been trying since ancient times.

19. Waiting will make you lose today, and struggle will make you get tomorrow. When the temporary loss collides with the eternal pursuit, the most beautiful spark of life flashes.

20. Language is a flower and action is a fruit.

21. The infinite beauty of the sunset lies in feeling with the mind; the infinite beauty of youth needs to be grasped by action.

22. In life, if you hesitate yesterday, you will give up today, even if you wait for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow will be nothing.

23, why not sweep the whole room? Why is it trivial to do small things?

24. It is not that you have the courage before you dare to speak, but you have developed courage while you speak.

25. There is no mountain higher than humans, no longer way than foot.

26. The most regrettable thing in life is not that you haven't got anything you want, but that you haven't spoken to God.

27. Most people tend to brace themselves for lost opportunities, but ignore the opportunities before them.

28. There are four things that will never come back: speak out, the arrows shot out, the time that has passed, and the opportunity missed.

29. We have conquered the outer space of the universe, but we seem to have forgotten our own inner world.

30. The report is broadly divided into two categories: one can win thunderous applause, and the other can win thunderous slaps.

31. Like fashion, it is not your clothes that are easy to fall behind, but your ideas and abilities.

32. I do n’t know how to cherish it when I have it. Let us cherish everything we have together.

33. The so-called lack of time is because it is not used well.

34. The beauty of the shooting star is eternal because of its shortness; the beauty of falling flowers is wonderful because of its beauty; the beauty of its steed is handsome and elegant because of its elegance; the beauty of life is glorious because of its possession!

35. A lazy teenager will be a sloppy old man in the future.

36. The comfortable warm current can erode the long bank of will; the diligent waterfall can open the gate of wisdom.

37. It is laziness that makes Xintian barren, complacency that makes Xintian fail, hypocrisy that destroys Xintian, and hope that makes Xintian evergreen.

38. Early birds get worms.

39. Being a man doesn't have to stand upright, but he has to be upright; he doesn't have to be perfect, but he must have a clear conscience.

40. People should be like trees: standing is a beautiful landscape; falling down is a high-quality pillar.

41. People should be like "people", always up and down.

42. Be arbitrarily ideological and moderate in life.

43. Don't be greedy for cheap, lest you be fooled. Don't fight small, so as not to lose sight of the big picture.

44. One of the biggest bankruptcies is despair, and the biggest asset is hope.

45. There is no retreat in the face of difficulties, only hope can be achieved by moving forward.

46. No one can let you down, except yourself.

47. There is no time to make up, but at least there is no time to smile.

48. The coward holds the difficulty above his head, and the hero tramples it under his feet.

49. The strong conquered today, the coward lamented yesterday, and the lazy man waited for tomorrow.

50. Difficulty is a hard rock. For the weak, it is a stumbling block. For the strong, it is a stepping stone.

51. Difficulty is like a spring. When you are strong, it is weak, and when you are weak, it is strong.

52. Being strong is the pass for the winner, and weakness is the epitaph of the loser.

53. When you can't tell yourself what you have learned today, don't go to sleep.

54. The sun rises from the same place every day, but life cannot always linger in the same place.

55. The soul is purified in the pursuit of knowledge, and the faith rises in the cause.

56. Abundant knowledge comes from continuous learning.

57. The harvest can only be done once a year, but it must be brought to the ground every day.

58. Reading without a mind can make people dull.

59. A room without a book is like a room without a window.

60. No matter how beautiful the flower is, it must be set against green leaves; if the sky is blue, it needs the decoration of birds; no matter how wide the sea is, it also needs the embellishment of fish; no matter how smart you are, you need to enrich your knowledge.

61. The success of others can be used as a reference but cannot be copied.

62. Life is always a magnificent song for the wise, and its main theme is always struggle.

63. The strings are slack and can't play beautiful music; life is scattered, and the flame of non-burning life is lit.

64. Only by perseveringly searching, can one continuously gain.

65. A colorful picture needs the embellishment of the painter. A beautiful life requires people to work tirelessly.

66. Youth is the most beautiful song, as long as you sing with all your heart.

67. God gives everyone 24 hours, and it is you who gives value to these 24 hours.

68. Although we cannot change our lives, we can change our outlook on life. Although we cannot change the environment, we can change the mood.

69. We cannot choose our own heads, but we can choose our own thoughts.

70. The important thing in life is choice.

71. Opportunities are always in love with the people who are ready.

72. Destiny is like your own palm print. Although it twists and turns, it is always in your hands.

73. Don't let go if you have a chance, don't relax if you don't have a chance.

74. Those who always rely on the encouragement of others to fight are not strong; those who are not encouraged by others are simply cowards.

75. Smart people make up youth with excellent hard work, stupid people interpret life with crazy fun.

76. A person's life is like an essay, and it can only be perfected after many careful modifications.

77. The achievement in life seems to be a scavenger. You can't see how to do it, but you can see it if you don't.

78. Running your own strength is equivalent to depositing a deposit with the highest interest rate, which can continuously increase your life. Running your own shortcomings is equivalent to taking out a loan with the highest interest rate, which will continuously weaken your life.

79. The length of the trip is determined by the wallet, the width of the trip is determined by the eyes, and the depth of the trip is determined by the mind.

80. Someone helps you, it is your luck; no one helps you, it is a just fate; no one should do anything for you, because life is your own, you have to take responsibility for yourself.

81. You can perfunctory others, perfunctory work, perfunctory everything, but finally found: perfunctory yourself.

82. There are things that can be done and not done in the world. Those who can do it can't be delayed, and no procrastination can be achieved. Knowing advance and retreat is called a philosopher.

83. If you are in a hurry, don't take too much; if you want to rest, don't think too much.

84. Life is a brick and tile in the history of architecture, a pulp that fights with wind and waves, a cow who cultivates nature, and a ladder to help others climb. Dear friend, what are you willing to do in your life?

85. Life is like a cup of tea, it won't be hard for a lifetime, but it will always be hard for a while!

86. Don't forget to smile no matter how annoying you should be, and pay attention to your tone of voice!

87, will happiness just happen to be on the way to smile and rush to dream.

88. Because I pretended not to bear tears and laughed so embarrassedly.

89. Happiness is to wake up every morning to look at the watch, and even sleep for half an hour.

90. Wages are like a woman's aunt, only once a month, and it's over in a few days.

91, 5 years, I have been chasing you for 5 years. Although I still haven't succeeded, I will stick to it and come on!

92. For my Audi, for my wife's Dior, for my child's Oreo, come on!

93. The world is beautiful because it is reflected in too much regret on earth.

94. I have been thinking, someday, kidnap the principal, tie him to the bed in the school dormitory, give him a small fan to see how long he can live.

95. There are three kinds of people in the world: one is a person whose conscience is eaten by a dog. The second is the person whose conscience is not eaten by the dog. The third is the person whose conscience can eat all the dogs.

96. Always remember to see the good side of life and the lucky side of yourself. There are many people in the world who live far less than your current life.

97. This world is not taken for granted. Sometimes it is good for you to look at your pity and don't always take others' good deeds.

98. It's cold, hot, and distant, but you want to be with me forever. In fact, you don't have to say that I have my own life.

99. No matter where I go, as long as I see everything similar to you, it will make me severely hurt.

100. The most heartbreaking distance in the world is not that you said indifferently that you don't care, but that you let go, but I live in regret forever and cannot forget.

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