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100 philosophical life quotes

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1. If honesty is a kind of harm, choose a lie; if a lie is a kind of harm, choose a silence; if silence is a kind of harm, choose to leave.

2. People who deceive people always think they are smart. When they tell lies, they often look like naive young children, covering their eyes with both hands, thinking that others cannot see him. In fact, others see it clearly.

3. If a person lives only money, it means that he has nothing; if a person lives only a name, it means that he has nothing. When money runs out, fame sometimes disappears. Only one's creation can remain in the world forever.

4. You need to make progress in your career, no matter how short or long you are in your life, you are worried about your career.

5. There are many talented losers in the world, and there are many high-education unemployed vagrants in the world-because of wrong choices.

6. Place a bet and win once; follow a person and win a lifetime.

7. Knowledge is not as good as knowledge. Knowledge is not as good as doing things.

8. If you do n’t know the goods, you will suffer for half a lifetime; if you do n’t know people, you will suffer for a lifetime.

9. As long as your feet are still on the ground, don't take yourself too lightly; as long as you live on the earth, don't take yourself too seriously.

10. If you want to test my patience, please prepare your patience first.

11. Everyone is singular ... when you come ... when you go ...

12, if there is concern in the heart, life will be strong.

13. Life is not about living long or short, but about morning and night of epiphany.

14. Doing things and treating others: Kings who value teachers, kings who value friends, and those who value themselves die.

15. People without goals always work hard for people with goals.

16. Three stages of life: more talents; more financial resources; more realms.

17. The wideness of the sea lies in the collection of large and small streams, and the ocean of life lies in the tolerance of deep and shallow fate.

18. The most important thing in life is not where we are, but where we are going.

19. There are some things in life. If you miss a moment, you will miss a lifetime.

20. There are many bridges to go, not necessarily many paths. Eat more salt, not necessarily more food.

21. When walking with a companion, you don't feel far away, and when you eat, you have a companion.

22. As long as you have the beauty of mental temperament, as long as you have such confidence, you will have the natural beauty of grace. -Golden Horse

23. Whimsical adds an extraordinary color to life, which is necessary for every young and kind person. -Baustovsky

24. There is something more precious than happiness, art, wealth, power, knowledge, and genius that is worth pursuing. This extremely valuable thing is excellent and pure character. ——Samuel Smiles

25. For a person with a highly conscious and thorough mind, pain and trouble are his necessary qualities. -Dostoevsky

26. Juvenile reading is like watching the moon in the gap, middle-aged reading is like watching the moon in the court, and old-age reading is like playing on the stage. ——Zhang Chao

27. It is said that people go to high places, but the high places are extremely cold. Water flows to the lower part, who knows that the Baichuan can be found in the lower part!

28. If I love you, I will understand you and see the world through your eyes. I can understand you because I can see myself in you and see you in me.

29. There is no endless road ahead, I hope to be in a corner.

30. People cannot but grow up, growing up is like rushing on the road, and the scenery is always changing and new.

31. There are only so many positions around a person, and you can only give so much. In this small circle, some people want to come in, and some people have to leave.

32. Take the happiness of others as your own happiness, dedicate flowers to others, and leave thorns to yourself! --Valdes

33. After all, love is the reflection of one's self-worth on others. -Emerson

34. With genius, genius will decline, and it will be destroyed in the chronic decay. —— Krylov

35. The vastness of the spirit, the active imagination, and the hard work of the soul: genius. —— Diderot

36. Without great character, there would be no great person, no great artist, no great actor. ——Roman Roland

37. Love does not develop logically, so you must always pay attention to its changes. Love is not eternal, so it must be constantly pursued. ——Bo Yang

38. People get happiness in fulfilling their duties. It was like a person holding something, but his heart was very comfortable. If people do n’t have it, they do n’t perform any duties, it ’s like driving an empty car, that is, a waste of money. -Rozov

39. In life, you don't want to live perfect, but you want to live real.

40. The most valuable character in life is to live naturally, to do things down-to-earth, to work diligently, to make honest and honest friends, and to be open-hearted.

41. People living in the world are writing books consciously or unconsciously. It ’s good to write bad, thick to write thin, mediocre to write wonderfully, it all depends on how you run your pen.

42. A person without knowledge has a life like a tree without leaves, lacking vitality.

43. There is no more generous person in the world than slipping on a horse. He can say the most beautiful panic in the world. There is no more selfish person in the world than slipping on a shot. He can hunt for the fruits of other people's labor and kick off those who have the ability people.

44. What is money? Money is water for flowers. Watered properly, you can make the flowers and trees strong, the flowers bloom, and the flowers bloom brightly in the four seasons. Excessive watering makes the flowers and trees rot.

45. Although people have different social experiences and different paths, people's faults are often similar. Therefore, smart people always learn from their predecessors, while stupid people do the opposite.

46. Help others who do not want to be rewarded, do not feel lost in their hearts.

47. The joy of career and work does not lie in the success and performance achieved. More fun lies in the process of rushing.

48. It is easy for people to live hypocritically, but hard to live true. Live a life of hypocrisy and tiredness.

49. Worry and happiness are the two seeds of life. Sowing that seed in Xintian, it will sprout and grow up.

50. People who rely on their power to establish themselves will never stand up straight. Bend over is to please the superior, stretch out to scare the civilians. If one day dies, his waist is still bent, because of the drag of the ups and downs, there is no more support.

51. Only by going through all the hardships of life can we realize the value of life.

52. Don't talk too much, because you're right. The key points of the matter and reason are right, which can move the listener's heart. ——Xie Juezhi's "Work and study, not much talk"

53. Create, or prepare for future creation. This is a necessity: happiness can only exist when such necessity is met. --Roman Roland

54. Traveling across the vast Chinese land, I have been intoxicated; looking up at the endless sky, I have been fascinated; if the earth is compared to matter, and the sky is compared to spirit, I think the sky is more charming than the earth.

55. The bee takes a middle course. It collects material from the flowers in the garden and the field, but uses one of its own power to change and digest this material. ——Bacon

56. Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited, and imagination summarizes everything in the world, promotes progress, and is the source of knowledge progress. ——Einstein

57. Science also needs to be created, fantasy is needed, and fantasy can break the shackles of tradition and develop science. ——Guo Moruo

58. For things that you can't do, don't agree to others easily. Once you agree to others, you must fulfill your promise. —— Washington

59. An ideal character must be expressed not only in the satisfaction of material needs, but also in the satisfaction of spiritual interests. —— Hegel

60. The word "crisis" means one is dangerous and the other is opportunity. Don't give up any effort.

61. Be nice to yourself, because your life is not long; be nice to those around you, because you may not be able to meet in your next life!

62. The ideal road is always prepared for those who have faith.

63. Of all deceptions, self-deception is the most serious.

64. The biggest mistake in life is to constantly worry about making mistakes.

65. Experience is taken from pain.

66. Face the past with the least remorse; face the present with the least waste; face the future with the most dreams.

67. Happiness is not because you have more but less care.

68. Love makes people forget time, and time makes people forget love.

69, break up is not love, those sounding reasons, not to make each other better, but to make themselves better!

70. Tired life, half of it stems from survival and half of it stems from comparison.

71. Don't let too many of you occupy yesterday!

72. If beauty is a letter of recommendation, then kindness is a credit card!

73. I allow you to walk into my world, but you are not allowed to walk around in my world.

74. A person has only one heart, but two atria. One lives happy; the other lives sad. Don't laugh too loud, or you will wake up the sadness next to you.

75. Where does one's self-confidence come from? It comes from calm and calm inside.

76. Others can violate cause and effect, others can harm us, beat us, and slander us. But we cannot hate others because of this, why? We must keep a complete nature and a pure heart.

77. If a person is not infected with the feeling of suffering, he will not easily sympathize with others. If you want to learn the spirit of salvation, you must suffer first.

78. The gentleman's pride is proud of his inner strength.

79. The world originally did not belong to you, so you don't need to abandon it. What you want to abandon is all your attachment. All is what I use, but not my own.

80. The helm of fate is struggle. Without a hint of illusion, do not give up a little opportunity, do not stop working hard for a day.

81. The steeds ran out and the strong soldiers came out.

82. What you lose has never actually belonged to you, and you don't have to regret it.

83. No matter how luxurious the wedding is, it does not mean a happy marriage. The two people live together forever or not, how many jewels are open, and how much jewelry is completely unrelated.

84. As beautiful as a family, they are no match for the current years.

85. Advertising is to tell others that money can be spent like this

86. Mom said that people should not miss two things, the last car to go home and someone who loves you deeply.

87. For most of our life, commitment synonym is bondage, but why we yearn for bondage.

88. The effects of force are mutual, except for the power of love.

89. Many people think that they are thinking when reorganizing their prejudices.

90. There are too many helpless choices in life. Society is like rivers and lakes. It is always involuntary and insincere.

91. We are all hyperopia, blurring the happiness closest to us.

92, you who love me so much and me who love you so much stagnate in the past, the love is over,

93. If you leave first, don't blame me for turning my back on you when you turn around

94. There is a kind of fate that becomes a landscape after letting go. Have a heart and insist that China is sincere.

95. There are always many accidents and coincidences in life. Two parallel lines may also meet one day. There are many accidents and misses in life, and the kite in your hand will suddenly break the line ...

96. The most eternal happiness in the world is ordinary, and the longest possession in life is cherish.

97, aimless life is like sailing without a compass.

98. Play your role well and do what you should do.

99. All great actions and ideas have a trivial beginning.

100. Be kind to others when you are proud, because you will need them when you are frustrated.

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