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100 sentences expressing lost mood

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1. In your life, you must do your best for one person or one thing.
2. Dreams may not be realized today, nor tomorrow. The important thing is that it is in your heart. The important thing is that you have been working hard.
3. What is a good man? Promised her one by one. What is a good girl? He was never asked to do what he couldn't do.
4. The so-called persistence is no longer the reason to persist, and then continue to stay just to increase loneliness.
5.Whether you like to admit it or not, most of the people you have loved in your life will change from unfamiliar to familiar, and then from familiar to unfamiliar ... Gradually, it is not the phrase "I love you" that moves us It's like "I'm with you". Love is not the end, but companionship is the destination.
6. Always have dreams, even if you are no longer young. Dreams cannot be eaten as meals or housed, but when you have them, you always feel energetic, confident, the sun is particularly bright, and the flowers are particularly fragrant.
7. Cherish today, cherish the present, who knows tomorrow and accidents, which one comes first. There are a lot of injustices in life, don't complain because it's useless. You don't have to prove anything to anyone in your life, except to yourself. No matter how annoying, don't forget to smile; no matter how urgent, you should pay attention to your tone; no matter how hard, don't forget to persist; no matter how tired, you also need to love yourself.
8. When you are really angry, you are not crying or making trouble, but you are not talking.
9. To get the best things in this world, let the world see the best you.
10. For life, acceptance is the best tenderness, whether it is to accept the appearance of a person, or to accept a person has never been seen.
11. I am a born actor, smiling and saying continue when we kiss.
12. Learn to be yourself and let go of everything that does not belong to you gracefully.
13. For a high jumper, he can easily cross a two-meter pole, but 90% dare not jump over a wall of the same height. For a long jumper, he can easily traverse a seven-meter bunker, but most of them dare not cross the river at equal distances. Human ability is difficult to exert without a sense of security and confidence.
14. Lin Hua thanked Chunhong and was too rushed, but the wind came in the cold and rainy night. Rouge tears, phase stay drunk, when heavy? Since people grow hate water Changdong.
15. I didn't think too much when you were good to me, but you left when I wanted to be good to you.
16. It is not because of our difficulties that we are afraid; but because of our fears that things are difficult.
17. Time is like an earthquake. When the years are young, the road is far away, let's be together.
18. Who you make friends with has nothing to do with his age, career, family, background, and with his IQ, cleverness or not. To be friends, as long as you meet three points, you have common tears, the same laugh, and similar meals. Once you become a friend, don't feel that you are smart and dumb. Once you think that the other is dumb and deceived, the friendship is almost over.
19. Forget the years, forget the pain, forget you, we will never say goodbye. Classic mood phrase.
20. If someone hurts you, please be as kind and beautiful as ever, enjoy life and enjoy love as if you have not been hurt. Someday that person will regret missing you.
21. What you said forever, how far is it forever? You said goodbye, when will you meet again?
22. The person you love leaves you nothing, just as the person you don't love leaves you too. The beauty of love may lie in uncertainty. If the result can be predicted from the beginning, it will lose its charm. Fight when you want to love, cherish when you love, let go when you don't. Don't get tangled by an inappropriate love, and forget how to continue to love the next person.
23. There is always too much helplessness around us, making us endlessly sad. Perhaps only by learning to give up can we make people no longer hesitate.
24. Fate is so strange, it is impossible to say, either too early or too late. Just good emotional communication needs to be loved by God.
25. Nothing can't be put down. If it hurts, you will naturally let go.
26. Always wanted to go with you on that beautiful path. There is a gentle wind, there are white clouds, there is you beside me, listening to my happy and grateful heart.
27. Don't torture me any more, my heart has been cut, and it's not the blood that sheds, it's the fault of loving you.
28. I like to leave my mark on you, but I never remember that you never belonged to me.
29. Dreams always wake up, dreams that don't wake up one day will become sad.
30. Sometimes forgetting is the best relief, sometimes silence is the best way to tell.
31. Can tear everything apart from tears, that is, time, passing pride with time, the longer the time, the weaker the resistance, it seems that a cup of ground tea is diluted from time to time.
32. We are people who have a plot of leaving. Everything is the final solution to leaving. We are always ready to leave, accept leaving, not face it, and do not want to let the new loss.
33. I always thought I was accustomed to lost time and past events. No matter where they are, who they meet. In what way.
34. Love is a well-designed lie.
35. When we lose something, we get something else.
36. Don't sob because of the finish, smile, for what you once had.
37. Maybe there will be many encounters in life, but I can only choose to pass by, just like leaves. The process of growth and fall is just a lonely cycle.
38. Laughing silently, but I don't know what I want in my heart, I don't want to see, I don't want to listen. Nothing makes sense. Standing, shaped alone. It's cold and dead.
39. I am still used to the feeling of being loved, maybe one day in the noisy city, you and I pass by, I will stop and stare at the back figure telling myself, that person ... I used to love .
40. I like winter, because the days are short and the nights are long, so I have more time to escape.
41. The stars that ca n’t pick up the ground are always the most shining, the missing pieces are always the most beautiful, and the missing grounds are always the most wanted. Why do n’t you take good care of the current land?
42. I am a non-flowering flower and I have learned to wither before learning to bloom.
43. Commitments often resemble butterflies, with beautiful flies hovering and then disappearing.
44. I tried hard to find hope. I was afraid that luck would be around, but I was carelessly missed.
45. My heart is empty. I felt as if the whole world had abandoned me. I was so lonely, lonely, lost, helpless that I was out of breath ... I really wanted to escape, to another world ...
46. I always forget my commitment and hypnotize myself over and over again!
47. Encounter lightly and do whatever you want. Deep and shallow thoughts in my heart. Honor and disgrace are not scared, the flowers bloom in front of the leisurely gatekeeper, go to stay unintentionally, and follow the sky with clouds and clouds.
48. A sweet feeling is not necessarily love. No matter how beautiful the scenery is, it is not necessarily the harbor where you want to park.
49. One kind of forbearance is actually a kind of power, and one kind of silence is actually a confession.
50. Zhi Yuanjun looked back and made me think about the dynasty and twilight.
51. Turning around, a ray of cold fragrance is far away, the snow is deep, and the smile is shallow. Will you cross me in the next life?
52. Not to mention before, I want to forget.
53. You dig the pit yourself, and you are willing to jump, but at the end you will find that not only you can't climb out, but you are the only one inside.
54. You do n’t look for me, I do n’t look for you, and you are happy, it does n’t matter if you are disappointed or disappointed, anyway, I ’ll give you a peach and give it back to you. I, I go far, don't deliberately please, don't feel wronged, whether it's love or friendship, it's the same principle, learn to love yourself first.
55. I forgot the story, and you and I don't want to.
56. I will remember your name, although we have no story.
57. How did my Qitian Dasheng become someone else's Sun Wukong?
58. I feel uncomfortable when I think of you being with others in the future.
59. Sometimes people who are not good at expressing are very disadvantaged, and they pay a lot with affection, but no one says hello.
60. Eventually I stayed up all night and became addicted to the habit of no one caring.
61. I typed a lot and deleted it silently, because something was unclear.
62. Are you okay, don't come away from a distance I can't see.
63. For a while, I felt like I had nothing to say. It's like usual, when I meet strangers, I get stuck there after I say hello, I don't talk about topics, I don't even chat, I even start to feel dazed by myself, I don't know what to say.
64. You begin to speak in favor of the language, and no longer favor me.
65. Always inadvertently born. Looking back. Even though the scene is long.
66. The most lonely person should be the one who is forgotten in memory
67. Don't sob because of the finish, smile, for you once had
68. When everyone talks about how lonely they are, I think they are happy.
69. The more you want to keep something, the easier it is to lose something
70. Toasting drunk alone, drinking Feixue, daze another year old.
71. How many secrets do those painters hide in oil painting can make countless sad and quiet gazes in the long time?
72. If you are wild, I will accompany wine in this life.
73. Who should respond to whom is robbed and who has become obsessed with who.
74. Saying that they all left is to let them come back one by one when they are the loneliest.
75. I decided not to cry anymore, just like you decided to leave me.
76. The mood is used to migrating with migratory birds, but it is only a bit of a rush.
77. I suggest you drink and don't love anymore, because in the wine, you can either die or live, but in love, you can neither die nor live well.
78. The most worrying thing is that knowing my mind, not accepting or refusing, let me linger like this, wanting to leave but reluctant.
79. Until one day, you meet such a person, share his happiness with you every day, interpret your sorrow, report your daily whereabouts, and laugh about daily life chores. This is how you like your performance. After all, time passes so fast , Who wants to blindly force people who don't care.
80. Some things are really red no matter how my eyes are flushed and how to get bloody, but even if you greet me with a smile on my face, I do n’t want it anymore, I ’m not I didn't get revenge on my anger, but I really didn't want it.
81. Friendship or love, if tired, let's go back to the first day to meet.
82. I want to hug you, even if the mountains and rivers are blocked, the wind and rain are difficult, and the road is far away, I can find it across all difficulties. You know that I have never been afraid to go, but you do n’t love me, it will make me rise No courage on tiptoe.
83. Everyone is indifferent to it, and it goes on and on. I'm different. I'm moneyless and I'm so poor.
84. Say goodbye to you in this way, and borrow the miles of green mountains, separated by them, and never seen each other.
85. From strangers, to meet, to meet, eventually parting, and then forget, it is better to never meet.
86. I used to think that I had found the happiness I wanted, but when I gave it without reservation, I realized that it had always been my wishful thinking.
87. It is actually difficult for people to be truly free. The person who locks them is often the person himself. Without knowing it, we are either slaves to emotions or servants of our cause.
88. I can't stop moving in your blind spot whether it's sunny or raining to accompany you sadness and joy.
89. Life is too short to allow us to wake up with regrets every day. So love those who treat you well and forget those who don't know how to cherish you.
90. Young Shao vowed never to drink wine, and the world knows that wine is a friend.
91. I didn't stay after breaking up because you said you like me who is stronger like this.
92. The past is not mentioned here, the night is still long, and the rest of my life, so I need to save some energy to wait again, and wait for later people ...
93. Your side is so crowded that I can't approach you.
94. A memory that I had desperately wanted to forget was already in my bone marrow.
95. Warmer than summer and colder than winter.
96. Don't rely too much on friendship, or spend a lot of time trying to guess whether the people around you are true to you. Life alone will not die, and loneliness is a required course for growth. Life is a long road. If there is no one to accompany you, you have to say to your uncle who walks alone, just go through this section, there are better scenery and better people waiting in front.
97. My good friend once told me not to be regarded as a real person because others say you are a villain, a bad guy or a loser. The most important thing is how you think about yourself. If you want something or someone, then you are the only one who works with you. What I want to say is that everyone is walking on their own path.
98. In the years, we will never look back. If we can love bravely, forgive bravely, be happy generously because of the happiness of others, and be smart enough to know that there is enough love around us, then we will complete other souls Know the completeness.
99. When you go all out and plan to be nice to someone, you become a fool, a deaf, nothing but him in your eyes, even injury, it becomes a love test.
100. Everyone's personality has some unacceptable parts, even the best people. So don't demand others or blame yourself.

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