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Heartbreaking sentence

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1. Don't love the wrong person because of loneliness, let alone the whole life because you love the wrong person.
2. You promised everything but gave nothing; I promised nothing but gave you everything for me.
3. Tired, squat down and hug yourself. Still stubbornly said, but that's it.
4. Sometimes we forgive someone not for real forgiveness, but for not wanting to lose her, only to pretend to forgive.
5. Unwilling to hurt others, always forgiving with a smile; unwilling to distress yourself, always supporting with tears.
6. I used to walk through the lively streets together, but now I am left alone to count the sadness.
7. Don't forget to give yourself a scissors hand with a smile, because that's your best self.
8. I just want to ask you if I look back, you're still there.
9. Is there such a person that you want to see but you can't see it. Began cranky.
10. That's right, it will be tiring for a long time, because I take a long time to take the initiative, so you don't cherish it.
11. I used to have crazy thoughts, now I'm desperately forgetting.
12. I thought that as long as I fell in love seriously, I was able to impress you. It turned out that I just moved my ego; if one day you walk into my heart, you will cry, because it is all you; I will cry because there is no me there; if one day we pass by in the noisy city, I will stop and stare at the distant back and tell myself that person I have loved before.
13. If you put it down, you will not be lonely. If you stand far away, you will be clear.
14. Always leave the most hurtful words to yourself, and do not want to accept your cowardice when you are hurt.
15. There are always some people who don't want to forget, but they can't forget; there are always feelings that they don't want to let go, but they can't let go.
16. If you know the end of this story, you either choose to tell it or pretend not to know, don't stop talking. Sometimes the harm left to others is more painful than choosing silence.
17. Obviously you and you are not strangers, but strangers more than strangers.
18. Alone, walking in a strange city, listening to sad music, watching strange scenery. We are all looking for. Life is the process of finding love. Everyone will encounter three kinds of people, those you love, those who love you, and those who spend a lifetime with you. Not every pair of lovers who are in love with each other has a life-long fate; maybe this love is deep-rooted, and the next one is set for life, and love it as if it was never hurt.
19. I hope you are happy, because that is my biggest wish. I'm afraid of your happiness, because then you will forget me.
20. The light charm pierces my thoughts, and the words turn in the sad autumn, drawing a sense of superiority, depicting brittle tears, underwriting the haste of sorrow, the promised oath of sunshine, and the youthful vote Set off.
21. There is always such a person that you say you don't love anymore, but when you hear the news about him, your heart hurts so badly.
22. The real disappointment is not scolding, not crying or losing your temper, but silent, because I think you have nothing to do with me anymore.
23. I want to be lonely when I ca n’t love. I try to be brave, but I ca n’t face the trembling eyes in the mirror, so I can only say goodbye to everyone who is near me.
24. Sometimes we have to be strong, so when we pretend to be strong, we are really getting stronger.
25. Perhaps the best thing for a person is to be quiet. Even if you live alone. Travel through the cities, through the streets, look at the sky after sky, and witness the departures one after another. Then it faded, so I can finally say frankly that I am finally not so attached.
26. The reason you can hurt me is not that you are stronger than me, but because I opened my chest to you and handed the knife to you, because I love you, and you, just the opposite.
27. There are thousands of sadness, and silence is the most sad.
28. The most distressed distance in the world is not that you said indifferently that you no longer care, but that you let go, but I live in regret forever and cannot forget.
29. Losing is much more scary than not getting it, because it has multiple processes called once owned.
30. There will always be a rain that will catch you off guard and be embarrassed. There is always someone who can make you overwhelmed and bruised.
31. I know that people who want to leave are asking for one more word, but even if I beg you, you are still gone.
32. Fit is really more important than like. Later you choose the fit, and I lost to like.
33. I let go, but I have n’t let down; I have recovered, but have n’t recovered; I want to open, but I still miss; I forget, but I still have memories.
34. I look at your life like a passerby, but my sadness is not for me.
35. I'm fine, just waking up when I dream of you will hurt, and tears will flow when I think of you.
36. You are like a high mountain in front of me, but you will never give me a chance to step past.
37. The person who hurts me the most is partial to my heart.
38. Don't blame yourself for being too emotional, you are just too unproductive, so you can't let a person who doesn't love you.
39. Sometimes you choose to keep a distance from someone, not because you don't care about him, but because you know clearly that he does not belong to you.
40. The heart that is not invaded by poison is often defeated by a simple consolation, and the camouflage that is inaccessible is often completely surrendered in front of people who know you.
41. Happiness is another kind of pain pretending to be seen by others, and carnival is another kind of loneliness left to yourself.
42. Loneliness is here, when you come, I naively thought that I saw hope, and now my heart hurts even more, you are just a stranger passing by!
43. It's yours, it's yours. Not yours, don't force it. Work hard, cherish it, and have a clear conscience. I'll leave the rest to fate.
44. If you say yes, don't give up, why am I left alone?
45. Feelings do not require promises, agreements and conditions. It only requires two people: one who can trust, and one who is willing to understand.
46. No matter what comes to the Japanese side, it always comes to the scene on the 30th, and people leave for tea.
47. Don't tell everyone about bad emotions. No matter what, you go to sleep at night, go out during the day to relax, eat and drink on a cloudy day, and listen to rain on a rainy day. One day, there will be a beam of sunlight to dispel all your haze and bring you a lot of light.
48. When you leave, the seeds of thoughts sprout, and now there are trees and flowers, and each one is thinking of you.
49. Promise yourself, love yourself, promise yourself, no longer live for others; promise yourself, be open-minded, promise yourself, don't care about some unnecessary people and things.
50. Once I gave up everything for you, all I got was a goodbye, and then I realized that an oath was actually a lie.
51. I give up on this relationship, I let you go, although I still ca n’t forget, I still feel heartache, and I still think of you, but I understand that wishful thinking has no end.
52. The most ironic and brave thing I have ever done is to like you.
53. I hope you are together because of love, not because you have no choice; I hope you fall in love because it is suitable, not because he is too handsome, he is too strong.
54. The result of the resurgence of old feelings is to repeat the same mistakes. The end of self-passion is to take insults.
55. Real forgetting does not require effort. Everyone's phone book will have a number that you will never call or delete; everyone will have a person that you will never mention and never forget ...
56. How I wish someone could hold my hand on his chest and say, don't go, it hurts.
57. If you did n’t know, did n’t know, did n’t love, and did n’t love, how would you have suffered so much and become greedy.
58. Remember to go back when you go the wrong way, and let go of someone who loves the wrong one. If you pretend to be impenetrable, you must be prepared to be penetrated by all arrows.
59. If I can go back to the past, I will choose not to know you, not because I regret it, but because I cannot face the ending now.
60. You need to understand that you and that person have no future. In this life, you can never have it.
61. The cruelest thing in the world is not that you do n’t meet the person you love, but that you missed it eventually; the saddest thing in the world is not that the person you love does n’t love you, but that after he loves you I don't love you.
62. If I do n’t care, I wo n’t smile for you anymore; I wo n’t become so vulnerable; I wo n’t care about everything you do; I wo n’t think about you in a daze; I wo n’t feel heartache for you; Cherish the moment with you; I will not always think of you involuntarily; I will not torture myself so easily; I will not argue with you for small details that are not important; all this is because I care about you.
63. In many cases, I dug a pit myself, and then jumped in without hesitation. The pit is dug by myself, and the jump is by myself, and the one who can't get out is also myself.
64. Some people, some things, you should forget about it. People have never put you in their hearts, so don't be affectionate. Not appearing, not disturbing, is the last way to love.
65. Every sensible and calm now has a silly and naive past. Every warm and indifferent present has a sad and restless past. Knowing the world but not the world is the kindest maturity.
66. Please remember that if you like it again, don't rekindle it, because from the moment he bears to hurt you, you should know that your feelings have never been considered by him.
67. Be a dumb person, but have a sea of hearts. Don't hurt others and harm yourself, in indifferent, peaceful and comfortable.
68. People who are easy to be happy are a little forgetful. Forget the frustrations and grievances of the past, and devote more energy to remembering the immediate happiness and the dawn of the future. This is not only a life of gratitude, but also a way to make yourself better.
69. People who haven't contacted for a long time don't need to contact again. Each of them has worked hard, their own lives, and there is no intersection. The one who should stay in the past, let it stay in the past. If there is a fate, goodbye. If not, it's better not to see. That's it.
70. Previously, I saw that mountains and seas cannot be leveled by my love. At that time, I felt that there are boats to cross the sea and mountains and roads are feasible. Later I discovered that mountains and seas can be leveled.
71. I used to think that sadness would shed a lot of tears; the original real sadness could not shed a tear.
72. Suddenly found that I have lost a lot of things, and I do n’t know when it has changed so much. If I were the same as before, would I be happier than before.
73. Hearing love, ten people are sad. Hearing the past, ten memories and nine injuries. Hearing later, always alone.
74. Many people are not lonely, but social in principle and selective. Say a thousand words to the people you like, and not to mention others.
75. The reason why you feel uncomfortable is probably because you invest a lot of time and energy, but in the end you can't get what you want. The feeling of being filled with loss for a moment makes you feel unworthy.
76. Sometimes, I just want to cry, because my heart is aggrieved. Sometimes, I just want to go crazy because my mood is low. Sometimes I just want to swear, because I am upset. Sometimes I just want to be quiet because I'm really tired.
77. I learned a long time ago that the best ending with some people was to talk to each other without a word.
78. When I hear something, I have nothing to do with you, and I will think of you in my heart somehow.
79. Maybe someone else gave you comfort, but also gave you comfort and exhortation, but never knows how hard you are in your heart, no matter how many grievances and how uncomfortable, remember that you can cure yourself or yourself.
80. I fell in love with a person who is impossible. He is like me with short sleeves in winter and a padded jacket in summer. It seems that two suns cannot appear in the sky. I actually want to insist on these facts.
81. Everyone I met in the world taught me many different things in their unique roles, but none of them could compare to you. You taught me what love is, and finally you taught me what it means to lose. .
82. After the break-up, the sweetness that I once had will become a sharp knife stuck in my heart. The strange thing is that it is not blood that shed, but tears.
83. Don't toss anymore. If you try hard, you can't maintain the relationship between the two. You are busy approaching, he is busy walking.
84. When I grow up, I know that you are not Beijing, nor am I Seattle. Without you marrying me, there is no future between us, but I love you, even if I know there is no result, I love you.
85. I can't hold your stranded love, so I have to build a city in your heart that traps you.
86. One after another, come and go, flowers bloom and fall, flowers fall and empty.
87. I can't make up your shadow, so I have to make my heart hurt.
88. I have never drunk the strongest wine, but I have given up on the one I love the most. I give you all freedom as my last tenderness.
89. Sing sadness with tears and continue writing sad fairy tales.
90. The endless struggle brings us more pain.
91. The big world is just you. How can I be willing to give up? I hope you are my only one.
92. A one-way ticket makes all familiarity unfamiliar.
93. I really want to indulge myself, not thinking about you so much. But your figure seems to be with me. Can no longer be separated.
94. In the cracks of time, I hugged my knees and gazed alone, tears.
95. Standing in front of the window, closing my eyes, reaching out to the void, trying to catch what I want, is the feeling that I care about, or the attachment that I destroyed with my own hands.
96. We are like joke puppets, and we are reluctant to hold the silk thread in our hearts, directing one farce after another.
97. Forget the truest look and smile. Love is loneliness of 30,000 miles, holding faint thoughts.
98. Gorgeous dreams are always like the morning mist and can't stand the burning of the hot sun.
99. Alas, tired of the body or unable to get rid of it, bitter memories numb consciousness. Life still hurts.
100. When I lived in you, I realized that I was no longer myself.

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