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Heartache sentence, heartache personality signature

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1. If you remember the past, why bother to go to tomorrow.
2.Although sad, thank you for the blow, you made me understand how strong
3. If you think it hurts, I would rather you're just a puffy cloud that I have never owned.
4. I escaped my world without having time to cherish you.
5. I do n’t cry or make trouble, it does n’t mean I do n’t hurt, because I really love you.
6. Losing and gaining is always more hurtful than never getting
7. I may forget the person who laughed with me, but never forget the person who cried with me.
8. It is painful to let go, but it is more painful to love someone by mistake.
9. As beautiful as a family, like a stream of years, you can get past it, but you can't go back to it.
10. Giving up on someone who loves you is not painful; giving up on someone you love is painful; falling in love with someone who doesn't love you is even more painful.
11. Switch the one you like, but I can't change my love for you.
12. Love is actually a beautiful picture, but sometimes you are not with me.
13. Obviously I do n’t like you two days a day, but it takes two seconds to end the relationship
14. Sometimes it feels like life is really bad, so I want to close myself and don't want to listen to anything.
15. Time will take away our youth, but it will not take away those memories, those good things.
16. From now on, I won't wait any longer, even if you are here.
17. No one will stay with you forever, you know, even the shadows will be absent when it rains.
18. Forget how to love, how to pain, forget everything, all that's left is the walking dead.
19. Behind the turn, you can't see the tears I left for you, and go alone.
20. The funny thing is that I have loved you for many years after you left, but you have never heard of it.
21. Tears are true, and sadness is also true. It was true that I wanted to be with you forever.
22. Obviously, I can't touch you.
23. What we forget is often the happiest. What we remember is often the most painful.
24. Some people give you all your heart, but you pretend that you haven't seen it because you don't like it; some people have all your heart out, and you pretend not to hurt because you love.
25. Serious people, the poorest, most caring people, the saddest.
26. I escaped my world without having time to cherish you.
27. Don't blame others for judging people by their looks.
28. For a long time, it is not love but dependence. Then when it's lost it's not pain but perseverance.
29. Don't believe in memories that much, the person inside doesn't necessarily miss you the same.
30. The more you care, the more you wince, and every time you stop talking, there are 10,000 short love poems hidden.
31. I'm not warm enough, but I know there is a word called "Do my best".
32. Water into the throat is like a strong liquor burning the stomach, and the person who said to stay is long gone.
33. Pale thoughts and blind persistence are just the wounded end.
34. After a long time, I finally see you as normal, and even look at you feel redundant.
35. The city is crowded, but without you it looks empty.
36. The gale awakened the spirits, and all the goodness that Fang Zhi had at first was a dream.
37. I like you, nothing to do with Fengyue. I wish hello, even if later you have nothing to do with me.
38. There is always someone, and his departure makes you instantly feel like you have nothing. Some disappointments are inevitable, but most of them are because you overestimate yourself.
39. I don't want to be the episode of your life, I just want to be the perfect ending of your life.
40. Waiting for disappointment is enough, needless to say, I will go by myself.
41. The more you feel accommodating to a person, the more that person has to go in.
42. The distance is terrible, because I don't know if the other person misses you or forgets you.
43. You are gentleness I can't get, I'm after you don't want.
44. Don't treat yourself as an exception all the time, maybe you won't be so disappointed.
45. An unacceptable love requires not sadness but time, and a time that can be forgotten. A heart that is deeply hurt requires not sympathy, but understanding.
46. Some feelings have been entangled for a long time, and then you have no idea whether you want to love or win.
47. Encounters are always caught off guard, and parting is mostly long-planned. Some people will slowly fade out of your life. You must learn to accept rather than miss.
48. Sometimes I do n’t understand, I just do n’t want to understand; sometimes I do n’t understand, but I do n’t know what to do.
49. Sometimes people suddenly become vulnerable, suddenly unhappy, suddenly caught in a detail in the memory, suddenly fell into deep silence, do not want to speak.
50. Some people, some things, you should forget about it, people have never put you at ease, why should you be affectionate.
51. Sometimes, I just want to cry a lot because I feel wronged. Sometimes, I just want to go crazy because my mood is low. Sometimes I just want to swear, because I am upset. Sometimes I just want to be quiet because I'm really tired.
52. If one day you ca n’t find me, do n’t be sad, it ’s not that I do n’t love you any more, or that you missed me, but that I finally have the courage to leave, but please remember, before that, I really waited silly.
53. I don't know what I am attached to, but I know that I have been embarrassing myself.
54. After the pain, I will not feel pain, and some will only be a cold heart.
55. Everyone has a secret wound in their hearts. The furthest distance in the world is not love, hate, but familiar people, gradually becoming strange.
56. For a moment, I suddenly felt that all my waiting was meaningless in your eyes, because I could not exchange any of your treasures. It's not that I don't know how to persist, I haven't heard from you for too long, so this time I decided to leave.
57. When you see me passing by your world with a smile, after seeing you go, my mask bursts into pieces.
58. I'm crying, you're laughing, stupid me, still burning for the so-called love! When the lie was pierced, when the mountain alliance and the sea oath broke, and when the liver and bowels could not be picked up, the original memories became stabbing, the most beautiful The knife of love!
59. We always fall in love with that person at the wrong time, in the wrong place, and then have to spend our entire lives and forget.
60. For someone who doesn't love you, you have to die or live, are you mentally disabled or do you not understand the cruelty of love.
61. You may have been touched, but the vicissitudes of the world have been achieved by forgetting, but we still need to live a vicissitudes of life. Feelings of lightness and weight, your heart is like a mirror, but I can no longer join your smooth world.
62. You are the one who provokes me first, the one who is reluctant to be me, the one who touches you, and the one who cannot let go, you are tired and do n’t want to act, the one who refuses to end the show is me, you leave, and I have everything In the drama, if we didn't add friends to each other, maybe we don't even have memories in the end.
63. The distance probably means: you know that I haven't slept, and I also know that you haven't slept, looking at each other's updated news, but can't say the last sentence.
64. You never know what your habits will make you miss.
65. Ye is the most beautiful and moving only when the dance is falling.
66. When the relying shoulder is not there, when my tears are dry, when I decide to let go, my heart is gone.
67. The person you can't let go, may have already found someone to replace you.
68. I can't hide my secrets, I can't hide my sorrow, just as I can't hide my joy of loving you, I can't hide my uncle at the time of separation. That's how I am. If you are willing to hurt, you hurt.
69. Unexpected thoughts are so painful that they are too scared to touch the memories.
70. If not, will time stay for us? The sunset I've seen and the ebb and flow I've heard have been buried by time and turned into bubbles.
71. The so-called care is that even if you can hold back from looking for him, there is no way to not reply when he looks for you.
72. There is so much warmth in my life, I gave it all to you, but you left me, how can you tell me to laugh at others in the future.
73. The person who is most afraid of the person who cares about him gradually becomes distant, faded, and unfamiliar. It is really a pain from the heart.
74. On the other side of the phone, there was silence. It was time to let go, but it was difficult to let go.
75. Where were you when I was sad? The feeling of heartache paralyzes me. It hurts me to breathe, but I dare not tell you.
76. People, should always maintain a strong vitality, don't be disappointed with life, even if you see so many things that disappoint you, but as long as you live, don't be afraid of failure and frustration. .
77. Leave all tears to yesterday, throw all troubles into the future, smile with a smile, treat it as a sweet wound, indulge in a drink, and treat it as a trace of beauty.
78. Only the reincarnation continues to turn, and the sun rises and sinks. Who said it: time is still, it is we are flying.
79. Everyone will have a happy and smiling man with a pure wound at the beginning of his fate.
80. No matter how deep you like, it will become shallow if you don't get a response, just like one day you will find that I haven't found you for a long time.
81. Sometimes, there is no next time, no chance to restart, no pause to continue. Sometimes, if you miss the present, you will never have a chance.
82. Some memories are doomed to be erased; just like some people are doomed to be replaced.
83. I only miss you without disturbing you, even if I am in pain, but the rest of my life is so long, you are so memorable.
84. There is always such a person that you say you don't love anymore, but when you hear the news about him, you are heartbroken in silence.
85. Some people say that the pain is so extreme that they can't cry, only the sourness, and the mountains and rivers in the chest.
86. I used to think that the heart can be compared with the heart, but now I know that it is not true that can be changed to the true meaning.
87. The breeze took away yesterday, but it was a long-term attachment.
88. A maze-like city, people are used to seeing the same scenery, taking the same route, to the same destination; getting used to making people's lives no longer change. Habits make people have an inexplicable sense of security, but they also have an inexplicable loneliness.
89. Whenever the night is quiet, I feel sad and lonely. The lonely person is fragile. I always see others right and wrong, only to feel that I am lonely.
90. A little lonely, I don't know how to say, let it pass in silence, I left, in fact, it has not been, it is abnormally soft at night.
91. A bit of light late at night is the last hope of the traveler, they are the eyes of the evil wolf! The sun; the moon; always alternating. Sunlight; moonlight; under their light, so many absurdities happened, it turned out that my smile was cruel.
92. I count your smile every day, but when you even laugh, you are so lonely.
93. When I say goodbye to you with tears, you just say goodbye to me indifferently, don't feel your indifferent eyes, and my heart has broken into thousands.
94. Because of strangeness, so brave, because of distance, so beautiful.
95. If your heart changes, your attitude will change; your attitude will change, your habits will change; your habits will change, your personality will change; your personality will change, your life will change. Gratitude in good times, joy in adversity, and live in the present seriously.
96. The roses bloomed quietly, and the violets thanked them quietly. Also the grass spread quietly, with a touch of sinking and depression, but with taste. I am silent and never leave ...
97. Your heart no longer belongs to me, but I still look forward to your response, knowing that it is not possible, but still being drawn.
98. A small accident, a shallow smile, a warm word, a tender tenderness-this is life.
99. If I never met you, if I never fell in love with you, if I didn't believe in it at first, maybe I won't be who I am now.
100. Many people love someone by mistake because of loneliness, but more people love loneliness all their lives because of love by mistake.

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