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Helpless sentence

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1. Some things are always wonderful to think of, so in your assumptions, you have abandoned a reality that could have been very happy.
2. I can't find the correct equation, but I have no choice but to stay in the past.
3. The sadness behind my smile, the helplessness hidden between words, who can understand, who understands.
4. Who has slipped between his fingers for thousands of years; who has repeatedly forgotten in the interrogation; I waited for you to exhaust all the sorrows; but in your eyes there is desolation that I do not understand.
5. Like travellers who happened to meet on the road, at a certain point of time, you met and nodded and smiled, so you went together. Then, at a certain moment on a certain day, separate again for the same reason.
6. The memory is like water poured into the palm of the hand, whether it is flattened or held tight, after all, it will still flow cleanly from the fingers.
7. Those things that we thought we never forget are in the process of our never forgetting, and we are forgotten.
8. Time will slowly settle, and some people will slowly blur in your heart. Learn to let go, your happiness requires your own accomplishment.
9. I have 10,000 reasons to care about you, but I lack one who can care about you.
10. You did not return as scheduled, and this is exactly the meaning of parting.
11. In those years, no matter what angle you read from, you are perfect, and what you are missing has already been filled with the brush I imagined.
12. Leave tears to those who love you most, and smiles to those who hurt you most.
13. There are too many helpless choices in life. Society is like rivers and lakes. It is always involuntary and insincere.
14. The most regrettable thing in life is that you easily give up what you should not give up, and insist stubbornly on what you should not.
15. There are too many things in our world that we can do nothing about. The irreversible past, the unpredictable future. And those who will never see it again.
16. Hiding in the palm print of missing some time at a certain time, hiding in a certain place, missing someone who is standing in the way and also standing in the way for me to worry about.
17. Like the season, you leave so naturally.
18. How many people have admired your youthful appearance, you know who is willing to withstand the ruthless changes of the years.
19. Getting more willful is because you love too deeply. Increasingly silent because of hurting too much. Increasingly polite because of disappointment.
20. Everyone I met in the world taught me a lot of different things in their unique roles, but they could n’t compare to you, you taught me what love is, and finally you taught me what is lost .
21. I learned a long time ago that the best ending with some people was to talk to each other without a word.
22. The cruelest thing in the world is not that you have n’t met the person you love, but you have met but missed it; I don't love you.
23. Sometimes, I just want to cry, because my heart is aggrieved. Sometimes, I just want to go crazy because my mood is low. Sometimes I just want to swear, because I am upset. Sometimes I just want to be quiet because I'm really tired.
24. Don't toss anymore. If you try hard, you can't maintain the relationship between the two. You are busy approaching, he is busy walking.
25. When I grow up, I know that you are not Beijing, nor am I Seattle. Without you marrying me, there is no future between us, but I love you, even if I know that there is no result, I love you.
26. I have never drunk the strongest wine, but I have given up on the one I love the most. I give you all freedom as my last tenderness.
27. No matter how helpless you are, I can't control your world anyway.
28. Some people deceive their whole lives, and some people deceive someone with their whole lives.
29. We are not saints, so we often go the wrong way, not helplessness, but some fighting should fall, some things, pain, crying, we will understand,
30. If you don't take the initiative, you will lose it. If you take the initiative, he will not cherish it. People's hearts are so cheap.
31. Looking back, leaving nothing to do in life, those lush and verdant, as the years go by, go farther and farther, the old is the years, the never aging is the engraved pictures that see you, a memory in the memories Stranded here, but a relationship needs to be remembered for a lifetime.
32. I tried to count the injuries you gave with a smile, but in the end, tears flowed out of my eyes with a smile.
33. Some things can only be accepted when they happen. Some people just let go if they lose. For some roads, you don't have to look back when you choose. Life is so helpless.
34. There is always too much helplessness around us, making us endlessly sentimental. Only by learning to give up can we make people no longer stingy.
35. There are no traces of wings in the sky, but the birds have flown; the heart has not been cut by a knife, but the pain is so clear. The softest parts of these chests, the wounds hurt by their loved ones, are far sharper than the injuries to their limbs, and only time can heal.
36. Missing a person's taste is like drinking a glass of cold water, and then dripping into drops of tears.
37. How many times and how many times, remember to divide life into a circle, and we have turned countless times in the same place and cannot be relieved. I always want to return to the place where I first met, if I can choose again, I think I can love more purely.
38. Life cannot be used to prove love, just as we cannot prove that we can no longer believe in love. In this city, just as Rolex is a material luxury, love is a spiritual luxury. But life is extremely fragile, and there is no way to afford so much luxury.
39. Looking out the window, a scene appeared before, flashing like a slide. The corners of his mouth were raised, sneer and mocking himself.
40. No one can understand the pain of others, and no one can really understand the helplessness of others. There is no fixed pattern of love, whoever is who, cannot be copied and cannot be imitated.
41. The distress you gave me is helplessness and despair in this world.
42. Life is sometimes helpless! Even if you have a bad temper, you won't be able to fly, even if you have no more reason than to show it.
43. Memories are always pale and weak, reality is always cruel and helpless.
44. There is a kind of sadness called a smile. There is a smile called helplessness. There is a helplessness called concealment. There is a cover-up called leave. There is a departure called Farewell.
45. Life is very helpless. There are many things you wo n’t do and you do n’t want to do. There are always reasons for this or that. You have to work hard and get used to it. There is nothing to complain about.
46. You have seen my smile, but you have never seen me cry. You say I don't understand the world, I just laugh. You have never seen the dark dust under my eyes.
47. The most regrettable thing in life is that you easily give up what you should not give up, and insist stubbornly on what you should not.
48. There is a handsome called Lamborghini; there is an elegance called Maserati; there is a motivation called Bugatti; there is a majesty called Rolls Royce; there is a speed called F; there is a domineering called Hummer; there is a reality I can't afford anything.
49. Losing your pain, no one knows that some things are really beyond your control, too many things will be helpless, hurting you and hurting yourself
50. Suddenly found some feelings, some things, can not be determined by just a few words of sensational words, after all, they can not withstand the turbulent heart and realistic helplessness.
51. Pick up a piece of pale paper and desperately smear it with a white crayon; only to find out at the end of the painting, this is also a futile struggle between yourself and yourself.
52. I thought I could not see the world if I blindfolded my eyes; I could n’t hear all my troubles when I covered my ears; I thought my heart would stop traveling when I stopped my steps; I thought the love I needed, Just a hug.
53. It is better to be silent than to say too much, and I will be sad to think too much.
54. It seems to get used to waiting, and simply think that waiting will come.
55. The so-called "love" means that the present tense, the past, are no longer love, but old love.
56. In this chaotic time, what do I take to prove the value of my existence.
57. The red line of Yue Lao, half of us, was eventually pulled by us: to the end.
58. Encounter, but too late to get together; together, but not too late to hold hands; holding hands but not too late to love; to love but not too late to keep together.
59. Know, you already know. Do n’t know, you do n’t need to know!
60. If you know the end of this story, you either choose to tell it or pretend not to know, don't stop talking. Sometimes the harm left to others is more painful than choosing silence.
61. Some things, we know that they are wrong, we also have to persist, because we are not willing; some people, we know that we are love, we also have to give up, because there is no end; sometimes we know that there is no way out But still moving forward, because I am used to it.
62. If I can wait for a miracle, I would rather wait, even for a year or a lifetime!
63. Time is not for people to forget the pain, but for people to get used to it.
64. If betrayal is a courage, accepting betrayal requires a greater courage. The former only needs to be brave enough, or it may be just an impulse, while the latter tests the degree of tolerance. It is not as simple as impulse. It only takes time.
65. Passing those right and wrong, the result is happiness or sorrow.
66. The bravest thing in the world is to smile and listen to the love between you!
67. I like to get nothing for nothing, but don't like me for nothing!
68. I treat one person's loneliness with one person's attachment.
69. Many people love someone by mistake because of loneliness, but more people love loneliness all their lives because of love by mistake. We can love each other, but we are doomed to be unable to keep each other. It's not that I don't love you enough, but I'm not sure whether this love is the most correct.
70. Hurt, happiness, can it be far?
71. Love is like shells on the beach. Don't pick the biggest or the most beautiful. Pick the one you like the most. If you pick it, you will never go to the beach.
72. Some people have gone and never returned. Therefore, waiting and hesitation is the most ruthless killer in this world.
73. You don't know that I miss you because you don't love me. I know that you don't want me, but I still love you because I'm so stupid. Maybe sometimes, escape is not because you are afraid to face something, but is waiting for something.
74. Once chased after desperately, now it's gone crazy.
75. I just want to be an audience because I don't want to infect too much worldly hustle and bustle.
76. Some people pursue happiness, so they work hard; some people have happiness, so they give up.
77. The beginning of every love story is always brilliant, but the end is always silent.
78. The greatest difficulty for a person is knowing himself, and the easiest is also knowing himself. Many times, we don't recognize ourselves because we put ourselves in the wrong position and give ourselves an illusion. So, don't be afraid of bumpy roads, just fear that you went in the wrong direction from the beginning.
79. Blandness is true, yes, but it should be blandishment after passion, then renewed passion, and then blandness. The blandishness of passion should alternate in waves. What's the point of having a bland, lifeless life? As long as you truly love him, you will have passion until death.
80. Some people are most afraid that although they have already gone far, they will never take away the memories belonging to him.
81. When he says that he loves you, he is careless. Don't be touched easily.
82. I ran wild in order not to make myself feel lonely.
83. Living in a city, or loving someone, or doing something, after a long time, you will feel bored, and there will be an urge to escape. Maybe not tired of this city, loved ones, persistence, but just not the courage to persist.
84. A woman who can only read books is a dictionary. No matter how good people are, they only look at it when they need it. A woman who can only dress up is just a vase.
85. Do you love him? Love tells him, why hide the pain of missing in his heart. Afraid of appearance, status, and identity mismatch? Do not be afraid. To love a person is a beautiful thing.
86. Love looks romantic and innocent, but the reality is cruel in the end, because she can't stand cooking with soy sauce and vinegar.
87. If the truth is a harm, choose a lie; if a lie is a harm, choose silence; if silence is a harm, choose to leave.
88. A lot of things are indifferent with time. Life is helpless. There are many helplessness in life.
89. For a period of time, I like a piece of music; listening to a piece of music, I miss a time.
90. Some of the mistakes that have been made are because they are too late, and some are because of deliberate evasion. More often, they are left blank. We were so wrong again and again, but we never knew we could learn a lesson and do some reflection.
91. It was raining outside the window, one by one, and my tears were blooming, like the raindrops that broke the line outside the window.
92. In this state of sorrow and sorrow, laughing, but clueless, hurt, and no longer in sorrow, the smile of the self is the tranquilizer of the mind, quiet in the self.
93. The passing figure, dreaming of a hundred-turned face, your eyes are sadness that I will never forget in my life. The glory of the glass is difficult to stay, but the sound of the zheng is bound to dust.
94. The pain of love, the heart knows, the night knows, the tears know; the distance of love, the feet know, the dream knows, and the time knows. Light love is not rubbing but twisting; far away love is not footsteps but time; floating love is not mood but mood!
95. If love has never been, if dreams have never been broken, and if my heart has never hurt, then am I still the one you know?
96. When people are sad, helpless, and indifferent, music is the best way to express our feelings. Please make your sadness little by little as the music plays.
97. Love is broken, I ca n’t hold it, try to let go, go or not, stay or not, I do n’t want to understand.
98. Xu Sansheng under the Bodhi tree, the Sanskrit chorus is like yesterday. The smoke and rain accompanied the tour in Iraq, and the green trees and green hills allowed me to swim. Zeng held hands with Yiwang Tianya, Zeng Yuanding three lives, so persistent.
99. Do you remember me? Oh, I have been asking myself if I can forget you, I know now, I can't do it.
100. Many people love someone by mistake because of loneliness, but more people love loneliness all their lives because of love by mistake. We can love each other, but we are doomed to be unable to keep each other. It's not that I don't love you enough, but I'm not sure whether this love is the most correct.

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