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Sad sentence

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1. I think, change time, change location, change identity, forget everything and start again.
2. Sometimes, there is no next time, no chance to restart, no pause to continue. Sometimes, if you miss the present, you will never have a chance.
3. There is always such a person, thinking and laughing, laughing and crying.
4. One day you can go to my heart and you will see there is all the sadness you gave.
5. I kept flipping through the memories, but I couldn't find myself at that time.
6. It can be sad to be ignored by someone who cares about it. What's more sad is that you have to pretend not to care.
7. It hurts, I ca n’t say it, I can only hold it until I can forget it slowly.
8. I've been forcibly giving you something-my time, my love, my crap, my coyness and cuteness, I never asked you if you want it, I only know that I never give it to others .
9. I look at your life like a passerby, but my sadness is not for me.
10. Maybe we must despair once and for all to live again.
11. I'm still there, I can't wait for you. Just wait for myself to give up.
12. I thought I was invincible, not poisonous. I didn't expect that in the end, I was still a child who would cry.
13. I'm not willing anymore, for your smiley face becomes the clown of love, you go, you go, take away all emotions, you don't look back, just leave, just leave me one.
14. My acting skills must be good, so good that no one knows how sad.
15. Habits, habit of thinking, habit waiting for you, but I have never been used to seeing you.
16. I don't dare to expect too much, I just want to take the moment as forever, and turn the present into memories, little by little.
17. I can accompany you crazy, accompany you to cry, accompany you to laugh, accompany you to laugh, everything can be, but you don't need anything.
18. I used to think that if you really treat someone you love forever, you can always remember it, but now it is just a joke.
19. The most uncomfortable thing is to listen to the person you like, and to pretend that you don't care.
20. Everyone knows your happiness, my wolf is nowhere to be.
21. You are not wrong, but you have n’t loved me for a long time, but you have n’t stayed for me, it ’s just that love is not the time, but you have n’t been with me to the end.
22. If you do not hesitate, I will not love. If the ending is not what I want, I would rather not participate in the process.
23. I laughed at you deceivingly and said I didn't care, but I heard the crisp, heartbreaking voice.
24. I love you. For your happiness, I am willing to give up everything, including you.
25. The most painful cry can never drop half a tear, and the deepest loneliness is standing in the crowd without speaking.
26. You clearly know that you need to let go, but you can't let go, because you are still waiting for the impossible to happen, and this feeling is really uncomfortable.
27. The most regrettable thing in life is to easily give up what shouldn't be given up, stubbornly and insist on what shouldn't be done.
28. The happiness on the face can be seen by others, and who can feel the pain in the heart.
29. Feelings are like this. When you are disappointed, you will never look back. It's not that you're not brave or afraid of getting hurt. It's because you feel that you shouldn't continue to make the wrong decision for the wrong person. After all, you have your attachment, and I have my free and easy.
30. I'm just an ordinary person. I will let you go if it hurts. I will not make excuses for your departure, just like I thought you would not leave.
31. It was you who said you together, but it was me who couldn't bear it in the end.
32. What it feels like to give up a person who likes it for a long time, as if you plan to get up every day but find it is the feeling of midnight, as if you like to eat sweet and sour things, but you can also cry, as if you have cried in your life Many people just remember his feelings.
33. I often think of someone I used to accidentally, not to forget, but not to let go.
34. Every tolerance is a consumption of love. Please cherish my tolerance and concession every time, because that is the credit line I love for you, but even the highest line will eventually have a day of overdraft.
35. I also need to care, need love, need companionship, and someone needs to say that I am when I am sad.
36. The memories are long, the night is very cold, and the crowd is crowded. Don't panic.
37. Everyone has a dead end. They can't walk out by themselves and others can't get in. I put the deepest secret there. You don't understand me, I don't blame you.
38. I can, I can hold an umbrella alone, I can wipe tears alone, I can listen to songs alone, I can speak alone, I can write alone, I can be sad, so rest assured, I'm fine.
39. The person who broke into my life is you, the one who loves me is you, the one who breaks up is you, and the one who cries like a dog is me.
40. I have to admit that I had a moment and thought that I would be with you forever. I gave up all my pride and accommodated everything to you, but I still could n’t go to the end. I wo n’t blame you because you It was my most unexpected courage, and the entanglement I had to give up.
41. When you are depressed, you will obviously feel the power of loneliness. Those who are eager to understand give some warmth to borrow a shoulder, and I am glad to have you along the way. The first dream was clasped in my hand. How dare you go home halfway?
42. Feeling. If not, then either love the wrong person or use the wrong method. Rather than suffer, it is better to be single. Without the hug you want, learn to be strong first.
43. In this world, no one can truly feel the pain of another person. You are full of arrows, you are unbearable, and it is only your business. Others may sympathize and sigh, but you will never know exactly where your wounds are festering.
44. Your eyes are still so green, slowly raise your head towards a sensible lake in the bay, looking at the maple forest in the distance. I can't help but walk towards you and stretch out my hand, but you lower your head gently, looking at the hibiscus leaves on the ground, slowly humming the sad song.
45. In his eyes, he was full of deep-seated solitude, and his heartbroken sorrow was shining. Raising his eyes slowly, you can see in his dark black pupils that he hides a painful past.
46. His eyes were dull and his expression depressed. His figure and his eyes made him feel his deep trembling sorrow strongly. His eyes fell deep into his eye sockets, and his movements were like dragons. He stayed there, staring blankly at the stream until he died sadly.
47. Who is the passenger in whose life, who is the runner of life, the dust of previous lives, the wind of this life, the endless sad soul.
48. In fact, there is no "if" at all, and everyone's life cannot be redesigned.
49. Sometimes love is also a kind of harm. Cruel people choose to hurt others. Good people choose to hurt themselves.
50.Everyone is a king, and he wanders in his own world. Don't listen to me, but don't let me listen to you.
51. Drink tea three times. The first way is bitter like life; the second way is like love; the third way is light.
52. A story in the rain always sounds sad, and it always reads beautifully.
53. As time goes by, I have been alone for so long, but I have returned to the original look.
54. If the rain falls in the daytime, it will wet the dust in the heart, and an inexplicable sorrow in the cool wind, freehand into a poetic realm. Everything was quiet, the noise sank into the water of the city, everything flowed away, only the flying rain. So I went out, didn't want to bring an umbrella, and let all the depression flow under my feet. At that time, I entered the fairy tale.
55. On the day you left, I decided not to cry, bracing my eyes against the wind and not blinking hard.
56. There are some people in our lives who have rubbed our shoulders, but it is too late to meet; they have met, but they have not had time to meet; ——Be nice to yourself, because your life is not long; be nice to those around you, because you may not be able to meet in your next life.
57. You will never see the way I was when I was the loneliest, because I was the loneliest only when you were not around me.
58. Miss you; make me sad, make me lonely! Miss you; make me sad, make me cry!
59. Qing is looking for happiness. I am still in the same place. When the frost and snow fell, people have been divided into two places.
60. The ticking clock laughed at my stupidity, had already seen the bustling, but still insisted to wait until the end. Suddenly, I heard loneliness sobbing and saw the old man waiting. Lost direction, lost self.
61. Lonely, overcast, downcast, with vicissitudes on his face, tears in his heart, numbness in his body, and sadness in his soul. The heart, mottled, disappeared in the dim light of the fire, died on the hillock where the material desires flowed, and lingered, humble and tiny.
62. There is a treasure that is deeply in love, but it cannot be said. There is a kind of love who obviously wants to give up, but cannot give up. There is a kind of love that knows torment, but is reluctant. There is a kind of love that knows that there is no result, but the heart cannot receive it!
63. In the world of love, there is no one who is sorry, but who does not know who to cherish.
64. The wind is gone and the funeral is over! The past is like smoke, billowing red dust, and pointing at the quicksand. The flowers bloomed and thanked, spring and winter came, but they did not take away their thoughts.
65. Some people say that it is so ordinary to love someone, but it is so heartbreaking to want someone.
66. Deep words should be said shallowly, and long roads need to be squandered. The big world needs to be frankly felt, and the painful wounds must be gently rubbed.
67. You gave me a tear, and I saw the whole ocean in your heart.
68. Happiness, how simple and warm, but I have been looking up to it. Lonely? Sad or helpless? No, I'm just looking up, looking at happiness that is close at hand but out of reach. When I ca n’t keep looking up, can I leave a sky in your heart, even if it is gray!
69. Writing faint melancholy and faint warm text brings people a touch of melancholy and faint warmth. Let people feel good in lightness, feel poetic in melancholy, get warm in warmth, and be touched in warmth!
70. Life is more than lonely. Lonely life loves endlessly, loneliness is the theme of love forever. I am alone with my shadow. It said it had a whisper to tell me. It says it misses you so much. I and my shadow are thinking of you.
71. But suddenly, I want to leave this familiarity and go to another stranger, without worry, I don't know where to go. There, the memories can be cut off. There, you can start again.
72. The happiness on the face can be seen by others, and who can feel the pain in the heart.
73. The agreement to grow up together is so sincere that I have never been able to talk to you before. And I can't tell whether you are friendship or missing love.
74. In this materialistic world, we are beginning to mature. But our inner world is beyond recognition. We can never find our original self again. We have forever scratched a scar in our hearts, so that the eternal scar remains in the deepest part of our hearts, and no one can erase it.
75. Why, the blooming flowers made me feel decadent even more, their splendor seemed to mock my frustration. The grass is still green, and the tree is still standing, but my happiness has not risen in this beautiful scenery, and my heart swells, still discouraged.
76. The most rushed are the most beautiful scenery; the most hurt are always the most true feelings.
77. It ’s such a wonderful encounter, I miss you far away, but loneliness is very close to me. I think of your mood in the middle of the night quietly, and I am in the bone marrow. I miss you so much, I miss you.
78. What is happiness? It is to cover up their grief for everyone smile.
79. Those who are afraid of being hurt will never catch true happiness; those who are afraid of being hurt will always be intentionally or unintentionally hurt by others.
80. The wind blows, and the fallen leaves drift with my good mood. This late autumn flower defeat just sets off the desolation in my heart. When I look away, I no longer see the green. There is desolate withering. Can it be perceived by God? Did I get frustrated?
81. I cried on my way home, and tears broke down again. Helpless to walk like this, never dare to be proud and extravagant. What else can I say and what else can I do? I hope you will hear, because I love you, I let you go.
82. I haven't encountered any unhappy things, just in an inexplicable mood, I can't be happy.
83. Where were you when I was? The feeling of heartache paralyzes me, making it difficult for me to breathe, but I dare not tell you.
84. Don't go, please stay, don't make me heartache, do you think it hurts me enough?
85. Knowing that you don't have me in your heart, and you can never do what you want, but you can't help but let you see the real me and hide the injured me.
86. Your loneliness makes me nostalgic, and I accidentally look back at you, only the lonely person will be lonely.
87. When I say goodbye to you in tears, you just say goodbye to me indifferently, do not feel your indifferent eyes, my heart has broken into thousands.
88. On the other side of the phone, there was silence. It was time to let go, but it was difficult to give up.
89. If I never met you, if I never fell in love with you, if I didn't believe in it at first, maybe I won't be who I am now.
90. If love has never been, if dreams have never been broken, and if my heart has never hurt, then am I still the one you know?
91. Wiping away the tears on his face, but can't take away the feeling of pain in his heart.
92. You have changed, and I have also changed. The tenderness that cannot be returned, the tears are like springs, and the most familiar one is the most painful in my heart.
93. Don't torture me any more, my heart has been cut, and it's not the blood that sheds, it's the fault of loving you.
94. Love is broken, I ca n’t hold it, try to let go, go or not, stay or not, I do n’t want to understand.
95. Time heals the wound, but it still leaves scars, and the pain can't be wiped away.
96. It is said that everything is fine as soon as you sleep, but it is really difficult to sleep through the night.
97. I miss the time I used to, because I have you in time, even if I wait and see from a distance.
98. Knowing that we are people of the two worlds, we are still so passionate.
99. One is too late, the other can't wait, so we are destined to miss it.
100. Under the light, watching your own shadow burst out, when it is the loneliest, only it will stay with you.

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