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Downcast talk about friends

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1. Some words never speak; some tears never shed.
2. I, like you, are easy to be afraid of. In many things, we thought it was a step back to the sea and the sky, but we retreated too many times, so we lost everything.
3. When in danger, either help yourself or commit suicide, don't expect others.
4. Hundreds of years later, at a certain moment when I knew Zhiqiu, I understood arbitrarily that what I am doing now is carefree, just for a long time to be born of pawns for it.
5. You have seen everything through, and you have not seen me alone. I said that I do n’t love you anymore, and you believe it. I said I lived well, and you believe it.
6. It turns out that as long as people are separated, no matter how familiar they are, they will gradually become alienated.
7. The farthest distance in the world is that he is one of your thousand miles, and you are one thousandth of him.
8. No amount of words can tell the pain in my heart, no laughter can cover up the pain in my heart, no more love words can continue to write your heart, no matter how good it is, it can't bear the habit of time. .
9. The whole city is asleep, and only my mind and I ca n’t sleep. Ye Weiyang, love is gone, and you who have n’t seen you for a long time occupy my memories.
10. If you are always neglected, why bother yourself! If you are not cherished, why bother to maintain it.
11. There are too many unpleasant things, so much that I don't know which one to use to grit my teeth.
12. Those who leave without saying goodbye will probably never see each other again. After all, those who are disappointed enough will not look back.
13. You are no longer the one I always hang on, but still the shout of my drunk.
14. Sometimes this is the case. Whenever there is such a big thing, you pass it by yourself. After hearing a word of comfort from the people around you, you will be defeated instantly.
15. Those who dedicate themselves to love, in the end all become lovers of others.
16. At some late night many years later, will you suddenly think of me, and then tears will spring up, only to discover that you owed me too much.
17. Among all kinds of people, I have stepped on the shadows of too many people, but I ca n’t step on you.
18. It doesn't matter if you make a mistake. Sadly you are not willing to correct it.
19. True freedom does not mean how wide you can move, but how much your mood is understood.
20. If we meet and you forget the lyrics, I will remember the tune. If we meet and you look in the twilight, I will light up. If we meet, please come to me. If this life does not work, then the next life.
21. If one day you want to go, then promise me to run slower so that I can catch up with you.
22. You are really weird. Smoke is not good for you. You like it. Wine is not good for you. You like it. It's not good for you. You like it.
23. You said, what's the use of covering your tears when you want to cry so that they don't fall down?
24. Waiting for your concern, wait till I close my heart.
25. Those who are not understood, even in the vast universe, find it difficult to move; even those who are known, even in the place where they are, have a vast sky in their hearts.
26. You praise me for being poison-free, but in fact, I've already penetrated my heart with a smile.
27. We also have the freedom to love and hate, the right to walk and stop. Time will surprise you, and I believe it. As long as I have time, I can find everything.
28. Even if one person misses another person's heart and stomach, even if the other person's name is engraved on the end of the earth, it cannot bring any practical comfort to the other person.
29. Everyone should be honest with his feelings.
30. Some people, you can't avoid it anyway, if you dare not face it, you have to face it.
31. If one day you want to go, then promise me to run slower so that I can catch up with you.
32. After the thousand sails are over, you can look at Hongchen with laughter, and love and hate joy, but it is just the smoke and dust disappearing at the fingertips.
33. Regardless of the severity of the wound, there will always be a day of healing. But sadly not the same, it will follow you until the end of life.
34. In fact, from the beginning, I should have understood that one step distance, I thought it was very close, but the fact is ... he can't walk, I can't step over.
35. Don't take my waiting as your wanton capital.
36. We give each other the most real respect and freedom, but we never let go of each other.
37. What is lost will eventually return to us, although sometimes not in the way we expect.
38. All of us have been disappointed, and everyone has been hurt, but life is like this, perfect is just a fairy tale. However, everyone has the opportunity not to leave themselves with regret.
39. Some loves have not yet begun, they may be over.
40. Love never caters. Noisy, no scolding, can be considered true love.
41. Give true love to be ashamed of your heart: if you deserve it, you will have no regrets.
42. It is easy to fall in love with a person, and when it is flat, it is not easy to stick to that promise.
43. Man is an animal that admires each other. Standing on the cross line envy the parallel line, standing on the parallel line envy the cross line, cherish the eyes.
44. It is more painful to want to laugh than to laugh, and to cry but not cry.
45. You are really weird. Smoke is not good for you. You like it. Wine is not good for you. You like it. You stay up late is not good for you. You like it.
46. You say, what's the use of covering your tears and preventing them from falling when you want to cry?
47. The happiest moment for a person is to find the right person, he spoils you, pampers your habits, and loves everything about you.
48. Some people have seen you for a lifetime, but have ignored it for a lifetime.
49. I think I still haven't forgotten him, sometimes tears still shed.
50. For whom the tearful eyes, filled pupils, merge into a river.
51. Believe in feelings like a fool, and finally kick out like a fool.
52. When you smile, your heart is full of sorrow, and in the cut wound, all the bleakness comes out!
53. Those who lost, passed away, lost, forgotten, all clicked delete. Delete files forever.
54. Waiting for your concern, wait till I close my heart.
55. In fact, I'm fine, but I'm not used to it, but I feel uncomfortable occasionally. I just miss someone suddenly at a certain moment. I just feel sad when I hear a familiar sentence.
56. Our relationship is like a six-cooked steak. It looks delicious, but you can still see blood after you bite it, but it is not raw, but it is not so cooked.
57. I am not angry, but my smile is no longer; I am not sad, but avoid people, I am not exhausted, but step by step.
58. Love is the only thing in the world that cannot be obtained through hard work.
59. The definition of loneliness you don't really understand.
60. Maybe in the eyes of some people, giving up and insisting on the same result. But I resolutely choose the latter. Even if I lose, I have to be arrogant. I think many people in this world are very similar to us, holding on to their persistence and courage, not willing to compromise or fall.
61. Tears are water that will eventually evaporate.
62. In fact, I'm fine, but I'm not used to it, but I will feel uncomfortable occasionally, but I suddenly miss someone at a certain moment, but I feel sad when I hear a familiar sentence.
63. Do you believe I love you if you want me to die?
64. Loneliness is not that the person who wants to wait has not come, but that this person has walked out of his heart.
65. Thinking of you going to sleep, dreaming of you waking up.
66. People always feel happy when they are close to happiness, but they suffer when they are happy.
67. Far from you, it won't be long before I will meet you.
68. Sometimes people deceive you to make you understand that you can only believe in yourself.
69. Whoever is who never forgets, who is who is dispensable, who is who is unforgettable, who is who is a pity. Emotions in this world can never be equal. When they are equal, it is probably when they are not emotional, that is, people often say strangers.
70. I don't know if you will be together in the future, but I know that if we are not together, at least, I can use my identity as a friend and stay in your life all my life.
71. Walking alone on the street, calmly is like hurrying.
72. There is always such a person who does what you don't like to do for you, just to please you who is not perfect.
73. No matter how deeply you remember, there is a day of forgetfulness, and a day of beautiful dreams.
74. I said that I waited till the last thing you said, and you said that we could stop it.
75. For me, the farthest place is in your heart, and the nearest place is beside you. The happiest is to be with you, the happiest is to have me in your heart.
76. Life after drama, as long as it is on stage, no one wants to step down until the show is finished. Otherwise you will pay a heavy price.
77. The unreachable is always in turmoil, and the unreachable is always in turmoil.
78. I told my heartbeat all my thoughts, did you overhear in your heart?
79. People have two ways to go, one is required to go, and the other is to go. You must take the road you have to take to be beautiful before you can go the way you want to go.
80. Silent, silent, do not explain, do not contact, so it ends quietly.
81. The drunken tomorrow is pinned on Pandora's strings, and the rest of his life sings falsely to heaven and earth.
82. The worst thing to lose someone is that he is near, but it is as far away as the sky.
83. Girl, people all over the world can not love you, but you have to love yourself.
84. The worst thing to lose someone is that he is near, but it is as far away as the sky.
85. In those short years when you once loved me, I may be the happiest person in the world, but those days are over and you ca n’t keep them.
86. You praise me for being poison-free, but in fact I've been through my heart with a smile.
87. Memories are wonderful, as long as you can let the past pass.
88. If you know that it is impossible, then why bother.
89. Sorry to yourself, because it was hard for yourself for others.
90. In those short years when you once loved me, I may be the happiest person in the world, but those days are over and you ca n’t keep them.
91. I always see the most beautiful in the deepest despair, and then gradually fall into despair in the most beautiful.
92. You are fine. Of all the people I have met, you are the best. I am fortunate to have met you, although, unfortunately, I cannot have you.
93. Everyone needs face, and your gift is practical again. If you don't do enough face, you're afraid you will get the opposite effect.
94. Time is not important. Some specific moments will continue forever, rewinding and playing until eternity. They are everything, they are everywhere.
95. Actually, I am tired. I'm used to pretending to be happy, pretending to be sad, pretending to care, and pretending that it doesn't matter. I'm used to one person facing everything.
96. Being lonely is not terrible. I am afraid of being alone all the time. It is not terrible to fall in love with a person. I am afraid that it is out of control.
97. If you didn't know, didn't know, didn't love, and didn't love, how would you have suffered like this, and become greedy.
98. It may be a little unwilling, but it is also filled with disappointment.
99. It's never been easy to get together, but how to get away. In the end, love became unwilling, deep love became sad, thoughts became upset, and initiative became mean.
100. I finally survived the period when everyone looked like you, I can think of you for everything, and the songs I listened to were all about your days. Fortunately, I can finally ask no return date, no need to contact, no longer miss you, no longer wait for you.

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