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1. The words hidden in my heart are not intentionally concealed, but not all pain can be shouted.
2. Take others too seriously, but end up being seen by others as nothing.
3. The disappointment has never failed me, and every time I take it seriously really disappoints me.
4. All day and night changes, all mountains, lakes and seas, only with you can you be called a beauty.
5. When you love someone, you will be reminded of things that are irrelevant, because that person is always in your heart.
6. Sometimes love is not to shield you from the wind, but to face the wind and rain with you.
7. Perhaps it was because love was so boned that she took her casual words as an oath.
8. Not only does she have to be good, she has to stand on the top.
9. You promised everything but gave nothing; I promised nothing but gave you everything for me.
10. No matter how many grievances you have suffered, only you are in your heart. Not that I do n’t want to say, I just do n’t know what to say, and who I can talk to.
11. At this moment, I am convinced that letting things go. Don't say I don't care, what if I do?
12. I once passed your heart, not because I don't want to stay, but because you refuse to accept.
13. You did n’t stay, and I did n’t look back. In this way, there was no wind, no rain, no sunny weather, and no illness.
14. You thought you could find someone who can protect you, but then the big winds and waves were all given by him.
15. Yesterday's happiness is still vividly remembered, but today we are the same.
16. What is youth? Youth is inexplicable, it is stupidity, it is to fall in love with someone who should not be loved. Just being jealous of each other, just wanting to be each other, not wanting to be yourself. Just say goodbye, never come again, never miss.
17. If the heart doesn't move, the wind is nothing; if you don't hurt, years will pass.
18. Hearted people are destined to live a hard life, because it is too easy to be controlled by the emotions of others. Attentive people always think wildly, and the result is stuck in a messy mind, unable to move. sometimes it is better to not overthink.
19. After leaving, don't mention wishing me happiness, what qualifications do you have to wish me happiness?
20. Dark clouds cover the light layer by layer, and the strong layer removes the camouflage.
21. Later I realized that a lot of the beauty in youth comes from longing. In those day-to-day visions, we used all our imagination, burned all our hormones, and squandered all our beautiful moods. Then, the hopes were shattered, and we grew up.
22. Some people are like this. Even if they just come here casually, they are still astoundingly amazing time, and then engraved an immortal face on the stone of your years.
23. Don't give up on others, don't take yourself too seriously, don't think that the whole world will turn around you, and you will not shine.
24. Later, I can't remember what you look like. I think it should be amnesia on earth.
25. As we get older, the more we like it, the less we dare to say it, the more we like it, the more we become careful.
26. Some people do not belong to you from the beginning. The light that he brings, no matter how warm, should not be greedy and extravagant. But ah, you've gotten and lost, it's more sad and desperate than never to have.
27. She is so beautiful, he never dares to say easily, prefers to follow her like a shadow until he is qualified to stand by her.
28. You can only stay away from things that are hopeless. When you give birth to extravagant hopes, you will only lose everything.
29. Some people, although in darkness, always carry light. Some love, always silent, but omnipresent.
30. She no longer loves him, but he is an indelible once in her life.
31. In a person's life, there are always a few moments when he wants to put aside everything to indulge himself.
32. I cried on my way home, and tears broke down again. Helpless to walk like this, never dare to be proud and extravagant. What else can I say and what else can I do? I hope you will hear, because I love you, I let you go ...
33. The child who lacks love is like this, he does n’t need to give sugar, give him a piece of candy paper, and he is as happy as having the whole world.
34. Youth, we always think that he is not good enough, but he is afraid that he has gone too fast, afraid, lost, stunned, but extremely loved.
35. I have never succeeded in doing anything in my life, but I do n’t want to mess it up to make you happy.
36. Sometimes a relationship can't go on, not because of love. On the contrary, love is always there. The absence is the way to accommodate the two.
37. My small dream once made me dazzle courage, but after many years, I was physically and mentally exhausted.
38. There are seven words floating in the sky, and everything is done all day long. The broken pot has its own lid, and everyone loves it. You should eat and drink, don't leave anything in your heart; look at the watch while soaking in the hot spring, one second is comfortable; there is no road in front of the mountain, throw the car to run; Jingzi is still me.
39. It doesn't have to be a lover to like someone. Sometimes, it is enough to be friends. Only then can it last. Friendship is further love, but love takes a step back but cannot return to friends.
40. Those who miss you will naturally find you, and those who don't want you, why bother.
41. We should think of others better and be thankful for small things. It has nothing to do with others, because he does not need to know what you are thinking. It just makes you happier.
42. There is nothing wrong with liking someone. The mistake is liking someone who doesn't like oneself.
43. I hope that time no longer flows, so that everything stays at the moment of embracing.
44. Things that do not belong to you, if you hold it tightly, it will only hurt you.
45. The lover will inevitably become a friend in the end, but we ca n’t even make friends.
46. My heart is tired and I no longer struggle. There are many people with me, but they are not the one in my heart.
47. Sometimes I can look very indifferent, sometimes I am a little uncomfortable.
48. I don't want to be a brilliant moment like fireworks, I just want to be ordinary forever.
49. After all, you will delete what you wanted to leave after you died.
50. If there is a destiny, time and space are not distances; if there is no destiny, it is impossible to get together all day.
51. Many things are good to look at; if you can't look at them, you will endure them. Don't think you won't pass if you can't see it.
52. Heart knot, open it when you have the ability, leave it without the ability, don't always stick to it.
53. Sometimes letting go, not because you don't care, but because you don't care.
54. Yesterday's happiness is still vividly remembered. Today, we are just like a stranger.
55. If there is a fate, time and space are not distances; if there is no fate, it is impossible to get together all day long.
56. Sometimes I can look very indifferent, sometimes I can't bear it.
57. Some words, you accidentally say, but I am very sad.
58. I really want to disappear for a long time, change the name, change the appearance, and get to know you again.
59. If it were before, I would be very angry, very angry, and now I just feel chill, even blame your heart is gone.
60. Sometimes I'm tired, I don't want to talk or move, I don't need comfort and company, I just want to be alone.
61. I want to do a hundred things to keep you, but in fact I can't keep you a thousand things, what makes me sad is that I can't do one thing.
62. No matter how good I am with you, she can't afford to smile at you occasionally.
63. Time will fade a person's memory, but it will never make people forget those memories.
64. The bravest thing I've ever done is not to love you unflinchingly, but to hear you and her love pretending to be light and light.
65. I want to do a hundred things to keep you, but in fact I can't keep you a thousand things, and what makes me sad is that I can't do one thing in fact.
66. Missing is just a moment, but the thought is a lifetime.
67. Some helplessly obviously care about themselves, but dare not care about it, some people obviously miss it, but dare not miss it.
68. Even if you feel so weak that you are in tears, you have to pretend to be just tired.
69. I have to admit that I once thought that I would be with you for a lifetime. I let go of all my pride and accommodated everything to you, but I still couldn't go to the end. I won't blame you, because you are my most unexpected bravery, and I have to give up.
70. In fact, I mind a lot of things, just used to laugh and say it doesn't matter.
71. Growth takes not only time, but also the courage that was not afraid of losing it.
72. If there is a fate, time and space are not distances; if there is no fate, it is impossible to get together all day long.
73. Growth not only takes away time, it also takes away the courage that was not afraid to lose.
74. Sometimes, I just want to cry, because my heart is aggrieved. Sometimes, I just want to go crazy because my mood is low. Sometimes I just want to swear, because I am upset. Sometimes I just want to be quiet because I'm really tired.
75. I'm tired but I don't know where I'm tired. I really want to speak but I'm speechless.
76. I thought that sincerely treat others, you can also exchange them with others. I tried desperately not to make the people around me sad, but found that it was me who was injured. After experiencing something, I realized that I was really stupid.
77. You have become my psychological wound. Whenever the night is quiet, it always seems to be painful.
78. Blame me, I want to love, I have to wait, I just imagine that I will be the exception, I do n’t know why.
79. Watching the time passing by, dyingly trying to seize the past, but even lost now.
80. It's not that I can't let go, just that I have no choice.
81. When you want to leave, please make sure that you no longer love, if you love, please love deeply!
82. Turn the sadness of that moment into a good-bye Greek wing. Life is like this, meet, parting, meet, parting. When you wave goodbye, maybe you'll never see it again in your life. After all, if you do n’t belong, you have to give up, even if the heartache is slowly cut by a blunt knife.
83. There is a distance that cannot be crossed; there is a miss that cannot be erased. Distorted his figure in the exhausted mind, and finally blank. I have nothing, an empty watch. Thought love was right, but the loneliness I got was so long.
84. How long can the smiling smile last? Will the wish to the meteor come true?
85. I don't care if you don't care about me.
86. Heart wants you to hear, love wants you to see, not afraid to admit how tired you are. When thinking of you, I hope you will receive my true message.
87. Said that they had all left, in order to let them all come back one by one when they were the loneliest.
88. If you recognize early that you are not so important to others, you will be much happier.
89. Some people say that the blood to the heart is on the ring finger. You know how much I want to live in this life, to exhaust everything and firmly tie your ring finger!
90. Remembering is a kind of cruelty, forgetting is even more cruel, I do n’t want the cruelty of both sides, I want to forget it myself, because remembering will be more painful.
91. Let's break up, don't exhaust that little feeling.
92. Admit it, you will still be disappointed, but still looking forward.
93. "How to destroy someone?" "Give her all unconditionally, and take it back in one go."
94. Those who are easy to be disappointed are always those who are naive and soft-hearted. After all, they think too much about the feelings of others, they are cheating and bullying, and the scars forget the pain. Hidden well, wandering and free.
95. Love is accumulation, not love.
96. If you like a song, the single will loop, and if you fall in love with someone, you will continue to forgive it, but if you listen to it enough, it will be cut off, so if you are tired, you will let go.
97. It took eight seconds to delete your phone, eight minutes to delete our chat history, eight hours to delete you in my memory, eight days to forget you, and eight months to calm me The mood, as a result, eight years later, you came over on the phone and said yes? All memories resurrected instantly.
98. Who can you forgive without a bottom line, who can hurt you without a bottom line.
99. Only when things are right and wrong will talents know how to miss them; always when we do n’t understand the most, what we miss is the real thing.
100. Giving up is simple. Time and Xinhuan. I choose time. You choose Xinhuan.
101. I hit the south wall, and I lost it. I could n’t pick it up. The place I fell the worst was the place where I restarted. I do n’t need your advice for the rest of my life. This is my feelings. .
102. It's not easy to be so rusty with you.
103. It's time to collect this terrible favorite.
104. It is my heart that can hurt my deepest people.
105. I seem to look at everything, but in fact I can't hold anything.
106. Have you ever eaten chewing gum? If it is not sweet, it will spit out like love.
107. Suddenly there was no expectation and I couldn't rejoice.
108. Blindly accommodate, no one understands your kindness.
109. Void romances related to you.
110. It ’s getting harder and harder to like someone, and finally I meet someone I like, but I ’m suddenly scared, because when I knew I liked him, I thought about living with him for a lifetime, but In fact, I don't know if he can have me in the future.
111. If the previous few times were disappointed, the last time must be chilling.
112. I don't love you anymore, are you satisfied?
113. No matter how good I am with you, she can't afford to smile at you occasionally.
114. I want to do a hundred things to keep you, but in fact I can't keep you a thousand things, and what makes me sad is that I can't do one thing.
115. Even if there is no ending, I will hold you in my arms.
116. There is a city in the heart of every lonely person, and there is an unreachable person in the city.
117. I have met someone who is as dazzling as the sun and gentle as the moonlight. I just met it.
118. Trust has become harder nowadays, and fake and real are becoming more and more similar.
119. Later, I can't tell whether I like or obsess.
120. Those who pretend to be happy are all good hands to stay up late.
121. Knowing is enough, the rest of my life is okay.
122. I bid farewell to you in this way, and borrowed thousands of miles of green hills, separated by it, never seen in the world.
123. It is a frustrating regret to see the beauty of the world alone without sharing it.
124. Attempting to forget it, it was indeed forgotten at the time, but there are always people and things that can remind you again.
125. The age of scenery, the heart of aging.
126. The network is just a line.
127. You can rest assured that I will help you find it.
128. Unfortunately, I deserve it.
129. Children of poor people like to fear that they are not worthy of being alone.
130. All blame me, I have to love, I have to wait, I just imagine that I will be the exception, I do n’t know why.
131. Reasons for all relationships to fade: one does not say, one does not ask or one asks embarrassingly, one is perfunctory.
132. I like him, he likes to study, and the results of each subject are very good. He will go to the sports field in his spare time. He is very gentle to girls.
133. Is your acting so bad that you can see it at a glance, or is my acting so good that the loneliness behind the smile is unobtrusive.
134. I really want to contact you, I just lack an identity.
135. Do you know what is the most desperate thing? It is the most beautiful tree you have ever seen. That tree is gone. You know that you will never see such a beautiful tree again in your life. The forest doesn't want to talk anymore, you lower your head and close your mouth.
136. Losing the ability to love a person is more terrible than losing a lover.
137. If you like someone who doesn't like you, please don't do anything, just like it, and you will understand later.
138. I tolerated everything, but in the end I could not tolerate anything.
139. Feelings make me sad, and life never let me go.
140. As you grow up, you lose, and you stand up.
141. Passionate and ruthless is also very good. Quick battle is better than ambiguity. I am afraid that I will encounter the stubborn decisiveness of decisive decisiveness. I will meet with different feelings in my affection. In this world, most of the wins are still lover.
142. Some people cannot love, hate, and forget.
143. It is not work that is exhausting you, but the people you meet at work.
144. What we regret is not that we have missed the best people, but that we have met the best people, but have run out of the best ourselves.
145. I still like you, but I am less obsessed with having to be together.
146. It is better not to remember a person's memory well, because the more memories, the less happiness.
147. Some people exist to protect happiness, and some people leave to fulfill true love.
148. Losing is more terrible than not getting it, because it has one more process called once.
149. What is youth? Youth is inexplicable, it is stupidity, it is to fall in love with someone who should not be loved. Just being jealous of each other, just wanting to be each other, not wanting to be yourself. Just say goodbye, never come again, never miss.
150. It was you who said you were together, but it was me who couldn't bear it in the end.

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