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Suppressed mood

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1. You won't know how many people envy you for your place in my heart. You don't cherish it.
2. How I wish someone would not dislike everything, holding my hand to accompany me all the way.
3. I missed it clearly, but I still had to pretend to be very indifferent. I felt sad when I thought about it.
4. Knowing that you don't have me in your heart, and you can never do what you want, but you can't help showing you the most true me and hiding the injured me.
5. No matter how much grievance you have suffered, only you are in your heart. Not that I do n’t want to say, I just do n’t know what to say, and who I can talk to.
6. Afraid of losing you, but never reaching out to hold you firmly, time takes away your smile, but it does not smooth my inner impetuousness.
7. Never dare to expect one forever, just to meet once. Never dare to think that love will last forever, just for that stunning glimpse in Hongchen.
8. Sometimes we forgive someone not for real forgiveness, but because we don't want to lose her, we can only pretend to forgive.
9. Some injuries only fit in my heart, just like some people only fit to forget.
10. It can be sad to be ignored by someone who cares about it. What's more sad is that you have to pretend not to care.
11. The distance is terrible, because I don't know if the other person misses you or forgets you.
12. It's because you laugh so heartlessly that no one finds you sad.
13. There is always a person who has been living in the bottom of his heart, but has disappeared into life.
14. You know that you need to let go but ca n’t let go, because you are still waiting for the impossible to happen, and this feeling is really uncomfortable.
15. I never thought that I could love so humblely, and humbled because of your words.
16. Some things do not want to happen, but have to accept; some things, do not want to understand, but have to learn; some people can not lose, but have to let go!
17. Memories are still warm, but the promise has cooled.
18. I didn't bother him any more, and he didn't think of me anymore.
19. Forcing anyone to show a laugh every day, no one understands my inner feelings.
20. Falling in love with an impossible person will make you feel aggrieved. He is right in front of you, but you can only pretend to be deaf and dumb and silently stupid.
21. It turned out that there was a feeling of helplessness and a feeling of weakness.
22. Some people, I ca n’t let go, but I feel helpless, pretending to be strong, it does n’t matter if I smile, the happier you laugh, the more painful my heart is.
23. I only get tired occasionally, crying, making troubles unreasonably, feeling upset, and strange to all.
24. Except yourself, no one will understand how much joy or sadness you have in your story, because after all, it is just your feeling.
25. In fact, some of the words hidden in my heart are not intentionally concealed, but not all pain can be shouted.
26. Please don't treat me as a fool. Some things are not that I don't know. I just look in my eyes and bury them in my heart.
27. I dare not say that I am the one who loves you the most in the world, but I dare say that you are the one I love most.
28. It is because you laugh so heartlessly that no one finds you sad.
29. Thoughts will become speechless with time. Love words can be perfunctory, but it is a taboo that you cannot touch.
30. Life must continue no matter what, not to mention that you suffer less than one third of your life.
31. Sometimes we think that poverty is simply starvation, without shelter, and homelessness. But real poverty is feeling unneeded, not loved, or cared for.
32. Be confident, write down a few lines of poetry, the most rhyme is my sigh.
33. Never underestimate anyone. The cultivation of others is just what you haven't seen.
34. It's better to go to a place full of sunflowers, and when you look up, it's dazzling sunlight.
35. Even if you listen to some songs thousands of times, you will still fall in love when the next second melody sounds.
36. People are like this for a lifetime. These seven words are easy to say and simple to hear, but they are very deep to remember.
37. Knowing what you cannot do is more important than knowing what you can do.
38. If tomorrow, there is no mobile phone, no computer, I will not contact you in any way, will you write such a sentence in the diary: today, miss the madness like never before.
39. No matter how beautiful the road scenery is, we must be willing to say goodbye in time. Because it doesn't belong to me.
40. People live in the world like an abyss forever. In fact, in this world, there is never a word of turning back, and at most, it just starts again.
41. I always believe that in this world, there must be another self, doing what I dare not do, and living the life I want to live.
42. Some words have been buried in my heart for a long time, and I have no chance to say, but when I have a chance to say, I cannot say.
43. There are always people who break into your life. Teach you something, and leave without hesitation.
44. Two people who once loved each other in a blink of an eye. What remains are incomplete memories and heartache.
45. The best life state for a person is when it is time to read a book, and when to play, enjoy it when you see it, and when you see an excellent person, you do n’t despise it. The world, strive to live your own life. Focus on yourself when nobody loves, and the ability to embrace each other when someone loves.
46. Sometimes do everything for one person, but do nothing more than others. Those who ca n’t get it are always worried, and those who are together are always tired.
47. How many people lost to a word "wait"! Waiting for the day, waiting for the future, not being busy, waiting for the next time, waiting for time, waiting for conditions, waiting for money, waiting to come and go! Wait for the choice! Do what you want to do, don't leave yourself too much regret! Time is not waiting!
48. Even if there are too many disappointments in this world, I hope you can try to accept and learn not to embarrass yourself. May you always be simple, brave and believe in love!
49. No matter what age you are, I think we should learn to be gentle with the people around us, at least not to say anything to others, because you may not know that language really has a magical power that will make you The person you love loves you, and it will make the person who loves you decide to leave you.
50. Suddenly depressed, what do people live for in the end.
51. Expressions can be covered up, but uncomfortable will not lie.
52. The me who had the courage to say that I liked you and me now seemed to be two people.
53. Feelings are sometimes a process in which the predecessors planted trees and the others enjoyed the cool, but I teach you to learn to love, not to tell you to love others.
54. Laugh before people because they can't afford to cry; cry after people because no one cares. There is a kind of strong called, laugh to others, cry to yourself.
55. No one will accompany you unconditionally, and even the shadows will be absent on cloudy days, so love yourself.
56. After all, I'm not your sun, I can't give you the light you want.
57. Time passes day by day, it seems that nothing has changed, but when you look back one day, you find that everything is different.
58. Some things will eventually become a thing of the past. It's like a time when a flower blooms. After the bright day, it becomes a permanent memory.
59. Why do you always understand at the last moment that our love is long gone.
60. You are sometimes cute, sometimes vast as stars. You are opposite me, and in the world with my eyes closed.
61. You always linger in my dream, but refuse to show your face.
62. You always disappear in the night and become cold air bullying me. Is not fun.
63. When people are young, they feel that people are everywhere, and the affairs of others are yours. After middle age, they feel that the world has nothing but their families.
64. The most heartbreaking distance in the world is not that you said indifferently that you don't care, but that you let go, but I live in regret forever and can't forget
65. Maybe you don't love me anymore, but you walked into my heart and couldn't let go of you.
66. Some people think about silence, sorry, my dear, follow me to make you wronged!
67. Every time I talk about you later, I will laugh to cover the deepest sorrow in my heart.
68. I really want to point to my heart proudly and tell you that you are no longer here.
69. What used to belong to the past can only belong to the past, but in love, there is actually no reunion.
70. We work very hard to obtain life, and we make more sense to give it. When you don't help others, don't look down on them first.
71. I've never been to New York, I've never been to Hawaii, and never wore a cowboy in the rain in San Francisco.
72. Who can take part in life? I simply don't know how to mess around. The tall building in front is leaning, the south wall is standing, the desert is dull, and my confidant is separated. Why not? I will walk by.
73. Probably I took a trip, looked back, looked forward, missed a ride. Wherever he is, he is not there, nor is he across the mountains. But he is clearly in this world, and even more apex in my heart.
74. In December, it's morning to enjoy ice flowers, and smoke in the evening. It is a stable country, and it is easy to change. It's missing the bright and the dark, the years come to an end. It is snow that is not full, and my heart is frosted. It was I who folded Daxue and my mind into poems and sang to you.
75. Fortunately, it seems that I have put down a bit on you. I should meet a brand new person. Let ’s go hiking together. My legs hurt so much on the bed for three days. I cook hot pot together and the lens is heated by aerosol. We walked out of the theater and held up the last bit of popcorn.
76. I think every answer has its place. The tired birds return to the woods, the rivers merge into the sea, and the evaporating water vapor condenses into clouds floating on your head. I can't catch the mist and I can't catch you.
77. I have nothing to regret, I just feel very sorry. What I want to say to you, whether it is figurative or imagery, you have not accepted it. The reason why we cannot fall in love is more than appearance.
78. It is an unspeakable secret with you, with the dark tide in the night, the waves drown me. Waking up suddenly in the nightmare, I realized that a solid hug was missed.
79. I never know where I lost, but I did lose to you.
80. Encountering 10,000 games with you, hand in hand with you through the bumps of the air stream, looking back at you to see the lights of the city, waiting for you to come down at night, starlight covering your shoulders, fireworks burst, and between me You have been separated for years.
81. The wind rises because of him, the water pours for him, and the years are bright because of him, but he gets old himself.
82. My dear, I am a little bit disappointed today, I miss you a little, the summer has suddenly passed away. In such a bright and sunny day, I have to walk through with you to feel that a good time is not wasted.
83. You know how stupid a person is in a deep love. There are so many people who can love that person in the world. You have to put a layer of strength on yourself, knowing that there is no ending and you still love him regardless of the fire. Why bother?
84. Sometimes people are so weird that they won't whisper when they are grieved, but they won't cry when they hear comfort. Those tears that stumble back and forth often fail to a simple consolation.
85. If you want to accomplish something, you must abandon others. If you do n’t want to have what you have, you will not get better! Change may be painful for a while. Without change, it may be painful for a lifetime! Career and emotion are the same.
86. Never doubt yourself because of what others say, and don't look down on yourself because of who you like. All your strengths and weaknesses are prepared to accept people like you are now.
87. Just as I have never met you, never appeared.
88. Who do you treat this differently? Tell me something special.
89. That day, I had a dream. In the dream, he cried and hugged me, and said to me that I didn't love me well.
90. I just want to be myself, but I'm still pretty good.
91. You are always so light and light, as if I can do without me.
92. The most futile thing in life is too much care for those who do not care about themselves.
93. A person's achievements in life depend on talent, and some depend on hard work, and what he can master is only what he currently has. Creating with heart is the most important value in life.
94. Other people's stories are their own. It is their own life. It is better to do one's own thing after listening to the stories of others a thousand times.
95. The true heart is to live in your own world, not in the eyes and mouths of others. In life, nothing more than laugh at others, and then let others laugh at themselves.
96. Sometimes, God wants you to end a relationship not to confiscate your happiness, but God always sees your unhappiness in the eyes, even God feels bad for you and thinks he is unworthy, so let you go.
97. Don't keep thinking about "it's too late", one day you will find that some people, some things, will really be too late.
98. The older you grow, the more you feel, it is better to be silent than to sue your grievance and unwillingness. Anyway, you go yours, I live mine.
99. Life is a marathon. It is impossible for all the players to stand on the same starting line. Although we ca n’t choose our origin, we can choose the way forward. Even if the road ahead is muddy, please go through the storm. Compared with those who are smooth sailing, we are nothing more than tired. When I reached the top, I was sure that I could see the most beautiful wind in the world!
100. Forget it, all the disappointment comes from my empty expectations.
101. As they get older, they become vulnerable.
102. I remember everything you say, but I dare not remember.
103. Being a generally kind person, then having selfishness that is just enough, and just indifference just right, life will be much easier.
104. Don't buy anything that is useless no matter how cheap it is; don't rely on people who don't love even if they are lonely. Withstand loneliness, can withstand the bustling.
105. Sometimes, I have a lot of things to say in my heart, but I don't know how to express them. Sometimes I really want to indulge myself, and hope that I get drunk once and for all.
106. It's raining in the city where you live, and I'd like to ask if you brought an umbrella. But I held back, because I was afraid you said you did n’t bring it, and I could do nothing, like I love you, but I ca n’t give you the company you want.
107. There is always someone who speaks to you in a different tone, and you feel that the world will collapse.
108. Sometimes when you love someone too much, you will be drunk, but hate too long, and your heart will break easily
109. It is not because you are not strong enough that you do not need comfort; it is only because you lack strong comfort that you have to be strong.
110. The best is always right in the latter sentence, but you always have to go through a few current people to meet later, right?

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