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Very annoying and tired

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1. I can't help sorrow, so I slowly learn to cover up; because I don't want to be stabbed again, I gradually learn to camouflage. . .
2. Is loneliness in love with me, or am I in love with loneliness.
3. What promises, what dry seas and rocks are rotten, have long been broken into puppets everywhere.
4. In the world of love, no one is sorry, but no one knows who to cherish.
5. Sometimes I always don't care, but when everything becomes a memory, I realize that I can't bear this feeling of loss.
6. In fact, I know that your world is without me, why should I bury me in your world.
7. The pain spread to the entire nerve of the cricket, and the heart of missing the cricket has not changed.
8. As long as enthusiasm is still there, even if youth fades away.
9. Some things ca n’t be done by hard work. The RMB 50 yuan is designed to look good, and there is no one hundred yuan like it.
10. Exile yourself from wandering into the distance, hoping that time can heal this wound.
11. The memory is like palm water, no matter if you spread it out or hold it tight, after all, it will still flow cleanly from the fingers.
12. Is the wound about to heal again?
13. The lonely state is a graceful attitude toward life, a lofty attitude to life, and a vast spiritual state.
14. Feelings are so delicate that they cannot be refused when it comes; when it is about to leave, you have exhausted all your wit and can't keep it.
15. If you walk too far, don't look back. If you go too far, don't miss each other.
16. Sometimes even no amount of comfort and guidance is useless. The only person who can convince and encourage himself is himself.
17. The classroom that once accompanied me to cry with me to accompany me to play with me to laugh with me laughed with me to punish the station. It was gone.
18. This is a popular world to leave, but none of us are good at saying goodbye.
19. We are always practicing smiling, and finally become people who dare not cry.
20. If I hadn't met before, maybe I wouldn't be who I am now. In your world, I laughed and pained. Now you are exhausted and silently walk out of your world with your own shadow.
21. No one cooks porridge for me in the morning, then I pour myself late at night.
22. For love, I shed too many tears, for you, I paid too much for my heart. Now I am tired and want to let go.
23. I'm used to it doesn't matter, but I don't really care.
24. A glass of respect for your carelessness, a glass of respect for me. You and I have never been here before, and the future will be endless.
25. One person's wishful thinking will not change the longevity of two people.
26. Many times, what we cannot let go is not the other party, but the common memories of those who passed away.
27. If I can return to the past, I will choose not to know you, not because I regret it, but that I cannot face the end without you.
28. I took ninety-nine steps for you, the last step I want to leave to my own dignity.
29. Some things can't stand it again.
30. Smile at me again, just like when you first met.
31. I have never changed, I just learned to pretend. Stumbled through the most mournful and gloomiest moments in life, those most difficult times.
32. I like you like a monk from Tang Dynasty going to Xitian to learn scriptures. He has to go through 1989, and Tang monk has received the scriptures. I didn't marry you.
33. We are all a poor group of people. The people we like are not available, we do not cherish, we doubt together, we lose our memories, we miss each other, we hate to see each other late, and we are full of life. It's a pity.
34. People are sometimes pitiful. The ones you like are not available, you do n’t get cherished, you are skeptical, you miss your memories, you miss you, you hate to see each other late, and you are full of regrets throughout your life.
35. The reason why there is a night in the world is for those who have wounds, to give them a piece of black that can lick the wounds alone, and it is not easy to find.
36. Don't love the wrong person because of loneliness, let alone the whole life because you love the wrong person.
37. You won't understand the feeling of being so lonely to your throat, wanting to cry and being afraid of being comforted, and tearing your tears and continuing to smile.
38. I'm still the stubborn child, even if my eyes are red, I have to look proud.
39. Forgive me for loving you so deeply, but without saying a word.
40. I thought that I was invincible, not poisonous, but I didn't expect that in the end, I was still a child who would cry. Love is more serious than anyone else, but in the end I am alone.
41. Sometimes my mood suddenly drops, I don't want to talk or move. When asked, they didn't know how to answer. Really, I'm not pretending to be silent, I just can't tell.
42. My heart is broken, I ca n’t change your favorite.
43. I swallowed a lot of things I wanted to say to you, because I don't know what identity to contact you.
44. When you've gone through all the hardships alone, you don't want to be with anyone that much. There is no reliable person to rely on, but to be strong alone.
45. It's not the other's heartlessness that hurts you, but your fantasy persistence. The most tormenting feelings are not parting, but the moving memories make people easily stand still, thinking that they can get back.
46. It is not that I have given up on you, but that I have finally let myself go, thinking that you are true, and that it is true if you cannot go back.
47. Once a person has feelings, he will not be able to use it. You said that you should respect the past with a glass of wine, and never love again. In fact, even if you are drunk at dusk alone, if the person reaches out, you will still follow him.
48. There are thousands of words in my heart that I want to say to you, but I can't find a reason to disturb you. I have thousands of times to care about you, but I can't find a suitable identity.
49. You promised me everything but gave me nothing, I promised nothing but gave you everything for me.
50. Lonely and helpless is probably woke up in the middle of the night with a stomachache, cold sweats and wet clothes, pillows and hair, a dark piece, and a barren surrounding, a hoarse voice, no water, no medicine, no him.
51. I waited for a long time, but then I finally realized that sometimes some people have things and we have no choice but to say goodbye.
52. You thought he would be touched by enthusiasm and initiative, and you thought that he would feel heartache if you have suffered or lost, but in fact there isn't any. Only you make a mistake again and again and take the initiative.
53. I failed to change the way you like, and then I did not change to the way I like. Back and forth, lost it completely.
54. In this city, the wind at night is very strong. You always think of home when you are the most tired, and him when you are the loneliest.
55. How to say sadness clearly, how can you feel the same when you are lost. No matter how painful, tiring, or painful, it can only be sustained by myself.
56. I have never changed, I just learned to pretend. Stumbled through the most mournful and gloomiest moments in life, those most difficult times.
57. Crazy, stupid, persistent, persistent, loved, but in the end alone. I realized that it wasn't mine, and I shouldn't.
58. To love someone in the name of a friend, I do n’t even have the right to be jealous. The more I like it, the more sad I am.
59. Sometimes, my heart is like a knife cut, but I want a bright smile, obviously fragile, but so strong, tears in my eyes, but tell everyone that I'm fine.
60. Actually I also mind, just smile and say it doesn't matter.
61. Remember to go back when you go the wrong way, and let go of someone who loves the wrong one. If you pretend to be impenetrable, you must be prepared to be penetrated by all arrows.
62. Everyone who doesn't know how to love and encounters will meet someone who knows how to love. Then experienced a heartbreaking love, and then separated. Later people who did not understand love slowly understood. Know how to love people, but dare not love anymore.
63. Always fantasies, but never expected to be disappointed again and again.
64. If you take the initiative for a long time, you will be very tired. If you care for a long time, you will collapse. If you are silent for a long time, you will suffer. If you miss it, you will cry. As a result, it was so embarrassing.
65. If you do n’t respond to the message, do n’t send it again. If you do n’t have a response, just let it go. If you do n’t want to ignore you, do n’t bother.
66. If I'm always bothering you, then I'd rather be quiet.
67. It will be sad to see his avatar gray, and it's even more sad to see his head light up but ignore me.
68. The relationship between people is wonderful. Maybe they hugged tightly in the last second, and they will see you as a stranger in the next second.
69. You promised me a lot, but why none of them have come true.
70. Sorry, I can't bear the betrayal again and again, and I can't afford to lose it again and again.
71. Youth and youth, who has not been crazy? Everything has passed, and when I look back, I suddenly realize that everything is a joke.
72. It turns out that everything is pessimistic, and the heart is not tired. Everything, one, oneself, others, life or forever, as long as we are pessimistic, letting go of those that should not be kept, that heart is not tired!
73. Life is actually like this, helpless but must accept. Sometimes I always want to live happily and happily, but I can't let go of people or things around me! There is always too much helplessness and regret in life.
74. I hid, but unexpectedly fell to the center of the storm. I used to be an onlooker's point of view, watching everyone go to their ending, and now I have been dragged into this scene. What should I do in the future?
75. I will ask Meng Po and a few more bowls of soup to forget you all. Yunjun, live well, forget the past, forget it ...
76. I know the end of everyone, but I don't know the end of myself, is this the end that God has prepared for me?
77. The reason we are tired is because we are hovering between persistence and abandonment.
78. No matter how much a person says, no one will bother and feel sad; if a heart is attached, if there is no response, it will be chilling.
79. The saddest thing in the world is that when the person who loved you in the past became everything to you, you are no longer important to her.
80. At that time, I hadn't fallen in love with him, I was just lonely.
81. We can't go back to the sea.
82. If loving someone does n’t respond, instead of begging for love, walk away proudly
83. The dark clouds cover the moon and no trace of people can be said to be so lonely.
84. As long as your heart is clear, there will be no rain in life. You have to be a strong person. You have to know that there are times when you have no choice but to be strong.
85. A beast is injured, it can run to a cave to hide by itself, then lick the wound, and insist on it, but once it is warmed by the boo, it can't stand it.
86. People say that what kind of person you have has what kind of life, so different choices have different endings of fairy tales.
87. We are crazy about the warmth brought by text, just like peacocks are crazy about their feathers, moths are crazy about the hot flames, narcissus is crazy about the clear reflection, and meteors are crazy about the instant fall.
88. Time takes away our past, and takes away the past of us.
89. Some feelings are a smallpox. After you get it, you are immune for life.
90. I don't want you to be happy but afraid that you are unhappy.
91. I really miss you, but I dare not disturb you.
92. No matter what happens, whoever you are against, I am on your side. Dare to be the enemy of the world just because it is you.
93. But just passing by, why not take it to heart.
94. The sea of mulberry fields is long, and the road to ferry to Hongchen is still long. People will always tell you that you need more advice for the rest of your life. Take your time, and the years will give you the best.
95. Those who cannot reach are called far away, and those who cannot return are called hometown.
96. Pain is a huge hollow that can't catch her frivolous smile when she returns at midnight, it is an inexplicable loss of mind no matter what she does, it is more loneliness that comes with every joy of success.
97. The sweetness of the past is out of reach, but the sadness of reality is inseparable.
98. Waiting has nothing to do with time, it is a habit. It grows freely, and he cannot resist.
99. When there is a past between them, the most embarrassing thing is that everything is as clear as yesterday.
100. So in this big metropolis full of people, we are stubbornly lonely in the same mood.
101. The moment you turn around, my life is depressed.
102. If that person ever appeared in the world, everyone else would become a general! And I don't want to.
103. Because I met you, I knew that I could also have beautiful memories. Therefore, no matter how you treat me, I will forgive your hate with my heart and remember your goodness with my heart.
104. I can only send you here, you have to go the rest of the way, do not look back.
105. You are absent in the cold winter, who is you in spring.
106. Close your eyes, the tears, with one attachment, one wait, one decisive, one courage fell down. Turning around, leaving a figure of Xiao Suo wandering.
107. The encounter is a kind of beauty, like a small town towards the night, reflecting the splendor of the setting sun.
108. When a person's years are as open as a wilderness, he cannot take care of himself.
109. The kind of close person suddenly feels strange, hoping to be completely lost, as if drinking cold water was actually burned.
110. Since then I have learned to hide warmth and give my warmth to only those I like.
111. Forgetting is our unchangeable destiny.
112. Don't take "goodbye" as an end, because we always have some memories of yesterday.
113. I always remember the feeling that I like it, but I never dare.
114. I am alive only when I am with you. When I am alone, even the brightest sun loses its luster.
115. You have never been in the show, but I lost myself.
116. I'm a person who laughs often, but I'm not always happy. Many times when I feel sad and tears don't have time to burst, my smile has climbed to the corner of my eyebrows. I get angry at people I like, but smile at people I don't like.
117. Betrayal is like a knife, sticking in my heart fiercely, even if you pull it, there is a deep wound.
118. The dream of spring and autumn in his youth finally woke up in this glass full of north wind.
119. You never rest assured of me, how can you understand how good I am to you.
120. I still can't forget him, I know he will never see it.

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