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1. I always thought that I could get rid of the troubles of growing up with a childlike heart. In fact, otherwise, the age of unreasonable fuss is over, and it is time to grow up.
2. Pride being loved more than humble love!
3. Time will slowly give you what you want, but it will also slowly take away everything you can't bear.
4. If you can't put up the wrong person, then you will never find the right person! No one will accompany you for a lifetime, so you have to adapt to loneliness, no one will help you for a lifetime, so you have to struggle.
5. Love is a lamp, and friendship is a shadow. When the lamp is off, you will find that there are shadows around you. Friends are the ones who can give you strength at the end!
6. In everyone's heart, there will be someone who you don't want to mention but will never forget.
7. The consequences of many things are beyond your control. What you can do is just do what you think is right.
8. Things that don't belong to me, I don't want to. It's not something I really give me, I don't want it.
9. It's just that one person shed tears quietly, so sad that she can't help herself. I can't go back anymore, those quiet and happy times, those loves that have been together, can never be found again. The whole world is empty.
10. Standing on the sixth floor and looking down, there are tears that endure and endure. Ci Yuan, we don't talk about such illusory things. The afterlife is too misty, I only want this life. It is enough to love you in this life.
11. You will never meet someone that loves you like this, and I will never love someone like that again.
12. But as beautiful as she can't keep your heart, you laugh so naturally, I really don't understand how people who have love can be so clear-hearted.
13. How many times have we missed things that should have belonged to us for the sake of face, and how many times have we insisted on retaining things that should not belong to us.
14. I am confident that people with me will always tolerate my shortcomings, accommodate my willfulness, and use his attachment to me to change me, instead of turning around ...
15. Maybe, I don't want to choose someone anymore. Instead, waiting for someone who can be together.
16. When love starts, you are busy turning each other's habits into habits. At the end of love, I was too busy tabooing these habits.
17. Those time sneaking away make us look older, but enrich our lives.
18. With more books, my face naturally changes. Many times, I may think that many of the books I have read have become stale and no memory. In fact, they are still potential. In temperament, in talking, in the boundlessness of the mind, of course, it may also be exposed in life and words.
19. We put down our dignity, our personality, and our stubbornness, just because we can't let go of another person.
20. I don't need too many complicated plots, I just want to make sure you will be in my story.
21. The continuation of friendship comes from the heart. No matter how much the relationship is, as long as there is a sky of each other in the heart, then occasionally asking a question will bring a knowing smile.
22. No matter what, don't give up hope, as long as you believe that expectation will come true, no matter what setbacks you encounter, as long as you persist, you will get your wish.
23. To love someone is to suddenly know what to say when I dial the phone, only to know that I just wanted to hear her familiar voice. What I really wanted to dial was a string in my heart.
24. You will never see what I was when I was the loneliest, because only when you are not with me, I am the loneliest.
25. When I was young, I was so attached, either because of one thing or because of a relationship. Those long and short emotions can turn into a force, which makes us want to die, or that life is better than death.
26. If life is a drama, I am the clown on the stage, always hangs the smiles of others, and sheds my own tears.
27. Those things that we used to think of never forget are in the process of our never forgetting and are forgotten by us.
28. Those who have said never to be separated have long been scattered in the horizon.
29. Departure and reunion is a non-stop play in life. If you get used to it, you will no longer be sad.
30. The ending is doomed, we can't change anything, we can't do anything more, and just end loving you.
31. Never look back, why not forget. Since no chance, why need to vow. Tonight and tonight. Jun has lost his way. Actually there is fate.
32. A lonely person always remembers everyone who has appeared in his life, so I always think of you without thinking, and count my loneliness over and over every night when the stars fall.
33. There used to be a smile in my life, but it finally dissipated like fog, and that smile became a rushing river buried deep in my heart, unable to cross, the sound of the river became my daily Singing in despair every night.
34. I look at you with smile, silence, pride, loss, just like I do now, so I am happy with you and sad with you, but I have been standing now and you stayed forever.
35. Many people don't need to see each other, because it is just passing by. There is always some time, and it will not be discovered until after it has passed. Thank you for coming, and unfortunately you still leave.
36. Apart from tears, everything can be washed away. It is time. Pride is passed by time. The longer the time, the weaker the resistance.
37. If life is just as first seen, many grievances can be omitted. She said that no matter how good life is, it's like seeing it for the first time. In her life, she had been overwhelmed. The only opportunity was the moment when I first saw it, but it could not be eternal.
38. People's gifts to life always seem so calm, we can't resist, but we should all miss it. I can only hope that when the next opportunity appears, I will greet it calmly, but even if I live through the severe winter in expectation and anxiety, it may not be spring blossoming.
39. She is the one I can't forget no matter where I go in this life. I don't necessarily love her so much, but no one will make me feel so easily.
40. Those warmth and innocence have become vain under the erosion of years. The only thanksgiving was the moment we met at the beginning.
41. This time, he didn't hold back. Some of his fate was just needed. When the deadline was reached, he couldn't catch it.
42. Of course there is such a person, it is an indelible mark in life. With him, everyone else in the world can be ignored. Even if he couldn't grasp any clues about love, he was deeply grateful for the long life he accompanied me. Even if people look back sadly at dusk, they are glad that there was tears flowing for him.
43. Some people will always be engraved in the memory, even if they forget his voice, forget his smile, forget his face, but the feeling when I think of him will never change.
44. A person always takes a strange road, sees strange landscapes, listens to strange songs, and then at an unintentional moment, you will find that the things that you had tried hard to forget are really forgotten.
45. A lonely person always remembers everyone who has appeared in his life, so I always think of you thinking about your loneliness over and over every night when the stars fall.
46. The wind blows a flower-like stream, and your smile shakes and becomes the most beautiful embellishment in my life. Look at the sky, snow, and the deep shadows of the season.
47. Some things haven't been finished, so let's go. Everyone is a king, wandering in his own world, don't listen to me, but don't let me listen to you.
48. That rainy night, walking alone on the road we once held hands with, can no longer find the feeling of happiness, there is no cheerful laughter, no love words, only the mockery of the wind and the cry of the rain sound…
49. The hustle and bustle of the world, worldly joy and happiness, are like a clear stream, passing in the wind, in front of my eyes, warming like a spring, I have no extravagant hope, I only want you to be happy, do n’t sad……
50. I want to find a way out for my soul. Maybe the road is too far and there is no destination, but I can only go.
51. The biggest shortcoming of a person is not selfishness and passionate brutality, but paranoid love of someone who does not love himself.
52. The heart is the biggest liar, others can lie to you for a while, but it will lie to you for life.
53. I really like you, close my eyes, thought I can forget, but the tears that shed did not lie to myself.
54. If you do n’t own it, how can you lose it? Owning is the beginning of loss.
55. My heart began to discover that life is just a miss, love is gone, dreams are gone, there is also a kind of loneliness, and there is a kind of helplessness, hiding too much loneliness, and surrounding freedom for a minute. Separated withering, love ravages, a flower, a world, a miss, a miss, but the picture in your hand, life is never seen again.
56. Many people do n’t understand why everyone has a mouth, two ears and two eyes, because everyone sees and hears more than they say
57. Positive people see hope in front of opportunities, negative people see trouble in front of opportunities
58. In fact, nothing can hurt you. What hurts you is your concern.
59. There is no absolute fairness in this world. Cars and cars are on the road, horses and horses are on the road. The true skill is the weight of competition, long sleeves and good dancing, knowing perfunctory, and the means of competition. There is nothing wrong with it. It depends on what you want and stick to.
60. Not every effort will bring gains, but every harvest must work hard. This is an unfair and irreversible proposition.
61. May you live to your liking after loneliness.
62. The most rushed are the most beautiful scenery; the most hurt are always the most true feelings.
63. The time of love is so short and beautiful, leaving the most beautiful memories of this life, I once lamented that this life has no vain, at least we have loved each other from the bottom of our hearts ...
64. Quietly, give your heart to the sorrow of this scene, indulge in sorrow, think in sorrow, and experience in sorrow, another unique and true beauty.
65. I thought the little bird could not fly over the sea. It was the courage of the little bird to fly over the sea. After many years, I found out that it was not the little bird that could not fly, but the end of the sea was long gone.
66. The wound is like me, a stubborn child who refuses to heal because the heart is a warm and humid place, suitable for anything to grow.
67. Will the love engraved behind the chair, like the flowers on the cement, open a lonely forest without wind.
68. I have always been passionate about myself. It turns out that you already think of me as a past, but I stupidly treat you as eternal.
69. A flower on the other bank, whether it is loneliness blooming in midsummer, or the beautiful and prosperous bust on Huangquan Road, is a unique path that we cannot pass through forever.
70. No one will pay attention to this strange and familiar autumn in the city, the sun is shining outside the window. I was not warm, full of sorrow, accompanied by my singing. It is my heartbreaking illusion, I touch my loneliness and sadness with my tears.
71. Slowly, confused, like a stray, but can't figure out why it is rooted in my heart. When I was idle again, I didn't know. It turned out to be our lost self.
72. Once the years are not turning, we were young and frivolous.
73. No matter how many people you love, no matter how painful or happy you love. In the end, instead of learning how to love, you have learned how to love yourself.
74. I was so disappointed that I wanted to say a long list of words to prove myself, but the words turned into a bitter smile, and I felt that there was no need anymore, and it was unnecessary to say a word.
75. Life is always like this, and you cannot satisfy everyone everywhere. But we still have to live with enthusiasm.
76. When no one hurts you, you must live like a man
77. Sometimes, you need to go out for a walk, take a breath of fresh air, and then remind yourself who you are and who you want to be.
78. A person is sometimes quite enjoyable. There is no need to lose yourself because of accommodation, nor to offend anyone in order to maintain oneself. —— Yishu
79. Some people are thinking about someone, some people are waiting for someone, some people are sensitive to rejecting anyone, or they are used to one person, and I can no longer tell whether you are friendship or missing love.
80. Life is a journey, you don't care about the destination, you care about the scenery along the way and the mood to see the scenery.
81. People cannot be too square or round, one will hurt others, and one will keep them away from you, so people should be oval.
82. Begin to write poems seriously, and examine every word carefully, because there is your shadow there.
83. Two people will never be lonely when they walk, and you will be alone when they are alone.
84. Losing and gaining always hurts more than never.
85. Don't try to jump down from the tall building. Once you jump down, either you will kill yourself or you will kill others. The appearance of death is not good.
86. A lonely person always remembers everyone who has appeared in his life, so I always think about you and count my loneliness over and over every night when the stars fall
87. When sorrow strikes, I know that my original desire for happiness can only be an extravagance. Happiness always accompanies sorrow unexpectedly. And happiness always passes me by, leaving me with sorrow.
88. When time no longer waits, and the wandering of the same street turns out to be a gradual sorrow. When autumn leaves fall, waiting at the same intersection becomes a kind of helplessness.
89. A piece of memory that was suddenly missed was blown away by the wind, forming a blank that can never be made up. The blank space of memory will always be filled by people and events in the future, and slowly condense into eternity in the gap of time.
90. I am finally drifting, there are no harbors and no headings, but the chasing is always a tide, a wave of irony, I wonder if there is any reason to keep me alive, what else can I pursue.
91. I am used to loneliness. When you came, I thought innocently that I saw hope, and now my heart hurts even more. You are just a stranger passing by.
92. Some things will be inadvertently remembered; some memories can not be forgotten by gray hair; some wounds can never be seen by others, because it is hidden in your heart.
93. The most regrettable thing in life is to easily give up what should not be given up, and insist stubbornly on what should not be.
94. Some people will always be engraved in the memory, even if they forget his voice, forget his smile, forget his face, but the feeling when I think of him will never change.
95. It is the enemy who is happy for your sadness, the friend who is happy for your happiness, and the confidant who is sad for your sadness.
96. It is not shameful or unwise to suspect that the poor loves the rich. To relax the requirements appropriately is not to give others a chance, but to give yourself a chance. For girls who would rather lower their demands than die, I think that instead of wasting time on finding men, it is better to devote their energy to their hard work. If you turn yourself into a giant, you don't need to care if the other party is a giant.
97. Life, be lighter, be a little bit happier, be happier, what are you anxious about?
98. I also believe in the value of work-the harder the better. Non-working people have too much time to indulge themselves and their troubles.
99. Respect for a person is to respect his behavior, not his age. If a person's behavior is incorrect, then no matter how old he is, he cannot be respected, but he must be blamed.
100. From now on, I will do myself a favor. Remove the burden. Forget the pain and heal the wounds.
101. Some people say that they are humorous because they unkindly owe them, some people say they are frank, some people have no education but think they are casual, and some people think that they are upright.
102. There is a reason to go, but willingness to stay is the best reason for love.
103. May many years later, you and I will know old friends, drink old wine and drink drunk, and sing an immortal youth!
104. Every time there is a series of heavy pasts, every giving up has a bitter wandering, a new life between the beginning and the end, a new story continues to be written. The end is not ruthless, giving up is not easy, understanding life and feeling between choice and giving up. Knowing choice and giving up, beginning and ending is life.
105. The meeting need not be too early, as long as it happens. The frustrating thing is that you were a late passenger at midnight; but you are so lucky that he chose this bus.
106. I thought that one day I would completely forget love and forget you, but one day, I heard an old song, and my tears came down, because we have heard this song together. We are always practising smiling, and finally we are afraid to cry.
107. Sometimes you want to prove it to 10,000 people. Later, you find that you only get one person who understands. That's enough.
108. Pursuing passion as a teenager, but obsessed with peace when we are mature. After we seek, hurt, and depart, we can still believe in love as always. Everyone has a forest of their own. Lost people are lost. Those who meet will meet again.
109. What does it feel like to be single for a long time?-Occasionally envy couples, occasionally rejoice in freedom.
110. Don't let inappropriate people take away the best of you.

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