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100 very insightful sad quotes

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1. If only I see you in my dream, I will never sleep.

2. With your full name note, roll back to your public group!

3. I follow all of you, including the person you like.

4. Later, we even choked on each other's name.

5. Greetings from old lovers are even more embarrassing than strangers.

6. How should I tell you in the most ordinary tone-I miss you.

7, I have passed your heart, not that I do not want to stay, but that you refuse to accept.

8. You seem to be doing really well, you don't need to bother me at all.

9. Sorry, I didn't expect my greeting to you to be annoying.

10. "The second cup is half price." "No, I'm alone."

11. You praise me for being poison-free. In fact, I've been smiling through my heart with a smile.

12. Having been together for so long, your love is just talking.

13. Don't ask me how I'm doing well. Do you think it's appropriate for me to answer badly?

14. After breaking up, I became ill for a few games and finally lived a life of innocence.

15. Some people are just gone, they will never return.

16. "How are you?" "OK" "How is he?" "OK" "How is she?" "She just told me she was fine"

17. Did we finish our whole life, so we got the silence now.

18. I moved you to a group of many people. You are not the only one. I don't want to pay attention.

19. The cruelest thing is that one person teaches you waywardness, but uses resignation to repay your waywardness.

20. At the beginning, they said that they would not invest, but in the end, they were all gone.

21, you are a thorn in my throat, it will hurt when pulled out, and it will die if swallowed.

22. A new friend of a good friend, please take good care of my good friend.

23. You are always involved in my emotions, but I am just a stranger to you.

24, "I'm pregnant" "let's get married," he said bitterly, because he had no fertility at all. It's all about loving her.

25. I accidentally downloaded you to my heart. Now it tells me that this file cannot be deleted.

26. Can you give me a chance to think wildly, can you help me feel cold and hot, can you make me feel bad?

27. I thought he was cold by nature until I saw him booing to another person.

28. I'm not as indestructible as you think, I just learned how to shed tears into my heart.

29. Later, I heard a lot of people mentioned your news. My fingers never clenched or frowned.

30. There is always a moment, because a person's word is like being splashed with a basin of cold water, brushing it from head to toe.

31. I also have a lover, I have also shown affection, I have eaten stuffy vinegar, I was once happy, and I thought it would last forever.

32. If it can be put down, it would have been put down for a long time. Therefore, when night comes, I can only think of someone alone.

33. The wind blows a flower-like shattered fleeting year, and your smile shakes, becoming the most beautiful embellishment on my way, looking at the sky, snow, and the deep shadows of the season.

34. You don't know how to love me at all, why bother so much.

35. Some people choose to be friends because they are too important, because friends always go farther than lovers.

36. Road is not only distance, but also an experience. The scenery along the road is just a landscape, despite its beauty; the encounter along the road is just an encounter, although it is not reluctant;

37. Suddenly found that I was no longer a child and that there were many things to face.

38. Hiding at a certain time, missing the palm prints of a certain period of time; hiding at a certain place, missing a person who is standing in and out of the way, let me worry.

39. I thought you were in the end of the earth in my heart, but I gently reached out and touched, and the weak connection between us was broken silently.

40, the sky began to clear, the breeze was passing, so soft, like every time you stole my cheek, I laughed, just because of the thought of you.

41. When you miss, you are so far away from me; when you forget, you are so close to me. I thought I was free and easy, I thought time could transcend the distance of the horizon. In fact, I always broke free of my heart weaving.

42. If one day you meet your ex-lover on the street with Xinhuan of ta, please don't feel sad. Remember what Ma Ma said, we will donate old and unwanted toys to people who are more unfortunate than us.

43. Although the tears left were wiped by myself, the enthusiasm in my heart never faded. Thinking of your joy, thinking of your sorrow, your mood is my eternal concern!

44. If you can get into my heart, you will certainly cry, because there are all the sadness you gave.

45. I forgot which year, month, and day. On which wall I engraved a face, a smile and a sad look at my face. We smiled and said 30 that we stayed where the time was, but we have already been The torrent swept away silently.

46. If you don't want to, and you want to quit early, I don't have to be old together.

47. With a smile, you see if it hurts.

48. My world is silent and cannot accommodate others.

49. I love you so much that you love me so much that you hurt me so completely.

50. Everyone is in the sea.

51. A lonely person always remembers everyone who has appeared in his life, so I always think of you without thinking, and count my loneliness over and over again at each starry night.

52. In the dream, I saw her. I cried so that the whole person was lying on the ground and couldn't move. She came over. I cried even more. She cried with tears in her lungs. She walked without looking at me. , Countless fallen leaves came raging, engulfing the entire dream world.

53. The so-called forever is the distance that can never be touched. The so-called despair. That is, I stand here, the horizon is ahead, and the whole decadent world is behind.

54. The space formed by singing is free to come and go in years, so the face of those who are still protected has not changed, and a huge hatred has not come to an end.

55. I thought that after the child was born, I would take him to a place where there is such an old house, facing the sea, with spring blossoms. In the spring blossoms, I was like a white baby, I missed it cleanly, I missed populus euphratica.

56. The wind blows a flower-like shattered streamer, and your smile shakes and becomes the most beautiful embellishment in my life. Look at the sky, snow, and the deep shadows of the season. ——Guo Jingming

57. A lonely person always remembers everyone who has appeared in his life, so I always think of you thinking about your loneliness over and over again in each night when the stars fall. ——Guo Jingming

58. One day I will silently walk away from you without any sound. I missed a lot and I was always sad. ——Guo Jingming

59. If one day we are not together, we must be together. ——Guo Jingming

60, people's loneliness, sometimes difficult to express in words.

61. Remembrance is a tiring thing, like how to lie down when insomnia

62. A person always takes a strange road, sees strange landscapes, listens to strange songs, and then at an unintentional moment, you will find that the things that you tried to forget are really forgotten. ——Guo Jingming

63. The sinking heart doesn't know where it has fallen, and it doesn't know itself.

64. After this summer, we will go our separate ways. Whether you love or hate it. We will all probably never see each other again.

65, some people will always be engraved in memory, even if he forgets his voice, forgets his smile, forgets his face, but when I think of him, the feeling will never change. ——Guo Jingming

66. Tears don't stop, what am I left for.

67. You will never see what I was when I was the loneliest, because I was the loneliest when you were not around me. ——Guo Jingming

68. From now on, I won't cry any more injuries, tell myself, no one will help you wipe your tears.

69. I want to find a way out for my soul. Maybe the road is too far and there is no destination, but I can only go. ——Baby Annie, "Farewell Wean"

70. We are giving up, burying our memories, thinking that we can disguise the beauty of innocence. We can only say that I lost, maybe you are afraid.

71. There is so much warmth in my life, I gave it all to you, but you left me, how can you tell me to laugh at others in the future. ——Guo Jingming

72. Seven second words, memories of a lifetime.

73. Sometimes love is also a kind of harm. Good people always choose to hurt themselves.

74. Are you blind? Why can't you see how nice I am to you.

75. The hustle and bustle of the world, worldly happiness and happiness, is like a clear stream, passing in the wind, in front of my eyes, warming like a spring, I have no extravagance, I only want you to be happy Sorrow ...—— Guo Jingming

76. Leave tears to the person who hurts you the most, and smile to those who hurt you the most.

77. That rainy night, walking alone on the road we once held hands with, I can no longer find happiness, there is no joyful laughter, no love, only the mockery of the wind and the cry of the rain sound…

78. Hiding at a certain time, missing the palm print of a period of time; hiding at a certain place, missing a person who is standing in and out of the way, let me worry. ——Guo Jingming

79. Those who said never to be separated have already been scattered in the horizon. ——Guo Jingming

80, I love all the scales, you play tirelessly.

81. Those things that we thought we never forget are in the process of our never forgetting, and we are forgotten. ——Guo Jingming

82. Many people may never see each other once they are separated.

83. We once fell in love and felt sad when we thought of it.

84. It will pass, it will pass. Our pain, our sadness, our guilt.

85. Tears will evaporate over time and disappear.

86. Don't cry, many people wait to see if you hurt.

87. I have always been passionate about myself. It turns out that you already think of me as a past, but I have stupidly regarded you as forever.

88. You gave me a tear, and I saw all the oceans in your heart. ——Guo Jingming

89, love, do not love. been constantly saying goodbye.

90. Human life should be rich and defective, and defects are the outlet of the soul. ——Baby Anne, "Another Flower"

91. The so-called most memorable is that it has never been remembered, but it will never be forgotten.

92. Will the love engraved behind the chair, like the flowers on the cement, open a lonely forest without wind. ——Guo Jingming

93. Sorry to myself, once tortured myself for a man.

94, happy tears.

95. If you really love him, then I let go, because someone will love you more than I do.

96. There is always a person who has been living in the bottom of my heart, but has disappeared into life.

97. Love is an illusion that is easy to be suspected. Once it is spotted, it will automatically disappear.

98, can wipe everything apart from tears, that is, time, passing pride with time, the longer the time, the lighter the resistance, it seems that a cup of ground tea is diluted from time to time.

99. Goodbye, my youth tragedy, your youth is frivolous.

100. Many people don't need to see each other, because it is just passing by. There is always some time, and it will not be discovered until after it has passed. Thank you for coming, and unfortunately you still leave.

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