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100 beautiful and decadent sad quotes

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1. Don't talk about love easily, the promise you make is the debt you owe!

2. The happiness on the face can be seen by others. dog.

3, the day you left, I decided not to cry, bracing my eyes against the wind and not blinking.

4. I like to leave my mark on you, but I never remember that you never belonged to me.

5. Time will slowly settle, and some people will slowly blur in your heart. Learn to let go, your happiness requires your own accomplishment.

6, sometimes, love is also a kind of harm. Cruel people choose to hurt others, good people, choose to hurt themselves.

7. It's not wrong to fall in love with you, the wrong thing is, I didn't make you fall in love with me.

8. Thank you for your heartlessness, let me learn to die.

9. The rainy air, tired and sad, the fairy tales in my memory have slowly melted.

10. You treat me as a kite. Otherwise, let me go, or take it home, don't tie me with an invisible feeling, and it will break my heart.

11. Since love, why not say something, something is lost, and I ca n’t return!

12. When tears shed, I realized that separation is another understanding.

13. The encounter between some people is like a meteor, an enviable spark burst out instantly, but it is destined to just pass by.

14. It is mine after all. I am a passer-by of you after all. Is the departure of leaves the pursuit of wind or the persistence of trees?

15. I really love you, close my eyes, thought I could forget, but the tears that shed did not lie to myself.

16. The fish was hooked, because the fish fell in love with the fisherman, and it was willing to use life to give the fisherman a smile.

17. You cannot be friends after breaking up, because you have hurt each other and you cannot be enemies. Because we have loved each other so much, we have become the most familiar strangers.

18. The wood said to the fire, "Hug me!" Fire embraced the wood. The wood turned to ashes with a smile! The fire cried! Tears extinguished themselves, and when the wood fell in love with the fire, it was destined to be burned.

19. In fact, I have been waiting by your side, waiting for you to lean on my shoulder to appeal, will there be a day when your tenderness belongs to me, and I will not make you sad and let your tears flow again.

20. In some cases, it is for the sake of love that they quietly avoid, it is the figure that escapes, but it is the silent feeling that cannot be avoided.

21, I can feel your heartache, you have the helplessness you can't tell. But you make an indifferent look, the more you do this, the more uncomfortable I am.

22, you are gone, with all my love, just a break up. I looked at your back with tears in my eyes, I want to hug you once, I want to say "I love you" once.

23. I thought the birds could not fly the sea because they didn't have the courage to fly. Ten years later, I discovered that it was not the birds that couldn't fly, but the end of the sea. There was no longer waiting.

24. If one day, I do n’t like you anymore, will my life be as depraved and decadent as before, I do n’t want to live like that again, so before I give up on you, please, at least like Get on me.

25. On the way home, I cried, and my tears broke down again. I couldn't walk like this, and never dared to ask for it again. What else can I say and what else can I do? I hope you will hear, because I love you, I let you go.

26. Life is more than lonely. Lonely life loves endlessly, loneliness is the theme of love forever. I and my shadow are alone. It says it has a whisper and wants to tell me. It says that it misses you so much. It turns out that I and my shadow are thinking of you.

27. Love is a feeling. When this feeling is gone, I am still reluctant to myself. This is called responsibility! Breaking up is a kind of courage! When this courage is gone, I am still encouraging myself. This is called tragic!

28. But happiness is too simple, so it is easy to break.

29. I laugh in the sun during the day and cry in the bed at night

30. I already believe that some people I never have to wait, so I understand why crying in the midst of the lights.

31. Your love, my affection, can such water and fire be fused.

32. In this sad and bright March, I passed by from my thin youth, through the purple pansy, through the kapok, through the ecstatic joy and impermanence. ——Guo Jingming

33. It's not just a breakup that can hurt me, but those weathered memories.

34. The wound is a shame given by others, an illusion of persistence.

35. Should I thank you for being cruel to me.

36. You have to be happier than me, so you won't quit without embarrassing me.

37. When the relying shoulder is not there, when my tears are dry, when I decide to let go, my heart is gone.

38. Some things haven't been finished, so forget it. Everyone is a king, wandering in his own world, don't listen to me, but don't let me listen to you. ——Guo Jingming

39. Broken contact, broken thoughts, the last hope has faded away, the heart is tired and hurt? I don't understand.

40. Maybe love is only because of loneliness. Need to find someone to love. Even if there is no ending.

41. You go in the opposite direction of me. The moment you walked, have you ever thought about how much tears I will shed.

42. One of the most tacit things we do is that I will not contact you, nor will you contact me.

43. You didn't tell me how I would live after you left.

44. I can draw a circle, shut myself in, and block memories out.

45. Don't be silent, don't want to say wrong.

46. I am probably a bird. Full of alertness, not easy to stay. so it keeps flying.

47. There is a person who teaches you how to love, but he does not love.

48. It's not the tears that should be wiped away, but the ones who make you cry.

49. Memories are the best ending. Fools are the same. They cannot escape sorrow.

50. My heart hurts when I breathe.

51. Am I afraid of being alone? I just feel lonely occasionally.

52. I always thought that I would get used to the lost time and past events. No matter where they are, who they meet. In what way.

53. The space formed by singing is free to come and go in years, so the face of the people who are still protected has not changed and a huge hatred has not ended. ——Guo Jingming

54. I don't want to forget you, so you are sealed in my memory.

55. Not all wounds can be covered with paper.

56. Lost in the rain, lost in the wind, and forgotten like the flowing water of yesterday. At the end of the sea, the sunset accompanies you. Daystar is language! Love, tears in your dreams!

57. Not crying doesn't mean I'm happy, and not saying doesn't mean don't care.

58. If you do something wrong, it will be difficult to make people remember what you used to be, really.

59. You don't have to be stubborn, you don't have to lie, people who know you will naturally know what you look like.

60. I forgot who said first to accompany me to the end.

61. A short moment, a long time.

62. The two people use short messages to convey their affection as letter love. Only receiving or not sending is narcissistic, only sending unreceived is single love, one sending and one receiving is falling in love, often sending often receiving is love.

63. Some opportunities pass by because of instant hesitation; some fate, slipped between fingers due to temporary willfulness; some feelings, due to temporary impulse, regretted life

64. Loneliness is not born, but starts from the moment you fall in love with someone.

65. I deeply hurt the person who loves me the most. At that moment, I heard the sound of his heart breaking. It wasn't until I turned around that I found out that the heartbreak was actually my own.

66. The true feelings are difficult to tell. If you really love a person, you will feel sore instead, and talk more sweet words to irrelevant people.

67. Cut out a moment of time, send a blessing of a century, write a greeting of a thousand miles, and return a peace of ten thousand years, I hope you can feel the spring breeze everywhere, whether you are in front of the sky or the sky, I will truly be for you Blessings, always happy!

68. Silently smiling, but I don't know what to think in my heart, don't want to see, don't want to listen. Nothing makes sense. Standing, shaped alone. It's cold and dead.

69. Love is like depositing a sum of money in a bank, and being able to appreciate the advantages of each other is like supplementing income; tolerating the disadvantages of each other is to control expenditure. The so-called eternal love is from red love to white hair, from flowering love to flower residue.

70. After leaving, I think you don't forget one thing: don't forget to miss me. When you miss me, don't forget that I miss you too.

71. There was a smile in my life once, but it disappeared from the inspirational network in the end, and that smile became a rushing river buried deep in my heart, unable to cross, the sound of the river became I sing in despair every night.

72. Our youth is so helpless. Too many memories become sad.

73. Many people don't need to see each other, because it is just passing by. Forgetting is the best memory we give to each other.

74. Time makes love unrecognizable, lust is water, and it will not leave any traces when it flows through the body. ——Baby Annie, "Farewell Wean"

75. Promise and affection, the tide that has no way out, drowned me again and again. ——Baby Annie, "Farewell Wean"

76. There used to be a smile in my life, but it finally disappeared like a fog, and that smile became a rushing river buried deep in my heart, unable to cross, the sound of the river became my daily Singing in despair every night. ——Guo Jingming

77. The scars left in the past can never be healed in a lifetime.

78. Don't envy how happy others are. Everyone's feelings are not going well.

79. Feelings are sometimes a matter of one person. It has nothing to do with anyone. Love or don't love, you can only break it.

80. The blue of the sky is disease. ——Baby Annie, Weiyang in August

81. You told her all the good things and listened to all the lies I knew.

82. I look at you with a smile, silence, pride, loss, just like I do now, so I am happy and sad with you, but I have been standing now and you have always stayed in the past. ——Guo Jingming

83. If God wants to destroy a person, he must make him crazy. But I've been crazy for so long why God hasn't destroyed me yet. ——Guo Jingming

84. The pain of parting and disappointment can no longer be heard.

85. Happiness is always full of flaws.

86. Under the sky full of stars, I feel boundless lonely. Maybe the meteor can appreciate it. I look forward to the days when the snowflakes flutter, your heart brings a lot of fragrance.

87. The flowers on the other side have been in full bloom, but I still watched the time gradually grow old.

88. The wings vibrate in the air. It was a hustle and bustle, full of fear. A kind of flow with uncertain ending.

89. Lost in the rain, lost in the wind, and forgotten like the running water of yesterday. At the end of the sea, the sunset accompanies you. Daystar is language! Love, tears in your dreams!

90. Many people don't need to see each other, because it is just passing by. There is always some time, and it will not be discovered until after it has passed. Thank you for coming, and unfortunately you still leave.

91. That rainy night, walking alone on the road we once held hands with, can no longer find the feeling of happiness, no joyous laughter, no love, only the mockery of the wind and the cry of the rain sound…

92. I count your smile every day, but when you even laugh, you are so lonely. They say that your smile is beautiful and outrageous.

93. We are giving up, burying our memories, thinking that we can disguise the beauty of innocence. We can only say that I lost, maybe you are afraid.

94. Facing beautiful times, sometimes I don't care. Stuck in a room where the air is not fresh all day long, I opened the curtains and found that the faint light can also give me a comfort, even though it is not warm. This unsolvable spring is like the chill of winter, with tightly wrapped clothes,

95. Love is tolerance rather than indulgence, love is caring than pampering, love is blending with each other instead of single love, love is full of taste but not all sweet, and love is a lifetime thing!

96, humblely begging you for so-called romantic love, but you selflessly dedicated your so-called noble friendship.

97. A lonely person always remembers everyone who has appeared in his life, so I always think of you without thinking, and count my loneliness over and over every night when the stars fall.

98. Feelings are just a matter of one person sometimes. It has nothing to do with anyone. Love or don't love, you can only break it.

99. When the relying shoulder is not there, when my tears are dry, when I decide to let go, my heart is gone.

100. Apart from tears, everything can be washed away. It is time. Pride is passed by time. The longer the time, the weaker the resistance. It seems that a cup of ground tea is diluted from time to time.

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