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30 heartbreaking quotes

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1. I am missing, you no longer miss.
2. Use my third life fireworks to change the blur of your life.
3, drunk to see others in pairs, no one is secretly acacia tears.
4. The dream is gone, the heart is broken, and the stay is just in preparation for leaving.
5. The beginning of what you said is the countdown to our end!
6, you can see the words I left on the screen, you can't see the tears I shed on the keyboard!
7. There is no sorrow this season when you leave. Only endless thoughts are lingering.
8. Mirror flowers and water moon that people can never see, but I mean thousands of years in the world, just like me for a moment.
9. Finally, the world was covered by the rain and rain in the south of the Yangtze River. After Rong Hua thanked him, there was only one scene.
10. It's raining in the sky, you can use an umbrella; it's raining, what should I do?
11. Broken contact, broken thoughts, the last hope has faded away, the heart is tired and painful? I don't understand.
12. I ca n’t pretend that I like it, I ca n’t pretend that I am happy, it is always the same as the moment.
13, long songs should cry, for those promises that can not be fulfilled, for the deepest love in life, eventually shed smoke.
14, love is so complicated, hurt is also a kind of happiness, you will understand after more experience.
15. North City. Looking back at Sansheng Amber. Xicheng Jue. Turned around I Liuli white.
16. Those who cannot reach are called distant places, those who cannot return are called past, those who do not turn back are called farewell!
17. I like to travel alone, no direction, no destination, I just want to find a place suitable for myself to stay!
18. Things that we thought we never forget are just in the process of our never forgetting, and we are forgotten!
19, listening to the string is broken, breaking the three thousand crazy. Fall flowers submerged, buried once the wind ripple. Flowers are pitiful, at whose fingertips.
20. Sometimes, it ’s just for love that I hid quietly. What I dodged is the figure, but what I ca n’t do is the silent feeling.
21. Please don't walk around in my world, I just fear that you walked in, I don't want you to go out again!
22. Some things gradually fade away. You know it has existed, but you have forgotten how it existed.
23. It was raining. I stood in the woods and couldn't tell whether it was tears or rain on my face, so I listened to our memories quietly.
24. The imaginary world is vast and unforgettable. Meet the owner to leave a smile, do not know each other, why not.
25. I miss the palm prints of a certain period of time, hiding at a certain time, a certain place, missing a person who is standing in the same way and standing in the same way, let us care about people!
26. Why not forget not to look back. Since no chance, why should we vow. Today, there is no trace of water. On the eve of tomorrow, Jun has lost his way.
27. Time didn't wait for me. You forgot to take me away. I left the fireflies in my left hand and the right hand was a long meditation for ten years.
28. It is best not to meet each other, so that you can not fall in love; it is best not to know each other, so you can not fall in love; but when you have met, you will know each other.
29. Some people will always be engraved in the memory, even if they forget his voice, forget his smile, forget his face, but the feeling when I think of him will never change.
30. It's not just a breakup that can hurt me, but those weathered memories.

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