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100 very classic sad quotes

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1. I would rather laugh and cry than cry.
2. You are so humorous, use breakups to test how much I love you.
3. I lost my heart, but you are still lying there.
4. Some roads can only be taken by one person. The hardships on the road can only be known by myself.
5. Some things are only worth remembering. Some people can only be visitors.
6, slowly realized that too much care about others often hurt themselves.
7. It turns out that everyone is so fragile and not strong.
8. The dream is gone, the heart is broken, and the stay is just in preparation for leaving.
9. Some people will have a particularly good relationship with you at a certain stage, after which they will somehow be unconnected.
10, love has come, also walked, obsessed and hated, will only understand after injury, everything is wrong.
11. If I can continue to wait, if time can stay, if ... no if?
12, I really hope to become a child, because a broken knee is easier to repair than a broken heart.
13. That day, she knew that every time he was the tears she refused to drop; and she was the flower he lost in the horizon.
14. When I turned around you were no longer at the junction. Did I respond too slowly or did you walk too fast.
15. I'm not lonely. I'm just one person. It's enough for me to be alone in my world. It's already lively enough.
16. We are giving up, burying our memories, thinking that we can disguise the beauty of innocence. We can only say that I lost, maybe you are afraid.
17, the day you left, I decided not to cry, bracing my eyes against the wind and not blinking ...
18, everything is like a slide, smiling arrogantly along the way, and finally fell heavily under the head, bleeding.
19. Broken contact, broken thoughts, the last hope has faded away, the heart is tired and painful? I don't understand.
20. Die in the sun and die in the most gorgeous surroundings.
21. I don't feel him anymore, I don't love her anymore. Why is this happening? It turned out that our love was lost to the years.
22. Some people's encounters are like meteors, and an enviable spark burst out instantly, but they are destined to just pass by.
23. The wound is like me, a stubborn child who refuses to heal, because the heart is a warm and humid place, suitable for anything to grow.
24. Slowly, I also learn to let go. It's not that I changed, it's that I really can't help it, I confess to losing, I can't move anymore.
25. When the time passed, we forgot that we once loved a person with resolute love, forgot her cuteness, and forgot everything she did for me.
26. Things that once thought to be eternal will become unrecognizable one day. Time has taught me nothing, but taught me not to believe a myth easily.
27. Lost in the rain, lost in the wind, and forgotten like the running water of yesterday. At the end of the sea, the sunset accompanies you. Daystar is language! Love, tears in your dreams!
28. There is a kind of love that is deeply in love, but you ca n’t say it; there is a kind of love that you want to give up, but you ca n’t give up; The heart has long been unable to return.
29. Burn my memory and sacrifice the beauty you still have.
30. The fairy tales of others are always romantic, but my fairy tales are always desolate.
31. If you were brave, would memories be different? If you insisted, wouldn't this be true for each other ...
32, humblely begging you for so-called romantic love, but you selflessly dedicated your so-called noble friendship.
33. Love is a word, I only say it once, you know I only use action to express it.
34. I'm not Mona Lisa, I don't need to smile at you.
35, beauty can only bring eyesight to others, but not necessarily bring happiness to themselves.
36. Maybe it's just an unreachable moment but it's eternal!
37. No matter how much infamy you bear, you will always die.
38. No matter how soon you come, you will always accept death.
39. The flashing names and figures will always disappear but there will be a moment of prosperity! The bustling life makes you unfamiliar ... with the escape ...
40. Who humbled his promise, let alone loneliness, and left me.
41. I just need a harbor where I can rest.
42, people will always be old, hope that when you are still with me.
43. If there is no miracle in the world, create one.
44. Why is Russia sad that Yemen has come to hurt Russia.
45, I will give you my whole life, you dare either.
46, I would have my heart toward the bright moon, but the bright moon shines in the ditch.
47. I don't dare to ask too much, I just want to take the moment as forever and turn the present into memories, little by little.
48. My choice is to love you or love you more. Your choice is to love me or not to love me.
49. Everything about me will let you know, except you make my heart cut.
50, I pass you by and you and my back.
51. I will "fly" back to you whenever you need me regardless of the end of the earth.
52. You make my life affectionate and loving, and tears.
53. The saddest thing in the world is that when you hold the hand of the person you love, you accidentally touch an unfamiliar ring.
54. Coffee is coffee. No matter how much sugar is put, there will still be a bitter taste.
55. No longer care, because nothing matters.
56. It's not that I expose too early, but that your acting skills are not enough.
57. I used to think that the promises we made can really be as long as we say in the book, do not leave, do not abandon, and now throw away all the tender words.
58. I believe you have never left here. My love guards you like an angel. If you know here, I will find an angel to love you for me without me.
59. When the last note sounds, I miss being forced to draw a rest, and even a beautiful sentence must have a period. However, this does not herald the end, but represents another sad continuation.
60. Knowing that you don't have me in your heart, and you will never be able to get the one you want, but you can't help showing you the most real me and hiding the injured me.
61. I want you to know that there is someone in this world who will always wait for you, anytime, anywhere, anyway, you know that there is such a person.
62. If you miss the sunrise, you can wait, if you miss the beauty, you can come again, if you miss the meteor, you can wait, if you miss the love, you will not come back! Cherish the people around you, especially those you love and love you.
63. Say the cruelty of love in one word. Love is so lonely. Pain makes people mature, the strong will perceive the true meaning of love, and the fragile will be resentful.
64. What is love? Instead of letting go and letting you go, you are holding on to you tightly and saying: no!
65, facing your bright head, finally achieved indifferent. I sent my heart to the wrong address, now please return it to me!
66. Ears are full of pain, I can't hear happiness.
67. I believe in you until I start to doubt myself.
68. The value of life is not measured by time, but by depth. People were originally born on the stars, and temporarily lived on this star called Earth. Therefore, any person has a star-like heart. Despite his limited life, he still emits light to others with smiles and love.
69. Believe in yourself first, and then others will believe in you. Don't think of success too far away. Sometimes, it's very close to us, but we miss it because of our negligence. Our life is gifted, and we can only get it if we give it up.
70. Sometimes we are unhappy, not because we have less, but because we ca n’t let go more. We ca n’t let go people, things that do n’t work, we ca n’t let go of the outside world, other people ’s criticism, we ca n’t let go of the surrounding scenery and future expectations. Torture and wear. Not time flies, but time can't beat our desires. The tolerance of all things is more kind; the wise person will be indifferent, and then he can be flat, and the smile will be calmer and warmer.
71. Once upon a time I thought I found the happiness I wanted.
72. The journey of life has a long and dark future. In this world, the most precious things are often free, air is free, truth is free, trust, loyalty, understanding, etc. are free. But people are always pursuing some paid things and neglecting these free and precious things.
73. Whoever is insincere, who truly loves you, and who will do everything for you, you will understand. Finally, I firmly believe that once you walk, you can reach Baidu. I hope that in this life, the hand of the child will grow old with the child. If you dare to be long, I will dare to be long. Life is short, do not break up lightly because of stubbornness.
74. Jing is a character, it can be precipitation impetuousness, filtering those shallow, regulating the spirit of people. Quietness is a kindness that can interpret the tranquility of life and appreciate the great compassion and sorrow of life. Quietness is a kind of cultivation. If you have peace in your heart, you have a high-quality life. Jing is an open-minded, when you no longer care about owning and claiming, you will regard the loss as a gain.
75. Every step we take is a new starting point, and these starting points are connected into the trajectory of our life. Don't be afraid to start, and experience the difficulties at the beginning to make a leap forward; don't be afraid to end, all endings are a new beginning. Sometimes it's not because you are so happy that you laugh out loud, but you can't cry at all.
76. Sometimes I feel like a neurosis; I bother myself and disturb others. If you like a person very much, then it is enough to keep a friend's distance, so that it can last a lifetime. Do not expect to be near, once people have greed, they are destined to lose.
77. No one who has no heart or lungs has ever had a heart for someone. When two people are together, it is more about accepting each other than changing each other. This is tolerance. If you just want to change each other, it is not life, it is war.
78. It is easy for people to respond to others in order to make things easier for them. In fact, complying with others will not make them do well, but they will let others do things well, but others will not do things well. And your life is flattering to adapt to the passing away of others, and finally only conforms to others wasting themselves.
79. Facing is not necessarily the most sad. Lonely, not necessarily unhappy. You do n’t have to keep it. Like a person, why bother who speaks first. I want to go on holding hands with a person all the time and share my mood, sadness, such a beautiful mood, rare to see. So, once you encounter it, you must grasp it ...
80. We can only live in the way that we most agree with, so what kind of life you want, you will get what kind of life, this sentence is true. One of the reasons why people feel pain is that they are never satisfied, asking too much or even something that is not theirs.
81. I'm always confused to see the front, knowing that there is no you in the sea, but I still have to be stubborn to step on the train to chase the love you do n’t understand. Fear is always so real, wonderful. Loneliness is always with us. After all, you should understand that you can no longer linger on the spot.
82. Life is like climbing a mountain. We could have easily climbed to the top of the mountain to admire the beautiful scenery. However, because we were burdened with too much burden, we took the road with endless demands. Needless to say, even the beautiful scenery along the way will be ignored. Being alive is a process. When we look back on the journey along the way, some people remember not only the harvest of a lifetime, but also those lively pictures and beautiful scenery.
83. We never stayed on the same road, just like the flashing figure in the midst of lights, but drowned in endless darkness for an instant.
84. A person with a cheerful heart has a cheerful face. Hope is the magnificent dawn of life. We should live in hope and forge ahead in hope to open up our lives. Be optimistic, be positive, laugh more, and look in the mirror.
85. Sometimes attachment is a burden, and giving up is a relief. You must know that people are not perfect, and happiness is not 100%. Now I don't blame anyone, don't laugh at anyone, or envy anyone. Bright under the sun, running in the wind and rain, dreaming your own, going your own way. Everything is fine, really, it's fine.
86. If you want to know if someone loves you, give him freedom. Don't try to tie up love, there is no lover in the world that can hold up. If I love you, why need to tie him up? If you don't love you, why tie him up! Those who love you will come back to you when they reach the end of the earth. Have to spend every effort to stay, sooner or later there will be a lost day.
87. It's yours, it's yours. the more grip, more likely to lose. We worked hard, cherished it, and had a clear conscience. I'll leave the rest to fate. I'm not good, but there is only one. It is better to cherish it, not to cherish it. If one day you lose me, I won't let you find me. Either friendship or love. If I leave, there will be no future.
88. The people who hurt you most in this world are often those who claim they will never hurt you. All that should come will come, all that should go. Don't linger on the thing that passed away, because it doesn't belong to you. I haven't forgotten anything, but there are things that are only suitable for collection. I ca n’t say, I ca n’t think, but I ca n’t forget.
89. I find that some people always think that they are good to others, and they always feel uncomfortable; and some people always think that others are good to themselves, but they are always grateful. As for interpersonal relationships, if you don't care about what you give to others, and pay attention to how others care for you, you can approach happiness.
90. The happiest moment for a person is to find the right person, he spoils you, pampers your habits, and loves everything about you. If you do n’t think about it, do n’t want it; if you do n’t get it, do n’t want it; for yourself, why not? The best thing is to see someone smile; the better thing is that he smiles because of you.
91. Hey, yesterday's peach blossoms are bright, and today is the soul of the flowers. I wonder if the human face was in the past, can today's peach blossoms be red? Shocked by Humiao, Zhu Yanshou. Yinggeyan dance messed up with the sky, Jun Ke still remembers the old way, and never taught to mess around. Can Hong gradually lost her mind, Su Yun was far from light, who understood the taste?
92. You can trust others, but you ca n’t count on others; do n’t reject goodwill, do n’t stop smiling; mistakes can be made, but you ca n’t repeat them; criticism must be accepted, and insults are absolutely unacceptable. It should be said that the dumb and dumb are a kind of cleverness; the dumb and the retired are a kind of wisdom; the manifest and the hidden and the hidden are a realm. .
93. People sometimes suddenly become fragile, suddenly unhappy, suddenly caught in a detail in the memory, suddenly fell into deep silence, do not want to speak. Because I don't know if I can still meet you in my next life, so I will be in this life, so hard, to give you the best. Either friendship or love.
94. Every morning, tell yourself: Today is a wonderful day. Everyday at noon, tell yourself: Today is a day worth fighting. Every night, tell yourself: Today is a day to reward yourself.
95. Love is not the only pursuit in life. This short life, if you haven't worked hard to live your best, kindest, and truest self, haven't raised your head to look at the vast world, and haven't bowed your head to pursue the inner awakening, then this life is considered alive.
96. Love is not a business, frustration is to lose everything; love is not a bet. Losing is a poor man. Love is the collision and promise of two hearts, like the notes of a harmonious musical score. Let's write together the holiness of the world and live with each other.
97. Everyone can say pretty things, but pretty things can't be done by everyone. Sometimes people are just too happy, so things go wrong. It is only by walking forward with each other's help, that it is possible for the faltering to go further.
98. In my youth, there are always endless conversations. We can't tell whether those past years are friendship or missing love. Vaguely remembered that I had hoped in my heart that fireflies would take us away.
99. In fact, all the missing loves have the same reason: either you can't keep up with me, or I go too fast and accidentally leave you behind. In fact, all the missing loves have the same reason: either you can't keep up with me, or I go too fast and accidentally leave you behind.
100, I love you, as determined as you do not love me.

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