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100 heartbreaking sad quotes

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1. Loneliness is not born, but starts from the moment you fall in love with someone.
2. The smell on you is my biggest addiction.
3. My silence is just to resist the pain you give me.
4. Even if you are covered with thorns, they will hold you in your arms.
5. How can a person without heart feel at ease?
6. We give up our dignity and stubbornness, but only because we can't let go of one person.
7, a simple sentence disappeared, we are not even strangers, never give up a person you miss every day!
8. How sticky they are when they are together, and how painful they are when they are separated.
9. As soon as my girlfriend missed me, I knew she was hungry again.
10. Maybe you love me when I love you.
11, also has a proud heart, but is willing to put myself very low.
12. I miss you not because of loneliness, but only because I miss you.
13. Once you loved me so much, I love me so much, and now I am the only one who reads love novels.
14. I hope that you will still be there for thousands of years.
15. I believe the vow you gave me is like spring that will definitely come.
16. You are too familiar with your silhouette, so it is so extravagant to find a similar back in the crowd.
17. Close your eyes who you are most concerned about, and who is the one who opens your eyes.
18. Don't look down on yourself, because it's the one who hurts in the end.
19. I was born in the south like a lone wolf in the wind.
20. My male god called me daughter-in-law. So happy. I finally waited.
21, how to go the rest of the way how the tears of the man stay big until the last I leave.
22. My world changes for you little by little, you don't find it, the promise is not enough for time.
23. We once hugged tightly but let it go easily, with a smile looking forward to the rain and the sunny rainbow.
24. Don't let yourself be hurt too deeply, let go of him and let him be clear of the sea and the blue sky. He must be your beloved to know how deep you are.
25. Who else in the world is better than us? I should love you without wasting the opportunity to be happy.
26. The only thing that is the most tacit understanding between two people is that you no longer contact him, she has no longer contacted you, so they are strange to each other.
27. I'm afraid I'm too late, I will hold you until I feel your wrinkles have traces of time.
28. In the next second of tears, I have fully understood that you are someone else and have nothing to do with my love.
29. Talk about someone who can get married. It's boring to play around, and it's a waste of feelings and energy.
30. In the eyes of others, I am cheerful and happy. But this is all to cover up the inner loneliness and not be discovered by others.
31. "Do you know what it feels like to be in love?" "It's like the room suddenly turned black. I'm not looking for a lamp but for him."
32. Water and ice, which are all subzero, will melt together. How dare I expect our relationship to cool down and warm up.
33. Don't always ask right and wrong, don't ask sadness or joy, when people are always tired, crying is funny or funny, nobody knows you are good?
34. Many times, you know something after the fact. The appearance is indifferent, and the flowers are trembling with laughter. In fact, my heart hurts more than anything.
35. I'm ready to spend my life with you, and I'm ready to go at any time. This is probably the best view of love without affection.
36. Once, I did n’t cherish it. Now, it is a thing of the past. Blame me for being stupid, blame me for being stupid, and I am a sinner. Wearing a shackle, ready to be sent to the guillotine.
37. Pen, it writes about the beauty we once had, and also writes my sorrow, witnessing us from acquaintance to acquaintance, from love to sorrow.
38. Before you go to bed every night, I listen to you saying that good night is the simplest and lasting happiness that belongs to me. Don't care about the results of other people's long-distance love, we long for eternity!
39. Laziness is a kind of inertia. For example, when you turn on your computer, you do n’t want to lie down, you do n’t want to wake up, you do n’t want to wake up, and you do n’t want to stop.
40. I blocked my heart, fearing that someone would suddenly break into my world, and then leave me relentlessly and ruthlessly, making me feel anguish.
41. Once the heartbreak has reached its limit, how much time it takes to incomplete healing. Do you know, the heart here on the chest is broken, completely broken, how to fight it.
42. True love is not never quarreling, not angry, not making a temper, and not being arrogant, but arguing, crying, and scolding. In the end, it is the other person who most distresses each other.
43. The wounds on the fingertips are still not crusted, and blood drips on the paper, which is conspicuous! Thinking of you deep in my memory again, I cry like helplessness.
44. When you hear someone say: I can't forget! Actually he was saying: I don't want to forget!
45. The most beautiful thing is not the rainy day, but the eaves that had escaped the rain with you.
46. As far as the biological world is concerned, survival is a chance, and accidents can occur every minute; frustration should be the norm, and smooth is the exception.
47. If I don't give anything to anyone and sincerely, maybe I really won't feel any more pain.
48. If you shed tears, it is always my face that is wet, and if you are sad, it is always my heart that is bitter.
49. When you praise others, you must be sincere. Because most people are able to distinguish between sugar and saccharin.
50. Nothing is more sad than friendship. You regard a person as your best friend, but she does not treat you as her best friend like you!
51. I will be in a daze and forget you, then close my eyes tightly, thinking that someone will replace that day, so that I will not miss you anymore.
52. The kite was stranded on a cloudy day and I missed waiting for rescue. I pulled the line to review the gentleness you gave.
53. Friends are a kind of feeling. Some people won't become friends for decades. Some people know that they will be friends as soon as they meet.
54. No matter how good a friend is to you, one day he will do something that will make you sad, and then you should learn to forgive.
55. Maybe time is an antidote, and it is the poison I am taking now.
56. Don't let her be hurt by listening to her mother. You can protect her by growing up quickly. The beautiful white hair always sprouts and the angel's magic is warm and kind.
57. Leave yourself the pain and sorrow, and don't let your heart hurt by hurting the one you love.
58. The person you can hurt can only be the person who loves you the most in the world, because it is impossible for others to care about you.
59. If I can return to the past, I will choose not to know you, not because I regret it, but that I cannot face the end without you.
60. You said, I'm sorry, I don't deserve it, I laugh, oh, so gorgeous.
61. After you have walked this way, you have become the road I am passing by.
62, everyone has a road injury in his heart, that is where the sky once fell.
63. No matter what, I will always wait and be a fool forever, dreaming about my life.
64. I still believe in love, but I will never believe that love can last forever.
65, all say one thing down one thing. You said, you are destined to stop me; in fact, you don't know, it is I who let you go.
66. The simple sentence disappeared, and we were not even strangers.
67. Love, hate, cry, tired, it's time to end.
68. If two people are destined to be together, eventually they will always find a way to get back to each other.
69. Why take dignity to retain a changed person. Either friendship or love.
70. If possible, after one year, I still like you, and you like me too, shall we try again?
71. I don't believe in fate, because fate needs to wait, I don't like waiting.
72. A woman is willing to think hard and make up lies for you, at least that she has you in her heart.
73. From the beginning, there will be no me in your future.
74. I will always remember the twists and turns in your eyes, how much time it takes to exchange for the qualifications of ordinary friends.
75. Why are you close to me, but I can't see you with a magnifying glass.
76. Why do I always understand at the last moment that our love is long gone.
77. What we directed was just a clear play.
78. What we directed was just a clear play.
79. You said, I'm sorry, I don't deserve it, I laugh, oh, so gorgeous.
80. Maybe everyone has something they can't forget, no matter how humble they are, and those who are not willing to let go, if everything is a drama, why should we act so realistic.
81. If I can return to the past, I will choose not to know you, not because I regret it, but because I cannot face the end without you.
82, I will always remember the twists and turns in your eyes, how much time it takes to exchange for the qualifications of ordinary friends.
83. Many people don't need to see each other because they just pass by and forget it is the best memorial we give to each other.
84. Knowing that you don't have me in your heart, and you will never be able to get the one you want, but you can't help showing you the most real me and hiding the injured me.
85. Cry, that's often. But I don't understand who is sad, who makes me the saddest. It just hurts, it hurts ... I don't feel the pain afterwards. I also don't remember the light and shadow of those bans.
86. When a person is immersed in a fantasy, he will treat the fantasy as a vague feeling as real wine. You drink to get drunk; I drink to wake up from another kind of drunk.
87. Some women make people feel that no one in the world is willing to treat her badly. However, this woman. It's just not getting what she's been waiting for.
88. Facing is not necessarily the most sad. Lonely, not necessarily unhappy. Get, not necessarily long. Lost, not necessarily no longer have. Don't love wrong because of loneliness, don't live lonely because of wrong love.
89. If everything is a drama, why should we act so realistic.
90. Why are you close to me, but I can't see you with a magnifying glass.
91. Why do I always understand at the last moment that our love is long gone.
92. The encounter between some people is like a meteor, an enviable spark burst out instantly, but it is destined to just pass by.
93. A tragedy has just been staged on the other side of the perfection. All blood and tears have bred a flower bud in the withered thorns. It will experience seven recurring thunderstorms and then bloom in the humid air.
94. The world is so imperfect. Whenever there is something you want, there is something else you need to give up.
95. Time will slowly settle, and some people will slowly blur in your heart. Learn to let go, your happiness requires your own accomplishment.
96. Thank you for your heartlessness, let me learn to die.
97. The rainy air, tired and sad, the fairy tales in my memory have slowly melted.
98. A simple and quiet life is actually not happy, so I only embrace the moment, and the lasting feeling is unhappy, so I only believe in the moment.
99. The fish hooked, because the fish fell in love with the fisherman, and it was willing to use life to give the fisherman a smile.
100. The first time you cry is because you are not there, the first time you laugh is because you met you, and the first time you laugh and cry because you ca n’t have you!

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