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100 Lost and Sad Quotes

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1. I can't find the way back. I wish I had never left.
2. Secret love is a successful mime, but it becomes a tragedy when it is said.
3. A person, a city, distressed all his life.
4. When the whole world ignores me, only you should not ignore me.
5. If everyone has only one dream, then I pray for freedom.
6, sometimes, give up something to get something, get those who want to give up later.
7. The years are flowing from my fingers, and I feel that my stars are slowly falling from their tracks ...
8. I don't know if it's starting to beat. Actually began to be willing not to speak swear words, not to smoke or drink, pretending to be beautiful.
9. Waiting for harm is not love.
10. Since the flowers are already thankful and empty, why bother with love.
11, see the flowers blooming in front of the court, not disappointed with glory and shame, and hope that the heavens will be unhurried.
12. Deliberate escape is the saddest ending of the story.
13. The fish was hooked, because the fish fell in love with the fisherman, and it was willing to use life to give the fisherman a smile.
14, love is so short, forgetting is so long.
15. Love him may just be a kind of stubbornness when I was young. I don't understand, but I believe time can prove it.
16. I decided not to cry any more, just like you decided to leave me.
17. Just leaving you for a day, you are so embarrassed as a child who just needs my comfort.
18. For those who don't love themselves, what they need most is to understand that giving up blessings.
19. Even if he forgets his voice, forgets his smile, forgets his face, but the feeling when I think of him will never change.
20. We treat each other sincerely. If you like it, you will be affected. There is no reason to fall in love with you is my freedom.
21. No happiness, smile is still there. No fairy tale, childhood is still there.
22. The more you want to keep something, the easier it is to lose something.
23. Love is not the complete loss of life is not necessarily the best to lose or the worst.
24. I can feel your heartache, you have the helplessness you can't tell but you make a look of indifference, the more you do, the more uncomfortable I am.
25. To love someone is not to own him, as long as you silently watch him from afar, you will be satisfied.
26. If you want to leave, please cut off the implicated line. I will let go of my hand.
27. Whose acacia is worthy of whose reincarnation, the dark night is filled with only one's knees curled up. At least that will warm you up.
28. The angel with folded wings could not bear the weight of love, so she chose to be lonely.
29. If you wait too long, leave! Looking back, you will find that there are still people waiting for you!
30. The lifeline and career line in my hand are all spelled out by your name.
31. Only you do not want me that day, without me do not want you that day.
32, the sun is too bright, who is it optimized?
33. Passing by with him is the rough sea of my life.
34. The happiness on the face can be seen by others. dog.
35. In fact, I have been waiting by your side, waiting for you to lean on my shoulder to appeal, will there be a day when your tenderness belongs to me, and I will not make you sad and let your tears flow again.
36. Life is more than lonely. Lonely life loves endlessly, loneliness is the theme of love forever. I am alone with my shadow. It says it has a whisper and wants to tell me. It says it misses you ...
37. If one day, I do n’t like you anymore, will my life be as depraved and decadent as before, and I do n’t want to live like that again, so before I give up on you, please, at least like Get on me.
38. Even if it is drunk, it is also a kind of memory, because you can never forget anything.
39. When I can't leave you, you have left me.
40. We forget each other in each other.
41. The loneliness of the tree knows the thoughts of the left hand. The right hand can understand that you miss you. You can shake them away and shake them away. The two acacia red beans know that the sky wants to cry and starts to snow.
42. There are two reasons for one person to change because they forget what they understand.
43, your laughter no longer belongs to me, he can give you more.
44. Can you find your existence outside the world?
45. Look at her saying she's good, I imagine it is the lucky protagonist ... The so-called waiting is that you let me hurt.
46. Because I have never known each other, I have never been sad. Not even happy.
47. With your cold fingertips, write down the dependencies gently in my palm.
48. Even tears are a memorial. Even in tears, I can't go back to my childhood.
49. The encounter between some people is like a meteor, an enviable spark burst out instantly, but it is destined to just pass by.
50. A tragedy has just been staged on the other side of perfection. All the blood and tears have bred a flower bud in the withered thorns. It will experience seven recurring thunderstorms and then bloom in the humid air.
51. I am still waiting for you, but you have forgotten that you have been here.
52. Whose loneliness covers my Huashang, whose Huashang covers my shoulders.
53. I ca n’t withstand the current years, but I ca n’t escape the young man here.
54. It turned out to be a long time, but it was a misunderstanding.
55. Happiness means finding a warm person for a lifetime.
56. After the pain, I will not feel pain, and some will only be a cold heart.
57. There is nothing wrong with it, it just can't go back anymore.
58. How strong can you be and remember.
59. You are overwhelmed by what I can't guess. I'm irritated by something you can't imagine.
60, emotional drama, I have no acting skills.
61. How bright my heart was covered by the bright sunshine. I looked up and smiled. Several people knew the people around me. They were always strangers who had changed their makeup.
62, watching other people's stories, shed their tears.
63. I like myself now, and I miss the past.
64. After leaving, let alone wish me happiness, what qualifications do you have to wish me happiness?
65. It has always been shallow, but no matter how deep it is.
66. That year, Cardamom, whoever promises, is old.
67. I don't care if you don't care about me.
68. I believe this world will always be so beautiful.
69. Uncomfortable habits, habit of thinking, habit waiting for you, but I have never been used to seeing you.
70, like a beautiful family, like a stream of water. Go back, not back then.
71. Those who will eventually get you in, are always beautiful at first.
72. When you are right, no one will remember; when you are wrong, even breathing is wrong.
73. Waiting is the first old man in his life.
74. Some things will last a lifetime as soon as they turn around.
75. Seeing the world and seeing you.
76. There is no more sorrow than heart.
77. I'm fine, don't make noise, don't show off, don't be wronged, don't laugh, and don't need others to know.
78. Waiting for your concern, wait till I close my heart.
79. His heart has changed seasons, and you are still standing on the day he promised.
80. I'm crossing the road, where are you.
81. After walking the same street, return to the two worlds.
82. I feel a little bit happier when I miss you.
83. Lili flowers at night did not fall into the pool, and the fog in the courtyard was full of rain. The three lines of Yuzhi tears were sung and sung by Fu Mo.
84. Rouge fragrance. Rolling curtains. Zeng Shu is willing to share the world with this woman.
85. Continued to say that the face of Can Yan, Liao Pai, He Xie, and contemplation, separated from joy and sorrow tonight, ended a long journey, and it was impossible to return.
86. Things are nothing but people. Tears shed tears.
87. I thought you were in the end of the earth in my heart, but I gently reached out and touched, and the weak connection between us broke silently.
88. I am a passerby who you forget when you turn around. Why should you accompany you to the end of the world?
89. Anyone can let go as long as he no longer wants it.
90. Pray for heaven and earth to let go of a pair of lovers, for fear it will never happen.
91. The highest realm of love is to withstand a bland year.
92. The fairy tale is over, and forgetting is happiness.
93. I didn't know each other at first, but eventually I didn't know each other.
94, life is wrong, can not afford to die.
95. The weak who is not understood has to be strong.
96. Don't rely on others, it is only when you and others can rely on it.
97, I am missing, you no longer miss.
98. I am nostalgic, because I cannot see you and the future.
99. Don't rely on me for your good or bad.
100. Don't lie to me, you know I will believe even your lies.

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