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100 sad quotes about love

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1. The best promise is not to love you for 10,000 years, but to not need commitment at all.
2. I didn't know each other at first, but eventually I didn't know each other.
3. Every child who likes text has a painful memory.
4. Learn to be yourself and let go of everything that does not belong to me gracefully.
5. I thought that love can fill up the regrets in life, but it is love that creates more regrets.
6. In the world, there are endless stories, only undead hearts.
7. Not all sorrows need to be shouted, not all regrets have to be filled up.
8. A silent hug is a thousand words to an unhappy heart.
9. Tears are the only way to express emotions with your eyes when you cannot explain your heartbreak with your mouth.
10. I cry by myself, laugh by myself, live by myself, and miss you by myself.
11. For one of you, how many people have I lost touch with. As a result, you are gone, and they are gone.
12. If you can't cry, just laugh, I believe it will hurt a little more thoroughly.
13. I hope to become a child, because a broken knee is easier to repair than a broken heart.
14. If you want to leave, please, never come back again.
15. Arguing with loved ones and talking to strangers.
16. Time and time again, I have witnessed the darkness of society, but I still have to face it with a smile. People are really tired to live.
17. We are giving up, burying our memories, thinking that we can disguise the beauty of innocence. We can only say that I lost, maybe you are afraid.
18. Our youth is so helpless. Too many memories become sad.
19. The so-called forever is the distance that can never be touched. The so-called despair. That is, I stand here, the horizon is ahead, and the whole decadent world is behind.
20. What is happiness? It is to cover up their grief for everyone smile.
21. Does the wind bell in my memory still contain your exciting echo?
22. The fireworks on the other side are flourishing like golden years. In the years of chasing dreams, you are the craving I can't let go in my life.
23. The tears in the eyes, the shadows in my thoughts, in the end, no one will own each other in their lives.
24. I will like you until I get hurt by you.
25. The most annoying thing is that when I tried to let go, you appeared in front of me again.
26. I weigh my weight with time, and then count my superficiality and arrogance.
27. Last night, Yueer was hazy, and I quietly sent you on a journey. Since then, there is a little tearful star in the sky.
28. When was the last time you fell asleep while smiling?
29, usually crazy and laughing and making people laugh, but just do not want to be alone.
30. It is difficult to know each other and love each other, but now I am alone.
31. I still don't believe that sentence. You left me when you haven't come.
32. What is happiness? It is to cover up their grief for everyone smile.
33. Unfortunate people need to be stronger.
34. Happiness tells me that you are too young.
35. Once the sea dried up and rotten, it can't arrive in a sentence.
36. It doesn't have to be to love someone, but you must love someone well.
37. Listen to sad songs and watch happy scenes.
38, you just rely on me to like you.
39. Some things will last a lifetime as soon as they turn around.
40. You can be wronged and cry, but don't let everyone see your vulnerability.
41. The most regrettable thing in life is to easily give up what should not be given up, and insist stubbornly on what should not be.
42. The birds are still twins, and they are busy singing each other. How Naiyi tears two lines.
43. I spend my whole life searching for someone who knows me. If I can find it, I'm lucky! If I can't find it, I will die!
44. Once unfaithful, never used for life, who let me down, who makes me desperate.
45, not born to love loneliness, but more than others, even if all the handsome guys in the world give me, I still have nothing.
46. I love a lot and I can love many people. But there is only one in my heart, only the next you.
47. I enjoy the warmth in time, and I forget to bloom in the stream.
48. Don't try to make any excuses for yourself. No one likes to listen to those excuses before mistakes.
49. The most heartbreaking love in the world is love but not love.
50. What you dream of is not necessarily suitable for you.
51. I believe that among the people in the city, there will always be someone who will make you remember for a lifetime.
52. If you are not brave, who will be strong for me.
53. I have loved, been crazy, stupid, persistent, persistent, and in the end I have been alone.
54. Love and love, there is one more word, but there is a time ...
55. I can't say why I love you, but I know that you are the reason why I don't love others.
56. Instead of waiting for others to love you, it is better to love yourself more ...
57. A long time, a long promise, a long young man left in his memory.
58, Yi Xiang Yan Ying covered a few sighs and looked coldly at the neon and parted.
59. Time is really annoying. It changes everything without anyone's consent.
60. Always wanted to be a quiet walker, guarding himself in the deepest red dust, keeping the initial sprout and joy.
61. I allow you to walk into my world, but you cannot walk around in my world.
62. You don't know how scared I am, how scared I am. I am afraid that you will be liked by others, and even more afraid that you like others.
63. Sorry to yourself, I used to be difficult for others for myself.
64. You are calm because you are not afraid of death. I am calm because you are not afraid of you.
65. Everyone must have an unforgettable memory in his heart, or warm, or sweet, or cold, or sad.
66. When you do it right, no one will remember; when you do it wrong, even breathing is wrong.
67. I have been the truest self, but in the end, no one understands my true.
68. I have been too sensible, letting you make mistakes freely, so wrong that I can no longer let you stay in my world.
69. In the distance, there is nothing except the distant place, and the distant places are more lonely. How painful is the happiness in the distance.
70. The difference between lies and vows is that. One who said it seriously. A listener takes it seriously.
71. Once a secret is told, the accompanying pain will be forgotten. Healing one person requires another.
72. Companionship and understanding are more important than love. Love is not to change each other, but to grow together.
73. It was discovered at an unintentional moment that it turned out that I was always alone.
74. No matter how many conflicts we have in the process, our past affection is enough to withstand all disputes.
75. It seems that the current years have gone through times. After the separation of things and people, only themselves and their monologues remain.
76. No one can bear the weight of solitude alone. But the way forward is destined to go alone.
77. Some words, the person who talked moved his mouth, but the person who listened moved his heart. Excerpt from: www.yuluju.com Sad Quotes
78. The best love is to be happy and still be loved.
79. When I truly believe that everything will be fine, everything will be really fine.
80. If you can still meet in the rain, can you invite the fairy in the painting to enjoy the full moon.
81. Sleeping is my only relief, falling asleep, not sad, not angry, lonely, can feel nothing.
82. It's cold, I wrapped myself in clothes. My heart was cold, and I comforted myself with strength.
83. Before finding the right person, the only thing you need to do is make yourself good enough.
84. There are no unfinished things in the world, only undead hearts.
85. Regarding distance, the scariest thing is that you don't know if that person is missing you or has forgotten you.
86. It's not sad that a person is hiding, or it's sad that no one tells.
87. What we have been looking for is what we already have; we always look around, but we miss what we want.
88. The feeling of thinking about a person is like drinking a large glass of ice water, and then tears into tears for a long, long time.
89. When a thing is broken, it is broken. I would rather throw it away, remember the beauty of it, and don't look at the broken one all day and be sad.
90. I am always waiting for someone to wait for him to forgive me for the mistakes I have made, and then punish me for my whole life.
91. The song was still playing in a loop, the memories caused pain.
92. This is an era when the number of books is increasing and the influence of books is shrinking.
93. Sometimes, music is the only friend who accompanies me through those nights.
94. If there is nothing, then nothing is lost.
95, used to look up in a stubborn way, looking up at a sea of flowers. That's the closest place to happiness.
96. Leave a place for me to sneer freely and cry.
97. We cannot change the regular laws, but we can completely control ourselves.
98. Don't deceive anyone who believes in you, don't believe anyone who deceives you.
99. Life is a grand encounter. Some people are just passers-by of your life after all.
100. That suffocating ambiguous drama killed anyone's unshakable spirit.

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