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100 sad quotes that hurt my heart

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1. The person who really waits for you, he will always wait for it, and the person who is not willing to wait for you will always hold someone else's hand as soon as he turns around.
2. Every memory has a password, but I have forgotten the only password that belongs to you and me.
3. The sun is nice and warm enough to make you think your life is too long.
4. Sometimes, there are people who don't love when he loves you, but he is gone, but you are missing.
5. In my eyes, am I just air? I love you, you will never understand.
6, love is the most brilliant illusion in life, too much, sometimes, after walking the end of the road, do not want to wake up.
7. Remembrance always makes people relive happiness, and keeps revealing scars while smiling ...
8. Real loneliness should be the feeling that you have forgotten to like a person.
9. In the past few years, what else can be trusted? There is no quarrel and no smoke. All the secret wins and losses, the win or lose is a sad one.
10, youth is a wind that will not turn back, it roars and whistles away, and eventually leaves us with nothing left.
11. It's just that there should always come. Blind escape just interprets cowardice more.
12. It's messed up, it's gone, it's all over, I'm so stupid about love.
13. I gave you a rose that day. That day you returned my rose, and my hand was still hurt.
14, coffee is coffee, no matter how much sugar is put, there will still be a bit of bitterness.
15. Leave you, no matter how long, always hope that you will appear in front of you in an instant.
16. If I become more indifferent, please remember that when you were asked to accompany you, you were all just busy.
17. How much love, after all, is lost to reality.
18. Love is fart in everyone's heart. Holding it will hurt your heart, let it go, and make others angry.
19. Sometimes I really want to give up, I will start looking for the lost self.
20. If I become more indifferent one day, please remember: when you asked someone to be with you, you were very busy.
21. There is such a song that will make me think of someone unconsciously, shed some inexplicable tears, or be moved by a song because I miss or love someone.
22. Sometimes love comes naturally from trust, respect, and friendship. I would like to start with the last one and terminate with the first one.
23. The fairy tales of others are always romantic, but my fairy tales are always desolate.
24. If you were brave, would memories be different? If you insisted, wouldn't this be true for each other ...
25, humblely begging you for so-called romantic love, but you selflessly dedicated your so-called noble friendship.
26. Love is a word, I only say it once, you know I only use action to express it.
27. I can listen to your story while smiling, but I ca n’t afford to smile and listen to your relationship.
28, should dare to say no. It's too bad to let others have illusory hopes. Vagueness is the source of pain.
29. The saddest thing in the world is that when you hold the hand of the person you love, you accidentally touch an unfamiliar ring.
30. I don't know when I started to feel strange to myself.
31. Fate, sometimes like a pair of wings without direction, only to understand when flying to the wrong place, it turns out that I still want to go back.
32. The heart that loves you is beyond the bounds, so it will leave with scars.
33. Who is buried in the heart of the lonely Northern Hemisphere?
34. Is the sad situation today that I am too persistent or are you weak?
35. We used to be happy. Every corner of our hearts is about your memories. It will torture me until I die.
36, would rather laugh and shed tears than cry and say regret!
37. I wait for a lifetime, I can't change your instant gaze.
38. Recalling everything once, just tangled and tragedy.
39. Sometimes, I miss day and night. But when the person who misses appears in front of you, you are safe.
40. There is always a tear in life's sorrow due to deep love. You are the sea that I can't survive in this life.
41. All past events have come to an end, and the heavy footsteps confirm that meeting is originally a beautiful mistake.
42. Love has always been thought to be impeccable. In fact, it is really so vulnerable.
43. Do you understand that if one day I don't toss or make trouble, what does that mean?
44. When I think of you, there will always be hot liquid left along the corner of my eyes.
45. Have you ever tried to go back and look at your chat history with someone, from the beginning to the present. I laughed when I looked at it, and wept with a smile ...
46. Time is like the dew that has been hitting us. After twenty years of rushing, the dew does not stick to our body, and we all change our faces.
47. You are gone, leaving that sentence, in my peaceful heart lake, there are dazzling ripples and mysterious dreams.
48, Fuyun lost weight in your glory, a string of cold moon, snickered at the long winter night.
49. It is not terrible to fall in love at the age of twenty.
In the 50s, only the wrinkled skin was brought to the mediocre, but for the wise, a accumulated charm was also provided.
51. On the other side of the world, you are always in my heart.
52. Without you, who can Liangliang Beauty tell?
53. A person's night is beautiful, a little sad, a little thought ...
54. The result without results may be a relief for you and me.
55. Love now is learning, not memory, but happiness.
56. Love is like smoking more cigarettes in my hand, it will fade away. After a long time, I will be addicted and I will not smoke because I want to open it because it hurts me.
57. The most beautiful girl in memory will be gradually lost by time.
58. It's just that I want to write so many love clutches. It should be understood that love is the old age of two people, not one's wishful thinking.
59. Missing is like the dust of happiness in the air that cannot be closed.
60. Foam always floats on the surface of the sea while pearls are buried deep in the water.
61. The dream is gone, the heart is broken, and the stay is just in preparation for leaving.
62. Love has been and I have been through it, and I have also hated it. I will understand after injury. Everything is wrong.
63. Sometimes we want to love not a person but a story.
64. No matter how deep your feelings are, you won't be able to say "goodbye".
65. Some people have too many smiles on their faces because they have too many tears in their hearts.
66, I feel bad for you, it hurts to ignore myself. I believe in you, I doubt you.
67. Our indifference is only to hide the little concern in our hearts.
68. I really want to sleep all the time because the morning sun is so dazzling that I can't see the world clearly.
69. A person who is interested will remember each other no matter how far away; a person who is not interested is close at hand, but far away.
70. Some people make you cry, but you moth flutters fire. Some people make you laugh, but you give up.
71. Some friendships, like a starlight in the night, can illuminate the softest part of each other's heart even without temperature.
72. Sometimes, the pain is also a kind of beauty. When you are hurt, you will be awake and give yourself a fresh self.
73. Whenever I look at the sky, I don't like to talk again. Whenever I speak, I don't dare to look at the sky.
74, watching other people's stories, shed tears.
75. Looking up at the blue sky, there is still a trace of tears in the corner of the eye who has carved an indelible scar.
76. In the face of the vicissitudes of the past, there is a sorrow that I can't cry.
77. Flourishing vicissitudes after all, too many injuries.
78. Love is like multiplication where one term is zero and the result is always zero.
79. It turns out that everyone is so vulnerable and not strong.
80. The autumn wind is full of moonlight and drunken corners where you are drunk, but you don't understand me.
81. Work as long as a stranger. Ok i give up.
82. That day, she knew that every time he was the tears she refused to drop; and she was the flower he lost in the horizon.
83. Everything is like a slide on the slide, smiling wildly and finally smashing into the blood below.
84. A bit lonely, I don't know how to say, let it pass in silence, I left, in fact, it never came, but the heart is soft at night.
85. Some people cannot bear more than one failure. Really weak!
86. There is a good saying. To love someone doesn't have to be, but to own someone must be serious about loving. Who of us can be so sacred? No, so the harm is doomed.
87. If I can continue to wait, if time can stay, if ... no if?
88. I miss no one but the one I can't go back to.
89. As an adult, I start to feel responsible, not pressure.
90. When the relying shoulder is not there, when my tears are dry, when I decide to let go, my heart is gone.
91. The wings vibrate in the air. It was a hustle and bustle, full of fear. A kind of flow with uncertain ending.
92. Lost in the rain, lost in the wind, and forgotten like the flowing water of yesterday. At the end of the sea, the sunset accompanies you. Star is the language! Love, tears in your dreams!
93. Broken contact, broken thoughts, the last hope has faded away, the heart is tired and painful? Don't understand.
94. There are no paper towels and no shoulders that can tear.
95. The initial illusion is finally broken.
96. The boundless loneliness is like a terrible black mist.
97. When you leave, love finally hurts, bleak Shengge, sorrow wears the shallow moss on the Sansheng stone.
98. In fact, narcissistic people are very smart, because falling in love with themselves will never hurt.
99. What is happiness? It is to cover up their grief for everyone smile.
100, familiar streets, unfamiliar taste, this feeling is very empty, unbearable days, the passage of time is time.

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