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100 sentimental quotes with beautiful personality

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1. Missing a person's taste is like drinking a glass of cold water, then dripping into drops of tears.
2. How much I want to see you, at the coffee shop on the corner, but I deeply feel that it is more reassuring to imagine you than to meet you. Better to miss each other.
3. I count your smile every day, but when you even laugh, you are so lonely.
4. Nowhere to place memories. In the glitz, the shallow footprints were wiped out by the hustle and bustle of the flourishing world, and the dreams overlapped, and the night was wet by the pillow.
5. Tears are sometimes an unspeakable happiness. Smiling is sometimes an unspoken pain.
6. Everyone is original when they are born. Sadly, many people have gradually become pirated.
7. Life is like watching the fireworks too seriously and will regret its shortness, and you will miss it if you inadvertently watch it.
8, can go back, can't go back to the original.
9. Many people don't need to see each other, because it's just passing by. Forgetting is the best memory we give to each other.
10. How strong can you dare to forget.
11, like a person leaning against the window to listen to the rain, watching the rain silk dance softly, listening to the rain ticking softly, holding the icy cold with both hands, a touch of sorrow will also emerge softly, so intoxicated by a kind of Quiet.
12. Am I the only person who has an umbrella and is still wet?
13. I count your smile every day, but when you even laugh, you are so lonely. They say that your smile is beautiful and outrageous.
14, I kept looking back, lame, but time ran forward violently.
15. Who is not strong while learning while frustrated.
16, wandering wherever you see, worrying alone.
17. Maybe some people only have their own hearts clearly visible, no one can tell, and only use diaries to record the meaning of travel, and time to burn the old love.
18. A person can pretend to be everything, but he cannot pretend to be happy.
19, I will be quiet alone, I will not ask, not mention, I will use silence instead of sadness.
20, love for a long time, the emotional nerve will always be a little bit numb.
21. Love is like sand in your hand. The tighter you hold it, the faster it flows.
22. Love is a loneliness for a hundred years, until you meet the person who is committed to protecting you. At that moment, all the bitter loneliness had a return.
23. Many people don't need to see each other because it is just passing by. Forgetting is the best memory we give to each other.
24. Too far away, too long, is not the distance, the strangest heart is the furthest distance.
25. The beauty and loneliness in the soul always need a person to read.
26. Sometimes, when I am obviously very painful, helpless, and sad, I still face it with a careless smile to cover up all the scars. But no one understands his heartbreaking voice.
27. Yesterday has passed. Tomorrow is a mystery. Cherish the eyes and start from now!
28. Spring is blooming in this season. I wait quietly where you have come and walked away. What awakened my lonely consciousness is that you stood by me and waited for the happy blossom with me.
29. A woman like tea brings you a faint fragrance that never tires of you, and a faint feeling that you will never regret in life.
30. Trying to be a stranger for so long. Ok i give up.
31. Men don't care about loyalty. Loyalty is not enough because of the temptation they receive. Women don't care about being decent. The reason is because the bargaining chips are too low.
32. Love is a bus traveling on the journey of life. You and I met here by chance and spent a good time together. Now I have to reach the end alone.
33. At this time, the situation is heavy, and the source is heartache.
34. It's light, scattered, not much, a little is enough, fell asleep, whimpering, understand? Yes.
35. When we are all old, I hope-I can still kiss your gums forever
36. When tears flow down, I realize that separation is another understanding.
37. On the other side of the phone, there was silence. It was time to let go, but it was difficult to give up.
38. The people who have played against each other have left, who cares about smashing a piece of residual chess outside Hongchen
39. Feelings are sometimes a matter of one person. It has nothing to do with anyone. Love or don't love, you can only break it.
40. Dogs don't lose weight because they don't miss them. Man is thin because he misses others. People are always tortured by thoughts and make a poor stray dog in thoughts.
41. Remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten. Change what can be changed, accept what can not be changed
42. The happiness on the face can be seen by others. dog.
43. Whenever I look at the sky, I don't like to talk anymore. Whenever I speak, I don't dare to look at the sky!
44. Don't wait until you miss it before you regret it, don't wait until you lose it before you want to redeem it.
45. The pain of parting and disappointment can no longer be heard.
46. The quieter the tree and the wind does not stop, the more I love and he is away.
47. Wandering between forgiveness and despair, the only feeling is hurt!
48. The person who brings you happiness is the one who can also bring you pain.
49. Leaving makes things simple, people become kind, and like children, we start again.
50. The dream is gone, the flowers are gone, and a soliloquy of me alone is enough. You will never be told what to believe.
51. Did you know that the boy is standing to the left of the girl because it can be closer to her heart ...
52. Every girl was an angel without tears. When she meets a boy she likes, she will shed tears--so she becomes a mortal. So the boy must not disappoint the girl, because the girl gave up the whole heaven for you!
53. Don't expect how high the sparrow will fly, because it is the field of eagles. Only by pinpointing the position can you be happy.
54. Love has been and I have been through it, I have been hated and I have hated it, I will understand after injury, everything is wrong.
55. The word "promise" of the promise and the word "sworn" of the vow are both inadvertent.
56. Please don't take my tolerance for you as your shameless capital.
57. The so-called most memorable thing is that it has never been remembered, but it will never be forgotten!
58. I love you for no purpose. Just love you.
59. Not every effort will bring gains, but every harvest must work hard. This is an unfair and irreversible proposition.
60. The black writing on the pen end is like a gray pity in my heart. As long as there is such a little light, it will make it easily broken.
61. Treating a piece of love as a guide on the road of adult life, once failed, it is also a growth. In this way, failed love may no longer be terrible.
62. If you can hear it, please come back and tell me if you still love me, okay?
63. Love has not yet arrived, and the days are carefree; the most painful is nothing more than tests and examinations. I felt a lot of pressure at that time, and looked back, but it was so tiny.
64. We have had fond memories too, but we have blurred the tears.
65. I want to cry, but I don't know how to cry.
66. The hustle and bustle of the world, worldly joy and happiness, is like a clear stream, passing in the wind, in front of my eyes, warming like a spring, I have no extravagance, I only want you to be happy sad.
67. The moment when I broke the cocoon was the pain of tearing off a layer of skin. Many butterflies died of the pain at the moment when the cocoon broke out.
68. Don't talk about love easily, the promise you make is the debt you owe!
69. Love is not complicated at all. There are only three words to come and go, not "I love you", "I hate you", but "forget it", "How are you?" "Sorry".
70. In those short years when you once loved me, I may be the happiest person in the world, but those days are over and you ca n’t keep them.
71. The origin and the demise of the origin, the affluence and the faintness, are beyond our control. What we can do is to cherish the short time in the time of the fate meeting.
72. I think your every day is better than ten thousand years in the world. I flew tens of thousands of light years, looking for a destination called eternal.
73. I don't want to die under your tree, because it will cause you anxiety, but I can do nothing about it. Is it wrong to like someone alone?
74. How much pain a relationship can bring to you has brought you too much happiness ... A person is not alone, thinking of a lonely talent; someone who is accompanying is carnival. I know that when two clouds meet in the sky, they will turn into rain, and when two stars meet, they will spark. What is the ending of our encounter?
75. It's a bit lonely. I don't know how to say it. Let it pass in silence. I left. Actually, it hasn't come, but the heart is very soft at night.
76. Sometimes, it is for the sake of love that it is the figure that hides away quietly, but it is the silent feeling that cannot be avoided.
77. People don't change themselves because they meet someone, but you want to change internally. You will notice the person who can change you. Only at that moment can your ears hear the call from a distance. Without liberation from the heart-burning desire, there is no inner joy and peace.
78. Life is only a few decades. Don't leave any regrets for yourself. Laugh when you want to laugh. Cry when you want to cry. Love when you need to.
79. If you fall in love, don't miss the opportunity easily. Recklessness may make you regret it for a while; cowardice may make you regret it for a lifetime.
80. If I can, I am willing to take the love of my whole life to accompany you through all the time in heaven and earth.
81. Missing a person's taste is like drinking a glass of cold water, and then dripping into tears.
82. The origin and the demise of the origin, the affluence and the faintness, are beyond our control. What we can do is to cherish the short time in the time of the fate meeting.
83. A tragedy has just been staged on the perfect shore. All blood and tears have bred a flower bud in the withered thorns. It will experience seven thunderstorms in reincarnation, and the felt room will be in the humid air.
84. Some people are destined to wait for others, and some people are destined to be waited for.
85. A person always takes a strange road, sees strange landscapes, listens to strange songs, and then at an unintentional moment, you will find that the things that you tried to forget are really forgotten.
86. I am used to being away from the crowd. I look at the sky so confused, but I will feel sad when I am quiet. No one will understand. Some people want to listen.
87. I even forgot why it ended. It's just this puppet that always accompanies me is just a kind of heartache, lingering. My heartache, when do you understand.
88, late at night, sleeping alone, learned to taste. Alcohol, drunk alone, understands heartbreak. It's just that life has become so decadent.
89. If emotions and years can be torn apart and thrown into the sea, then I would like to be silent on the sea floor from now on ... your words, I love to hear, but I do n’t understand, my silence, you want to see, but do not understand .
90. Love, it turns out to be an experience, I hope you like those for a long time? What do you think?
91. In my eyes, you will see deep exhaustion. It's just that it's still difficult to fall asleep, just like the days I had waited for. It's just that I can't wait for you.
92. Love has never been a thousand times. How to know how to love someone who has never been abandoned or hurt?
93. At that moment, something unexpected will always happen to you. Is it past, and is this the result now? I don't want to say, don't want to see what other people think of myself. I care where you are.
94. Remember the leaves that want to rot, those fresh and tender greens have been buried in the front of the time scale, but the overwhelming rot smell stays at the end of the time scale.
95, wind and air blowing through it empty. The year went on like this. In the coming year, we have to go like this. I don't know if there is depression behind stability, or if there is stability in depression. It's just us, we can't find it.
96. The wind blows a flower-like shattered streamer, and your smile shakes and becomes the most beautiful embellishment in my life. Look at the sky, snow, and the deep shadows of the season.
97. The turmoil in the airport stopped in a while. The people here have their own direction. They take off in a hurry, descend in a hurry, take away the stories of others, and leave their own memories.
98, stretch out both hands, want to keep, just seize your beautiful excuses.
99. Your memory still contains the memories of you and me, but my memory is full of writing in your diary.
100. The tacit understanding you just had, but you let go and chose to abandon.

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