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100 WeChat Talk about Mood Sentences

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1. The years are quiet, from young to twilight. It's not hot anymore, with you.
2. Those who are envious are those who can easily put down their feelings. Yun Danfeng accepts all kinds of changes.
3. You are the author of your life, why write the script so badly.
4. Sometimes, I just want to cry, because my heart is aggrieved. Sometimes I just want to go crazy, because my mood is low.
5. Many times I want to face the sea and watch the spring flowers bloom without saying a word and let myself go.
6. Some things are not persisted when you see hope, but you can only see hope if you persist!
7. The people we met later turned out to be unexpected.
8. Don't think too complicated about everything, hold too tightly, things will break, and hands will hurt.
9. Some encounters, not for better results, but to meet the most beautiful you in the most beautiful time.
10. As you grow up, lose while supporting.
11. Passionate and ruthless is also very good. Quick battle is better than ambiguity. I am afraid that I will encounter decisive decisiveness in my decisive decision-making. I will meet with different feelings in my affection. In this world, most of the wins are still lover.
12. Later, I can't tell whether I like or obsess.
13. I really want to contact you, I just lack an identity.
14. Do you know what is the most desperate thing? It is the most beautiful tree you have ever seen. That tree is gone. You know you will never see such a beautiful tree again in your life. Never, so you see The forest doesn't want to talk anymore, you lower your head and close your mouth.
15. Say goodbye to you in this way, and borrow the miles of green mountains, separated by it, and will never be seen forever.
16. Some relationships are broken because of someone else's mouth.
17. I am not very sensible, but I always endure.
18. Frequently bathing and washing your hair is not necessarily because you love to clean. Maybe you just feel that the hair you just blown looks good and it is very comfortable to take a bath. The shower gel smells good. The restaurant you go to often doesn't necessarily taste good, but it's close to the place. The person you like is not necessarily excellent, but when you are by his side, you laugh very sweetly.
19. Suddenly without expectation, I couldn't rejoice.
20. As long as the heart is not confused, it is difficult for the outside world to change you. Don't envy others, don't lose yourself.
21. If you can't find a reason to insist, you must find a reason to start again.
22. It doesn't have to be forgotten if you don't hear it, but it must be alienated. Even if you are silent for too long, it takes courage to take the initiative.
23. Those tears stinging back often fail to be comforted.
24. Silently caring and blessing others is an intangible gift. Each of us is stronger than we think. Meditate in the years, licking and licking the deep wounds.
25. Life is an endless drift. In the face of unforeseen accidents in life, sudden hurts, disasters from the sky, I believe that as long as there is love, there is enough courage to withstand all the wind and rain in life, everything will be relaxed and relieved.
26. The source of distress is that the heart is not simple.
27. As we grow older, trust begins to become difficult. It's not that we don't want to believe, but that too much has happened that we can't believe.
28. The hardest time is when others let you down, but you still can't let yourself go.
29. The stage of life is as big as the world is. The world is as big as it is. You do n’t have to look up to others. You are also a landscape. You can be yourself, and you can simply use life as the background. Look at mountains as mountains and water as water. With a warm smile, I believe that there is always a smiley face blooming for us, and there is always a scenery that is beautiful for us.
30. Life can only be indifferent and peaceful if it can stand the calm.
31. Autumn is lonely, the season of forgetting your troubles, autumn is the season of high thoughts, the season of worrying, autumn is romantic, everywhere is the heavy fruit of fragrance, autumn is bleak, there is always a hint of sorrow and a touch of light Sadness ...
32. Life is easier to live by constantly forgetting.
33. I don't know what happiness is, but I know that it is easy to spend every day happily; cherish what you have now and be very satisfied; grasp the time without leaving regret and it is fulfilling. This may be a kind of happiness.
34. Good friends are like stars, you may not always see them. But you know, they will always be there.
35. It turns out that the children who are attached to the text are always unhappy. Their happiness is like a playful child who wanders into the sky but refuses to return.
36. Love is the old age of two people, not the wishful thinking of one person.
37. In life, it is enough to know what you love, what you want, and what you are doing.
38. Just sad, can't accompany him to old age, can't accompany him to see how good the time is.
39. The more people who are familiar with you, the more you know where 捅 will make you completely hurt.
40. One of the most wonderful things in the world is that when you hug someone you love, he even holds you tighter.
41. Time will bite and you will be covered with scars if you don't leave. Why not care how long it takes to recognize this path.
42. No matter what life is, don't forget to smile. May you be your own sun, without relying on whose light.
43. Don't mess with your heart, don't get stuck in love. Fear of the future, do not read in the past. So, okay.
44. What you think is good may not be liked by others. There must be a bottom line for giving and receiving.
45. For a moment, because a person's words were cold like a splash of cold water from head to toe.
46. I didn't think too much, I didn't ask too much. Life is bland, not sad, not happy, not disturbed, just fine.
47. Fight for what you like, cherish what you get, and forget what you missed. Life is so simple, why bother yourself and make yourself so tired.
48. Different sources, the same return. No need to be too persistent.
49. Listen more, talk less, accept everyone's blame, but keep your final decision.
50. Who his second uncle told me that Nokia can hit walnuts, and now the screen is black.
51. Girlfriends are people who are willing to stand up for you when you are bullied by others.
52. Your consciousness will follow your footsteps, so let him hurry up
53. If you can't forget him, don't forget it. Real forgetting does not require effort.
54. Missing is a deep rain alley, waiting for me to wetly pass through, the kind of sadness is natural, a person walks through, no matter how strong the rhythm around, the alley is still and sad. The deposited mudslide is about to come, all the instincts and sorrows that hold the heart are falling in their thoughts, so turbulent.
55. All doubts are sorrows of growth.
56. Don't be too tired to live, don't be too tired to be busy, do n’t be too expensive to want to eat, do n’t talk about waste when you want to wear, annoyed to find a friend to party, sleep when you are sleepy, do n’t bother when you are stupid, leave the scum Don't look back.
57. You fall in love with an outgoing girl, you have to accept her trouble. You fall in love with the pure girl, you have to accept her childish. You fall in love with a rational girl, you have to accept her calculations. You fall in love with a brave girl, you have to accept her recklessness. You fall in love with a beautiful girl, you have to accept her past.
58. It is said that the first person who laughs at you at school will have a good relationship with you.
59. They just want to sleep with you and I just want to stay with you.
60. When I was a kid, I did n’t throw the word “Xie”. I had to hang out “Thank you for your patronage” to be willing to let go, just like many things later.
61. You must overcome reality to obtain material by yourself. Only after you have an independent and free life can you be free from reality when choosing love.
62. Since it's so cool, don't ruin it emotionally.
63. May you be loyal to yourself, live like yourself, indulge in laughter and laughter, and walk chicly.
64. Sometimes I send a message to a very important person, but he never returns to me, and I will delete that dialog box, otherwise I always feel that seeing that dialog box is like seeing my humble and flattering.
65. Later I learned that those who really want to leave feel that it is a waste of time to even say goodbye; and those who scream and say, "Hey, I have to leave and step back three times, just want to say something "Will you stay?" It suddenly dawned on me that a real goodbye is no goodbye and a real farewell never leaves without saying goodbye.
66. Loneliness is a feeling. Only one's heart knows whether it is lonely. People cannot feel lonely in a state of numbness or loneliness but enjoying themselves. Numbness is already morbid, while enjoying himself, he already has other channels to realize dialogue with society.
67. Feelings make me sad, and life has never let me go.
68. There are always some people who were only passers-by of life, but later became regular visitors of memory.
69. If you don't get a reward, you need to know how to stop. Otherwise, it will disturb others and hurt yourself.
70. Everyone will have someone who you will never mention and never forget.
71. I hate posting slogans such as "Shame to waste food" in the cafeteria. Do you make the food that the farmer uncle worked so hard to make it so unpalatable, and you say that others are shameless?
72. There is no need to explain such things as disappointment and grievances, the more explanations the more chaotic.
73. Throw away the things you do n’t like, pull the black people off, sleep when you ’re unhappy, delete the photos you ’re tired of, and confess to the people you like, and go hungry if you ’re hungry Food, life is so short, how can there be time for you to hesitate. The biggest negative energy in life is indecision and asking for pain.
74. Don't worry about others' eyes, you are your own king.
75. The tearing of the heart and the heart is nothing but unwillingness.
76. May you have a tree chair when you are exhausted, May you learn to be light and relieve yourself.
77. Sensitivity stems from inferiority, and inferiority stems from insufficient ability.
78. With regard to love, there is only one piece of advice. Everyone you meet will hurt you to varying degrees. All you have to do is to find the one who is the most worthy of your burden. You can ask me how much I like you. But I knew in my heart that I would rather fight with you than love others.
79. If a story happens to someone else, it is a story, and it happens to itself as fate. Love is crossing, waiting, silently waiting. Love is the silent thought, the silent heart language, the deepest, the most pleasurable, the most bitter heart and the bitterness of the lungs. Love is a call, a miss, and an aesthetic feeling.
80. If I love you, and you happen to love me. When your hair is messed up, I will dial it for you with a smile, and then I will stay on your head for a few seconds. But if I love you, and you happen to not love me. Your hair is messed up, I will only tell you gently that your hair is messed up.
81. Modern women get three from four and three from: Never be gentle, never considerate, and never make sense. Four wins: You must not fight or scold you.
82. If you give it to me like you give it to others, then I don't need it.
83. You know how to protect yourself when you are painful; you know how to persist and give up when you are silly.
84. Some people don't forget because they don't want to; some people have to forget because it's not worth it.
85. I used to think that I wasn't worthy of you. In fact, it was you who didn't deserve me.
86. If you fall in love with two people, choose the second one. Because if you really love the first one, you won't love other people.
87. The tree was sick, and Huaer smiled at him, and he smiled back; the bird sang to him, and he smiled again; Fenger wiped away the fatigue of his illness, and he smiled again. Do you know? Silent encouragement is to smile, because your smile affirms that he will be healthy!
88. Her eyes are raining for her, but her heart is holding an umbrella for her. This is love.
89. Life is boring repetition and occasional freshness over and over again.
90. Some people may ask: Will trust and tolerance promote the vicious development of human weaknesses and even destroy the foundation of love? My answer is: Anything that can be destroyed by trust and tolerance, suspicion and demand can't be saved, then let it be destroyed. This is not true love.
91. The world is always full of temptation. Just like a monkey gnawing corn, he threw it in his arms when he saw good, and threw it in his arms when he saw good. In the end, the one who stayed in his arms was actually the smallest.
92. Hurry up and make your mood better. You can see that even today's sunshine is so bright and brilliant, and you are trying to expel your anxiety and anxiety. I hope that your dark mood will be brightened at this moment to welcome a better tomorrow!
93. If you really love him, then I let go, because someone will love you more than I do.
94. The world is just so unfair. If you like it at first glance, you will like it. If you do n’t like it at first sight, you wo n’t like it at a hundred. But some people try to love and love to know whether they can love, some people try to not love to know whether they can not love.
95. Not choosing is also an option.
96. When you are young, there are answers to why, but when you are old, you may feel that there is no such thing as life.
97. The more a person walks up, the more the heart should sink, and the heart will be firm, so that the road under his feet can walk safely. Therefore, it is good to yearn for prosperity, but on the road to prosperity, don't forget to bring contentment.
98. There are a lot of injustices in life. Don't complain because it is useless.
99. You can't go out without going out, and don't want to go home once you go out.
100. Why should we know the secret of the other party? The darkest place in the world is the heart of a person.

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