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100 classic space talks

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1. Years is an accurate calculator, which records your dedication and effort exactly, measures your foundation and strength, and measures your weight and value. ——Work hard, years will not disappoint you.
2. There is no so-called genius in this world, and there is no reward in return for nothing. Every glorious character you see has given shocking efforts behind it. Please believe that your potential is far from exploding. Do not set limits on your own life. The limits you think you are are just the starting point for others.
3. The longest is no time, because it is always endless, and the shortest is no more than time, because all our plans are too late.
4. Behind all Niubi is the persistence of hardship accumulation; all hardships are silly and do not give up. As long as you are willing and insist on it, one day, you will live, the look you like.
5. If you don't work hard, no one will help you, don't pretend to be hard, because the result will not accompany you to perform.
6. No matter what age, don't let down your best self! Change every sentence "I can't" to "I can learn" and every sentence "I dare not" to "I can do it". Trying is better than never dare to start!
7. If you choose ease, you don't need to be envious of the wonderful and fulfilling of others; if you choose stormy seas, you don't have to yearn for quiet. Different choices give you different paths to life. As long as you identify what you really want, and work hard for it, everyone will be a winner in your life!
8. You can't control even a few sleeps, and talk about controlling your life. Things that can make you better may not be easy at first, but as long as you persist, you can grow. Don't stay in the comfort zone. The harder you work, the luckier you will be. The degree of self-discipline determines the height of your life.
9. The best state of life is: Waking up every day, facing the sun, and raising the corners of your mouth. Don't envy anyone, flatter anyone, work hard silently to live what you want.
10. Be hard on yourself and force yourself to work hard. In another five years you will thank yourself for being hard today and hate yourself for being lazy and inferior today. Now that you have identified a way, keep going. Fate will not live up to every A serious and hardworking person.
11. Life sometimes forces you, has to surrender power, has to let go of opportunities, and even has to leave love. You can't get everything. You should learn to give up in life, just like cleaning up files on your computer.
12. Remember, the reason why a person gets lost is not because of his ignorance, but because he thinks he knows. One Rousseau
13. We can hold a relatively light and casual attitude towards life: we are not this earthly permanent tenant, but a passing passenger. ——Lin Yutang
14. If there is no blind expectation, there will be no disappointment. If you can understand that everything is impermanent, you will not be clinging to it; if you are not clinging to it, you will not suffer or lose, and you will truly live completely.
15. A person who is weak is his greatest enemy; a person who is brave is his best friend.
16. I will never see you again in this life, only for goodbye, it is not you. You in your heart never reappear. What you reappear is just the vicissitudes of the sun, the moon, and the passing years. -Xi Murong
17. In a life of faith, no matter whether it is successful or not, at least it will not be confused.
18. In front of the door of fate, may wish to show a little more patience, even if you wait one day, one hour, or one minute, the result may be completely different.
19. Suffering, like happiness, is the reward that life gives us. The hard life today is the hope of living tomorrow, and alive is happiness.
20. People either never dream or have fun; people must also learn to be awake, or never be awake, or awake to be interesting. —— Nietzsche
21. If life is a complete circle, for a person who is always ready and working tirelessly, then the other side of his fantasy journey must be the same origin-the innocence of the soul.
22. Anxious heart, can't smell the calm and elegant floral fragrance; people who step in may step on their own mines. —— Zhang Lijun
23. I haven't forgotten anything, but some things are only suitable for collection. I ca n’t say, I ca n’t think, but I ca n’t forget. —— Shi Tiesheng
24. Life is short, there is no time to waste, all freedom is what you should strive for, and how others think of me is so insignificant.
25. Older people believe everything, middle-aged people doubt everything, and young people know everything. ——Oscar Wilde
26. No matter how hard the road ahead is, as long as you go in the right direction, no matter how rough, it is closer to happiness than standing in place.
27. Time is like a net, where you spread your harvest.
28. There is only one time in a person's life when he can make a difference, and that is now.
29. Without action, laziness will take root! Without dreams, degeneration will take root! The longer the time, the deeper the root! It will be difficult to stand up at that time! So, to stand well, Don't stop your footsteps! The harder you work, the luckier you will be. Don't make too many excuses for young people. What you can do now is nothing but hard work.
30. Anyone who succeeds often goes through a dark period with no support and no help, and this period of time is exactly the critical stage of precipitation. Just like the darkness before dawn, the sky is bright when it passes. The so-called Maxima is not necessarily the fastest, but it must be the best endurance. You can complain, but you have to be patient, build up strength, and wait for opportunities-so that life can have hope.
31. Some people always say: it's too late. Actually, now is the best time! Nothing in the world is too late as long as you are willing to learn with your heart.
32. If the butterfly wants to enjoy the joy of flying in the hundred gardens, it must first endure the pain of breaking with the puppet.
33. If you want to live happily, don't discuss the length with fools, don't reason with fools, don't argue with people who are different from the three perspectives; life, even if I foresee all sadness, I still want to yearn.
34. The greatest motivation for hard work is that you can choose the life you want instead of being chosen by life; when you are young, even the sentimentality is amazing. When I grow up, I learn, the more painful, the more impassioned, the more bitter, the more silent.
35. Life is like a glass of boiled water. You drink it every day. Do n’t be envious of the different colors of drinks. In fact, your boiled water may not be thirsty. There are many beautiful things waiting for you in the world. Do n’t complain or give up. So you have to be gentle and quiet inside.
36. If you don't get a reward, you should know what is appropriate; otherwise, it will disturb others and hurt yourself. There is no if in life, but there are many but; life cannot regret, but can turn.
37. The more lazy a person is, the more things he will do tomorrow; the more diligent a person is, the more good days he will have tomorrow. The reason you are tired is that you only have constant psychological blame, and there is no immediate change in action.
38. When you look down from the 80th floor, it's all beautiful; but when you look down from the 2nd floor, it's all rubbish ... If you don't have a height, you see all the problems; if you don't have a pattern, you see all Trivial!
39. The clarity of water is not because it contains no impurities, but because it knows how to precipitate; the transparency of the heart is not because there are no thoughts, but because it knows what to choose.
40. Your life will never disappoint you. The wrong turns, the wrong paths, the tears that shed, the sweat that drips, and the scars that leave you all make you unique.
41. Time is fair, where is the heart, where is the time, where is the action, where is the harvest! When destiny wants you to grow up, there will always be some people or things that make you unpleasant to stimulate you. This is the rule. Do not toss, take what to remember!
42. There is no desperate situation in the world, only people who are desperate; to work hard and be the best of yourself, instead of complaining, it is better to change.
43. Waking up every morning, your biggest asset in your purse is 24 hours—materials in your life universe that have not yet been manufactured.
44. When you are unhappy, try to talk as little as possible and sleep. Only a warm quilt at night and a good dream can comfort us who have too many unhappy days.
45. The most jealous thing about being a person is to endlessly blame yourself and make people feel suspicious. To love yourself is like the rising sun.
46. Some things, only through experience, can experience the palpitations of the heart; once the people, only let go from the bottom of the heart, the soul will be truly liberated.
47. An important sign of falling in love with someone is that you are sorry for any beauty, why you are not around.
48. I am willing to deeply dive into life, suck the bone marrow of life, live a solid and simple life, remove everything that does not belong to life neatly, and push life to the absolute limit. Simple, no matter how simple. —— Thoreau
49. There is no glitter of a pearl, it is smeared by others.
50. Some things can't be rushed, and when the conditions are ripe, it will naturally come to fruition. Most of the great achievements in the world are made by patience. Patience means being able to withstand the temptations in front of you and the loneliness of the moment. Patience is not external depression, but inner practice. Don't pick the fruits that haven't matured, otherwise your life must be bitter.
51. Nothing can stop what you want to do, only your own heart.
52. The most important thing for success is not to look at the vagueness in the distance, but to do something clear at hand.
53. A life without creation cannot be regarded as life, but only as alive.
54. People always compare themselves to others and see who is better than themselves and who is not. In fact, the bottom of your worries and sorrows is never the misfortune and pain of others, but your own attitude.
55. In life, there is no hurdle, you ca n’t sit by the ridge and wait for it to disappear, you can only find a way through it; in life, there is no permanent pain, no matter how deep the pain, the wound will always heal; Eternal love, feelings without ending, will always end; those who ca n’t have it will always forget. Slowly, you will not cry again; slowly, everything is over ... Proper giving up is an elegant turn of life.
56. There are two valuable words in the world, one is serious and the other is insistence. Serious people change themselves, and persistent people change destiny.
57. If you do not have strong social skills, then please have strong talents; if you do not have a strong heart, then please learn to forget and content.
58. Even if life has a thousand reasons to make you cry, you have to find a reason to make yourself laugh, this is life.
59. The purpose of being busy is often to enjoy life, give back to parents, satisfy family, and help children. The result of being busy is often: to live up to life, to stay away from parents, to desert the family, and to alienate children.
60. You can't control even a few sleeps, and you want to control your life; your problem is that you know everything, but you are lazy.
61. Persevere as hard as possible, be indifferent no matter how good, be confident no matter how bad, and save as much as possible.
62. There is only one reason for you to be confused, think too much and do too little, don't forget that only action can make a person.
63. To live is not to win sympathy by tears, but to win applause by sweat!
64. After a long journey, if you still don't see hope, then change the direction; One thing, after thinking for a long time, still tangled in your heart, then choose to let go; the four most useless things in the emotional world: break up Later regrets, no caring afterwards, high self-esteem, low IQ goodness.
65. You will never know how strong you are, until one day you have no choice but to be strong.
66. Believe that life will not treat you bad, you suffer, you suffer, you fall into the pit, you go the wrong way, you will cultivate a unique mature, strong and grateful you.
67. In fact, there is no way to get through, and give yourself some time to heal. Rather than defeating yourself, it's better to say freely.
68. Don't blame any one person, one thing, your own today is countless superposition and accumulation of yesterday, so it is important to take every step of today!
69. You don't have to be anxious, God has his own arrangements. You just have to work hard, and then God will see your efforts in the crowd, and he will arrange something good for you.
70. Everyone has a great self in their hearts. As long as you are not decadent or negative, you have been quietly brewing optimism, nurturing openness, adhering to kindness, and always moving towards your dreams.
71. Many times, complaining is useless, complaining that one day is far from gaining a lot of effort. So go for it! Turn all complaints and dissatisfaction into motivation, and show the world powerfully.
72. If you have to be enlightened by others even if you earn money from work, everyone must stare, watch, coax, encourage, and advise you to stop doing it, then you should be poor! This is not chicken soup, this is reality.
73. When you are not worthy of your ambitions, please calm down and work hard so as not to live up to the suffering you once suffered.
74. If you want to be good, let it be, it is impossible. You need to do a lot, spend a lot of time, be patient and persist.
75. As a kid, crying is our best way to solve problems; when we grow up, laughing is our weapon to face reality.
76. Not everyone can be what they want, but everyone can work hard to be what they want. Believe in yourself, you can be a cocoon to bind yourself, and you can break a cocoon into a butterfly.
77. Seeing the front, living in the present. Life has never been easier, it is just that we have become stronger. People always say that time can change everything, but in fact we must change by ourselves. If you change yourself, everything else will change.
78. There is no overnight fame, rich overnight, only one work and one harvest. If one day your efforts are worthy of your dreams, then your dreams will definitely live up to your efforts! Remember one word: the harder you work, the luckier you are.
79. The road of life is forced to come out. Without forcing yourself, you never know how much you can do. After cutting off the retreat, you will naturally find a way out; if you cut off the illusion, you will work hard.
80. In order to be able to stand up to your future self, you cannot cope with ease now. Efforts are not for the boast of others now, but to live with dignity and confidence in the future.
81. Life is like a cup of tea. It is bitter when you are sad, but it is sweet when you are happy. The same person lives and treats it with a different mentality, and the results are naturally very different. So have a positive attitude in life.
82. There are many things that you can have in your heart. You don't have to say anything when you see it. You leave a back road and you are less hurt.
83. Coffee bitterness and sweetness do not lie in how to stir, but in whether you put sugar; a period of pain is not in how to forget, but in whether you have the courage to start again.
84. Life does not require us to be the best, it only requires us to do our best.
85. Years is an accurate calculator, which records your dedication and effort exactly, measures your foundation and strength, and measures your weight and value. ——Work hard, years will not disappoint you.
86. People live with a mentality, your mentality is adjusted, no matter how great the difficulties are in front of you, it will not scare you; if your mentality is not good, temporary difficulties will be subjectively and infinitely subject to you Exaggeration has become an insurmountable divide.
87. Our destiny is determined by our actions, not by our origin. Opportunities will never be equal, but the results may be equal.
88. It is not an alarm clock that wakes up every day, it is a great dream. It is not others who are abandoned every day, but immature selves. Every day is not a long night, but a dawn.
89. Our destiny is determined by our actions, not by our origin. Opportunities will never be equal, but the results may be equal.
90. We must make good money. There are too many moments in a person's life when they can defend their dignity with money.
91. Life is short, don't let yourself live too tired, squeeze into the world, don't push hard, hard for others, and belittle yourself; if you ca n’t do it, do n’t try hard, change your mind, maybe you will get more with less Do n’t take things that you ca n’t get, even if you get them temporarily, you will lose them.
92. The real tenacity is to be thorough when crying, to be pregnant when you are smiling, to be the best when you are talking, and not to hesitate when you are doing it. Life experience is like a pencil. It is very sharp at the beginning. If you experience more, it will become smooth. If you cannot bear it, it will break.
93. In this life, people will inevitably stumble, there will be ups and downs. In addition to our courage, we must learn to bow and concede. The so-called success requires not only the ability to hold and move, but also the wisdom to let down and look at it. You have a long way to go and taste carefully.
94. In fact, the road to success is not crowded; only, most people choose ease!
95. Work hard, not to impress anyone, or to show anyone, but to make yourself capable of jumping out of the circle you hate at any time, and have the right to choose, and live your life in the way you like.
96. Know how to shake hands with your past self, use time for progress instead of complaining, learn to belittle others' evaluations, and slowly become strong inside. Do n’t be too disappointed in life, be a commitment and share. People.
97. Life cannot be satisfied everywhere, but we still have to live enthusiastically. There are many things worth living in life. Don't be discouraged because of one dissatisfaction.
98. Give yourself a hope every day, work hard to be yourself, not to worry about tomorrow, and not sigh for yesterday. When the dream is still there, tell yourself: If you work hard, you will always meet a better one!
99. Every good person has a period of silence. During that time, I spent a lot of effort, endured loneliness and loneliness, did not complain and complained, and when I talked about it later, I was able to be touched by myself. Only when you are tired can you be idle. Only after suffering, knowing sweet.
100. The biggest attraction between people is not your face, your wealth, nor your talent, but the warmth and solidity you pass on to each other, and the positive energy you pass on to each other. .

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