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The more swearing, the better

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1. What is going on today? Going out taking the wrong medicine? Still forgot to take the medicine? Seeing you like this, there is no way to take medicine or not.
2. How do you describe your appearance, if you have to use one word: twist.
3. You have to think that others are SBs, and in his eyes you are also SBs.
4. Don't like what I praise you so that you will be killed by the sow.
5. What do you use to explain your face like a traffic light?
6. You actually told others: Know more about me, you will know that my beasts are not as good.
7. I live like a fool, but I don't know there are idiots laughing at me.
8. Even if you are willing to be someone ’s toilet paper, they still think that your paper is soft, your fingers are dirty, the paper is hard, and your butt is scratched.
9. Brother, can you lower the resolution on your face?
10. I doubt very much whether the thing on your neck has a positive meaning!
11. Have seen ugly, never seen so ugly. It looks ugly at first glance, even more ugly when you look closely!
12. Don't shake your head, it's all leeches.
13. Hurry up and ask the doctor to check your brain to see if the brain has atrophied long ago.
14. They say that you are BT and asked you to do CT, but you are ET.
15. Your food looks so good, only pigs can compare with you.
16. Why are you doing something so weird? It really is a genetic mutation.
17. Your face is bigger than your buttocks, and toads are hairy. Are you a bird or a beast?
18. Is your mouth coming to menstruation? Why don't you bring your menstruation? The Chinese tradition of 5,000 years has broken your face.
19. Do you see yourself as a person? It is also difficult for you to have the courage to live till now, if I were you, I would have been killed.
20. Your IQ is not worried about making friends with pigs.
21. What qualities do you have? Some people come into this world as a sin!
22. You graduated from a mentally handicapped school, and you have a perfect score for each of the exams. You get the highest scholarship every year.
23. People like you can only live up to two episodes in a series.
24. You are the first one to admire me, the head is exactly the same as the functional toe.
25. I know that you have to be mentally retarded and you can't help it, but I really want to see.
26. Believe it or not, I can't pull you off the wall with a slap?
27. I don't want to know that you are ill, don't you be so obvious?
28. You are either a bad brain or a lack of roots; your heart is healthy, you are missing an eye.
29. Your brain is broken is respect for others.
30. Seeing you gives me a feeling of returning to nature.
31. Every time I see you, I can't help but sting your desire, do you know?
32. Xiaocuizi, don't look at me with your poor eyes.
33. I'm happy to be ugly, it's your blame, don't look at me if you are ugly, I didn't force you to look at me.
34. Don't yell at someone with such a disgusting face every day, OK.
35. I'm wrong. I will definitely make the grass for you when I make a cow or a horse in my next life.
36. Persuade you to calm down, take off your pants and squat slowly, pee in urine and take good care of your B.
37. When you pick up the mirror and look at yourself, you think it is superfluous, in fact ... you are really superfluous.
38. Your brain has water, cerebellar defects, and pigs are educated, and you do n’t even let the pig nursery pass the exam, which really bothers your pig mother.
39. Looking at your surprise and excitement, the danger is ringing, the mountains and rivers are poor, and the face of the wilderness and mountains, I am afraid of altitude sickness.
40. Is it Jurassic or Triassic? How can you die on the skin and keep God from taking you away?
41. Don't think that you'll be plastic and I don't know how you grow a pig.
42. You are not an environmentally friendly bag, so do n’t install it or not?
43. One ear is big and one ear is small. You have a pig and a dog.
44. Since you were a child, you can count only one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, seven.
45. Don't think you are ugly, I dare not scold you.
46. You are so embarrassed to live in the world, even if you live in the world, it scares the earth people.
47. You grow back like that, can you scare one person to another?
48. I wish you suffocated by eating tofu, killed by walking, beaten alive, and no one will pity you when you die.
49. You wild species, I think you have not evolved well.
50. I finally found an adjective that fits your body-fat but not greasy!
51. You look like you have characteristics. You want to commit crimes, look backwards, and look forward to self-defense.
52. Please shrink into a ball and leave in a rounded manner.
53. Look at you, seeing the back raging, and turning back to scare millions of male lions.
54. If you look at your child, I ’m really sorry for the head shape, the head shape is sorry for the face shape, the face shape is sorry for the neck shape, the neck shape is sorry for the body shape, you are just a deformity! If you talk too much, it ’s all tears. I believe you will understand one day!
55. You have a rich appearance like a peony, a tough quality like a plum blossom, a pure heart like a lotus flower, a sweet smile like a peach blossom, and a refreshing style like a sunflower. I look at it from the left and right.
56. You are as light as the wind, you are as gentle as the water, you are as misty as you are, you are as romantic as the moon, you are as warm as the sun, you are as forgiving as the sea, you are as healthy as a cow, you are as long as a turtle, you are as cute as a rabbit. : You're not a bit human!
57. Your eyes are brighter than Zhuge Liang, your love is deeper than Lu Zhi, your love is longer than Guan Yun, your character is crazy than Nicholas Tse, and your promise is even more empty than Sun Wukong. It's really hard for you to look ugly. Running out in the morning is scary, and running out at night is scary.
58. Seeing your face, I still like my ass better.
59. You have no depth or depth of goods, you don't have to talk anymore, my constipation is better.
60. You are not as good as pig feces. Seriously, it is really hard for you to look like a human.
61. How can I smell the smell of bean dregs from your head.
62. You lost your mind when you went out yesterday.
63. Do you think you look handsome? In fact, it's not bad, it looks a little better than the zoo monkey.
64. Are you shameless, shameless, or shameless? I have never seen you so shameless.
65. Don't blame others for always scolding you and stabbing you. If you do n’t have a brain disability, do n’t even have a brain disability to such an extent that others will not find a chance to scold you!
66. You are not as good as a bear, standing as a caterpillar, and less Chinese heroes in front of me.
67. If you have a problem in your head, do n’t spray here. It ’s really a shame on your face. Good people do n’t do it.
68. If you are so frightened that the toilet is clogged, that the faucet is sobbing, and that incandescent light is exploding, then I can only worship you.
69. You are a wretched and mentally inferior creature.
70. The most stuffy thing about me is knowing you.
71. I just want to persuade your mother to buy a chain to tie you up early to save you from biting people during the day.
72. Hurry up and pee and look at what you look like. I want to vomit when I see you.
73. You were a flower in the sky, and accidentally fell into the world because of love. Later, you landed unstable and swayed your face and butt.
74. Your nose is wrong. You should change your mouth.
75. We always encounter some neuroses like you and scold us.
76. The bug that everyone shouts, the pest that harms others, the tapeworm that everyone spits.
77. Don't think your teeth are very white, but it can also be used as a negative example of Colgate.
78. You must be the waste in the scum because your virtue is worthy of the word waste.
79. You have the appearance of someone, but only the pig's IQ.
80. Actually, I still appreciate your very mentally retarded performance.
81. It looks like a scum-like figure. Every day you apply powder and brush the wall. With a smile, the powder can block the ant's nest.
82. Are your loved ones shit? Seeing your shit-like litter is so indulgent.
83. Don't use that humble surface to conceal your inner abnormality, no matter how you conceal you, you are still a pervert.
84. As far as this disgusting look is concerned, even newborn babies don't want to see you.
85. The average person cannot become a pig, but you are a special case. You can become the most stupid pig.
86. Although you are not a tortoise, you are his ancestor.
87. It's a rare miracle that your cerebellar defect and the crippled brain are still alive!
88. Your disgusting face, advise you to stop it.
89. Be careful of your garbage, don't be cleaned up by everyone.
90. My dog generally communicates well with the same kind. Seeing how well you communicate with it knows that you are with it.
91. I don't want to care about animals like your mouth spraying dung, and dogs can't eat shit.
92. Where are the fairies you flee, the old man will definitely kill the ash you hit, and make you the cheapest demon forever.
93. Do you know how many innocent lives you actually run to the streets?
94. Please do not speak to me with your excretory organs, this is very impolite.
95. Do you think you are a pencil case, so many pens.
96. You silly tortoise, let you help to do something back to help, I really do not know if your head is full of shit.
97. You are mentally ill, it's best not to come out scary.
98. The colorful world is like the prosperous of the stars, all flashes are all fox spirits.
99. I hope you can care for others, please don't come out in the middle of the night to be scary.
100. I can't think of any language to communicate with you as a non-human.

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