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The more poisonous words, the better, without dirty words

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1. You grew up lacking a cover, growing up lacking love, with a twine around your waist, and a lid over your head.
2. There is no fish when water is clear, and invincible when people are low.
3. Trees do n’t have bark, they will die, no one will shame, and the world is invincible.
4. If you are a flower, the cow will not dare to pull the dung.
5. I think there are only two types of people in the world that can be attractive. One is very beautiful and you are like this.
6. How can they call you a pig? ? This is so outrageous! You ca n’t just call someone what your parents look like! How can you say that you look like a pig? That was an insult to the pig.
7. Damn, your TMD looks so good.
8. It's sci-fi long and abstract!
9. Have seen ugly, never seen so ugly. It looks ugly at first glance, even more ugly when you look closely!
10. You slow down the internet speed, you grow too much memory.
11. No artificial intelligence can defeat your natural fool.
12. Born to be cucumber, undershoot! The day after tomorrow is walnut! It's a motorcycle for life, owe it! Look for a daughter-in-law's screw!
13. The twenty-first century is dangerous. Come back to your Jurassic.
14. Even Ruhua is handsome more than you.
15. Your inherent temperament has determined that you can only be a slut in your life.
16. If you think you are very good, then you must be stupid.
17. As long as you grow that salty fish, and also mention salty fish with me, can you turn over, you can show it to me.
18. When you were a kid, your eyes were clear like a healthy pee, and when you grew up, your eyes were cloudy like thick sputum that got angry.
19. Sister is not your straw boat, don't send your scorn to me.
20. Is your head kicked or kicked? The brain is so broken that there is no cure.
21. Scientifically proven, you emit a word "base" from your appearance to your bone marrow cells and genes.
22. Give you a face and you don't know what it is?
23. Your face is really deterrent, even the pigs turn around when they see you.
24. Don't think that I am bad for you now, after you die, I must install an air conditioner in your coffin, and it is still variable frequency!
25. I beg you, don't come out scary again, otherwise the world will be destroyed.
26. You have to go to the zoo to find a girlfriend or even leave the earth.
27. As long as you look up, the ozone layer will break.
28. You are very patriotic, dedicated, and strong!
29. Listening to you, a sense of superiority in intelligence comes out!
30. I think you are suitable for being a shemale, otherwise it is really a waste of talent!
31. It's a scientific research achievement to get rid of your stupidity. After I succeed, I can be transferred to the Chinese Academy of Sciences!
32. From the moment I saw you, I finally realized the look of a freak.
33. Before I knew you, I didn't realize that I had a problem with looking at people.
34. Your Excellency is really inspiring!
35. It's been a long time since I heard anyone can blow a cow so fresh and refined!
36. You hid ugly when you were born. Even your parents dare not see you. Are you afraid that someone will report you?
37. You are shopping with a pig, very happy. After sympathetic, I said, "Look at a person's grade and see who he is with." Before the words are finished, I see that the pig is very disdainful You go!
38. Know that you can't vomit ivory in the mouth of this beast, look at your pig's appearance. It looks more thunderous than Sister Nima Feng. Hurry and die. What else do you pursue?
39. You look creative and live courageously.
40. If it weren't for the teacher's refusal to throw garbage anywhere, I would have thrown you away.
41. Ugliness is not your original intention, but a temper of God.
42. You fall by the mountains, by the rivers, dry, watch the chickens die, watch the dogs turn.
43. How can you set off the beauty of the world without your presence.
44. You say you, grandpa, I teach you to practice sword, you practice sword, you do not practice sword, practice low! Do not practice gold swords, practice silver swords!
45. I give you sword improper, give you sword god you don't do it, non-dead skin crying and crying to be a sword man! Really, why bother?
46. Your long true tm is postmodern.
47. You look like the scene of a car accident.
48. Brother, can you lower the resolution on your face?
49. You have n’t evolved completely. It ’s really hard for you to look like a long elephant.
50. I have never seen anything so archeologically long.
51. I have been observing you for a long time, after all, I still feel that the earth is not suitable for you. I have a ticket to Mars. Here you go!
52. I will not know you until I have done good things in my life. Even throwing it into the sun is not environmentally friendly.
53. It is also said that you are the undefeated East of China.
54. It must be the best in scum, the beast in the beast. Look, your face is so thin, you do n’t have a pig!
55. Face touched the ground first, unable to return to heaven.
56. When taking you as a person, would you try to pretend to be as good as possible?
57. It is strange to me that rare species like you should be listed as national-level protected animals and exhibited at the World Expo. Maybe you can also contribute to the scientific research of alien species in China.
58. You practise the parallel bars, you can urinate without eating or drinking. You jump to pollute water resources, euthanasia wastes time, sleeping pills waste the country's money, and gas poisoning wastes gas.
59. Did you drink too much in Sanlu?
60. How wasteful are you to be born? No seedlings emerge on the land, bad seeds.
61. Have you been thrown up three times and only caught twice when you were born?
62. You are a lovely, charming, hard-working, white little new breed of hybrid fish always serving the people.
63. It looks very sci-fi and looks very abstract!
64. These days, there are people who roll by planes; those who have ships have sunken bottoms; those who have trains have derailments; those who have cars have kisses; so I advise you that it is better to stay in your mousehole and not to come out.
65. They are all rural foxes. If you wear sunglasses and apply nail polish, you still want to play urban chat.
66. What's so handsome? Swipe your face at the bank?
67. Don't think that you are a rare rarity, we should be precious.
68. A slap will hit you against the wall.
69. You look so good! Go for a facelift, and you will not be allowed to do it again in the future! I'm going to check it out, I don't know if it scared you of a heart attack.
70. You are not good at leisure, what peace messenger do you come out?
71. Actually, you are not useless, your nose is like a medal of honor.
72. A person is cheap for a lifetime, a pig is cheap, a waste of air alive, a waste of land when dead, a waste of RMB at home.
73. God created you is his creativity, and it is your courage to continue to live.
74. You are not ugly, but the beauty is not obvious!
75. Who has taken care of you for so many years? I admire his guts.
76. Look at you at the age of Li Qiu, and also said that you want to sell Moe, and directly turn the word Moe into a derogatory term.
77. Your teeth are like the stars in the sky, bright in color and far apart.
78. These two lips have a large saucer.
79. The earth is really not for you. You should go to the Kingdom of the Brain-Disabled. When you get there, maybe you can still become a king!
80. Plant you in a flowerpot so that you know what a vegetative is!
81. Am I ignorant or treat you as an adult?
82. The most stuffy thing about me is knowing you, and the thing that makes me blame the most is knowing you.
83. Just because your mother ’s bust is an index of IQ and you say you ’re smart, you ’re laughing at everyone ’s teeth.
84. Presumably you are the shit in the legend. It's so insignificant that you don't need to see it at a glance.
85. A: You are an idiot! B: Ah? It turns out you are not!
86. Single women are called petty bourgeoisie, single men are called Diamond King Laowu, ugly women are called dinosaurs, handsome men are called frogs, and even you are called Xiaoqiang.
87. You are handsome, but you are just a puppet.
88. Now throwing you into the toilet, the toilet can vomit, throwing you into a black hole, the black hole can explode! It ’s almost the festival, and I will send you a couplet: Shanglian: Trees do n’t have bark, and they will die. Xialian: Human shameless, the world is invincible.
89. You look creative and courageous. Ugly is not your original intention, but God is losing his temper.
90. Confucius can't solve the problem, I'll help you!
91. Although you spray perfume, I can still smell a scum.
92. You are not smart, you are still learning the best!
93. Did your mother throw you away and raise the placenta when you were born?
94. Don't talk to me, I have a clean habit.
95. I can't bear shit and pee.
96. The world is as big as the one you lack.
97. Throwing you into outer space is good enough for you, otherwise it will definitely let you go to the Demon Realm to experience.
98. Social scum like you is boring to live. Really, even death is a waste of land and poisons young people.
99. You turned out to be a dog. I knew I would buy a leash around your neck.
100. If you acknowledge your IQ yourself, you can go away.

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