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Swear words without dirty words

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1. Have you been kissed by a pig when you were a kid?
2. Can you hold your urine again if you are strong?
3. You look like an idiot on the left, a fool on the right, a pig on the top, and a donkey on the bottom.
4. To emigrate to Mars is to leave you.
5. If you can take the initiative to let scientists study, this will make a great contribution to the world's cause of understanding alien creatures!
6. I don't understand that if the rope is too long, it will knot, but your tongue can't?
7. Don't talk to me, because I don't understand. In the eyes of others, it's silly for me to argue with a pig.
8. You don't have the image of a pig, but you have the temperament of a pig.
9. Put your photos on the wall, avoid evil during the day and contraceptive at night.
10. Seeing you go all the way with your head up, afraid that others might not know you are an airport?
11. Your looks are refreshing!
12. To you, I really can't think of any language to communicate with you from different humans!
13. If the acne on my face is as little as the hair on your head, I'm satisfied!
14. Who has taken care of you for so many years? I admire his guts.
15. When you pick up the mirror and look at yourself ... you think it's redundant, actually ... you're really redundant.
16. You said, I have acne in adolescence, are you envious of menopause?
17. The smell of inferior perfume covered all day is still coming to the man. Who has seen you more?
18. Be creative and have courage to live!
19. You waste the air alive, waste the land if you die, waste RMB if you are half-dead!
20. You're like a bitter gourd, dressed so cool and so miserable!
21. Scolding others with a thick face said that mosquitoes should be difficult to order for you. The mosquitoes struggled all night and were boring.
22. When you can talk about civilization and quality, I think it's time for me to reincarnate.
23. I didn't say you shameless, I mean shameless people are like you.
24. Jealousy, jealousy, do n’t be a dog, it ’s interesting to slander behind your back?
25. You shameless thing, right, you have no face.
26. Your Mimi is bigger and smaller, your butt is round and flat.
27. You live like a fool, and you are the best example of abortion failure.
28. This extreme way makes me even more disgusted with you. Before I met you, I was not judged by appearances!
29. Demo, look in the mirror to see how old you are? how long? Don't you have a whale in your head? Child, grow up and come again!
30. Wearing a low-cut dress and blocking it, it is too unethical.
31. Please don't speak to me with your excretory organs, this is very impolite, thank you!
32. Your long shape is inaccurate and the proportion is not good.
33. Your parents do chemistry, at first glance you look like a guinea pig.
34. Don't lift yourself so high, be careful not to fall and kill you.
35. If I want to have a baby, I must let you teach him, but also teach him history. Take a look at your face. China has remembered all five thousand years.
36. Set Lao Tzu upright, don't fart wildly, don't take yourself too seriously.
37. Do you take dichlorvos as a cola and make your head dime a twelve pounds?
38. You feel the nerve endings are a bit long.
39. You eat chemical fertilizers in the morning, and you are strong in talking!
40. If you are not ugly, you are really pretty.
41. Is Sao a personality? Then I admit you are very personal.
42. Don't think that you can write two characters of quality is an intellectual.
43. I really want to insert you in a flower pot so that you also know what a vegetative is.
44. Sometimes you are optimistic like a fart, always thinking you can shake the world.
45. I think I'm rough, not ugly, it's called elegant, what is elegant, elegant is pretending to be a grandson.
46. Now that you know that life is decadent, why should you continue this decadent life?
47. If your ugliness can generate electricity, nuclear power plants around the world can be shut down.
48. The world is as big as the one you lack.
49. With a cheerful look, it was like drinking sugar.
50. I am not perfect, but I confess to nature, how about you?
51. Ah, it's okay, when Qingming went to the grave, suddenly thought of you, why are so many people dead, and you are not dead yet.
52. It was another failure after cosmetic surgery, and the success of disfigurement.
53. You graduated from a mentally handicapped school.
54. There is a cow flying in the air, and the only way to ask me to help it come down is to keep your mouth shut.
55. Are you dissatisfied with this world?
56. You chase me two kilometers naked, and I'm considered a hooligan when I look back!
57. I used to think that you were a flower on the cliff, but later I knew it, but it was just a slag in the sea of people.
58. According to a picture, also dig a mouth, drum a cheek, or hold a fist to the side of the face, who are you going to hit, or your cerebral thrombosis, half body failure.
59. As a typical failure, you are really too successful.
60. I forgot that there is another kind of person in the world-the Martian, did you come from there?
61. B describes you as being unhappy with pencils!
62. Your motherland does not love, your ancestors do not worship, and your religion does not believe. I rely on you to go to Hari, Han, Han, Ying, and Hame. Are you eligible?
63. The east is not bright and the west is bright.
64. Other people need to fly a plane to hit Gemini, and you just have the same power as long as you parachute.
65. You are the largest pencil case I have ever seen. Are you tired of loading so many pens?
66. The teacher told us not to mess up or trash, otherwise I would have lost you.
67. At that time you were proud like that, but where do you play now?
68. Idiots can be your teacher, and mentally retarded can teach you to speak.
69. Maybe you were scared when you were born. Until now, you haven't recovered.
70. I don't want to judge people by their appearance. I also try to see your soul. As a result, your soul is no better than your appearance.
71. Don't you know that the taste on your body is like a goldfish that has been dead for a few days.
72. What is your lung capacity? It can blow cow B so big.
73. Forgive me! Give me back a clean, beautiful and harmonious world! Stop polluting the environment and affect the city appearance.
74. You are the scum of society, the parasite of feces, the excess fat in the human body, the lowest level of lower-level organisms, and the scum of men.
75. Who said the pig's brain is the dumbest? I said that the pig's brain is the smartest. When you eat a pack, you sleep. You don't have to think about anything. You can only say that the pig's brain is well maintained. Your brain is also the best maintained.
76. A girl, wear a regular-length skirt or trousers, make reasonable jewelry to decorate yourself, and speak with a gentle manner. Isn't the lady good?
77. You say that I am a pig. It is absolutely meaningless to associate with me, so I ask you, since you can associate with pigs, you can see that you are in a very high state.
78. What is the structure of your DNA? You are an incompletely evolved life body, a genetically mutated alien, you are not good at humans, you are not good at ghosts, and you have a bad birth. The next life must be a pineapple heart.
79. He couldn't speak clearly, the old man had dung in his mouth.
80. Now you know that your face is butt, no wonder you always use that mouth to fly everywhere.
81. Don't think that your charm is infinite. Your charm can only be priceless in the non-biological world, and your charm is worthless in humans.
82. Too ugly, never seen such an ugly. It looks ugly at first glance, even more ugly when you look closely!
83. Although you sprayed cologne, I could still smell a scum.
84. When your mother gave birth to you, it was adjusted to a random state.
85. If your ugliness can generate electricity, nuclear power plants around the world can be shut down.
86. A guy like you can only play a dung in a TV series, which is not as good as chewing gum sprinkled by dogs on the roadside.
87. Now the male is getting more and more damaging to the country and the people.
88. Are you sick? As for the paste in your head, you can't take care of yourself and find someone to take care of it, but who dares to take care of you like this!
89. Animals have become human in this clothes, and you will become animals as soon as you put them on.
90. Do you think you are cute when you return to childhood?
91. A demon should look like a demon. No one is demon, no demon is demon, you must scare the ghost!
92. I feel like you are two pigs, because one pig can no longer describe your stupidity.
93. All the places you visited have become monuments, and the monuments you have gone into become history.
94. Your long shape is inaccurate, and the proportion is not good.
95. Although you sprayed cologne, I could still smell a scum.
96. If you can't get your shit out of one leg, you can count it clean.
97. There are so many acne on your face that the tractor will roll over when it goes up!
98. Less than 25 thousand or 80 thousand dragged in front of me, put the POSE, and install 13.
99. You say you, Grandpa, I teach you to practice sword, you practice sword, you do not practice sword, practice low! Do not practice gold swords, practice silver swords!
100. I give you sword improper, give you sword god you don't do it, non-dead face crying and crying to be a sword man! Really, why bother?

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