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Harmful words

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1. Your humble surface, conceal the perverted heart.
2. Can you close your titanium dog eyes?
3. If the other person scolds you, you can go back, please don't talk to me and spit.
4. You should n’t be here to waste resources on the planet. Who do you think welcomes you?
5. The most stuffy thing about me is knowing you, and the thing that makes me blame most is knowing you.
6. Life is nothing more than making others laugh and occasionally laugh at others.
7. Seeing you is like seeing the small green vegetables on the market, the dime is a lot.
8. You're like a bitter gourd, dressed so coolly, and so miserable.
9. Don't take my patience with you as your shameless gesture, scratch your ass and look at the sky, there are no eyes.
10. Your IQ and your mother's bust are an index.
11. I really admire your mother. How did you get born? Why do n’t you just put your heads together when you have a head and pinch you B!
12. If you look at it, you know that you are the crystallization of the love between donkey and horse. Yeah!
13. You have the largest pencil case I have ever seen. Are you tired of loading so many pens?
14. You are so long, this look, this figure, Master Picasso's paintings are not as abstract as you.
15. No artificial intelligence can defeat your natural fool.
16. Don't talk about people like this, they also have a flower in the village, but since she is a flower, cow dung is gone.
17. You half-legged thing, give you a face and you don't know what it is?
18. You're like a bitter gourd, dressed so coolly and so badly!
19. I heard that you are getting fat again recently. When you call and smile, your face will hit the on-hook button.
20. A dog is a dog. When something goes wrong, he comes to his owner.
21. Beauty can only be used to deceive men, and smart can be used to deceive the world.
22. Every time I see you, I have a special feeling, this feeling is just like when I have nightmares.
23. Can blowing NB drive economic construction? Can blowing NB promote career development? Can blowing NB lead a well-off?
24. I do n’t have a pot. I have stewed you long ago with a pot.
25. If you can't get your shit out of one leg, you can count it clean.
26. I used to think that you were a branch of a cliff, and later learned that it was just a slag in the sea of people.
27. The one who rings the bell at Notre Dame will be you.
28. You have become the masters of the Jurassic period. The veterans of the dinosaur family are better now. All countries are afraid of you. They are all credit for your appearance.
29. You are stupid enough! At first glance, you can see that shit fool!
30. You said that you can do something, if you go to war, the bullet missile will be unable to help you.
31. Dog, go back to your den. Brother doesn't want to see you, see you disgusted. Don't bend your head and ask your brother to accept your apology.
32. Before meeting you, my world was black and white. After meeting you, wow, it's all black.
33. You are so creative and have courage to live!
34. Give me a photo of you, and go home to fight evil.
35. You said, I have acne in adolescence, are you envious of menopause?
36. You are too lazy to ignore him, then you have not spoken. When he asked you why you did not speak, you said that the dog bite me, I cannot bite the dog.
37. Are you dissatisfied with this world?
38. We seem to have entered an era when we can only prove our love by taking out money.
39. I have seen ugly, never seen such ugly. It looks ugly at first glance, even more ugly when you look closely!
40. I'm surprised that a rare species like you should be listed as a national protected animal and exhibited at the World Expo. Maybe you can also contribute to the scientific research of alien species in China.
41. Your household toilet cleaner and Fu Yanjie are a usage.
42. Don't worry about adding more water to your head.
43. According to a picture, also dig a mouth, drum a cheek, or hold a fist to face next to your face, who are you going to fight, or your brain thrombosis, half-body failure.
44. This big sister, go out and turn right for a kilometer. There is a pig pen. Your mother is calling you to go home to eat ladle water.
45. You ca n’t be like this. You ’re short of dog food before you know you ’re looking for me?
46. Don't worry, you can't go there by yourself, and you have to trouble the sanitation worker.
47. They all say that you are like fog, like wind, and clouds, but they are not like people. If a woman is as cheap as you, it can be regarded as a positive result.
48. Even if a truck knocks you in front of me, I won't take you to the hospital! You waste oxygen.
49. You said not to wait for you to turn over, but salted fish turned over, or salted fish.
50. The earth is really not for you. You should go to the Kingdom of the Brain-Disabled. When you get there, maybe you can still become a king!
51. You hide ugly when you were born. Even your parents dare not see you. Are you afraid that someone will report you?
52. In previous lives, you have imprinted your own mark on me, and since then I have no choice but to escape. In previous lives, my name was Lu Dongbin.
53. Your IQ is as thin as the oxygen in the Himalayas.
54. It's not that I'm not careful, but it's my intention.
55. There are many ways to destroy friendship, the most thorough one is to borrow money.
56. When you were a kid, you shot Ultraman with a laser to grow more mutations? If you grow up like this, you wo n’t be the monster. No more makeup!
57. You look so cute, pig Bajie is yours!
58. Brain Remnants are Brain Remnants! He also said that he was so grandiose, and said that he had some governance.
59. Children treat toys as friends, and adults treat friends as toys.
60. You are the largest pencil case I have ever seen. Are you tired of loading so many pens?
61. When I became a swan, you were still an egg.
62. It looks like you forgot to get the rabies vaccine. If you saw someone, you would bite it, right?
63. Don't think that what you say is different from others can catch my attention.
64. You just embarrassed our country and the scared foreigners ran away with women's flames.
65. Yesterday your house was flooded, your mother became a water turtle, your dad became a bird, and it flew all over the sky.
66. Are you still beautiful, and grow back like that, your goal is to scare one to death, right?
67. Ah? So you still exist in this world? Sorry, you are too small, no one will know that you exist!
68. Even if you are the only woman left in the world, I would rather go and work with others.
69. Your skin is the most amazing part of your body. It can be large or small, thick or thin, or even dispensable.
70. You are gold, I am coal, you will glow, I will heat. Don't provoke me, be careful to melt you.

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