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Personality talk mood phrases

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1. My involuntary contact lost a lot of people.
2. Can you not be so good to others in front of me?
3. When we were young, we all grew up, so we were naive and happy. When you grow up and you do n’t grow your body, you will grow up and become tired.
4. Don't be brave if you can carry it by yourself. You don't look so beautiful when you are self-assured. Be a brave person and learn to bear every slap in your face.
5. People who really like it ca n’t be friends. Even if you look at it a little more, you still want to have it. I have never given up on loving you, just from intense to silent.
6.Some people should forget it. People don't care about you, why should you be wronged? No matter how painful, no matter how sad, people can't see it, let alone distress you, who are you sad to show.
7. Sometimes the mood will suddenly be very low, do not want to talk or move. When asked, they didn't know how to answer. Not pretending to be silent, just unable to tell.
8. Chasing tomorrow tomorrow with your back will be exhausting every present moment. You can feel the happiness of every oncoming while forgetting while walking. If you don't stay overnight, you will be happy if you forget.
9. Some things just don't deserve to be forgiven, and have nothing to do with big or small; each has its own bottom line, and if you do it wrong, you should consider paying the price for your mistakes. Not every excuse me, it's okay to exchange one back, cherish!
10. No one can be with you forever and unconditionally. You must know that when it rains, even the shadows will be absent!
11. When you stay up late every day, have you ever thought that the person you like has been snoring, and without you in your dream, you won't love you when you wake up.
12. Don't covet people or things that don't make sense. How can your hands holding garbage get up to pick up gifts? On the new journey, the past will return to zero, and love and hate will be free. The past does not look back, the future will not come.
13. Don't comfort me with my next life, I just want this life to be better.
14. The so-called loneliness is the person you are facing, whose emotions are not at the same frequency as yours.
15. I am most afraid to decide to forget you in this life, but suddenly get your news.
16. Without you, who do I write to, and who do I sign for?
17. An unintentional word offends a person who has a heart; go all out once, but it is overwhelming. It's not that you think too much, it's that the experience has taught you to be silent; it's not that you have become too fake, that the world has taught you to protect yourself.
18. This is my temper. As long as others ignore me, I will not bother to bother you. If you are silent to me, I will have to be indifferent to you.
19. If one day I delete you for no reason, please forgive me, it is I found that your world really does not lack me.
20. Later, we have everything, but without us, it is not that young people can't keep their old feelings, but that they are old and old.
21. The reason for each crash seems to be a trivial matter, but only in my own heart knows how much sadness this straw has crushed.
22. If he likes you, your temper will be called personality. If he doesn't like you, even if you are meek like a cat, he will think you have lost hair.
23. There is always only good gathering, how can it be scattered. In the end, love became unwilling, deep love became sad, thoughts became upset, and initiative became mean.
24. I treat feelings very simply, or affectionately or scribbled. I love you forever, and I can love like a passerby.
25. If that person ever appeared in the world, everyone else would become a general! And I don't want to.
26. I have never said that I am weak, so although I am sad, I can carry my own laugh.
27. In the most ordinary life, humility and hard work. One day, you will stand in the brightest place and live the look you once desired.
28. If people are alive, don't be too big in the circle, just be able to tolerate yourself and some people; it is only natural to be sincere if you don't have many friends.
29. Time will tell us that simple likes are the longest; companions in the ordinary are most at ease; those who know you are the warmest.
30. You are always over-expecting not to remember.
31. People can expect something, but only if they are not afraid of disappointment.
32. No way, when there is no hero, we can only be our heroes!
33. Indirect desire for love, continuous enjoyment of being single.
34. Sometimes I really hate myself who was talking about trying to play a mobile phone the next second.
35. Love needs the kind of madness and dedication. It needs to be so desperate. It requires us to fight it and buy it all at once. It ’s a long time to say good things, it turned out to be just a joke.
36. I want to leave before we have ended, because the result is tragic.
37. You hurt me so deeply. Why am I forgiven with a smile.
38. No one in this world is obliged to treat you well, so you should think so, those indifference and meanness are taken for granted, and those who are gentle should be cherished.
39. There are more important things to do, and better people deserve to be entrusted. Slow has the benefit of slowness, and everything can only be better anyway.
40. Don't want to appear in your world, and don't want to lose your news.
41. It is better to be disgusted by being yourself than to pretend to cater to others. Those who understand you will stay, and those who do not understand you will pray. Because others are not happy, it is better to live more freely for themselves.
42. In fact, real disappointment is not scolding, not crying, or losing your temper, but is silent, because what you do, I feel, has nothing to do with me anymore.
43. This world is actually like this. There is no right choice at all, we just have to work hard to make the original choice right.
44. The so-called maturity is that you should cry and make trouble, but you choose to say nothing and smile a little.
45. Some scenery can only be liked but not collectible, just like some people are only suitable for meeting but not suitable for long time companionship.
46. Not everyone passing by will know each other, and not everyone who knows will be concerned.
47. I've been waiting for you to turn back, but unfortunately it's just an empty joy.
48. Some things are not that I don't care, but what can I do if I care.
49. There is nothing inappropriate, this is just an excuse for breaking up.
50. The years you have matured must be very sad.
51. Some people exist just to remind us: don't be that kind of person.
52. Don't let go of the lingering heart, and those who can't forget should come to an end. On the new journey, I hope that from now on, don't be too full of love and don't sleep too late.
53. Everyone has their own no return.
54. Be careful about everything, trembling, afraid to offend everyone, afraid of this and that, girl, you are not a saint, you do not hurt anyone, but others do n’t think so.
55. I really want to give you never ask you if you want to.
56. Later I realized that we must earn enough money to reassure ourselves so that we can live a simple, easy and free life, and we can make ourselves more confident. Therefore, spend more time and work harder.
57. Life is not owed. Others give to you because others like it, and you give to others because you are willing. Love is voluntary, no regrets.
58. Thinking too much will ruin you. Reading more books, walking more, and devoting time to enriching your knowledge are the business.
59. In fact, I have understood this along the way. Most of what my parents said that I did not like to listen to, in the end, they were all right.
60. A truly lonely person is someone who longs for a long and stable relationship. They are ready for the rest of their lives, but they don't wait for the one who wants to give each other.
61. The most proud thing is not to be chased by many people, but to have someone who will never give you up anyway.
62. No matter how bad this world is, your own world must be wonderful, no matter how dark your heart is, your heart must be bright. Don't fight bad with bad, don't fight dark with darkness.
63. The most disgusting thing in the world is that you see a person's hypocrisy, but others don't see it, they think she is so beautiful on the surface, and then you become a thoughtful woman in the eyes of others.
64. Whatever you are protected, you are limited by what can shield you from the wind and rain, and it can also keep you from seeing the sun.
65. No matter what you live like, someone in the back will say something to you. If you do n’t argue and laugh, it ’s the best contempt.
66. It is compassion to not disturb the tranquility of others; it is kindness not to harm the self-esteem of others. If one is alive, it is good to emit his own light. Don't blow out the lights of others.
67. Regardless of whether the world treats you tenderly, please keep your kindness, good luck will meet you unexpectedly!
68. You have to believe that next, there will be unexpected luck and unexpected rejoicing.
69. The rest of my life wants you to spend the time with the person who makes you happy, not the person you have to work hard to please.
70. I wish the rest of my life willful and willful, and would rather be a ghost who dances in the light of wine and green, rather than who is in trouble in ordinary life.
71. I know that some things don't belong to me, but I don't want to give up. Grit your teeth and stick to it, because I know it's not easy to meet you, it would be a pity to miss it.
72. If the heart is simple, the world will be simple and happiness will grow; if the heart is free, life will be free and happiness will be everywhere.
73. Change of heart is instinct, loyalty is choice, I am very happy that you can come, but unfortunately you walk away, can't stand close to each other, then forget about the rivers and lakes. From then on, you can get away from each other and be happy.
74. You know that you will not be with this person, or you will enjoy this love mood. Then when the time is right, leave and go with someone who doesn't love but is right. Some love can only stop at the lips and teeth and hide in the years.
75. If you have to be injured and figured out one day, then you will remember my benefits, and then you will be nice to me. I paid only once, and you lost it.
76. I thought my love was perfect. But when I saw you holding her hand, I realized how humble my love was.
77. I don't feel lonely when I walk alone. I am still free and easy, as always, laughing.
78. I miss you every day, but you don't know.
79. Because I like you, my whole heart is there, and you just hurt.
80. Don't tell me so many, I know you're using excuses to evade.
81. Life is so tired, I don't want to go to great lengths to maintain a relationship, this is love, so is friendship.
82. If nothing happens, it turned out to be the best revenge. Why prove to someone who isn't worth it and live a better life for yourself.
83. Time changes everything, everything changes us. What was previously unaccustomed to me, now used to it; what I wanted so much now is not needed now;
84. Sometimes you are particularly eager to find someone to talk to, but in the end you will find that often you ca n’t talk about it. So slowly, you realize that some things ca n’t be told to others; Some things ca n’t be told to others at all by words; some things are incomprehensible even if they are told to others. So, there are words that you can only keep in your heart and let time tell you everything.
85. Remember: you can cry, you can hate, but you cannot be strong. You have to work very hard because there is a group of people waiting to see your joke behind. Even if you lay a medium shot, you must pose beautifully!
86. Don't tell everyone about bad emotions. No matter what, go to sleep at night, go out to relax during the day, eat and drink on a cloudy day, and listen to the rain on a rainy day. Remember, one day, there will be a beam of sunlight to dispel all your haze and bring you a lot of light.
87. There is always someone who will change himself and drop the bottom line to cater to your pampering. It's not that you are born with a good temper, but that you are afraid of losing you. The so-called disagreement is just an excuse for dislike.
88. In this world, there is always someone waiting for you, no matter where you are, no matter what time, anyway, you know that there will always be such a person, and it will become a reason for you to ignore yourself.
89. The only tacit understanding we have today is to lie quietly in each other's friends list, not to bother each other without disturbing their lives, like leaving a city that can never go back, like all the clich stories in the rumors.
90. Try to be a lovely person. Do n’t blame, do n’t laugh at, or envy anyone. It ’s bright in the sun, running in the wind and rain, dreaming, and going your own way.
91. You're already an adult, don't lose heart because of a little emotional problem; you can have a bad love, but you can't indulge yourself in a bad life.
92. If you want to do one thing, don't declare your ideas everywhere, just do it quietly, it's worthless, time is the best proof, you have to take responsibility for your own life.
93. The years are long and the people are vast. Do n’t look back and do n’t do it. Natural people will love you.
94. There will always be some unexpected warmth in life, and there will also be some entanglements among the people in the game. The best state is not afraid of the future and not remembering the past.
95. I should be grateful for the person who has been with you, and I should love someone who will never give up on you anyway.
96. Communicate with smart people, fall in love with reliable people, work with positive people, and go with humorous people. If life can be like this, it is enough.
97. I found a particularly comfortable relationship. It's not always the second time you say everything to me. Sometimes I'm willing to send you everything I see right now. Don't organize the simplified language. Li Li is not afraid of saying something wrong, and I will not wait for a reply after sending it, because I know that you will always see it, it is trust, and you will not lose your sense of stability at any time.
98. The older you grow, the more you realize that the most inseparable is your family. Without asking for riches, I want my family to be painless, disease-free, and in good health.
99. Those who have you in their heart will always seek you out; those who do not have you in their heart always ignore you automatically. In fact, silence is the answer, dodging is the answer, no longer taking the initiative is the answer, in fact, you should have understood.
100. My favorite marriage life is this. Two people have their own passions. After work, they go home tired and crouched on the sofa, cook together, clean the room together, travel together, watch a movie, and go shopping. Fortunately, only you for the rest of your life.

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