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Classic talk about mood phrases

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1. There are more important things to do, and better people deserve to be entrusted. Slow has the benefit of slowness, and everything can only be better anyway.
2. Not disturbing others 'tranquility is compassion; not hurting others' self-esteem is kindness. If one is alive, it is good to emit his own light. Don't blow out the lights of others.
3. It is never rhetoric that touches people, but just the gentleness and sincere heart.
4. You have to believe that there will be unexpected luck and unexpected joy next.
5. The rest of your life wants you to spend the time with the person who makes you happy, not the person you have to work hard to please.
6. I wish the rest of my life willful and willful, and would rather be a ghost who dances in the light and green, than who is in trouble in the ordinary life.
7. Regardless of whether the world treats you tenderly, please keep your kindness, good luck will meet you unexpectedly!
8. I should be grateful for the person who has been with you, and I should love someone who will not give up on you anyway.
9. I used to think that the best thing in life is to meet. Later, I realized that in fact, it is rare to meet again. If we can meet again for a long time, I hope you do n’t come back.
10. Fun spirits will eventually meet, and boring souls will drift away. The goodness may be late, but it will never be absent.
11. I never wanted to be single, but I had a premonition of late marriage. We ended up marrying love instead of time. I'm still waiting for this to ignore the only soul fit in the world.
12. I wish you to look away from everything, but keep your mind on the good, even if you are shameless in seeing it, you can see through your heart.
13. No one in this world is obliged to treat you well, so you should think so, those indifferent and mean are taken for granted, and those who are gentle should be cherished.
14. The more angry you are, the more you need to communicate; the more you feel tired, the more you need to cling to each other; the more you feel like you ca n’t keep up, the more you hold each other tightly.
15. I know that some things don't belong to me, but I don't want to give up. Grit your teeth and stick to it, because I know it's not easy to meet you, it would be a pity to miss it.
16. If the heart is simple, the world will be simple and happiness will grow; if the heart is free, life will be free and happiness will be everywhere.
17. Change of heart is instinct, loyalty is choice, I am very happy that you can come, do not regret that you go away, ca n’t stand still, then forget about each other, from then on, one wide and two wide, each student is happy.
18. The years are long, the people are vast, don't look back, don't leave, naturally there will be good people to love you.
19. There will always be some unexpected warmth in life, and there will be some entanglements in the game. The best state is not afraid of the future, not past.
20. You know that you will not be with this person, or you will enjoy this love mood. Then when the time is right, leave and go with someone who doesn't love but is right. Some love can only stop at the lips and teeth and hide in the years.
21. If the heart doesn't move, the wind is nothing. If you are not hurt, years will pass.
22. When we grow up, we find that it is not important to have many friends, but to have several real friends.
23. To make your dreams come true, the first step is to wake up.
24. Man must have understanding so that he can understand; and one must have mind and tolerance.
25. Organize your mood, forget those unpleasant past events, listen to music, look at the scenery, say what you can say, do what you can do, go the way you want, and meet the people you want to see.
26. People live forever, either with depth, fun, or quietness.
27. The best response to life is to live happily.
28. There are many people who can love, but few worthy of love.
29. There are two me in one body: one awake in the dark and one sleeping in the light.
30. When people are there, they think that there will always be opportunities. In fact, life is subtraction.
31. If you hold the past too tightly, how can you free up your hands to embrace the present.
32. No matter what other people think, you must not disrupt your own rhythm.
33. Happiness is not the end, but the journey.
34. Thinking too much will only ruin you. Let you fall into a trance and make things that aren't actually bad worse.
35. Missing my childhood, the hardest decision for us at that time was just which crayon to use.
36. Life is an encounter. Even if you miss it, don't delve into it. Cherish it.
37. Don't dig into the horns when things go wrong, people are comfortable, and their hearts are comfortable.
38. You can create your own destiny, just make up your mind.
39. Some roads, going down, will be very painful and tired, but if you don't go, you will regret it.
40. Never regret the path you choose, whether it was ten years ago or now.
41. Some things, it will be better if you hide it in your heart. After a long time, it will become a story.
42. The true power is tolerance, not forgiving others, but letting go of yourself.
43. May you meet a mature lover; spoil you for a lifetime like a child.
44. I have to respect you for this glass of wine, thank you for inadvertently walking into my life, and then ruining my life quietly, after drying this glass of wine, we have never mentioned love.
45. The most proud thing is not to be chased by many people, but to have someone who will never give you up anyway.
46. No matter how bad this world is, your own world must be wonderful, no matter how dark your heart is, your heart must be bright. Don't fight bad with bad, don't fight dark with darkness.
47. The most disgusting thing in the world is that you see a person's hypocrisy, but others don't see it, they think she is so beautiful on the surface, and then you become a thoughtful woman in the eyes of others.
48. Whatever you are protected, you are limited by what can shield you from the wind and rain, and it can also keep you from seeing the sun.
49. When we were young, we all went to our bodies, so we were naive and happy. When you grow up and you do n’t grow your body, you will grow up and become tired.
50. If you can carry it yourself, don't make a fool of yourself. You don't look so beautiful when you are brazen, be a brave person, and learn to bear every slap in your face.
51. When you stay up late every day, have you ever thought that the person you like has been snoring, and without you in your dream, you will not love you when you wake up.
52. Individuals are lonely individuals. Learn to be strong, learn to be brave, learn to take up, and let go. Feelings will thicken and fade.
53. If it is as simple as one wide and two wide, there will not be so many people choose to entangle. The principle of not being attached to it is understood by everyone. However, people who have truly loved it, how can they let go.
54. The clarity of water is not because it contains no impurities, but because it knows how to precipitate; the transparency of the heart is not because there are no thoughts, but because it knows the trade-offs.
55. Don't covet people or things that don't make sense. How can your hands holding garbage get up to pick up gifts? On the new journey, the past is zero, and love and hate are free. The past does not look back, the future will not come.
56. This world is actually like this. There is no right choice at all, we just have to work hard to make the original choice right.
57. The so-called maturity is that you should cry and make trouble, but you have chosen to say nothing and smile a little.
58. Some scenery can only be liked but not collectible, just like some people are only suitable for meeting but not suitable for long time companionship.
59. An unintentional word offends a person who has a heart; go all out once, but it never ends. It's not that you think too much, it's that the experience has taught you to be silent; it's not that you have become too fake, that the world has taught you to protect yourself.
60. Don't worry slowly, one day, you will see what you want to see, hear what you want to hear, and meet what you want to meet.
61. Compared with the so-called loneliness and old age, it is more panic that at this moment, right now, when we are young and strong, we have no interest in everything in life and let time pass, Let emptiness penetrate your chest.
62. Maybe I bumped into the south wall before turning back, maybe I saw the Yellow River and then gave up. Maybe I want to go all the way to the dark, maybe I haven't met him yet!
63. Every sensible and calm now has a silly and naive past. Every warm and quiet present has a sad and restless past. Who has never cried in the middle of the night, confused, and knows the world but not the world, is the kindest mature.
64. The world is complex, gorgeous, or down, always returning to plain. Don't give up your once pure self. Remember, do n’t forget your original intentions.
65. Life is always like this, and you cannot satisfy everyone everywhere. Cherish what you have in front of you, there are many opportunities in life that may not have a chance to come back. Live without grudges and regrets, and live happily every day. A hard truth and a good mood will have a happy today and a bright tomorrow.
66. I'm doing two things now, one is getting better and the second is waiting for you. I want to hold your hand one day and pay respect to the guests!
67. People who ca n’t keep do not need to force them. Those who are not suitable will eventually be separated. They may not be smart, but do n’t be sober.
68. The porridge in the morning is better than the wine in the middle of the night. People who lie to you will say better than those who love you, so don't fall in love with your ears. It's all details that are really good to you.
69. Feelings, just live up to each other, it is too difficult to live up to this life.
70. I hope you will have smoke, wine, and girls in the future, be able to blow, make trouble, and be able to fight. I will be open-minded in this life, and I will cry, laugh, and chase in the future. Life and death are gone every year!
71. This is my temper, as long as others ignore me, I will not bother to bother you. If you are silent to me, I will have to be indifferent to you.
72. If one day I delete you for no reason, please forgive me, it is I found that your world really does not lack me.
73. Later, we have everything, but without us, it is not that young people can't keep their old feelings, but that they are old and old.
74. The reason for each collapse seems to be a trivial matter, but only in my own heart knows how much sadness this straw has crushed.
75. If he likes you, your temper will be called personality. If he doesn't like you, even if you are meek like a cat, he will think you have lost hair.
76. It's never been easy to get together, how can it be scattered. In the end, love became unwilling, deep love became sad, thoughts became upset, and initiative became mean.
77. I treat feelings very simply, or affectionately or scribbled. I love you forever, and I can love like a passerby.
78. Don't despise the feelings of others. This is the most precious thing in the world. Don't ignore it. Youth has nothing to do with age, and everything may have a new beginning. Some things, if you can figure it out, one second is everything, some things, you ca n’t figure it out all your life, and you are imprisoned all your life.
79. Marriage is to compromise with each other, work hard, and then work harder, communicate and compromise, and then run another round. Those who enter this door, don't be lucky.
80. You have insisted to go so far, don't give up easily. To live a beautiful life requires great patience, neither complaining nor explaining. Forget all those "impossible" excuses and stick to a "possible" reason.
81. After more experience, you will know that if you do n’t have the ability, you should deserve to swallow your breath. Only when you are strong, you have the right to give others a face.
82. If one day really disappears, someone who can't come back, and someone who can't live without it, doesn't matter. Time will take you to the right person. Please love yourself first, and then the person who does not know where will come to pick you up. The most important people disappoint you and become less important. After being disappointed to a certain extent, a flower will come out instead. The name of that flower does not matter. There is no more sorrow than heartbreak, no heartbreak than a smile.
83. It doesn't matter if you don't meet someone who gives you a sense of security, you must learn to give yourself strength. Read books, listen to songs, run, whatever you like. Enrich yourself seriously, settle positive and negative emotions, and it doesn't matter if you are in trouble, but to ensure that you can sustain yourself in any situation.
84. The sense of security does not come from love, but preference. People only feel at ease if they are sure that they are the exception.
85. A truly lonely person is someone who longs for a long-term stable relationship. They are ready for the rest of their lives, but they don't wait for the person to give each other.
86. Strive to fill up your life, don't let you be surrounded by loneliness, treat yourself cherish yourself, give yourself a strong reason, there are no obstacles in life.
87. When you are unhappy, take a deep breath, it is just a bad day, not a bad life.
88. Do your best and listen to destiny. Ashamed of heart, not deceived. Follow the trend, and be safe as you go. Correct your mistakes and get lost. Attention to those who like themselves, forgetfulness to those who don't. It's been such a good life.
89. You don't need to explain yourself to others, because people who like you don't, people who don't like you won't believe it. Why prove to others that living better is for yourself. If nothing happens, it turns out to be the best.
90. Regardless of whether the world treats you tenderly, please keep your kindness, good luck will meet you unexpectedly.
91. Some things can only be accepted when they happen. Some people just let go if they lose. For some roads, there is no turning back after choosing. We try to grow up, stumble all the way and get bruised all over.
92. Sometimes, when we feel unhappy and unhappy, it may be because we are not pursuing "happiness" but "happier than others". Perhaps occasionally stop the busy pace, take a good look around, cherish every bit, and enjoy all the happiness you have.
93. Life is always like this, we cannot satisfy everyone everywhere, but we still have to live enthusiastically. People live a lifetime, there are many things worth loving, don't be discouraged and stagnate because of one dissatisfaction.
94. Put laziness aside, put away the words of frustration, mention the enthusiasm, put aside the sentimental heart, all you want can be obtained by your own efforts.
95. Don't forget the person who pulled you, even if he can no longer help you one day, remember his goodness, because he once helped you when you looked around and were at a loss.
96. Time is really amazing and I never know how it will change. Previously unpalatable vegetables, bitter beer, boring books, and even haters, but one day, they fell in love with them all.
97. When you are tired, just listen to a few songs to let go; when you are annoyed, go downstairs to run; when you are anxious, wash your face. Before the loved one comes, love yourself first; before the day comes, do what you love first. Sorry for a while. Time is so precious that no one can waste it.
98. The best thing in the world is when I grow up and you are not old; I have the ability to repay and you are still healthy.
99. No matter what age you are in, I think we should learn to be gentle with the people around us, at least not to say anything to others, because you may not know that language really has a magical power that will let you The person you love loves you, and it will make the person who loves you decide to leave you.
100. Love is the most tormented when you ca n’t, but if you do n’t get it, you can calm down and do what you want to do, and be the person you want to be.

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