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Nice sentences, nice words

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1. One day, you will meet a gorgeous person that makes you feel like everyone else is a cloud.
2. Love is a lamp, while friendship is a shadow. When the lamp is off, you will find shadows all around you. Friends are the ones who can give you strength at the end.
3. We sometimes mistakenly think that what is not available is precious, and what we have is cheap.
4. Lies can only be obtained for a moment, and then they will cause countless troubles.
5. Rather than saying that others are making you miserable, it is better to say that you have not cultivated enough.
6. The memories of the wound flow away slowly, and the pain can't go away.
7. When fantasy and reality confront, it is always painful. Either you are knocked down by pain, or you are stepping on your feet.
8. Please be confident. You are a landscape, there is no need to look up in the landscape of others.
9. Drink three teas. The first one is bitter like life; the second one is sweet like love; the third one is light.
10. If no one else in the world wants you, you must remember me. I don't want you either.
11. Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.
12. If he really loves you, you can be any kind of woman. If he doesn't love you enough, you need to be an all-around woman.
13. Since childhood, there has been an enemy called "the child of someone else's house". He doesn't like playing games, he only knows to learn.
14. If you disappear, at least I will find out.
15. You only know that whenever and wherever you are, whether you are in a good mood, you want this person to accompany you.
16. Don't keep your eyes on your imagination, what you have is your happiness.
17. Travel will change people's temperament and make people's eyes more long-term.
18. During the journey, you will see different people have different habits, you can understand that not everyone lives in your way.
19. In this way, people's minds will become broader; in this way, we will face our lives with a better attitude.
20. Don't kiss if you are not sure. Feelings can easily ruin a person.
21. The more stories people have, the quieter and simpler, and the more superficial, the more impetuous.
22. Only if you love yourself first will the world love you.
23. Persist in what you believe, regardless of what others say. People are alive, not to please others.
24. Love is to rent someone's heart, marriage is to bind one's heart, and love is to warm one's heart.
25. Some words, hurt or not. Some people leave with or without staying.
26. People have two ways to go, one is required to go, and the other is to go. You must take the road that you have to walk beautifully before you can go the way you want to go.
27. The best way to predict the future is to create it.
28. Life is not easy, it all depends on acting skills. Act as your own, and cast yourself into amnesia.
29. What you care about, others don't necessarily care; life tells me that this is not just life.
30. If the flowers bloom, if you love each other, the flowers will not separate.
31. If it hurts that you can't cry, try to use a smile instead.
32. If a person only works for himself, he is too lonely. If there is someone who you care about watching, then this life will not be lost.
33. On the road of life, some things can only be faced by yourself. You want to rely on them, but you must be strong.
34. Some things, fortunately for me, lost my life, don't take it too seriously.
35. After all, fantasy is just fantasy, and reality is the reality that we really have to face.
36. It's yours and yours, not yours, you must grab yours.
37. Youth, youth, can you give me a man who deserves my life to accompany me.
38. Although you already have a master of flowers, I also want to move flowers.
39. I have laughed at your mistakes, and you will never let go of my mistakes.
40. I won't pull you black, I'll see how many girls you will love in your life.
41. Not meeting does not mean not missing, not contacting just to hide my love for you.
42. If I don't seem to have spirit, I may be tired, I may be sick, and I may be hungry.
43. If the world is too dangerous, only the music is the safest to take me into the dream and make the lyrics come true.
44. Sometimes we are short-sighted and ignore family relationships. Sometimes we are farsighted and miss love.
45. Trying to make money is not to let your love be tested by others' money-this is the reality.
46. I said to be a low-key person, but you always give me applause and screams.
47. I believe what we become is our own choice. No one will come to save you, you have to save yourself.
48. The world is too big and life is so short. You have to live it as much as you want, right.
49. Never give up what you really want. It's hard to wait, but regret it even more.
50. Happiness is often hazy and sprays Gan Lin on us in a restrained manner. You don't always hope for a vigorous happiness, it is mostly just quietly coming towards you.
51. Don't try to twist the faucet bigger, so that happiness will be lost quickly. Instead, you must experience the true meaning of happiness with peace.
52. If you are sad, try to look up at the sky, forget it when you look at it ... it is so big that it can tolerate all your grievances.
53. I don't want to be ignored or forgotten. Especially by you.
54. When the old age goes by, I would like to accompany you and close your eyes quietly.
55. Don't get drunk, because no one asked me to rely on it. Can't fall because no one will help me up.
56. I hate others for hurting me, and I hate myself for hurting others.
57. Before we are sensible, after our emotions, we meet each other in a narrow way.
58. Remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten. Change what can be changed, accept what can not be changed.
59. This journey of life requires love. Too much love has become a kind of harm.
60. True happiness is strived for little by little, accumulated day by day.
61. Not every effort will have gains, but every harvest must work hard. This is an unfair and irreversible proposition.
62. Those who said never to be separated have already been scattered in the horizon.
63. There is always a group of people who always laugh, because they are hurt, and they need to use laughter to disguise their little emotions.
64. Someday you will find. You and I are right.
65. There is a feeling that has been confusing me, and I cannot get rid of it.
66. Sometimes we do wrong because we use our emotions when we should use our brains.
67. Have you ever doubted, in fact, you have no friends?
68. Only when you are most downcast will you know who is the idiot who is worried about you and who is the stranger who is just like a stranger.
69. I suddenly felt that Pleasant Goat is very similar to Journey to the West, and Ji Ji was caught, and then it would definitely not be eaten.
70. It doesn't matter how long you ignore me, but you can never change those memories I bring to you.
71. Wait or not, I have waited. I care about whether or not I care.
72. The behavior of lunatics is not abnormal, you just don't behave like them.
73. I ’m older, I know more, I see more, but I ’m less happy.
74. You are the left eye, I am the right eye, we are a pair of eyes, and I cannot see clearly from you.
75. There is always such a person who can make you smile immediately with just one text message.
76. Heartache is the first torn heart, the second is to let it go.
77. There is no reason to like you, no reason to dislike you.
78. I thought I forgot you, but only my own heart knew that you were still there.
79. I know you have been there, but just not by my side.
80. I just want to sleep in your empty heart.
81. Maturity is a very painful word. It may not be obtained, but it will be lost.
82. Nostalgic nostalgia, only wantonly love.
83. Love and hate, it is you who accompanied me.
84. The telephone used to be the softest voice of the uncle, but now there is only air and a cold response.
85. If you really dig into my heart, then I will dig my heart for you.
86. For a long time, we understand clearly, but we do not understand.
87. After the argument, there is still an urge to love you.
88. If I didn't say I liked you, wouldn't you be so sad.
89. There is a person who, no matter how much he misses, never wants to meet again.
90. Maybe every injured person will become a little hedgehog, defending the people around him and protecting himself.
91. Reality teaches me to be painless, itchless, careless, and unemotional.
92. I can't give you everything I want, but I can't give you what you want.
93. How dare I touch you, I'm afraid I buy hand sanitizer to buy myself.
94. You cut my wings, but you blame me for not flying.
95. When you lose me, you will understand that no one will treat you like me.
96. Let go of your temper, after all, everyone in the society has a temper.
97. Distance doesn't destroy feelings, doubt only.
98. Those who have the willful ability to do so also need to be strong.
99. Don't think that the whole world has forgotten you, in fact, the world has never even ignored you.
100. A girl like you can't marry a man, even if he is married, it is a disaster.

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